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Various - Whay are they doing to that piano? (5 CD) - Various

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From Navona Records comes an exciting new CD bundle of five previous releases featuring the piano at its most prepared and extended. WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT PIANO? features composers and artists dedicated to finding the most adventurous and compelling sounds that the piano has to offer. Opening with a disc of works composed by John Cage, the virtual godfather of prepared piano, and performed by the virtuosic Kate Boyd, this CD bundle contains one of the most eclectic collections of solo piano music a listener will ever encounter. ICE & FIRE, first released in November 2013 by Navona Records, features six compositions by Stephen Scott for the Bowed Piano Ensemble, including Afternoon of a Fire, written for bowed piano and improvised Native American Flute in memory of a wildfire that occurred in his native Colorado. The album also includes experimental works that interpret the concept of drones, a piece with five miniatures for bowed piano, and Scott’s first written piece for voice and bowed piano. Originally released on Ravello Records in May 2016, 16-2-60-N-5: WORKS FOR ELECTRONICS & PIANO, by composer and pianist Sidney Bailin, shows how musical technique can exist solely to help him tell his secrets. A combination of piano and electroacoustic works, 16-2-60-N-5 transforms patterns and structures into a viscerally and emotionally gripping sound experience. FELT, a compilation for solo piano first offered by Navona Records in February 2015, presents the works of a number of composers including Matthew Durrant and Byron Petty. With each composer comes a subtly different perception of what the piano is capable, a degree of variation that presents itself repeatedly in the kaleidoscopic collection of pieces included on this release. On AN EVOLVING CYCLE, Gheorghe Costinescu’s second Ravello Records album, first released in November 2013, the composer explores the manner in which keyboard idioms evolved from Baroque to 21st-Century contemporary, charting the evolution of form and technique with a deft control of style. Throughout this five-disc collection, the composers and performers run the gamut of stylistic and physical variations possible for the piano and its repertoire. It seems only fitting that these albums would ultimately be combined into a single compendium of the piano at its finest, and we are pleased to finally offer, in collected form, WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT PIANO?. HIGHLIGHTS Described by Gramophone Magazine as a pianist with a “strong lyrical bent and feeling for nuance,” Kate Boyd has had performances featured on NPR and CBC radio programs. L.A. Weekly has described Stephen Scott’s music in glowing terms, noting that his “haunting, powerful, and very beautiful sound is that of an idealized ensemble of super cellos, intensely resonant and richly harmonized.” The Bowed Piano Ensemble features ten players all playing a single piano. Becoming more and more fascinated with mathematics, Sidney Bailin moved from Juilliard to Columbia University to pursue a double major in Music and Mathematics, then pursued graduate degrees in mathematics from Oxford. Unlike many composers who have flirted with mathematics, Bailin insists on the primacy of emotion and intuition. FELT features a large,eclectic array of artistic voices. Including six composers and three pianists, the album is defined by the great variation of which the piano is capable. Gheorghe Costinescu has been praised in glowing reviews for his “special theatrical flair” (Leonard Bernstein), “considerable dramatic impact” (New York Times), and “remarkable passion and invention” (Washington Post).
Tuotenumero NV6100
Viivakoodi 0896931004008
Julkaisupäivä 12.5.2017
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Navona
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 5
Artistit Various
Säveltäjät Various
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