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Image Arias and Duets
'This hour is yours' the announcer tells us at the opening of this CD, a pleasing hour indeed, in the company of the finest tenor of his day and his wife Anna-Lisa, a Conservatory-trained lyric soprano. The programme consists of favourite arias from Bjorling's operatic repertory, two duets with Anna-Lisa, three soprano solos and two numbers from the lively San Francisco Opera orchestra.

6,48 € (12,95 €)
Image Opera Arias
The weekly Standard Hour recitals, broadcast for many years in the United States over NBC radio, were a valuable link between some of the greatest singers of the day and their huge American public. Undoubtedly these programmes made many converts to classical music among the millions who tuned in, initially perhaps just to sample what opera was all about. The radio audience who heard this Wagner recital on 9th October 1949 certainly enjoyed a very special treat; both Kirsten Flagstad and Set Svanholm were well established in the States (and, of course, elsewhere) at the time of this broadcast, and here they sing from some of their finest rôles.

The recital begins with two extracts from Der fliegende Holländer; the Spinning Chorus, (somewhat edited and no Senta included), is enchantingly sung by eighteen members of the San Francisco Opera Women’s Chorus, urged on in their thrumming task by Donna Walker, as Mary the housekeeper; next, the famous ballad which tells the tale of the Dutchman’s cursèd roaming of the seas is vividly recounted by Flagstad. Senta was not one of her most celebrated rôles - she sang it far less often than Isolde and Brünnhilde, for example - but she expresses well both the drama and pity of the story. Later in the recital we hear Flagstad’s Liebestod, a more familiar interpretation, which is given a fine performance. If some of the ecstatic freedom at the top of her voice is less easy than in pre-war recordings, she nevertheless produces that familiar, rock-steady stream of tone that made her, as the announcer avers, ‘the greatest living Wagnerian soprano’.

Set Svanholm’s Lohengrin Narration shows just why, in his heyday, he was the world’s most admired Heldentenor. The tone is firm and forthright, less baritonal than his great colleague Melchior, (though it is interesting to recall that both these tenors started their singing careers as baritones). Walther’s 'Prize Song' from Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg reveals poetry aplenty; there have, perhaps, been sweeter voices in this music, but few that had such strength and staying power.

The centre of gravity of this recital is an extract from Tristan und Isolde’s love duet, which Flagstad and Svanholm sang many times together on stage; this finds them both at their superb best. There can be few more difficult operatic fragments to perform ‘cold’, out of the context of Wagner’s complete, sublime masterpiece, but the orchestral introduction sets the mood as the lovers find gentle words for their overwhelming passion.

Keeping a controlling hand on this vocal magnificence, and on the generous offering of the Venusberg music from Tannhäuser, is the conductor Gaetano Merola, for whose San Francisco Opera orchestra this recital must have been one of the most splendid Standard Hour broadcasts of their careers.

Kirsten Flagstad, soprano
Set Svanholm, tenor
San Francisco Opera Orchestra/Gaetano Merola

6,48 € (12,95 €)
6,48 € (12,95 €)
Image Arior och Duetter
Dusolina Giannini, sopran; Claramae Turner, alt.

Los Angeles Philharmonic / Pietro Cimini.

San Francisco Opera Orchestra / Gaetano Merola.

Dusolina Giannini - Arior och Duetter

1. Son giunta!...Madre, madre, pietosa vergine ur La forza del destino (Verdi)

2. Pace, pace mio dio ur La forza del destino (Verdi)

3. Connais-tu le pays ur Mignon (Thomas)

4. Suicidio ur La Gioconda (Ponchielli)

5. Ritorna vincitor ur Aida (Verdi)

6. The Rosary (Nevin / Rogers)

7. I Love You Truly (Jacobs-Bond)

8. Vissi d'arte ur Tosca (Puccini)

9. Scene 2: Dite, Mamma Lucia...Sono scomunicata; Scen 4: Voi lo sapete...Aiutatela voi, Santa Maria ur Cavalleria rusticana (Mascagni)

10. Intermezzo ur Cavalleria rusticana (Mascagni)

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11,75 € (23,50 €)
6,48 € (12,95 €)
Image Requiem
"[This] reissue amply justifies itself. The solo voices come over splendidly. And what voices! Pinza is simply unequalled, and Stignani hardly less wonderful. Serafin may not have the electricity of Toscanini or Beecham, but he gives a fine account of the work and nurtures his singers without indulging them. If he cannot altogether restrain Gigli's sobs, the tenor's singing is so golden-toned and warm-hearted that you forgive them."
(Sunday Times)
Maria Caniglia, soprano
Ebe Stignani, mezzo-soprano
Beniamino Gigli, tenor
Ezio Pinza, bass
Rome Opera Chorus & Orchestra/Tullio Serafin

6,48 € (12,95 €)
6,48 € (12,95 €)
Image Symphony No. 7
Inspelningar gjorda mellan åren 1933-1940 med dirigenten Serge Koussevitzky. Ingår gör bl a "Symfoni nr 7", "Pohjolas dotter" och "Tapiola" av Sibelius, samt "Våren" av Grieg.

