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Image Live a Fip
19,95 €
Image SPANIEN: De ayer manana

...Musiken känns ständigt fräsch och överraskande...


Eliseo Parra sjunger här spanska traditionella sånger från bl a Baskien och Asturias.

Eliseo Parra - De ayer manana



3. Rio Verde

4.Ama Zeuriak

5. Que me lo llevan

6. La Rama

7. Jotas de "El Chato"

8. De Esquileo

9. Matita de Perejil

10. Al Sur

11. Nana del Hierro

19,95 €
Image BALKAN: Positivity
Detta är gruppen Orkestinas fjärde CD. De blandar på ett härligt sätt Europeisk musik (med fotfästet i Balkan) och österländsk musik.

19,95 €
Image Aulanulua (2CD)
19,95 €
Image Ana Hina

"Europas främsta orientpopstjärna dumpar all elektronik och gör ståtlig ensembleschlager som kärleksförklaring till storstjärnorna Fairuz och Abdel Halim Hafez. Natacha Atlas mest personliga platta hittills och den som lär åldras bäst."
(Kalle Tiderman, Svenska Dagbladet)



"...Natascha Atlas...firar triumfer med The Mazeeka Ensemble på akustiska albumet Ana Hina..."
(Borås Tidning)

"Gedigen produktion av Harvey Bogart"
"...en Atlas i storform."
(Värmlands Folkblad)

Ana Hina is the exciting, brand new direction for Middle Eastern music icon and singing sensation Natacha Atlas. Her début Acoustic project (and first album for the World Village label), finds Natacha exploring a more traditional roots world, again infusing Oriental and Western music but looking to the past to uncover a rich history of musical collaboration.

Working with top British musical director and arranger Harvey Brough, the band features outstanding musicians from around the globe and from different musical backgrounds: Clara Sanabras (Barcelona) oud and voice; Natacha's cousin Aly el Minyawi (London via Cairo) percussion; Andy Hamill (Scotland) double bass; the great Gamil Awad (a star in Egypt who played on some of this repertoire the first time around) on accordion, soloing in the Nubian style; with Arabic soloists embellishing the tight harmonies of a western string section, this performance spans the centuries and crosses continents from the West to the East and back again.

In the specially created arrangements, locked in the embrace of this exciting band, Atlas's voice is heard as never before, a priceless jewel in a rich and eclectic setting.

19,95 €
Image CUBA: Sonando Ya
Sierra Maestra provide the link between the golden era of Cuban music and today's Cuban scene. In a 30-year history they have kept the flame of son alive, even the original line up of the Buena Vista Social Club included two members of Sierra Maestra. They have recorded for World Circuit and Riverboat Records amongst other labels, and on this new album, to be accompanied by a European tour, they present works by the new generation of Cuban songwriters.

19,95 €
Image Zumra
Merima Kljuco, accordion & vocal
Amira, vocal

Sevdah is the national music of Bosnia and has a long and distinguished history, but here the treatment of the material by accordionist /arranger /producer Merima Kljuco is original and contemporary. A new and unique dimension to the traditional songs is created. Merima Kljuco and vocalist Amira Medunjanin look at these traditional songs under a new light, and in so doing, 'rediscover' them and present them to us as the true gems they are.

Amira is an extraordinary singer and has a previous release on Connecting Cultures. Merima (who is based in Amsterdam) is one of the world's foremost contemporary classical accordionists.

19,95 €
Image SENEGAL: Muzikr

Carlou D is an outspoken singer, songwriter and an exceptional guitarist who emerged out of Senegal's exciting hip-hop scene of the 90s.

Instantly recognisable in his traditional Muslim robes with his dreadlocks signalling asceticism, he wears the image of Cheikh Ibra Fall around his neck as a tribute to his spiritual guide. It is from the leader of this spiritual sect, the Baay Fall, that Carlou takes much of his musical inspiration, preserving and modernising the chants, melodies and rhythms used in celebration of this man who has millions of followers around the world.

With a pure voice and infectious sense of rhythm, Carlou D's orthcoming international debut album Muzikr is destined to make him one of Senegal's next great musical exports. Recorded in Dakar, this is electric, spiritual roots music, straight from Dakar's ripe music scene.

19,95 €
Image Dhoad Gypsies From Rajasthan
An interesting collective of Rajasthani musicians with a link to Italy, the Dhoad Gypsies switch relatively easily from what is essentially Hindustani classical to what is essentially qawwali and back to some instrumental soloing on rarer Rajasthani desert instruments in the course of but three tracks. While much of the material covered is also contained in other albums by various virtuosos, the focus on Rajasthan as something of a central location for all of it is a nice twist. Also, there's an incredible double-flute solo that you probably won't hear elsewhere. It's too bad the resident fakir and classical dancer can't be shown off in sonic form.

19,95 €
Image Tide Has Changed, The
Gilad Atzmon, alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet, accordion and vocals
Frank Harrison, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, xylophone & vocals
Yaron Stavi, double bass & vocals
Eddie Hick, drums & vocals

Gilad Atzmon formed The Orient House Ensemble (OHE) in London in 2000. The quartet was named in honor of the national headquarters of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem. In the last decade Gilad Atzmon and the OHE have toured consistently across Europe and the UK, recorded six albums, won many awards and received world-wide critical acclaim. They are recognized as one of the hardest working, most successful bands on the scene. To celebrate their 10th anniversary Gilad and the ensemble release what is possibly their greatest masterpiece so far - The Tide Has Changed. This is an album of sustained musical brilliance, warmth, passion and intrigue.

