Why Do You Run

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This Afro-American singer was brought up in Texas in an atmosphere of gospel and love of the blues. Demi draws inspiration from the poetic and humanist example of the great Nina Simone, whose work she so admires. She sings soul and folk-pop, while here and there adding a pinch of country music. In concert, she has bewitched audiences with her total on-stage mastery.

Whether she is singing about the innocence of childhood, about death, separation or the role of women in our society, whether she is performing her own songs or the work of others (especially songs by her old friend Stevie Wonder), Demi brings out all the emotion of the music with the unmistakable accents of truth.

Demi Evans - Why Do You Run

1. Why Do You Run

2. Passing Judgment

3. Picking Beans

4. Be Good To Me As I Am To You

5. Hard Spot

6. Thinking About The Past

7. Words For a Hum

8. Platinum Age

9. All This Flowers

10. Trying To Live Life Without You

11. Heart In My Hands

12. Backwards to Forwards

13. They Won’t Go When I Go

Tuotenumero 3001898
Viivakoodi 3464630018984
Julkaisupäivä 8.5.2006
Kategoria Pop
Levymerkki Iris
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
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