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The Art of Marianela Nunez (4 Blu-ray) - Nuñez, Marianela - Various

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
In her twenty years with The Royal Ballet, Argentine dancer Marianela Nuñez has excelled in iconic ballet classics, Company heritage works and modern creations. A Company Principal for 16 years, she has performed all the leading roles in the classical, dramatic and contemporary repertory. This collection showcases her exceptional mastery in four quintessential roles. In Swan Lake, she brings to life the beautifully tragic Odette and her rival Odile. She perfectly portrays the young lover Lise in La Fille mal gardée, and brings bravura and vivacity to the role of Kitri in Carlos Acosta’s production of the classical Don Quixote. She is transcendent as Giselle, one of the most challenging and demanding roles in the repertory. With peerless technical skill and compelling performances by the whole Company, this collection celebrates an exceptional dancer in her prime. ".. a jovial and entertaining showcase for classical dancing at its most demanding and exuberant. One of the pleasures of this ballet is to be tickled by Minkus's infectiously melodious score... Marianela Nuñez and Acosta delivered sparky, engaging performances" (The Times (Don Quixote)) "Nuñez’s final variation in Act I was a thing of joy as she unleashed her inner ferocity and let rip. Acosta’s partnering, his care of Nuñez, was also a pleasure to watch ..." (The Arts Desk (Don Quixote)) "The Royal Ballet’s present revival makes much of its vigorous characters, its brilliantly virtuosic solos and duets...[Marianela Nuñez] gives the swift, intricate footwork as gorgeously as I have ever seen it...Nunez is an excellent match for Carlos Acosta’s whizzing solos and his cheerful eagerness as her admirer Colas..Altogether, a terrific show." (The Stage (La fille mal gardee)) "La fille mal gardée is sheer perfection. Nuñez and Acosta are unsurpassable respectively in the feminine grace and masculine confidence of Ashton’s Lise and Colas, and their mimetic skills are delicious." (BBC Music Magazine (La fille mal gardee)) "If the acting is superb, it’s given real authority by the dancing. Muntagirov and Nuñez are technically thrilling; she, at her finest moments, can combine an absolute mastery of the choreography, with the illusion that she’s dancing it for the first time." (The Guardian (Giselle)) "Marianela Nuñez poignantly merged formidable technique and dramatic interpretation in a radiant portrait of a fragile – somewhat naïve – young girl with delicate feminine grace but also a streak of fatalism. This Giselle expected happiness and it made it all the more pitiable when she discovered she had been deceived. Hers was a performance of haunting – and totally captivating – otherworldliness." (Seen and Heard International (Giselle)) "Anthony Dowell’s production...offers the ultimate classical experience, with the sights and sounds of a proud 19th century tradition running at full throttle. Fancy a romantic tragedy in a tutu? Then this is the ballet for you...The production as a whole is beautifully formed and dramatically convincing...And praise, too, for the corps, who made us feel the sorrow and anger of the swans’ collective misfortune." (The Times (Swan Lake))
Tuotenumero OABD7243BD
Viivakoodi 0809478072430
Julkaisupäivä 27.4.2018
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Opus Arte
Formaatti Blu-ray
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 4
Artistit Nuñez, Marianela
Säveltäjät Various
Levy: 1
1 Prolog
2 Der Marktplatz (1. Akt)
3 Das Zigeunerlager (2. Akt)
4 Der Garten der Driaden
5 Ein Gasthaus außerhalb der Stadt (3. Akt)
6 Der Marktplatz
Levy: 2
1 Ein Dorf im Rheinland (1. Akt)
2 Giselles Grab im Wald (2. Akt)
Levy: 3
1 Eröffnungs Credits
2 Einleitung (1. Akt)
3 Dance of the cock and hens
4 Lise and the ribbon
5 Colas
6 Colas and Simone
7 Villagers
8 Simone and Lise
9 Lise and Colas
10 Village girls
11 Thomas and Alain
12 Off to the harvest
13 Colas
14 Picnic
15 Flute dance
16 Quarrel
17 The Fanny Elssler pas de deux
18 Simone
19 Clog dance
20 Maypole dance
21 Storm und Akt 1 Finale
22 Ouvertüre (2. Akt)
23 Lise and Simone
24 Spinning
25 Tambourine dance
26 Harvesters
27 'When I am married'
28 Simone's return
29 Thomas, Alain and the notaries
30 Consternation and forgiveness
31 Pas de deux
32 Finale
33 Curtain calls
34 End Credits
Levy: 4
1 Einleitung
2 Arrival of Prince Siegfried (1. Akt)
3 Pas de trois
4 Variation 1
5 Variation 2
6 Variation 3
7 Coda
8 Arrival of the Princess, Siegfried's mother
9 Waltzer
10 Tutor's drunken scene
11 Polonäse
12 Siegfried and the Cadets pursue the Swan
13 Orchester Interludium (2. Akt)
14 Arrival at the Lakeside
15 Entrance of Odette
16 Entrance of the Swans
17 Pas de deux - Odette and Siegfried
18 Cygnet's Dance
19 Big Swans' Dance
20 Odette's Solo
21 Coda
22 Arrival of the guests (3. Akt)
23 Dance of the Princess
24 Presentation of the Princesses
25 Entrance of Von Rothbart and Odile
26 Spanischer Tanz
27 Czárdás
28 Neopolitanischer Tanz
29 Mazurka
30 Pas de deux - Odile and Siegfried
31 Siegfried's Solo
32 Odile's Solo
33 Coda
34 Siegfried's deception
35 Swans await Odette's return (4. Akt)
36 Entrance of Odette
37 The Storm
38 Pas de trois - Odette, Siegfried, Von Rothbart
39 Curtain calls and credits
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