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Everybody needs an occasional jump-start, but nobody likes getting all jumpy. Most of us want to rev up our energy levels, elevate our moods and boost our productivity - but we want to do it without that strung-out, "wired" feeling that too much actual caffeine can leave us with.

Delos to the rescue - with our new Classical Caffeine album. It's chock-full of happy, high-energy music by Bach, Mozart, Khachaturian, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Debussy and others. Remember, upbeat music has been scientifically proven to make you feel better: it stimulates both mind and body, banishes the blues, refreshes flagging spirits, promotes energy, and leaves you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Combing through our extensive catalogue, we have come up with a sure-fire assortment of manic, fun music that's guaranteed to wake you up and get you going! And these snazzy, snappy performances are sure to please, coming as they do from Delos' long list of top-tier recording artists and ensembles. It might even save you some money: with fewer trips to your neighborhood coffee emporium, the album could well pay for itself in NO time!

1 Bizet-Shchedrin: Carmen Ballet-VIII. Bolero

2 Prokofiev: Classical Symphony, Op.25, Finale

3 Milhaud: Brasileira (From Scaramouche)

4 Shostakovich: Spanish Dance from The Gadfly

5 Hummel: Trumpet Concerto in E Major, Rondo

6 Kabalevsky: Galop from "The Comedians"

7 Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no.2, BWV 1047, 3 Allegro assai

8 Khachaturian: Masquerade Suite, mazurka

9 Tamarin: Tapestry

10 J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suite #3, BWV 1068-3. Gavottes

11 Handel: Water Music, HWV 349-350-Gigues

12 Grieg: Holberg Suite, Prelude

13 Tchaikovsky: Grand polonaise from Eugene Onegin

14. Pictures from Bashu-Six Folk Songs: Evening Dance at Aba

15. J.S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #6, BWV 1051, Allegro

16 Irish Jigs Traditional Irish Jig (arr. Benusan)

17 Gomes: Sonata in D, Burrico De Pau (Rocking Horse)

18 Debussy: Petite Suite, ballet

19 Francoeur: Sonata in E for Cello & Piano-V. Gigue

20 Rameau: Tambourin

21 Beethoven: Septet Op.20, V. Scherzo

22 Mozart: Symphony No.41, "Jupiter" K.511, IV. Molto Allegro
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Julkaisupäivä 27.3.2013
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Levymerkki Delos
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1 Classical Caffeine
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