BBC Symphony Orchestra; Boston Symphony Orchestra /

Serge Koussevitzky.

6,48 € (12,95 €)
Image SYMPHONIES 2 & 5
6,48 € (12,95 €)
6,48 € (12,95 €)
11,75 € (23,50 €)
11,75 € (23,50 €)
11,75 € (23,50 €)
Image Manon, komplett
Germaine Feraldy, sopran;
Andrée Bernadet, mezzosopran;

Marinette Fenoyer, mezzosopran;
Emile de Creus, tenor;

André Gaudin, baryton;
Paul Payan, baryton;
Louis Guenot, basbaryton m fl.

Chorus and Orchestra of the Opéra-Comique, Paris / Elie Cohen.

Jules Massenet - Manon, komplett

CD 1

Akt I

1. Prelude

2. Hola! He! Monsieur I'hotelier?

3. Hors d'oeuvre de choix!

4. Entendez-vous la cloche... Allez a l'auberge voisine... Les voila!

5. Je suis encore tout etourdie

6. Hotelier de malheur! Il est donc entendu

7. Il vous parlait, Manon?...

8. Restons ici... Voyons, Manon, Plus de chimeres!

9. Quelqu'un... J'ai marque l'heure du depart... Et je sais votre nom

10. Nous vivrons a Paris tous les deux!... Plus un sous!

Akt II

11. Manon! Avez-vous peur que mon visage

12. Enfin, les amoureux

13. Allons! Il le faut!... Adieu, notre petite table

14. C'est lui!... Instant charmant... En fermant les yeux...Oh! Ciel! deja!

Akt III / Scen 1

15. Entr'acte

16. Voyez mules a fleurettes!

17. A quoi bon l'economie... Bonjour, Poussette!

18. Voici les elegantes!... Suis-je gentille ainsi?

19. Je marche sur tous les chemins

20. Obeissons quand leur voix appelle

CD 2

Akt III / Scen (forts.)

1. Et maintenant restez seul

2. C'est elle? Oui, c'est Manon!

3. Repondez-moi, Guillot!...Voici l'Opera!

4. Ballet...C'est fete au Cours-la-Reine!

Akt III / Scen 2

5. Quelle eloquence!

6. Bravo, mon cher... Epouse quelque brave fille

7. Je suis seul!...Ah! fuyez, douce image

8. Pardonnez-moi, Dieu de toute puissance

9. Toi! Vous!... Oui! Je fus cruelle et coupable!

10. N'est-ce plus ma main

Akt IV

11. Faites vos jeux, Messieurs!... C'est ici que celle que j'aime... J'enfourche aussi Pegase

12. Mais, qui donc nous arrive... Manon! Sphinx etonnant

13. Un mot, s'il vous plait... Ce bruit de l'or

14. Au jeu! au jeu!

15. Oui, je viens t'arracher a la honte

Akt V

16. Manon! Pauvre Manon!... Capitaine, o gue

17. O Manon! Manon! Tu pleures... Ah! Je sens une pure flamme...

11,75 € (23,50 €)
11,75 € (23,50 €)
11,75 € (23,50 €)
Image Porgy and Bess, komplett
Anne Brown, sopran;
Helen Dowdy, sopran;
Helen Jepson, sopran;

Todd Duncan, tenor;
Avon Long, tenor;
Edward Matthews, tenor;

Lawrence Tibbett, baryton;
Paul Robeson, bas.

Eva Jessye Choir / Alexander Smallens.

Leo Reisman and His Orchestra

Los Angeles Philharmonic / Alfred Wallenstein.

*Jascha Heifetz, violin;
*Emmanuel Bay, piano.

George Gershwin

Porgy and Bess

CD 1

Akt I / Scen 1

1. Uvertyr

2. Summertime

3. Summertime and Crap Game

4. A Women is a Sometime Thing

Akt I / Scen II

5. My Man's Gone Now

Akt II / Scen 1

6. It Takes a Long Pull to Get There

7. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

8. Buzzard Song

9. Bess, You is My Woman Now

Akt II / Scen 2

10. It Ain't Necessarily So

11. What You Want Wid' Bess

Akt II / Scen 3

12. Street Cries: Strawberry Woman's Call / Crab man's Call

13. I Loves You, Porgy

Akt III / Scen 1

14. The Requiem

Akt III / Scen 2

15. There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York

Akt III / Scen 3

16. Porgy's lament - Where is My Bess?

17. Finale - I'm On My Way

18. It Ain't Necessarily So

19. A Woman is a Sometime Thing

20. Summertime

21. There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York

22. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

23. Bess, You is My Woman

24. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

25. It Ain't Necessarily So

CD 2

1. Lullaby: Summertime / Livin's Easy

2. Summertime and Crap Game

3. A Woman is a Sometime Thing

4. My Man's Gone Now

5. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'

