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Image The Book of Signs & Concerto Caboclo
Leo Brouwer, one of the foremost Latin American composers, has written many admired guitar concertos but The Book of Signs is his first for two guitars, a double concerto of great virtuosity, with a majestic, songful theme in its central movement. Paulo Bellinati deploys luxurious harmonies and brilliantly effective techniques to pay tribute to the country music of São Paulo State in Concerto Caboclo. World premiere recordings.

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Image Piano Concertos Nos. 1-3
Mozart Camargo Guarnieri räknas som den mest betydelsefulle brasilianske kompositören efter Villa-Lobos. Precis som i Villa-Lobos musik kan man höra inslag av brasiliansk folkmusik i Guarnieris verk.

Max Barros, piano.

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra / Thomas Conlin.

Camargo Guarnieri

Pianokonsert nr 1

1. I. Salvagem

2. II. Saudosamente

3. III. Depressa

Pianokonsert nr 2

4. I. Decidido

5. II. Afetuoso: Scherzando

6. III. Vivo

Pianokonsert nr 3

7. I. Allegro deciso

8. II. Magoado

9. III. Festivo

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Image Piano Concertos Nos. 4-6
Mozart Camargo Guarnieri is universally recognised as the most important Brazilian composer after Villa-Lobos. The Six Piano Concertos, composed over a period of forty years, offer a complete panorama of Guarnieri's stylistic evolution, in particular his blend of sophisticated compositional techniques and the improvisational character of Brazilian folk-music. The Piano Concertos Nos. 4 and 5 display a number of avant-garde features that are fundamentally different from the more nationalistic vocabulary that informs the earlier three piano concertos (Naxos 8.557666). Completed shortly after the composer's eightieth birthday, the chamber-like, intimate Piano Concerto No. 6 returns to an earlier style.

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Image Piano Music, Vol. 1
Max Barros, piano

Mozart Camargo Guarnieri was the most important Brazilian composer next to Villa-Lobos. Guarnieri's piano music embodies his most distinctive stylistic features. One of his most beloved works, the Dança Negra shares folk-music inspiration with the Suite Mirim. The Ponteios are characterized by an enormous variety of Brazilian music styles and moods, and the Sonata can be seen as a summary of Guarnieri's musical personality. Max Barros's "unfaltering brio and a complete command of the idiom" (Gramophone) can also be heard in Guarnieri's Piano Concertos (8557666 and 8557667).

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Image Violin Sonatas
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Image Tangos, Waltzes and Polkas
Den brasilianske kompositören Ernesto Nazareths musik är en spännande mix av klassisk musik och brasiliansk folkmusik med sina charmiga melodier och traditionella dansrytmer. Nazareth lovordades mycket av sin landsman Heitor Villa-Lobos.

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Image Symphony in G minor; Série Brasileira
Alberto Nepomuceno was a herald of Brazilian musical nationalism and was active in the promotion of Villa-Lobos’ music. This is the first in a new series devoted to 19th- and 20th-century Brazilian composers with the Minas and Goiás orchestras.

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Image Violin Sonatas
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Image Bachianas brasileiras (Complete)

Heitor Villa-Lobos är Brasilens mest kände tonsättare inom klassisk musik. I hans verk finner man nästan alltid influenser från brasiliansk folkmusik. Han skrev ca 1.500 kompositioner och hans "Bachianas Brasileiras", som är en hyllning till Bach, är hans mest populära verk. Här ingår samtliga "Bachianas Brasileiras", bl a den välkända nr 5 för sopran och celloensemble.

Rosana Lamosa, sopran; Erik Gratton, tvärflöjt;

Jose Feghali, piano; Cynthia Estill, fagott.

Nashville Symphony Orchestra Cellos/Kenneth Schermerhorn.


CD 1

Bachianas brasileiras nr 1 för celloensemble

1. I. Introduction: Embolada

2. II. Preludio: Modinha

3. III. Fugue: Conversa

Bachianas brasileiras nr 2 för kammarorkester "O trenzinho do Capira"

