Jungr, Barb - Love Me Tender

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"Whether it's adding a different spin or simply revealing hidden depths, a good cover version should always bring something new to a song. This collection of Elvis Presley covers from jazz singer and cabaret queen Barb Jungr manages to do both marvellously. From a slow and stripped-back "Heartbreak Hotel", with only piano and harp accompanying it, through to a spooky "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", these versions brilliantly bring out the haunting beauty of some of Elvis Presley's biggest hits. In the process, they make you feel as if you're hearing the all-too familiar songs for the very first time. A must-have. ****" (Daily Express, Marcus Dunk, 2005)

Britain's foremost chansonnier with a song-styled take on material sung by Elvis Presley.

Produced by Barb Jungr, Adrian York & Calum Malcolm

all* vocals & tambourine: Barb Jungr
celeste, piano, vocoder programming, synth, organ, bells, waterfone and soundscape recordings: Adrian York
clarinets, piano, keyboard samples and sounds cape: Jonathan Cooper
violin: Miriam Teppich & Dominika Rosiek
viola: Rebecca Brown
cello: Thangam Debbonaire
harp: Billy Jackson
acoustic bass: Mario Castronari
*backing voices: Barb Jungr, Mari Wilson, Ian Shaw (track 13)

Arrangements: Adrian York and Jonathan Cooper.
Recordings: Calum Malcolm, Adrian York and Jonathan Cooper.
Recorded at Livingston Studios with help from Jon Olliffe., and at Adrian York and Jonathan Cooper's studios.
Mixed by Calum Malcolm and Adrian York at Calum Malcolm's studio.
Photos and sleeve design: John Haxby
Barb Jungr's Website design James Johnstone
Tuotenumero AKD255
Viivakoodi 0691062025522
Julkaisupäivä 3.1.2005
Kategoria Jazz
Levymerkki Linn Records
Formaatti SACD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Jungr, Barb
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15,96 € (19,95 €)
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