Paganini, Niccolò - String Quartets Nos.1-3 - Amati Ensemble String Quartet

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Nicolò Paganini developed the violin technique to an unparalleled level of virtuosity, which even today is attainable by only a few.

Sharing the same opus number as the famous set of 24 Caprices for solo violin, these three wonderful quartets enjoyed considerable popularity during Paganini's own lifetime. Composed 1815--18, they were dedicated to the King of Sardinia and the Duke of Naples, Vittorio Emanuele I.

That Paganini often performed these works himself explains why they differ somewhat from quartets by his contemporaries: the first violin is effectively a soloist, giving the composer the opportunity to display his virtuosic brilliance against a background of support from the other players. In lieu of writing markings and instructions in the parts, therefore, it is left to the performers, especially the first violinist, to improvise decorative passages -- a freedom Paganini would have enjoyed and encouraged.

The style of the music is pre-Romantic, and the overall feel is one of Haydn and Mozart's world -- only simplified. Well constructed and balanced with a hint of the romantic exuberance found in the composer's concertos and caprices, these delightful works contain some beautiful melodic writing and comprise a fantastic disc which illustrates another facet of Paganini's genius.
Tuotenumero 94287
Viivakoodi 5028421942872
Julkaisupäivä 8.2.2012
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Brilliant Classics
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Amati Ensemble String Quartet
Säveltäjät Paganini, Niccolò
Levy: 1
String Quartet No.1 in D minor Op.1a
1 I. Allegro maestoso
2 II. Minuetto: Allegretto
3 III. Adagio
4 IV. Rondeau: Allegretto con brio
Levy: 2
String Quartet No.3 in A minor Op.1a
5 I. Maturato
6 II. Minuetto: Allegretto
7 III. Adagio
8 IV. Finale: Prestissimo
9 I. Largo - Allegro
10 II. Minuetto: Andantino
11 III. Andante con variazioni
12 IV. Finale: Presto
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