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Image Christmas Cantatas
...I am pleased to report that these are splendid performances...

(American Record Guide)

8,99 €
Image Christmas Oratorio
...I enjoyed the freshness of approach and the spirited music-making which characterizes the set as a whole...


Ingrid Kertesi, sopran;
Judit Nemeth, alt;

Jozsef Mukk, tenor;

Janos Toth, bas.

Hungarian Radio Choir; Failoni Chamber Orchestra, Budapest / Geza Oberfrank.

24,95 €
Image Christmas Oratorio
From its famously joyful opening ‘Jauchzet frohlocket’ to the arrival of the Wise Men from the East, the Christmas Oratorio's enduring popularity has long proved its status as a choral ‘evergreen’. As with the St John Passion (8573817-18), the cast for this production is led by Georg Poplutz as the Evangelist.

19,95 €
Image Magnificat; Lumen
Pairing of Bach’s Magnificat with Robert M. Helmschrott’s Lumen, a contemporary musical dialogue that urges empathy between the three Abrahamic religions. The composer also plays piano on the release. First recording of Lumen. August 2018 was Robert Maximilian Helmschrott’s 80th birthday.

9,99 €
Image L'Enfance du Christ (2 CD)
16,95 €
Image Christmas Cantata / Sinfonias Nos. 5 & 6
8,99 €
Image Evangelion (The Story of Jesus)
Alessandro Marangoni, Piano

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco was Jewish by culture but regularly composed on Biblical themes. A meditation on stories from the New Testament in music of tender simplicity, moving lyricism and potent drama, the epic but rarely-heard Evangélion starts with The Annunciation and concludes with The Last Words and The Resurrection. Composed in 1947 soon after the death of the composer's father, the work was possibly conceived after a visit to the Acolman Convent in Mexico. This is its first complete recording. Alessandro Marangoni can also be heard in Castelnuovo-Tedesco's two Piano Concertos [8.572823], described as a "delectable treat" by Gramophone.

9,99 €
Image Messe de Minuit pour Noël; Dixit Dominus; Te Deum
Första satsen i detta "Te Deum" av Charpentier är det stycke som Eurovision Song Contest använder som sin signaturmelodi.

Jane Archibald, sopran;
Michele de Boer, sopran;

Anne L'Espèrance, sopran;
Marion Newman, alt;

Nancy Reynolds, alt;
Colin Ainsworth, tenor;

James McLennan, tenor;
David Nortman, tenor;

Estaban Cambre, bas;
Gilles Tomkins, bas.

Aradia Ensemble / Kevin Mallon
Marc-Antoine Charpentier

1. Te Deum

2. Dixit Dominus

3-8. Messe de Minuit pour Noël

9,99 €
Image Noëls and Christmas Motets
9,99 €
Image Noëls and Christmas Motets
9,99 €
Image Rose In The Middle of Winter - Christmas Carols
Commotio • Matthew Berry

Bob Chilcott has been described by The Observer as 'a contemporary hero of British Choral Music', and his music is commissioned and sung by choirs throughout the world. His Christmas pieces, a number of which are heard here in première recordings, reveal his enthusiasm for recently written texts, to which he responds with acute verbal sensitivity. Commotio is one of the UK's foremost chamber choirs, hailing from Oxford, where they have performed choral music of the 20th and 21st centuries since 1999.

9,99 €
Image Santa Claus Symphony / Niagara Symphony / Macbeth
9,99 €
Image Messiah
(1751 version) (New College Oxford Choir, Academy of Ancient Music, E. Higginbottom)

Handel’s most popular and joyous oratorio, a work of unfailing melodic invention and dramatic expressiveness, has become almost a British national institution, regularly performed by all manner of choirs and orchestras. This new recording provides the only modern re-
construction of Handel’s unique London performances in 1751, when he used boy treble voices not only for the choruses but for the arias as well. It is both a celebration of the British chapel choir tradition and a window onto a particular time and place in the history of Handel’s own performances of his masterpiece.

13,50 €
Image Messiah (Choruses)
8,99 €
Image Messias, highlights
Kritikerrosad version av Händels Messias!
10 i Répertoire och 5 stjärnor i Classic CD.

Innehåller bl a den kända Hallelujakören.

8,99 €
Image Messiah
Of all English oratorios Handel’s Messiah has always been the most overwhelmingly popular. It is the least theatrical and the most purely sacred in its choice of subject matter. The vivid choral writing – there are more choruses in Messiah than in any other Handel oratorio – coupled with the expressive density of the solo arias, have ensured its status as one of the greatest choral masterpieces in the Western canon.