4. I. Preludio: O Canto do capadocio

5. II. Aria: O Canto da nossa terra

6. III. Danza: Lembranca do Sertao

7. IV. Toccata: O trenzinho do Caipira

Bachianas brasileiras nr 3 för piano och orkester

8. I. Preludio: Ponteio

9. II. Fantasia: Devaneio

10. III. Aria: Modinha

11. IV. Toccata: Picapu

CD 2

Bachianas brasileiras nr 4 för orkester

1. I. Preludio: Introducao

2. II. Coral: Canto do Sertao

3. III. Aria: Cantiga

4. IV. Danza: Miudinho

Bachianas brasileiras nr 5 för sopran och celloensemble

5. I. Aria: Cantilena

6. II. Danza: Martelo

Bachianas brasileiras nr 6 för flöjt och fagott

7. I. Aria: Choro

8. II. Fantasia

CD 3

Bachianas brasileiras nr 7 för orkester

1. I. Preludio: Ponteio

2. II. Giga: Quadrilha Caipira

3. III. Toccata: Desafio

4. IV. Fuga: Conversa

Bachianas brasileiras nr 8 för orkester

5. I. Preludio

6. II. Aria: Modinha

7. III. Toccata: Catira batida

8. IV. Fuga

Bachianas brasileiras nr 9 för stråkorkester

9. I. Prelude: Vagaroso e mistico

10. II. Fugue: Poco apressado

18,87 € (26,95 €)
Image Chamber Music
På denna CD med kammarmusik av den brasilianske kompositören Heitor Villa-Lobos ingår bl a den drömska "O canto do cysne negro" (Song of the Black Swan) och "Duo" som innehåller ett av Villa-Lobos vackraste adagion.

Assobio a jato (The Jet Whistle)

1. I. Allegro non troppo

2. II. Adagio

3. III. Vivo

Kvintett för tvärflöjt, violin, viola, cello och harpa

4. I. Allegro non troppo

5. II. Lento

6. III. Allegro poco moderato

7. O canto do cysne negro (Song of the Black Swan)

Duo (arr för violin och viola)

8. I. Allegro

9. II. Adagio

10. III. Allegro agitato

Modinhas e cancoes, utdrag (arr för tvärflöjt och harpa)

11. Nr 2. Vida formosa (Beautiful Life)

12. Nr 3. Nesta rua (On this Street)

13. Nr 12. Modinha ur 13 Cancoes tipicas brasileiras (arr för flöjt och harpa)

14. Chanson de cristal (Song of Crystal) (arr för tvärflöjt och harpa)

15. Nr 1. Cancao do Marinheiro ur Modinhas e cancoes (arr för tvärflöjt och harpa)

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Image Choros Nos. 8 & 9
6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Music Vol 1: A Prole do Bebê No 1 / Cirandas
6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Music Vol 2: A Prole do Bebê No. 2 / Cirandi
6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Music Vol 3: Ciclo brasileiro / Suite Floral
Sonia Rubinsky, piano.
Heitor Villa-Lobos - Pianoverk, vol 3

Suite Floral

1. I. Idilio na Rede

2. II. Uma Camponeza Cantadeira

3. III. Alegria na Horta

Ciclo Brasileiro

4. I. Plantio do Caboclo

5. II. Impressoes Seresteiras

6. III. Festa no Sertao

7. IV. Dansa do Indio Branco

Brinquedo de Roda

8. I. Tira o seu pezinho

9. II. A moda da carranquinha

10. III. Os tres cavalheiros

11. IV. Uma, duas angolinhas

12. V. Garibaldi foi a missa

13. VI. Vamos todos cirandar

Dancas Caracteristicas Africanas

14. I. Farrapos

15. II. Kankukus

16. III. Kankikis

17. Tristorosa

18. Choros nr 1 "Tipico"

19. Choros nr 2

20. Choros nr 5 "Alma Brasileira"

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Music: Bachianas brasileiras No. 4 / Childre
Den brasilianske tonsättaren Heitor Villa-Lobos musik är en blandning av västerländsk konsmusik och brasiliansk folkmusik. I "Bachianas brasileiras nr 4", som ingår här, har Villa-Lobos inspirerats mycket av J S Bach.

Sonia Rubinsky, piano;

Tatjana Rankovich, piano (spår 6 & 7).

Heitor Villa-Lobos

Bachianas brasileiras nr 4

1. Preludio: Introducao

2. Coral: Canto do sertao

3. Aria: Cantiga

4. Dansa: Miudinho

5. Poema singelo

7. Francette et Pia

8. A Fiandeira

9. Valsa mistica

10. Num berco encantado

11. Rhodante

12. Valsa romantica

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Music, Vol. 6
Of all the volumes in this series, the current one presents arguably the most diverse sample of Villa-Lobos’s musical language and techniques. The pieces take their inspiration from a wide variety of influences, including children’s games, Brazilian traditional music, avant-garde techniques, and extra-musical elements. It includes Villa-Lobos’s most important work for piano solo (the Rudepoêma) and a selection of pieces that provide a comprehensive sample of his pianistic style. Together, they offer a detailed picture of Villa-Lobos’s exuberant musical personality.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Symphony No.12
Villa-Lobos' Symphony No. 12, his last, was completed on his 70th birthday and shows no lessening of his powers, marrying symphonic craftsmanship with explosive energy, harmonic richness, and rhythmic vitality; a fitting summation of his symphonic canon. Uirapuru is one of his most original works, couched in a modernism that teems with colour and creates a specifically Brazilian sound world without drawing on folkloric elements, whilst Mandu-Çarará is a notably inventive, lush, and exciting but little-known secular cantata. Carl St Clair and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra have recorded all Villa-Lobos' symphonies. They are available in a 7-CD boxed set, or singly No.12, which is in our release, is coupled with Symphony No.4 on CPO999525, which was released in 2001 but is still in print. Uirapurù is one of his best-known works, known from Eduardo Mata's recording on Sono Luminus in 1995 with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, though this was coupled with other Latin American ballet scores not by Villa-Lobos. It was released on the same label in 2009. Its most internationally-famed recording however remains that by Stokowski. Mandu-Çarará is not at all well-known but is very exciting and uses a text in the indigenous Nheengatu language. This disc is part of the complete cycle of Villa-Lobos' symphonies.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Guitar Manuscripts, Vol. 1
Andrea Bissoli, Guitar

