Kriegel, Volker - Studio Recordings 1963-1969

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Studio Recordings Mainz, 1963, 1967, 1968, 1969

Volker Kriegel (g), Helmut Kampe (b), Dieter Mattschoss (dr), Claudio Szenkar (vib), Dieter v. Goetze (b), Peter Baumeister (dr), Reinhard Knieper (b), Ralf Hübner (dr), Emil Mangelsdorff (fl ), Hans Rettenbacher (b), Fritz Hartschuh (vib), Gustl Mayer (ts)

What a find! The complete - and previously unheard - early work of a later celebrated jazz guitarist, recorded in fi rst-class audio quality and produced by "SWF-Landesstudio Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz", as it was then known. It is fascinating to discover the sources from which Volker Kriegel - just 19 years old at the time of the fi rst session - derived inspiration for some of the best known jazz standards: John Lewis' Django, a relaxed Thelonious Monk (Rythm-A-Ning), Autumn Leaves, Norwegian Wood, and other down-tempo numbers of the bop and beat era. But Kriegel would quickly discover a laid-back style of his own. First in trio format, then with the addition of mellow vibraphone providing the perfect counterpoint to his guitar. A little fl ute here, a burst of saxophone there - never quite the fi nished article, perhaps, for here he was still experimenting in the safe heaven of the studio.

And finally the composer emerged. Morandi, Tea and Rum, his famous Soul Eggs, served up later by the Dave Pike Set. Many of the Kriegel hits that would accompany him throughout his career were penned in the early years. Mother People is the last early Kriegel recording - a composition by Frank Zappa. No more derivation or imitation here - now he could justifi ably claim to be on equal terms. With the Dave Pike Set already established, fame and celebrity were just around the corner.
Tuotenumero 101726
Viivakoodi 0807280172690
Julkaisupäivä 11.9.2013
Kategoria Jazz
Levymerkki Jazzhaus
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 2
Artistit Kriegel, Volker
Levy: 1
1 Django
2 Tabu
3 Israel
4 Saint Louis-Blues
5 Rhythm-A-Ning
6 Les Enfants s'ennuient le Dimance
7 Autumn Leaves
8 Three Seconds
9 Tea and Rum
10 Morandi
11 Don't Wait
12 Nana Imboro
13 Nyleve
14 Connie's Blues
Levy: 2
1 Viande
2 Traffic Jam
3 Little Pear
4 Norwegian Wood
5 Five by Four
6 Royal Harp
7 Cry It Out
8 Soul Eggs
9 Noisy Silence, Gentle Noise
10 Somewhat, Somewhere, Somehow
11 Sitting On My Knees
12 Slums On Wheels
13 I'm On My Way
14 Pluns
15 Mother People
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