The Cal State Fullerton University Singers - Nostos - Various

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
Music director Robert Istad is one of the most exciting choral conductors in the next generation of American music. He recently inherited the venerable post of Music Director of the Pacific Chorale, led by the eminent John Alexander since 1972. Dr. Istad also serves as president of the California Choral Director’s Association, and is Professor of Music and Director of Choral Studies at California State University, Fullerton. Rob has conducted the Cal State Fullerton University Singers for eleven years. Rob Istad planned this recording and the repertoire for their tour carefully. This is church music from the sacred traditions in Europe, Russia and the Americas. The University Singers gave this concert in four beautiful houses of worship in Vasteras, Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Rob wanted to take the best American choral tradition on tour, and take home music by composers from these areas. Rob talked about how important it was to “connect each student to the culture of the places they would visit through the repertoire,” while he also acknowledged that “European audiences expect American choirs to bring music from their own folk tradition.” Herbert Howells’ Requiem and Brahms’ Op. 29 motet served as the foundation stones of the program. Even though it is a mass for the dead, it celebrates life through its promise of the peace that comes through faith, contemplation and acceptance. This performance, anything but morbid, emphasizes the Requiem’s transcendence, its reassurance, and its foretelling of eternal light. Howells’ inclusion of Psalms 23 and 121 in the Requiem encouraged Rob to balance them with Brahms’ setting of Psalm 51 in the Op. 29 motet. Istad elaborated that “Brahms takes the penitential words of the Psalmist and creates an emotional journey from which exhilaration emerges out of supplication.” He also relished how Brahms’ tonal language contrasts sharply with the harmonic structure in the Howells Requiem. Rob looked forward to hearing how the singers would respond to the Brahms, which demands such different vocal production and choral color than does the Howells. Both composers’ works acknowledge the fleeting nature of life and the grief we must all suffer on our journey, balanced hopefully by spiritual transformation. Both composers wrestle with conflict and doubt but emerge stronger in their optimism for spiritual enlightenment. This became the overarching theme of Rob’s program. He wanted the students and listeners to experience mortality and grief, transfigured ultimately through the promise of enlightenment. Nostos Tes Mousikes, which can be translated as “The Home Coming of Music,” responds to this vision of travel, struggle, transformation, evolution and return throughout life. Nostos also reflects the ensemble’s tour to Russia, Estonia and Finland, some of the countries in which this music was composed.
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Viivakoodi 0191061801733
Julkaisupäivä 10.11.2017
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Yarlung
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit The Cal State Fullerton University Singers
Säveltäjät Various
Levy: 1
1 Nunc Dimittis
2 O crux, Op. 79
3 Amazing Grace
4 Requiem
5 Media vita
6 Spaseniye Sodyelal (Salvation Is Created), Op. 25,
7 Zapovedi blazhenstv (The Beatitudes)
8 Alleluia, laus et gloria
9 Pseudo-yoik
10 Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein rein Herz- Psalm 51 Mote
11 My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord
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