Haydn, Joseph - Piano Sonatas - Say, Fazil (piano)

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Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
"In my view, Haydn's music touches us with its great love, above all love of humanity, for in his compositions he has much to tell us about people and their stories. About children, for example: from time to time I have an impression of two little girls playing in a garden. And Haydn has set their conversations, their voices, their cries, their reactions to music. Yes, I really believe that's what inspired him. Just as he was inspired by the happiness and ripeness of old people, but also by dreams, animals, nature, day or night - I sense all of that.

I'm not surprised that Beethoven, in his great sonata masterpieces, clearly learnt such a great deal from Haydn's sonatas.

The essence of Haydn's music is life. His own life, or ours today, the life of performers and listeners, or whatever - in his music we meet so much that rings true. Behind each sonata, and even each movement, on this recording, I sense that there is a little story. And we as performers sometimes have to discover that story in our imagination, to tease out the concealed humour, the hidden sarcastic comments...

Sometimes it seems as if, with the craziest elements in the composer's armoury, he's getting angry with the 'boredom' he sees around him, the people, the circumstances . . .

Music becomes here a secret, intimate story that dispenses with words, but always has something to tell us... "
(Fazil Say)

Fazil Say, piano
Joseph Haydn
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 37
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 43
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 35
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 31
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 10

Tuotenumero V5070
Viivakoodi 0822186050705
Julkaisupäivä 26.2.2007
Kategoria Piano
Levymerkki Naïve
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Say, Fazil (piano)
Säveltäjät Haydn, Joseph
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