Johnston, Guy (cello) - Tecchler's Cello: From Cambridge to Rome - Various

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“Guy Johnston’s playing is searchingly beautiful...”- BBC Music Magazine. One of the most exciting and versatile British cellists of his generation, Guy Johnston was born into an artistic family. He began his musical journey as a chorister by joining his brothers in the world-renowned Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, under the tutelage of Stephen Cleobury. He went on to achieve early success through the BBC Young Musician of the Year title, the Guilhemina Suggia Gift, the Shell London Symphony Orchestra Gerald MacDonald Award, as well as receiving a Classical Brit Award at the Royal Albert Hall. Guy now plays a 1714 Tecchler cello, and in its third centenary he set out to celebrate the life of the instrument and its creator, commissioning a number of new works. He explains: ‘I began to ask myself lots of questions – How did David Tecchler end up settling in Rome, who was he making cellos for, and how did this cello come into my hands? What is my journey and role as a cellist in the 21st century? I decided to mark this anniversary by commissioning three works as gifts for the cello by celebrated British composers David Matthews, Mark Simpson and Charlotte Bray. I asked them to think of the role of the cello in the last three centuries and to let their imagination run wild.’ Guy’s inspiration then led him to Italy, taking his cello back home to get to the root of some of these questions. Joined by friends from both countries, recorded at locations close to his heart, and featuring works from across his cello’s 300 years, this album traces that musical journey, from Cambridge to Rome.
Tuotenumero KGS0026
Viivakoodi 0822231702627
Julkaisupäivä 18.8.2017
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki King's College Cambridge
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Johnston, Guy (cello)
Säveltäjät Various
Levy: 1
1 Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium)
2 Ein Celloleben
3 Piano Trio in D major, Op.70, No.1 "Ghost"
4 Piano Trio in D major, Op.70, No.1 "Ghost"
5 Piano Trio in D major, Op.70, No.1 "Ghost"
6 Un Regalo
7 Six Cello Sonatas, Book 4, Sonata for Two Cellos i
8 Six Cello Sonatas, Book 4, Sonata for Two Cellos i
9 Six Cello Sonatas, Book 4, Sonata for Two Cellos i
10 Perseus
11 Adagio con Variazioni, P.133
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