19,95 €
Image A Carol Symphony


'The City of Prague Philharmonic proves a first-rate interpreter of these scores, conveying all the music's exuberance and spirit with flawless technical prowess and Technicolor-grade contributions from the winds and brass. Conductor Gavin Sutherland deserves credit for inspired leadership in these all-too-rarely performed works--any one of which would make a guaranteed audience-pleasing addition to a holiday concert. Having these together on one budget-priced CD is truly a gift worthy of the season it celebrates. And Naxos complements the whole production with top-grade sound. Adeste fidelis!'

9,99 €
Image 20 Polish Christmas Carols



"...Det antas att Franciskanermunkar introducerade de första julsångerna i Polen på 1200-talet. Under 1800-talet samlades texter och melodier in av Fader Michal Mioduszewski och Oskar Kolberg, och från dessa sex samlingar (Kraków 1838-89) valde Witold Lutoslawski 20 sånger som han 1946 satte för sopran och piano. Knappt 40 år senare bearbetade han 17 av dem för sopran, damkör och kammarorkester, de resterande tre var klara i sin nya gestaltning 1990, då alla 20 framfördes i Edinburgh. Melodierna är vackra och ovanliga, arrangemangen klangligt, rytmiskt och harmoniskt raffinerade utan att fördärva enkelheten. Den upphöjda atmosfären kring krubban, den folkliga glädjen och de meditativa stämningarna uttrycks charmerande i betagande tolkningar av sopranen Olga Pasichnyk, Polska radiokören Kraków och Polska nationella symfoniorkestern (Katowice) under Anoni Wit. Julsångerna kompletteras av ett Lacrimosa, en mjuk bön för sopran, blandad kör och orkester från 1937 och av Fem sånger för damröst och 30 soloinstrument (1957/58) med alten Jadviga Rappé som solist. I de senare har Lutoslawski tonsatt texter av den litauenfödda poeten Kazimiera Illakowicz (1892-1983) i ett mer avancerat musikaliskt idiom..."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

Olga Pasichnyk, sopran; Jadwiga Rappe, alt.

Polish Radio Choir; Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra/Antoni Wit.

Witold Lutoslawski

20 Polish Christmas Carols

1. Angels to the shepherds came

2. Hey! We rejoice now

3. When the Christ to us is born

4. Just after midnight

5. God is born

6. Our Lovely Lady

7. Hurrying to Bethlehem

8. In a manger

9. Jesus there is lying

10. We are shepherds

11. Lullaby, Jesus

12. Hey, on this day

13. Jesus lovely flower

14. Hey la, Hey la, shepherds there you are

15. What to do with this child?

16. Hey, hey lovely Lady Mary

17. This is our Lord’s birthday

18. Shepherds, can you tell?

19. Infant so tiny

20. Holy Lady Mary

21. Lacrimosa

5 Songs

22. The Sea

23. The Wind

24. Winter

25. Knights

26. Church Bells

9,99 €
Image Veni, Veni Emmanuel
8,99 €
Image Manchester Carols (The)
This new sequence of Christmas carols was written in 2007 by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy and composer Sasha Johnson Manning, and premièred in the same year. The Manchester Carols re-tell the Christmas Story for the 21st Century, celebrating a child's birth and all that child was to become: a man who lived by a humble, selfless creed, championing the marginalised in a society which was, as it is now, fraught with political tensions. These carols are for everybody, the believer and the non-believer, people of other faiths and everyone wishing to join in the Christmas celebrations.

8,99 €
Image Choral Music
St Albans Abbey Girls Choir, The Lay Clerks of St Albans Cathedral Choir, Orchestra Nova / Tom Winpenny

William Mathias was one of the foremost British composers of the 20th century and one of the very few of his generation from Wales who established an international reputation. The lively Christmas sequences Ave Rex and Salvator Mundi contrast with the splendour and tenderness of the rarely-performed anthem An Admonition to Rulers. Also included are the joyful Wassail Carol, the popular organ solo Toccata Giocosa, and première recordings of All thy works shall praise thee and The Lord’s Prayer – respectively the composer’s first and last choral works.

9,99 €
Image Amahl and the Night Visitors
Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors, the first opera written for television, enjoys more than five hundred performances annually around the world and is immensely popular with amateur groups. A crippled boy, Amahl, and his mother are visited by the three Kings who seek the newborn Jesus. Deciding to give his crutch to the Christ child, he is miraculously healed, and joyfully accompanies the Kings to give thanks. Sung in English, brimming with tuneful melodies for both soloists and chorus, the opera is a humorous and poignant Christmas classic beloved by people of all ages.

