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Lomon, Ruth - Shadowing - Hutchins, Eileen

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Navona Records proudly presents renowned composer Ruth Lomon’s SHADOWING, her debut album on the label. The release showcases her remarkable skill in writing for the piano, pushing the instrument’s timbre and color to its limits to create animated sound worlds such as those of the title work, Shadowing. Lomon writes of the colors in the piece: “’Shadowing’ means to have such a light touch, such a light tread, that one can move freely through the forest, observing without being observed… It is the equivalent of manifesting and then becoming like smoke, and then manifesting again…” Lomon incorporates more radical colors—such as prepared piano—in Five Ceremonial Masks, which is inspired by masks used by the Navajo people in their Yeibichai Night Chant ceremonies. Native American imagery also appears in the second movement of Esquisses, “La Fête,” in which the rhythmic and melodic properties of the music are inspired by the Turtle Dance as seen by Lomon at New Mexico’s Taos Pueblo. The first movement of Esquisses, “Les Cloches,” incorporates overtone partials and change-ringing patterns of European flared tower bells, creating a distinctive pianistic color, culminating in the introspective, balladic “Memoires de…” to conclude the piece. The album is completed with the recent The Sunflower Variations, a theme and 10 variations for solo piano. The colorful piece takes its theme from “The Sunflower,” a song for contralto and viola from Lomon’s earlier Five Songs after Poems by William Blake. HIGHLIGHTS Acclaimed Canadian-born composer and pianist Ruth Lomon (b. 1930) has studied under Frances Judd Cooke and Miklos Schwalb at New England Conservatory, Witold Lutoslawski at England’s Dartington College, and Lutoslawski and Henri Dutilleux at Centre Acanthes in Provence, France. Lomon is probably best known for her song-cycle Songs of Remembrance and her oratorio Testimony of Witnesses for chorus, orchestra and soloists - both works are based on the poetry of Holocaust victims and survivors that Lomon researched at The Yad Vashem Memorial Library in Jerusalem, Israel, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum Library in Washington, D.C Songs of Remembrance was composed and given its premier performance while Lomon was a fellow of the Bunting Institute, Radcliffe, Harvard, 1995-96 and premiered at Paine Hall. Since 1998 Lomon has been a scholar and composer at the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC), Brandeis University, where she composed Testimony of Wit¬nesses. Her orchestration of Rebecca Clarke’s Viola Sonata for the Rebecca Clarke Society, has been recorded by The Halle (circumflex needed on the final e) Orchestra for Dutton Epoch recordings, Sarah-Jane Bradley, viola. Reweavings, a chamber work for Native American flute, clarinet, ‘cello, piano, and marimba was commissioned by the Abiquiu N.M. Chamber Music Festival for the Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai.
Tuotenumero NV6080
Viivakoodi 0896931003803
Julkaisupäivä 10.3.2017
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Navona
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Hutchins, Eileen
Säveltäjät Lomon, Ruth
Levy: 1
1 Sunflower Variations
2 Shadowing Piano Quartet
3 Shadowing Piano Quartet
4 Shadowing Piano Quartet
5 Esquisses
6 Esquisses
7 Esquisses
8 Five Ceremonial Masks
9 Five Ceremonial Masks
10 Five Ceremonial Masks
11 Five Ceremonial Masks
12 Five Ceremonial Masks
13 Five Ceremonial Masks
14 Five Ceremonial Masks
15 Five Ceremonial Masks
16 Five Ceremonial Masks
17 Five Ceremonial Masks
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