Rossini, Gioachino - Comte Ory, Le (2 CD) - Cohen, Brad

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- Rossini occupied an unrivalled position in the Italian musical world of his time, winning considerable success relatively early in his career.

- Set in rural France at the time of the Crusades, Le Comte Ory, Rossini's last comic opera, is based on the story of a real-life villainous Count who attempts the seduction of a Countess as she awaits the return of her brother.

- The opera is one of Rossini's funniest, notable for its sequence of madcap situations set to music which is fast-paced, colourful and dramatic. Berlioz considered it to be Rossini's "absolute masterpiece".

Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno; Czech Chamber Soloists Brno/
Brad Cohen
CD 1

Gioachino Rossini

Le Comte Ory

Act I

1. Introduction

2. Jouvencelles, venez vite (Raimbaud, Alice, Chorus of Peasants, Ragonde)

3. Que les destins prosperes accueillent vos prieres (Count, Ragonde, Chorus, Alice, Raimbaud)

4. Recitative: C'est le chateau de la belle Comtesse (Count, Ragonde, Chorus, Tutor, Isolier)

5. Air: Veiller sans cesse, craindre toujours (Tutor)

6. Vous notre appui et notre ami (Chorus, Tutor)

7. Recitative: Cet Ermite, ma belle enfant, ou pourrai - je le voir? (Tutor, Alice, Isolier, Count)

8. Une dame de haut parage (Isolier, Count)
9. March - Recitative: Isolier dans ces lieux! (Countess, Isolier, Count)

10. Air: En proie a la tristesse (Countess, Chorus, Count, Isolier)

11. Recitative: C'est bien … je suis content (Isolier, Count, Countess, Tutor, Chorus, Raimbaud)

12. Finale: Ciel! O terreur! O peine extreme! (Countess, Isolier, Alice, Ragonde, Count, Raimbaud, Tutor, Chorus)

CD 2

Act II

1. Introduction: Dans ce séjour calme et tranquille (Chorus, Countess, Ragonde)

2. Recitative: Voyez qui ce peut etre (Countess, Chorus, Ragonde, Chorus of Ory's Knights)

3. Duo: Ah! Quel respect, Madame, pour vos vertus (Count, Countess)

4. Ce temeraire qui croit nous plaire (Countess, Count)

5. Recitative: Voici vos compagnes fideles (Countess, Count)

6. Ah! La bonne folie! (Chorus, Count, Tutor, Raimbaud)

7. Air: Dans ce lieu solitaire (Raimbaud, Chorus)

8. Recitative: Du fruit de sa victoire (Count)

9. Buvons, buvons soudain! (Chorus, Count, Raimbaud, Tutor)

10. Recitative: On vient. Silence! (Count, Raimbaud, Tutor, Chorus, Countess, Ragonde, Isolier)

11. Trio: A la faveur de cette nuit obscure (Count, Countess, Isolier)

12. Finale: Ecoutez ces chants de victoire (Countess, Count, Chorus, Ragonde, Isolier)

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Artistit Cohen, Brad
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Säveltäjät Rossini, Gioachino
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