9,99 €
Image Nativite du Seigneur
Tom Winpenny, organ

8,99 €
Image Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant Jésus (2 CD)
"Den norske pianisten Håkon Austbö är en god tolkare av den franske tonsättaren Olivier Messiaens musik. Austbö som studerat piano på bland annat Musikkonservatoriet i Paris och på Julliard School of Music i New York har uppmärksammats efter att ha vunnit en rad internationella pianotävlingar. Vingt regards sur l´enfant Jésus (komponerat 1944) som Austbö spelat in 1993 är ett monumentalt verk som inte bara kräver fingerfärdighet utan också god inlevelseförmåga. Verket som på svenska heter Tjugo betraktelser över Jesusbarnet är ett av Olivier Messiaens många verk där bibelordet ligger till grund. Den djupt troende Messiaen har skrivit ett stort antal orkester-, orgel- och pianoverk där hans kristna tro genomsyrar kompositionerna. Bibeln är full av berättelser som genom tiderna tonsatts med varierad musikalisk dräkt. Bach, Händel och på 1900-talet Messiaen är några av de stora som haft Bibeln som rättesnöre. I Vingts regards har Messiaen gett satserna namn som Faderns betraktelse, Genom Honom blev allt till, Tidens betraktelse, Glädjens Andes betraktelse, Korsets betraktelse etc. Verket visar upp en hel värld av uttryck, från meditativt till explosivt. Messiaens musik är glödhet, dramatisk, målande och full av energi. Den är en tydlig förstärkare av de bibliska berättelserna. Austbö lyckas genom varje anslag förmedla Messiaens intentioner på den här strålande inspelningen. Messiaen anställdes som ung 20-åring som organist i La Trinité i Paris. Han fick precis som Håkon Austbö sin musikaliska träning på Pariskonservatoriet och hade där lärare som Marcel Dupré och Paul Dukas. 1940 tillfångatogs Messiaen av tyskarna och komponerade i fångenskap den berömda Kvartetten till tidens ände i fånglägret i Silesia. 1966 blev han professor i komposition och fortsatte att spela i sin kyrka La Trinité fram till sin död 1992. Denne store kompositör kommer att höras betydligt mer nästa år eftersom hans hundraårsjubileum då kommer att uppmärksammas. Bland annat med festivaler i Frankrike förstås men också i Stockholm. Tyvärr spelas hans pianomusik alltför sällan i våra kyrkor. Efter att ha lyssnat på denna skiva så funderar jag på varför."

16,95 €
Image Mass in G major
Brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, which he abandoned in 1917 following the death of his father, Poulenc returned to the Church in 1936 after the death of his close friend and fellow composer Pierre-Octave Ferroud. Together these events caused a spiritual crisis in Poulenc's life which led to a series of important compositions for chorus.The powerful Mass in G major, dedicated to the memory of his father, is notable for its daring use of tonality, though the playfulness of Poulenc's 'Les Six' period is not absent. In the Sept Chansons, set to surrealist texts, and in the two sets of Motets - both very personal and penitential - Poulenc generates a huge range of emotion.These are popular examples of Poulenc's vocal music. They appear in a big multi-disc EMI boxed retrospective. Many have recorded the great Mass in G major - the American conductor Robert Shaw coupled it with the Quatre Motets pour le temps de Noel - in an all-Poulenc 2003 disc for Telarc. But many conductor such as Haitink, Hickox, Dutoit, Pretre and Ozawa have also recorded the Masse. The Sept Chansons are popular - they feature on a Channel Classics disc with the Mass and Fugure humaine -but also in mixed recitals alongside vocal music by Hindemith, Debussy and Ravel, for example, on Capriccio.

8,99 €
Image Christmas Eve / Night on Mount Triglav
8,99 €
Image Nutcracker
8,99 €
Image Mysterium amoris - Choral Works
Gaudete Ensemble / Eamonn Dougan

Margaret Rizza sang professionally for twenty-five years, before teaching at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has directed music groups, making many recordings. She began composing in 1997 and has since earned huge admiration for her 'Classical Contemporary' sound world, works of spiritual contemplation and great beauty. Hers is music of great spiritual depth and, whether a cappella or for vocal and instrumental forces, it generates a sense of lyricism and healing resolution.

8,99 €
Image Complete Orchestral Works Vol 7: Christmas Carols
Den spanske tonsättaren Joaquín Rodrigos mest kända verk är hans gitarrkonsert "Concierto de Aranjuez". I Naxos fina serie med Rodrigos orkesterverk kan vi på denna CD höra stycken för kör och orkester.
Ada Allende, sopran;
Raquel Lojendio, sopran;

Victoria Marchante, sopran;
María Jesús Prieto, sopran;

David Rubiera, baryton.

