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Efkar - Back To Anatolia

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
Thoughts of and yearning for the homeland - through music - that is what binds the musicians in Efkar together. They come from Anatolia - the peninsula that today makes up the country of Turkey. On "Back to Anatolia" these musicians play Turkish folk music like it was played before - with traditional instruments and arrangements in the old style.

Over the years, the members of Efkar have played with numerous artists all around the world; at festivals, concerts, weddings and on recordings. Today all of them reside in Sweden and/or Europe, and here Efkar was formed to carry on the Turkish musical heritage.

Ismet Demirhan learned to play the kaval and the zuma as a shepherd boy, and became one of Anatolia's most sought-after wedding musicians. Fuat Talay comes from Van and is a master of dance and music from that area, and he has participated in a number of recordings with artists from all around Middle East. Hakan Vreskala started out as a punk drummer in Izmir, but is nowadays in high demand as a percussionist in groups such as Taximi and Orientexpressen. Hesen Kenjo comes from Syria and, as an outstanding student at the music conservatory in Damascus, was awarded a scholarship to study abroad. He presently lives in Germany. The young, sensational singer Yasemen Dinc has learned to sing from her mother. She has a rare talent for, among other things, improvisation in the traditional style, which gives her a unique presence on stage. Sabahat Akkiraz is one of the great voices of Turkey and is regarded as a living legend in her native Turkey. She is also a practitioner of the Alevi tradition, an art form that combines music and religious poetry.

The feeling of yearning and joy in the new country creates strong ties and a passion for the music of Anatolia that Efkar shares with such energy.

Tuotenumero CAP21759
Viivakoodi 7391782217599
Julkaisupäivä 13.3.2006
Kategoria Maailmanmusiikki
Levymerkki Caprice
Formaatti CD
Tuotteiden lukumäärä 1
Artistit Efkar
Levy: 1
1 Anadolu
1 Fincanin Etrafi
1 Abdal Olsam
1 Serenler Zeybegi
1 Arix
1 Wedding jam: Dideban üstündeyim
1 Sad Olup Gülmedim
1 Al Yasma Zeybegi
1 Darbuka solo
1 Bachada Yesil Cinar
1 Tamzara
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