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Larcher, Thomas - Ixxu

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Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
"Thomas Larcher has a way of convincing you, like Morton Feldman, that every note is in its right place and should be nowhere else. A delicate touch and taut use of dramatic contrast flicker across his compositions, sending out shards of notes and icy silences."

"Ixxu is in a thoroughly modern idiom, but with moments of shimmering beauty and an overall rhythmic energy which is quite compulsive, there are all the ingredients one needs to make an interesting piece all the more rewarding on repeated hearing. ... In his pieces, notions of virtuosity are pursued to the limits, raising the expressive energy another notch in degree and intensity. In "Mumien" this obsessive quality comes through in the intense and rhythmically incessant second movement.
"Cold Farmer" was "like stepping into the unknown and the threatening" for the composer... There are some folk-like elements in the violin, some Shostakovich-like moments of repose, the stability of pedal notes and ostinati, sometimes transparently expressive melodic lines, and all of the emotional swings and roundabouts that you would want from a good string quartet... The music is expressive but uncompromising, filled with gritty passion and unfulfilled longings.
Against all preconceptions and expectations I have enjoyed this well-recorded CD from ECM immensely, and recommend it wholeheartedly."
(Music Web)

Rosamunde Quartett

Andrea Lauren Brown, soprano
Christoph Poppen, violin
Thomas Demenga, violoncello
Thomas Larcher, piano

Recorded July 2005
Tuotenumero ECM1967
Viivakoodi 0028947631569
Julkaisupäivä 5.9.2006
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki ECM
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Säveltäjät Larcher, Thomas
Levy: 1
1 Ixxu (1998-2004): flüchtig, nervös 01:12
2 Ixxu (1998-2004): sehr schnell, präzise 05:41
3 Ixxu (1998-2004): ruhig 06:39
4 My illness is the medicine I need (2002): My illne 01:14
5 My illness is the medicine I need (2002): I think 01:40
6 My illness is the medicine I need (2002): Eat and 01:50
7 My illness is the medicine I need (2002): I like i 02:59
8 My illness is the medicine I need (2002): I don't 03:40
9 My illness is the medicine I need (2002): Once the 03:03
10 Mumien (2001/02): tempo giusto 01:32
11 Mumien (2001/02): schneller 07:12
12 Mumien (2001/02): langsam 03:17
13 Cold Farmer (1990): mit Groove 03:40
14 Cold Farmer (1990): ruhige Halbe 04:30
15 Cold Farmer (1990): sehr schnell 03:39
16 Cold Farmer (1990): ganz langsam 01:26
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