Wuttke, Friedemann (guitar) - 20th Century Guitar: The Art Of Modern Guitar

Toimitusaika: Noin 7 - 14 arkipäivää
The common element of the three compositions presented here is what I would call guitar writing that comes from the soul. Twentieth-century guitar music means on one hand avant-garde, experimentation and expansion of the instrument's sound; on the other, it means compositions which are most virtuosic in their treatment of the guitar itself, which develop the instrument's tonal sphere anew and delineate its specific tonal potential - its soul as it were. The experience and adaptation of folk music play just as much of a role in this as the various forms of art music. In both the technical and the musical sense, the composers of the works on this recording go far beyond historical or current models. Their wide expressive range moves me as much as their virtuosity in writing idiomatically for the guitar. Ulrich Wedlich, Leo Brouwer and Carlo Domeniconi occupy a prominent position among modern composers. I share their approach and would like to interpret their music in a credible manner. Ulrich Wedlich has dedicated his sonata to me; dedicated to César Franck, Brouwer's concerto has fascinated me ever since I first heard it, and Carlo Domeniconi himself played his Koyunbaba to me. Since then I have not been able to get the sound and the sensual atmosphere of these three works out of my mind.
(Friedemann Wuttke)

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Julkaisupäivä 14.7.2008
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Artistit Wuttke, Friedemann (guitar)
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