Orchestra and Chorus of the Comunidad de Madrid /
José Ramón Encinar.
Joaquín Rodrigo - Orkesterverk, vol 7

Joaquín Rodrigo

Retablo de Navidad

1. Cantan por Belen Pastores

2. Duermete, Nino

3. Aire y Donaire

4. Pastorcito Santo

5. Coplillas de Belen

6. A la Chiribirivuela

7. La Espera

8. A la Clavelina

Himnos de los neofitos de Qumran

9. Rezare dia y noche en todos los instantes

10. Y caminare sobre las llanuras sin limites

11. Te doy las gracias, O Senor

12. Musica para un codice salmantino

13. Cantico de San Francisco de Asis

9,99 €
Image Serranilla
José Ferrero, tenor
Marco Socías, guitar

One of Spain’s finest and most popular composers, Joaquín Rodrigo is world famous for his Concierto de Aranjuez. His songs for voice and guitar are very much less well-known despite the fact that they are amongst his greatest achievements. They span 60 years of his career, covering a rich stylistic range that includes traditional and folk-influenced pieces and carols as well as the lyric intimacy of the settings of Con Antonio Machado. The lovely transcriptions by guitarist Marco Socías, recorded for the first time, have earned the approval of the composer’s daughter.

9,99 €
Image Czech Christmas Mass
8,99 €
Image Kiev 2014 / Violin Concerto
Ukraine National Symphony Orchestra / Theodore Kuchar

Composer and pianist Walter Saul is the recipient of 24 ASCAP awards and numerous other honours. His mission as a composer is 'to create musical icons, windows of sonic light' which point towards Christian spirituality. Kiev 2014 reflects on Ukraine's challenges, from the darkness of occupation towards hope and victory. The Violin Concerto is packed with numeric symbolism, while A Christmas Symphony paints four significant scenes from the Nativity. Saul's Overture for the Jubilee explores the history of John Quincy Adams and the abolition of slavery. From Life to Greater Life celebrates the transformation to heavenly immortality, and the profound peace which concludes Metamorphosis stands witness to the inner peace granted to the composer through his faith.

9,99 €
Image The Christmas Story / Cantiones sacrae / Psalm 100
8,99 €
Image Ex Maria Virgine
Admired for the sheer beauty of his meditative and mystical music, John Tavener writes of his Ex Maria Virgine, which was dedicated to HRH the Prince of Wales and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall in joyful celebration of their marriage: "I have set both familiar and less well known texts, and linked them with an expanding and contracting phrase 'Ex Maria Virgine'. This refers to Mary the Mother of God-'The Eternal Feminine'-and should be sung with great radiance and femininity." The other, mainly unaccompanied, works reveal Tavener's response to various poetic texts that also praise the Virgin Mary.

9,99 €
Image The Nutcracker (arr. for brass septet)
Festive brass arrangement of The Nutcracker narrated by pre-eminent actor Sir Derek Jacobi. Critically acclaimed ensemble Septura’s seventh album for Naxos.

9,99 €
Image Nutcracker (Highlights)
8,99 €
Image Nutcracker
8,99 €
Image The Nutcracker (Complete)(2 CD)
Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (Bratislava),
Ondrej Lenard

19,95 €
Image Piano Music, Vol. 12
This penultimate volume of Joaquín Turina’s complete piano works features his “programmatic” pieces: music inspired by local scenes or texts by the late-Romantic poet and author Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836–70). The “tragicomedy” Recuerdos de mi rincón is a lighthearted divertissement with twelve mini-scenes that portray local characters from Turina’s Madrid neighbourhood, while La Venta de los Gatos brims with truly inspired and beautiful moments. El Cristo de la Calavera further reveals Turina’s deft touch for dramatic and picturesque style while faithfully adapting Bécquer’s story to include every detail. Originally composed for a stage drama, Navidad is filled with Christmas carols and traditional melodies.

9,99 €
Image Hodie: Fantasia on Christmas Carols

• Vaughan Williams’s Christmas Cantata Hodie (This Day) is a brilliant mosaic of musical styles set to poetry from the most diverse sources.

• Texts by Milton, Hardy, and George Herbert reflecting various Christmas experiences are bound together by a narration of the Gospel Nativity story sung in unison by a boys’ choir.

• With its gripping blend of mysticism, heavenly glory and human hope, Hodie flows with a vitality and inventiveness that belie a work written in Vaughan Williams’s old age.

