Serov, Alexander - Judith - Chistiakov, Andrei

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Alexander Serov (1821-71) is a name unfamiliar to all but the most dedicated Russian classical music officianados. Apart from the 'Mighty Handful' -- Balakirev, Borodin, Cui, Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov from St Petersburg, and Tchaikovsky in Moscow, several composers can lay claim to inheriting Russian romantic tradition as established by Glinka. Composers such as Dargomisky, L'vov and Serov in particular.
Serov, like Rimsky (Navy), and Borodin (Chemist) did not start out to be a composer . He was a civil servant, and studied music via lessons he received from Josef Hunke via the post! His opera Judith was an instant success, counting the young Tchaikovsky among its fans. His second opera Rogneda gained the composer a royal pension. Sadly his creative powers degenerated after these two works, and a string of tantalising but unfinished projects followed. He died aged 51 of heart failure.
His two complete operas exerted their influence over Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Anton Rubinstein and the young Glazunov.
His music shows his appreciation of Wagner's leitmotifs (though he lacked the experience to use such a technique effectively), and the form of operas by Verdi and Meyerbeer.

Other information:
- Unusual repertoire
- Recording made in 1991: this remains the only recording available.
- An important work in the development of Russian opera written in the 1860-ties in a true romantic dramatic style foreboding the operas of Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.
- All Russian cast supported by the great Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra.
- A veritable find for opera lovers and connoiseurs.
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Julkaisupäivä 3.2.2011
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Brilliant Classics
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 2
Kapellimestarit Chistiakov, Andrei
Säveltäjät Serov, Alexander
Levy: 1
1 Judith: “Overture (Orchestra)” Serov
2 Judith: Act 1 – “Scene and Arioso: Our sufferings Serov
3 Judith: Act 1 – “Chorus of the People: Our sufferi Serov
4 Judith: Act 1 – “What is that? Do you hear? (Choru Serov
5 Judith: Act 1 – “Finale: God of Israel, save thy s Serov
6 Judith: Act 2 – “Judith’s Monologue: The town will Serov
7 Judith: Act 2 – “These are our last drops of water Serov
8 Judith: Act 2 – “The Elders are coming (Avra/Ozias Serov
9 Judith: Act 2 – “Judith, I implore you (Avra/Judit Serov
10 Judith: Act 2 – “Interlude: The March of Holoferne Serov
11 Judith: Act 3 – “Chorus of Odalisques and Dances: Serov
12 Judith: Act 3 – “Out of my sight (Holofernes/Asfan Serov
Levy: 2
1 Judith: Act 3 – “Chorus of Assyrians: What is happ Serov
2 Judith: Act 3 – “Behold, Holofernes has heard the Serov
3 Judith: Act 3 – “Final Chorus: There is no power o Serov
4 Judith: Act 4 – “Prelude…Bacchanalian Dance of the Serov
5 Judith: Act 4 – “Dance of Two Almahs (Orchestra)” Serov
6 Judith: Act 4 – “Festive Chorus. Orgy of Holoferne Serov
7 Judith: Act 4 – “Hindu Song: I love you, shining m Serov
8 Judith: Act 4 – “Holofernes’s Song of Battle: Thes Serov
9 Judith: Act 4 – “Judith, approach (Holofernes/Judi Serov
10 Judith: Act 4 – “Finale: But where are you, Jewess Serov
11 Judith: Act 5 – “Chorus of the Starving: If God ha Serov
12 Judith: Act 5 – “Here is the head of Holofernes (J Serov
13 Judith: Act 5 – “Final Chorus: We have conquered ( Serov
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