Gedizlioglu, Zeynep - Verbinden und Abwenden - Various

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
The music of the composer Zeynep Gedizlioglu (born in Izmir) is like a kaleidoscope of diverse moments - sometimes fragile, sometimes harsh-angular, then again expressive and culminating in virtuoso sound ecstasies. A central motivation force of Gedizlioglu‘s music is the reaching out for the ineffable, as Dirk Wieschollek writes in the booklet of the album: “shapes solidify, contours emerge, often in imperceptible variants or shifts among things already heard, only to vanish once again.“ The perception of the world and herself, the shift between distance and approximation and the search for relations and non-relations are characteristic of the work of the composer. The alternation between antagonisms play an important role in Gedizlioglu’s work, among others in “Verbinden und Abwenden” (Connect and Reject). The composition in three acts for orchestra and ensemble places the individual opposite the collective and questions the role assignments of both, the orchestra and the ensemble. The musicians of the ensemble are spread amidst the orchestra as soloists, like “foreign objects” in unrelated instrumental families. “Kelimeler” (Words), the only vocal composition of this portrait, searches for possibilities and impossibilities of artistic speech. Based on a Turkish text which was written by the composer herself the piece focuses on “darkness“ and “voice“ once whispering, speaking, breathing heavily, in impulsive outbursts or linear melisma. With these recordings Zeynep Gedizlioglu presents herself both with chamber music and large compositions for ensemble and orchestra. Formations like the hr-Sinfonieorchester, Ensemble Modern and Klangforum Wien, Quatuor Diotima and the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart can be heard on this release.
Tuotenumero WER64282
Viivakoodi 4010228642827
Julkaisupäivä 10.4.2020
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Wergo
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Various
Säveltäjät Gedizlioglu, Zeynep
Levy: 1
1 Sights of Now
2 Jetzt - mit meiner linken Hand (Now - with my left
Verbinden und Abwenden (Connect and Reject)
3 Act I
4 Act II
5 Act III
6 Kelimeler (Words)
7 Blick des Abwesenden (View of the Absent One)
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