• The Fantasia on Christmas Carols, which incorporates a number of traditional English carols, is notable for the obbligato cello part and for the varied treatment of the choir, which provide an atmospheric choral-orchestral texture.

“This is a work that should be done far more often… The clamour of bells, large and small, and of celebration prepare any audience to go out glowing into the snowy night and home.”

8,99 €
Image Choral Music
Although he remains best remembered for his solo songs, for the song cycle The Curlew, and for his evergreen suite Capriol, Peter Warlock's choral works sit firmly in the great English lineage. The music ranges from Hymns to the Virgin to carols, many spiced with his own 'melody of chords' and his typically tangy harmonies. Some of Warlock's most beautiful and sensitive settings are to be heard, not least Corpus Christi and Bethlehem Down, whilst there is also a very rare setting in Cornish (track 21), recorded for the first time in that language.

8,99 €
Image Carolae - Music for Christmas
James Whitbourn is a GRAMMY® nominated composer whose music is internationally admired for its direct connection with performers and audiences, The Observer describing him as ‘a truly original communicator in modern British choral music’. Carolae is a fusion of two great American and English Christmas traditions, with the Missa carolae at its heart. Whitbourn’s love of medieval musical language is shown through his crafting of original melody and skilful arrangements of seasonal favourites.

9,99 €
Image Biblical Triptych
Eugene Zádor’s long and productive career brought him success on both sides of the Atlantic, his music admired for its assured orchestration, confident mastery of form and unstoppable flow of melodic invention. The Christmas Overture captures both the festivity and solemnity of the season, while the iconic portraits of the Biblical Triptych form one of Zádor’s most ambitious and colourful orchestral works. The Rhapsody is filled with distinctive Hungarian flavours, and the Fugue Fantasia concludes this programme with majestic triumph.

9,99 €
Image Another Night Before Christmas
RTE Concert Orchestra / Gavin Sutherland

The Christmas net is cast wide in this captivating collection of seasonal music. John Fox has crafted a delightful Carol Fantasia. Bryan Kelly's Scrooge is an action-packed Dickens compression, brought to visceral life by esteemed actor Simon Callow, who also narrates Philip Lane's Another Night Before Christmas, an update by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy of the classic poem. Lane's Old Christmas Music is expressively rich, and spans the centuries. Smaller pieces from Liszt, orchestrated by Gordon Jacob, Rebikov and more recent works, complete a delightful selection.

8,99 €
Image Bethlehem Down
Julmusik för barnkör av bl a Britten, Holst och
Warlock. Innehåller även flera vackra traditionella engelska carols.

Finchley Children's Music Group / Grace Rossiter.

Bethlehem Down

1. Deck the hall (trad)

2. The Birds (Britten)

3. A maiden most gentle (trad)

4. Balulalow (Warlock)

5. Sweet was the song the Virgin sang (Carter)

6. Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (trad)

7. Corpus Christi Carol (Britten)

Gustav Holst

8. A Babe is born

9. Now let us sing

10. Jesu, thou the Virgin-born

11. Salvator mundi natus est

12. Bethlehem Down (Warlock)

13. Sussex Carol (trad)

14. Lullay my liking (Holst)

15. King Herod and the Cock (Britten)

16. I sing of a Maiden (Hadley)

17. De Virgin Mary had a baby boy (trad)

18. The First Mercy (Warlock)

19. The Holly and the Ivy (trad)

20. Star Candles (Head)

21. The Angel Gabriel (trad)

22. Mistletoe Carol (Carter)

8,99 €
Image This Day: Celebrating a century of British women's
On 14 December 1918, women were permitted to stand for Parliament and were granted the vote for the first time in British history. As part of the centenary celebrations for this milestone and to raise awareness of persistent inequalities in society, Hilary Campbell and the distinctive choir, Blossom Street, present repertoire by famous and lesser-known female composers ranging from Rebecca Clarke’s richly moving Ave Maria to Stef Conner’s haunting setting of Hildegard von Bingen’s text O Splendidissima Gemma.

9,99 €
Image Engelska Julsånger
Stämningsfull skiva med engelska julsånger. Inspelad i Tewkesbury Abbey, som anses ha oerhört fin akustik.

8,99 €
Image Christmas Chill
16,95 €
Image A Christmas Choral Spectacular
På "A Christmas Choral Spectacular" finner vi många av de finaste julsångerna. CDn inleds med den sprudlande "Ding Dong! Merrily on High". Ingår gör även bl a "O come, all ye faithful", "Silent Night" och "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy".

8,99 €
Image Christmas Concerti (Corelli / Manfredini / Bach /
8,99 €
Image Image Image
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