Martin, Claire / Bennett, Richard Rodney - When Lights Are Low

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"Having proven herself one of the best jazz singers around when fronting a big band or jazz trio, Claire Martin has now tackled Everest -- an intimate duo album with composer and pianist Richard Rodney Bennett. Though most Americans know Bennett as the writer of scores for films such as Murder on the Orient Express, and as a composer of concert music for orchestra, band, and just about every other conceivable combination of musicians, he is also a powerhouse jazz pianist, and sings as well. He and Martin share the vocal honors, doubling up for a few duets -- such as their smoky, late-night version of When Lights Are Low. Martin gets things off to a grand start with a sultry version of My One and Only, and her version of Fools Fall in Love is entirely vulnerable. Bennett counters with a heartbreaking version of Baby Plays Around. Overall, this is wee-hours jazz full of closing-time laments, done to the max by two pros who sound as if they know every lyric inside out. The 4.0-channel sound is rich and full." (Good Sound Magazine, Rad Bennett, 2005)

"With this collection of familiar and not so familiar songs from the pens of the great songwriters, vocalist Claire Martin and pianist/vocalist Sir Richard Rodney Bennett have taken us to a quieter and simpler moment in time. A delightful union of two of the UK's most recognized talents, it's refreshing to listen to great compositions flawlessly performed in such a pared down and immediate fashion. The efforts of Gershwin, Arlen, and Mercer, along with several other eloquent composers, have provided the spine for this duet recording. Bennett has further arranged them into splendid vehicles for conveying their unique singing styles, underscored by his first-rate piano playing. Each vocalist sings with great skill and delivers the message in an easy-going and relaxed manner. There's a husky texture and rich timbre inherent in both of their voices, and there are several opportunities to hear them individually put their personal stamp on these gems. On three of the tracks we are treated with these qualities blending like an elegant cocktail in their medley, harmony, and call/answer. Bennett is a fine pianist who truly understands the role of an accompanist, supporting and lifting the vocals in a sensitive and empathetic manner. His arrangements often include the use of the verses to the songs, setting up the feel and the mood perfectly, and his solos are clean and simply stated, revealing the great talent behind them in their sparseness. Highly accessible and gently affirming, this recording will relax and sooth even the most frazzled of nerves. It's like a loving conversation between good friends, with us being warmly welcomed to join in." (, 2006)

Produced by Richard Cottle

Claire Martin - Vocals
Richard Rodney Bennett - Piano & vocals
All tracks arranged by Richard Rodney Bennett
Producer: Richard Cottle
Recorded at: Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn, New York
Engineer: Calum Malcolm
Studio Assistant: Max
SA-CD Mixing and Mastering by: Julia Thomas, Finesplice UK
Tuotenumero AKD392
Viivakoodi 0691062039222
Julkaisupäivä 21.11.2011
Kategoria Jazz
Levymerkki Linn Records
Formaatti SACD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Martin, Claire / Bennett, Richard Rodney
Levy: 1
1 My One And Only
2 I Was A Little Too Lonely
3 My Mood Is You
4 World Weary
5 When Lights Are Low
6 Fools Fall in Love
7 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
8 Baby Plays Around
9 The Very Thought of You
10 What I Was Warned About
11 Baby, Don't You Quit Now
12 No Love, No Nothing
13 Not Exactly Paris
14 Any Place I Hang my Hat is Home
15 I Keep Going Back to Joe's
16 We'll Be Together Again
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