Grieg / Mozart - Works for Two Pianos, Vol. 2 - Dena Piano Duo

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"...the performances are superb."

Dena Piano Duo:
Tina Margareta Nilssen, piano
Heide Görtz, piano

Enjoy this wonderful music for two pianos from two of history's greatest composers. Mozart was without a doubt one of Grieg's first and foremost musical inspirations. What is special about Grieg's adaptation of the Mozart Fantasia in C minor is that he has not reworked it in the traditional manner. Grieg's unusual achievement lies in the fact that he has retained Mozart's text unchanged, adding an entirely new part which is to be performed together with the original. When both parts are played, they interweave and become something entirely new.

The Mozart/Grieg Fantasia for two pianos in C minor is on this album surrounded by Mozart's famous Sonata in D for two pianos and Grieg's only original work for two pianos, the lesser known masterpiece Old Norwegian Melody with variations.

Tuotenumero 2L057SABD
Viivakoodi 7041888513728
Julkaisupäivä 23.3.2009
Kategoria Piano
Levymerkki 2L
Formaatti Blu-ray, audio
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Dena Piano Duo
Säveltäjät Grieg / Mozart
Levy: 1
Sonate in D-Dur für zwei Klaviere, KV448
1 Sonate in D-Dur für zwei Klaviere, KV448
Fantasie in c-moll, KV475
2 Fantasie in c-moll, KV475
9 Altnorwegische Romanze mit Variationenfür zwei K
3 9 Altnorwegische Romanze mit Variationenfür zwei K
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