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Bach, J S - Fantasia della ragione, La - Quadro Hypothesis

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Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
The Hypothesis Ensemble's Bach recordings are essentially of the three-part compositions transcribed for an insieme spezzato, or "broken" consort - an ensemble made up of instruments from various families, which hence differ from one another very clearly in timbre, playing technique and other characteristics. Specifically, the families are the flutes (represented by a bass flute in F), the viols (represented by a treble viol in D alternating with a lyra viol in G), the violins (represented by a Baroque cello) and the lutes (represented by a Baroque lute alternating with a theorbo). The result is a very clear reading of the scores which is particularly suited to bringing out the dialogues between the various voices. The small changes to the original music such transcriptions necessitate have been undertaken in accordance with the usual practices customary not only in Johann Sebastian Bach's era, but also in Mozart's times, as is shown by the fact that Mozart himself transcribed several fugues from the Well-tempered Clavier for three melodic instruments (they are to be heard on this CD). The changes were necessary in order to exploit the potential of the melodic instruments, and also to give greater emphasis to the differences vis-à-vis the original chordal instrument and the various entries of the voices. The themes were distributed a little differently among the individual lines in short passages, the pitch of certain melodic interpolations changed, the ornamentation modified or, where suitable, the option of archaic versions neglected in keyboard performance.

Tuotenumero PH08034
Viivakoodi 0881488803457
Julkaisupäivä 19.1.2009
Kategoria Klassinen
Levymerkki Profil
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Quadro Hypothesis
Säveltäjät Bach, J S
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