Tjore, Anders - Dette er julemusikk

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
Øisteins Blyant and his English alias Box Yourself is a huge success on Norwegian TV NRK, and internationally on YouTube with 300k + subscribers and millions of views of his funny and educating videos on how to make cool things out of boxes and junk with some pencils and a pair of scissors.
In 2019 his Christmas show Øisteins Juleblyant (ENG: Box Xmas) will screen on all NRK platforms and on YouTube. Box Xmas is a brand new arts’n craft show of 24 episodes all about making gifts and decorating for Christmas. In each episode kids will learn how to make a gift for somebody they love, from junk and found objects. Then they get tips and inspiration for gift wrapping and card making. Box Xmas is set in the romantic, winter clad, Norwegian old town of Fredrikstad, giving it a cosy Scandinavian frame. The show is fun, energetic and inspires an environment friendly way to celebrate Christmas. Presented by the artist Oistein Kristiansen. Created by Oistein Kristiansen and Earthtree Media.
The show will be available in Nov 2019 in English and Norwegian language.

NXN recordings is proud to release the music that will accompany the show.
Dette er en julesang is the first single and the theme song for the show. This tune will be played in the end of every episode and will surely get attention for its jumpy, melodic and funny sound, not to mention the funny story. Should be perfect for any Christmas playlist of 2019 and beyond.
Dette er julemusikk is the album for the series. This album will contain 12 tracks, three of which have lyrics. The rest is cosy, Christmas-like instrumental tunes that will set the atmosphere perfectly for any Christmas activity during the holiday season, and beyond.
There will also be an activity book released when the series start up and it will be neatly planned to expose the CD and the book in bookstores and record stores throughout Norway.
Tuotenumero NXN7002
Viivakoodi 0194491464240
Julkaisupäivä 15.11.2019
Kategoria Julmusik
Levymerkki NXN Recordings
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Säveltäjät Tjore, Anders
Ihlebæk, Andreas
Tjore / Ihlebæk
Levy: 1
1 Dette er en julesang
2 Juletre av grøt
3 Julebakst
4 Julegate
5 Julenisseverksted
6 Julereise
7 Jul på Pluto
8 Julegran
9 Julekaos
10 Julemysterie
11 Julestorm
12 JulJulefred
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