Bach, J S - Partita No. 2 in D Minor (Vinyl) - Iivonen, Petteri

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After living a number of years in the United States, GRAMMY® and ICMA Nominated Finnish violinist Petteri Iivonen returned to Europe where he became concertmaster of the Finnish Opera orchestra in Helsinki before moving to Paris to serve as concertmaster for the Paris Opera. Petteri’s ability to play in many styles with sincerity and his natural lyrical facility with his instrument made him the ideal candidate to work with luminary conductors such as Esa-Pekka Salonen in Helsinki and now Gustavo Dudamel at Paris Opera.
Petteri commands his instrument with ease. While much of his playing is exceptionally beautiful, it is not beautiful for the sake of being pretty. I have heard few violinist’s with Petteri’s ability to control color and timbre, and even fewer who use this ability for such musical and appropriate ends. Petteri plays a Ferdinandus Gagliano violin in this recording, built in 1767. We recorded this performance during a live concert in Alfred Newman Hall at the University of Southern California. We chose a legendary Austrian AKG C-24 stereo microphone with the original brass surround CK12 tube, Midwood vacuum tube preamplifiers and no mixer recording to Agfa-formula 468 tape. The signal path was as short as we could make it, with as few electronics between performer and final product as we could manage. We hope you enjoy the results.
The Chaconne most likely originated as a dance in the New World which returned to Spain (along with much gold melted into blocks from irreplaceable Pre-Columbian art and jewelry) after the conquest of the Americas. This original Chaconne offered a fast, sexy, syncopated rhythm. Composers treated this dance with increasing invention and gravity during the Baroque era. Henry Purcell wrote complex and chromatic Chaconnes for violin. Bach’s Chaconne, from his Partita No. 2, may represent the culmination of this genre. Petteri plays with authority and freshness in any environment, and this recording reminds me handsomely why Johan Sebastian Bach remains among my favorite composers of all time. --Bob Attiyeh, producer
Tuotenumero YAR84177787V
Viivakoodi 0198002841773
Julkaisupäivä 17.6.2022
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Yarlung
Formaatti LP
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Iivonen, Petteri
Säveltäjät Bach, J S
Levy: 1
1 Allemande
2 Courante
3 Sarabande
4 Gigue
5 Ciaccona
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