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Two - Urban Soul

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
Jonas Lindeborg & Andreas Andersson

Guests: VOCALS: Bill Champlin, Sara Nordenberg DRUMS: Per Lindvall, Magnus Fritz (7) BASS: Thobias Gabrielson, Jóhann Asmundsson (1), David Hughes (7) KEYS: Calle Flemsten, Jonathan Fritzén (2), Hans Gardemar(7), Mats Byström (7), Sebastian Robertsson(4) , Martin Östergren (6), Dan Lindh (8) GUITAR: Michael Landau (5), Jojje Wadenius (6), Mattias Thorell (1,3), Torbjörn Fall (7) Johan Liljedahl (4, 9), Johan Öijen (8), Efraim Thörnfeldt (2) HORNS: Joakim Agnas, Karin Hammar, Staffan Findin PERCUSSION: Thomas Bergquist

Urban Soul makes music that strongly appeals to the soul. It’s so refreshing to hear this level of creativity, real musicianship and passion to their craft.” - JONATHAN FRITZÉN - Billboard topping smooth jazz star

Trumpet player Jonas Lindeborg and sax player Andreas Andersson have for decades been in high demand in the Swedish music scene and have separately and together been seen in a broad spectrum of musical surroundings such as Stockholm Royal Philharmonic, Taylor Swift , Mike Stern, Modern Fantazias /Ane Brun, Mezzoforte, Efterklang, Bill Champlin and Laleh just to name a few.

2015 they created the band ”Urban Soul” and launched their debut CD ”Nothing is impossible” which was well received in the press and by fans all over the world wit press quotes like:

”The groove is overflowing and the joy in this music has no limits!”
”The sound of this album is just so refreshing with all these great musicians playing live in the studio!”
”Give this album a place in your heart. You won’t be a better person for it, but you’ll get closer to your ideal!”

Now the long awaited follow-up ”TWO” is due for release 24th of januari 2020 at
Prophone/Naxos records.

On this release the duo is proud to feature guests such as former Chicago lead singer Bill Champlin, guitar icon Michael Landau, smooth jazz piano star Jonathan Fritzen and Mezzoforte bass player Johann Asmundsson.

”We are aiming to refine our idea, the horndriven heartfelt sound, and we are very proud to present the list of musicians helping us realize our dreams” says Jonas. Andreas adds: ”Our goal was to combine fresh original tunes with the tradition of organic live music in the spirit of Groover Washington JR and Kirk Whalum.”
Tuotenumero PCD224
Viivakoodi 0822359002296
Julkaisupäivä 24.1.2020
Kategoria Jazz
Levymerkki Prophone
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Urban Soul
Ensembles Urban Soul
Levy: 1
1 Golden State
2 Get Up!
3 Workin'
4 You're Everything
5 Twin Cities
6 More than You'll Ever Know
7 Love in a time of darkness
8 Stepping up
9 Meditation
10 Faithfully
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