With: Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra • Fabio Mechetti • Federica Artuso, guitar
Lia Serafini, soprano • Stefano Brait, flute • Schola San Rocco chorus • Francesco Erle

This is the first of three volumes including rare and recently discovered works by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Guitarist Andrea Bissoli's researches have revealed new sources for lost manuscripts, and these recordings of the Valsa, the Motivos Gregos and Canção do poeta do século XVIII represent the revival of music thought to have vanished forever. These works are joined by transcriptions which include one of Villa-Lobos' best loved melodies, the Ária from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, as well as the Concerto he wrote for the legendary Segovia.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Guitar Manuscripts Vol.2
Heitor Villa-Lobos's mother dismissed the guitar as "an instrument played by scoundrels", but his earliest surviving work, Dime perché, comes from a time when he was composing almost exclusively on this instrument. By completing his unfinished Valsa Concerto No. 2, Andrea Bissoli brings to life the subject of a notorious anecdote between Segovia and Miguel Llobet, and the Sexteto místico echoes Brazilian street band sounds, anticipating Villa-Lobos's "new form" of the mystical Choros. The intimate serenade Canção do Amor is from his soundtrack for the film Green Mansions.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image The Guitar Manuscripts Vol. 3
The genesis of Heitor Villa-Lobos's Études goes back to his first
meeting with the Andrés Segovia, at which the legendary guitarist
asked for one étude and the composer ended up writing twelve.
Andrea Bissoli returns to the original 1928 manuscript, restoring
elements lost in later publication and reliving the magic of those
times on an instrument almost identical to Segovia's. The Tarantela
was probably also written guitar in hand. For his 'folk ensemble'
instrumentation of the brightly coloured songs of the Guia prático,
Bissoli has sought out traces of the guitar in the original and chosen
a selection of pieces tailor-made for his instrument. The exciting story
of O papagaio do moleque (The Little Boy's Kite) concludes this third
and final volume of the series.
Heitor VILLA-LOBOS (1887-1959)
The Guitar Manuscripts:
Masterpieces and Lost Works, Vol. 3
Tarantela (arr. A. Bissoli)1† • Douze Études2
Fourteen folksong arrangements from Guia prático
(instr. A. Bissoli)3†
O papagaio do moleque4
Andrea Bissoli, Guitar1-3
Ensemble Cirandinha3
Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra4
Fabio Mechetti4

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Brazilian Portrait - Guitar Music from Brazil
6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Guitar Music from Brazil
Gitarren har spelat en central roll inom det brasilianska musiklivet under lång tid. Och att det komponerats mycket fin musik för gitarr i Brasilien vittnar denna CD om. Här ingår bl a Marco Pereiras rytmiska stycke "Pixaim", João Pernambucos charmiga "Graúna", den kända melodin "the Girl from Ipanema" av Antonio Carlos Jobim och ett stycke av Brasiliens mest kände klassiska kompositör - Heitor Villa-Lobos.

Graham Anthony Devine, gitarr.

Gitarrmusik från Brasilien

1. Pixaim (Marco Pereira)

2. Sons de Carilhões (João Pernambuco)

3. Graúna (João Pernambuco)

Marco Pereira

4. Plainte

5. Num pagode em Planaltina

Antonio Carlos Jobim

6. Luiza

7. Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema)

8. Manhã de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfa)

Sergio Assad


9. I. Divertimiento

10. II. Valseana

11. III. Preludio e Toccatina

12. Sete Cordas (Rafael Rabello)

13. O Chôro de Juliana (Marco Pereira)

14. Agua e Vinho (Egberto Gismonti)

15. Pó de Mico (João Pernambuco)

16. Sentimental Melody (Heitor Villa-Lobos)

17. Appassionata (Ronaldo Miranda)

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Images of Brazil
This recording showcases the breadth and variety of Brazilian music by focusing on composers who explore traditional styles and use native forms, such as the bossa nova, chôro, frevo and samba, combined with neo-Romanticism, Modernism and jazz.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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