Ye, Xiaogang - Sichuan Image - Ogawa, Noriko

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Born in Shanghai in 1955, Xiaogang Ye is regarded as one of China’s leading contemporary composers. He has written music in a variety of genres, including symphonic and chamber works as well as scores for the stage. Ye has also composed music for films and the two works recorded here are both examples of this. Sichuan Image consists of 29 brief and atmospheric pieces composed to accompany a filmed travelogue of the scenic province in Western China. In preparation for the work, the composer visited mountains, river, villages and ancient historical sites in Sichuan. Lending further color to the large symphony orchestra, four Chinese musicians perform on traditional instruments. The album closes with Concerto of Life, a suite in five movements for piano and orchestra with Noriko Ogawa taking on the solo part. The work is based on the score for a feature film of the same name telling the story of a piano teacher and his students. Ogawa has also appeared on a previous album of Ye’s music alongside the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and conductor José Serebrier – a release named Editor's Choice in the Gramophone, whose reviewer described the performances as 'superb' and Ye's scores as possessing ‘lyrical elegance, searching drama and depth of color…’
Tuotenumero BIS2303
Viivakoodi 7318590023037
Julkaisupäivä 3.6.2022
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki BIS
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Ogawa, Noriko
Kapellimestarit Serebrier, Jose
Orchestras Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Säveltäjät Ye, Xiaogang
Levy: 1
Sichuan Image for orchestra
1 I. Prelude. Memory of Sichuan
2 II. Mt Bashan
3 III. Shadow of Bamboo
4 IV. The Torrent in Yankou
5 V. The Distant Water in Hechuan
6 VI. A Night in Bazhong
7 VII. Riverside of Jialing River
8 VIII. Torrential Chuan River
9 IX. Mt Meishan
10 X. Beichuan Region
11 XI. It Rains When Heaven Deems Fit
12 XII. The Boundless Mt Minshan
13 XIII. Fog in Nanchong
14 XIV. Salt Well
15 XV. Gloomy Rain in Wenchuan
16 XVI. Great Mountains in Sichuan
17 XVII. Mother Re-marries
18 XVIII. Qingcheng in the Rain
19 XIX. Ambition of Sichuan
20 XX. A Sunny Day in Guangyuan
21 XXI. The South of Mian River
22 XXII. A Morning Sun Over Qiang Village
23 XXIII. Looking Up into Leshan
24 XXIV. Night Rain in Wenchuan
25 XXV. The Love of Chuandong
26 XXVI. The Love of Tianfu
27 XXVII. Fogs of Suining
28 XXVIII. Dreaming back to South Sichuan
29 XXIX. Epilogue. My Sichuan
30 I. Life Song
31 II. Roses in the Shades of Evening
32 III. Cruel Truth
33 IV. Never Regret
34 V. A Dream
35 VI. Hospital
36 VII. Live on in Spirit
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