Kentros / Petersson - There Are No More Four Seasons

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Remember the barrage of blizzards earlier this year? Of course you do-you're clinging to frosty memories of being blown down Bleecker Street every time the heat index hits triple digits. But unlike 1725, when Vivaldi was scribbling The Four Seasons, the temperature is now affected as much by man as by nature; for proof, look no further than your ConEd bill. It's this perspective that guided Mattias Petersson and George Kentros-the former a Swedish composer, the latter an American violinist living in Stockholm-in creating their new composition, There Are No More Four Seasons. A new-music specialist, Kentros nevertheless wanted to perform Vivaldi's opus within his own comfort zone; cleverly, he commissioned a new version of The Four Seasons from Petersson, an electronic musician and sound artist. The result fits together more perfectly than any Ikea bookshelf. Vivaldi's heart is there, refracted through modern rhythms and layered sounds that transplant a year in the Baroque era into 12 months in the 21st century. The order of the movements in Vivaldi's four violin concertos has been rearranged, in keeping with our modern and ever-shifting climes.
After earning considerable acclaim on their home turf, where a recording of their project landed on several Swedish top-ten lists, Petersson and Kentros are taking their show on the road. And though a host of crackerjack classical performers have turned up at the Stone this month, this duo may well sit among our own top ten.
Time Out, New York (concert review)

Sometimes gorgeous, sometimes cacophonic, this dramatic
recomposition of Vivaldi's Four Seasons for violin and electronics, performed by two of the brightest lights of the Swedish new music scene, moves the work into our own times, with all that it entails of airline travel, central heating, and environmental damage.
The biggest Swedish daily paper Dagens Nyheter just named this spectacular debut one of their top ten classical CDs of the decade.
Tuotenumero SEKTCD001
Viivakoodi 7320470105443
Julkaisupäivä 22.10.2008
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Sekt
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Kentros / Petersson
Levy: 1
Winter 3
1 Spring 1
2 Summer 2
3 Autumn 3
4 Winter 1
5 Spring 2
6 Summer 3
7 Autumn 1
8 Winter 2
9 Spring 3
10 Summer 1
11 Autumn 2
12 Winter 3
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