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Traditional Songs from Serbia & the Balkans - Svod - Krstic, Bilja

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 arkipäivää
The roots of traditional Balkan music go back all the way to the ancient Greek civilization. In the two millennia since, it has been influenced both by the East and the West, being the crossroad where the two meet and mingle. Despite this, traditional Balkan music has managed to sustain an original sound and spirit due to the rhythms and melodies which remain closely linked with performing practices and traditions. The lyrics, the melodies, the rhythm of this folk tradition which is very much alive, continue to pulse and are as vibrant as ever, constantly creating new forms and shapes. This ensures an ever changing beauty of Balkan music style and the many ways it can be played. This release presents authentic folk music performed over time by both professionals and amateurs. In just a few verses, they weave stories about past times and traditions, when man lived as one with nature, admired the power of thunder and yearned for nature’s strength and beauty. The times when you could hear the song of the birds before the dawn chasing away the night remind us of a life as it was meant to be for our grandparents and their grandparents, a life which our children and grandchildren might also aspire to.
Tuotenumero EUCD2687
Viivakoodi 5019396268722
Julkaisupäivä 6.1.2017
Kategoria Maailmanmusiikki
Levymerkki ARC Music
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Krstic, Bilja
Orchestras Bistrik Orchestra
Levy: 1
1 By the Clear Spring
2 Ioane, Ioane
3 Smilj, Smiljana
4 Here Comes my Heart's Joy
5 Dimitrijo, my Son
6 Beautiful Girl
7 The Nightingale Sings all Night
8 The Girl Sits Proud
9 Velo, Willowy Velo
10 Korube
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