Exhibition on Screen: Frida Kahlo (DVD)

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Come on a journey through the life of one of the most prevalent female icons: Frida Kahlo. She was a prolific self-portraitist, using the canvas as a mirror through all stages of her turbulent and, at times, tragic life. Guided by interviews, commentary and Frida’s own words, Exhibition on Screen uncovers that this, however, was not a life defined by tragedy. Featuring key exhibitions and interviews with world-renowned Kahlo curators, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN explores the extraordinary symbolism and themes in these personal canvases to seek a deeper understanding of the real Frida Kahlo. Displaying a treasure trove of color and a feast of vibrancy on screen, this personal and intimate film offers privileged access to her works and highlights the source of her feverish creativity, her resilience and her unmatched lust for life, men, women, politics and her cultural heritage. We might think we already know Frida Kahlo – the image of floral crowns, big brows and folk style clothing have made her a muse to generations – but what lies beneath the surface of this intensely passionate woman?
Tuotenumero SEV210
Viivakoodi 5060115340694
Julkaisupäivä 2.4.2021
Kategoria Dokumenttielokuvat
Levymerkki Seventh Art
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