6. Buzzard Song

7. Bess, You is My Woman Now

8. It Ain't Necessarily So

9. Where is My Bess?

10. Lullaby: Summertime / Livin's Easy

11. A Woman is a Sometime Thing

12. It Takes a Long Pull to Get There

13. It Ain't Necessarily So

14. Summertime*

15. A Woman is a Sometime Thing*

16. My Man's Gone Now*

17. It Ain't Necessarily So*

18. Bess, You is My Woman Now*

19. Tempo di Blues: There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York*

20. Porgy and Bess: A Symphonic Picture

11,75 € (23,50 €)
Image Carmen, komplett
Martha Angelici, mezzosopran; Solange Michel, alt; Michel Dens, baryton m fl.

Chorus of the Opera-Comique, Paris;
Orchestra of the Opera-Comique, Paris /
André Cluytens.

Georges Bizet

Carmen, komplett

CD 1

Akt I

1. Prelude

2. Sur la place, chacun passe

3. Avec la garde montante

4. La cloche a sonne ...

5. Mais nous ne voyons pas la Carmencita!

6. L'amour est un oiseau rebelle

7. Carmen! sur tes pas nous nous pressons tous!

8. Parle-moi de ma mere!

9. Au secours! au secours!

10. Tra la la la la la la la

11. Pres des remparts de Seville

12. Voici l'ordre

Akt II

13. Entr'acte

14. Les tringles des sistres tintaient

15. Vivat, vivat le torero!

16. Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre

17. Nous avons en tete une affaire!

18. Halte-la! Qui va la? Dragon d'Alcala!
19. Je vais danser en votre honneur

20. Au quartier! Pour l'appel!

21. La fleur que tu m'avais jetee

22. Non! tu ne m'aimes pas!

23. Non! je ne veux plus l'ecouter!

24. Bel officier

CD 2


1. Entr'acte

2. Ecoute, ecoute, compagnon, ecoute!

3. Melons! Coupons!

4. En vain, pour eviter les reponses ameres

5. Quant au douanier, c'est notre affaire!

6. C'est des contrabandiers le refuge ordinaire ... Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante

7. Je suis Escamillo

8. Halte! quelqu'un est la

Akt IV

9. Entr'acte

10. A deux cuartos!

11. Les voici, les voici

12. Si tu m'aimes, Carmen

13. C'est toi! C'est moi!

14. Tu ne m'aimes donc plus?

11,75 € (23,50 €)
Image Valkyrian, Akt I & II
...suveräna upptagningar...

(Sven Andersson, Hallandsposten)

...No words can do justice to Lotte Lehmann's Sieglinde, and few can adequately praise Lauritz Melchior's Siegmund...

...the set is indispensible...

(The Sunday Times)
Ella Flesch, sopran;
Marta Fuchs, sopran;
Lotte Lehmann, sopran;
Margarete Klose, mezzosopran;
Lauritz Melchior, tenor;

Hans Hotter, baryton;
Alfred Jerger, baryton;
Emanuel List, bas.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra / Bruno Walter.

Richard Wagner - Die Walküre, Akt I & II

CD 1

Akt I / Scen 1

1. Prelude

2. Wes Herd dies auch sei, hier muss ich rasten

3. Einen Unseligen labtest du

Akt I / Scen 2

4. Mud am Herd fand ich den Mann

5. Friedmund darf ich nicht heissen

6. Ein trauriges Kind rief mich zum Trutz

7. Ich weiss ein wildes Geschlecth

Akt 1 / Scen 3

8. Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater

9. Der Manner Sippe sass hier im Saal

10. Wintersturme wichen dem Wonnemond

11. Du bist der Lenz

12. Siegmund heiss ich und Siegmund bin ich!

Akt II / Scen 1

13. Prelude

14. Nun zaume dein Ross, reisige Maid!

15. Der alte Sturm, die alte Muh!

16. So ist es denn aus mit den ewigen Gottern

CD 2

Akt 2 / Scen 1 (forts.)

1. Nichts lerntest du, wollt' ich dich lehren

2. Was verlangst du?

3. Deiner ew'gen Gattin heilige Ehre

Akt II / Scen 2

4. Schlimm, furcht' ich, schloss der Streit

5. O heilige Schmach!

6. Als junger Liebe Lust mir verblich

7. So nimm meinen Segen, Niblungen-Sohn!

Akt II / Scen 3

8. Raste nun hier, gonne dir Ruh!

9. Hinweg! Hinweg! Flieh die Entweihte!

10. Horch, o horch! Das is Hundings Horn!

Akt II / Scen 4

11. Siegmund! Sieh auf mich!

12. Du sahest der Walküre sehrenden Blick

Akt II / Scen 5

13. Zauberfest bezahmt ein Schlaf

14. Wehwalt! Wehwalt!

15. Geh hin, Knecht! Knie vor Fricka

11,75 € (23,50 €)
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