19,95 €
Image Together
Talvin Singh (Tabla, Percussion, Sequencing, Programming)
Niladri Kumar (Sitar, Zitar)
Additional programming by Tristin Norwell

Even on paper, this combination is breathtaking. Talvin Singh, is known for his groundbreaking tablatronic style combining Indian traditions and modern European aesthetics. Tabla player, producer, and composer he has arranged strings for Bjork, supported Massive Attack and worked with everyone from Sun Ra to Siouxsie and the Banshees. Niladri Kumar, a fifth generation sitar player, has an equally fresh, experimental approach to his instrument and is recognised as one of the finest players, and open minded musicians of his generation. Coming together for their first time in 2009, Talvin Singh and Niladri Kumar combine their deep rooted Indian classical training, and their modern, contemporary surroundings to create an extraordinary sound. Together displays each musician's formidable talents and spectacular skills of musical expression and musicianship.

19,95 €
Image Songs of the Metropolis
Gilad Atzmon - Alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet, accordion, vocals
Frank Harrison - Piano, Fender Rhodes, harmonium, synthesizer, glockenspiel, vocals
Yaron Stavi - Double bass, vocals
Eddie Hick - Drums, vocals

19,95 €
Image Tigres en Fuga
Few musical styles have been as unanimously popular in Peru as Cumbia (also known as Chicha). Planting its roots in the suburbs of Lima among the children of immigrants and in remote cities of the Amazonian jungle, its mesmerizing melodies have resonated in the Peruvian air for more than forty years. Cumbia All Stars, made up of former members of bands such as Los Mirlos, Los Diablos Rojos, Los Girasoles, Los Beta 5, Los Riberenos and Los Destellos, is a tribute to the spectacle of Peruvian Cumbia. With their bold, resonant guitar lines and jerky beats, the Cumbia All Stars majestically reinvigorate golden oldies whilst innovating new melodies that remain loyal to the origins of the music. The veteran singers and players are living legends of the music originators from the dawn of Cumbia who nursed the flame for over four decades and now have joined together with their new album Tigres en Fuga, to rapturously re-stoke the fires of the phenomenon that is Cumbia Peruana. The band made their first visit to Europe in 2013, playing 18 shows in 10 countries including a prestigious Showcase at Womex in Cardiff which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3. They return in summer 2014 to play more concerts and festivals across Europe.

19,95 €
Image Impredecible
Bareto play a potent mix of cumbia, psychedelia, dub and electronica and have established themselves as the foremost Peruvian band of their generation. On Impredecible, their fifth album, we hear the familiar languorous, loping rhythms of Peruvian cumbia, with its sonorous bass lines and intricate guitar motifs, spiced with a frisson of electronica and hooks aplenty. Impredecible is a glorious contemporary take on Peruvian cumbia - an album of richly melodious tunes and slow-burning intensity.

19,95 €
Image Apikorsim - Heretics
19,95 €
Image Damar
19,95 €
Image Christopher O'Riley plays Radiohead
Pianisten Christopher O’Riley tolkar här på sitt högst personliga sätt låtar av det engelska bandet Radiohead.

...O’Riley has found a tantalizing way to bridge pop and classical, and judging by the ovation he got from the nearly full house, he has already won converts...

(Chicago Tribune)

19,95 €
Image Rivermudtwilight


"Efter de två hyllade plattorna med Juldeh Camara slappnar Justin Adams nu av med två andra, ärrade strängvirtuoser, Ben Mandelson and Lou Edmonds i nya konstellationen Les Triaboliques. Gitarr, saz, mandolin, banjo och diverse andra kosmopolitiska stränginstrument i en salig, sobert tillbakalutad blandning med ekon från öst, väst och Sahara. Men med massiv, dyig botten i deltabluesen. Raffinerat gitarrspel, sobert lekfullt, överraskande klanger och dessbättre ganska nedtonad sång. Luftigt, snyggt producerat av Rob Keyl som låter varje sträng vibrera i egen rätt. Bonus: riktigt läcker version av Nina ­Simone-klassikern "Don't let me be misunderstood"."
(Dagens Nyheter)

"...helheten...imponerar och favoriterna hopar sig."
(Värmlands Folkblad)

"The most memorable moments came from Les Triaboliques, a
pleasingly ragged supergroup in which Lu Edmonds and Mandelson joined Adams to play a broad repertoire, from Siberian songs of remorse to jubilant desert blues. Other highlights included a moody "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," "Wayfaring Stranger" and Edmonds' guttural vocals on "When the War Was On," a Blind Willie Johnson blues from the 1920s. With his ponytail, popping eyes and surreal banter, Edmonds is a mesmerising presence, a hippie-punk reincarnation of Spike Milligan."
(The Guardian)

19,95 €
Image Trova

The music of Marta Topferova, the Czech-born, New York-based singer and songwriter, fuses a range of Latin American musical styles and rhythms that Topferova has studied and mastered since her childhood in Prague. Described as "a leading light of the nueva cancion movement," Topferova's blends of folk and jazz is conveyed through her silky hypnotic vocals and her crisp cuatro and guitar playing. Trova, her latest release on World Village, continues this extraordinary artist's growth and development of her own unique and decidedly sexy Latin groove.

19,95 €
Image Inside This Heart Of Mine

Revered blues-jazz-R&B singer Catherine Russell's third album for World Village/Harmonia Mundi, Inside This Heart Of Mine (468092 - street date April 13, 2010), showcases the ever-deepening interpretive wiles of her ripe, honey-dipped alto, as she personifies the living heart and proud history of each of the 13 songs that make up this set. Opening with the title tune, a Fats Waller torcher that paces like a disappointed lover pulling an all-nighter, she then launches into All the Cats Join In, a sepia-tone snapshot from the heyday of 1940s swing. On Troubled Waters, she is a misunderstood but undeniably shady lady, her musky musings shadowed by a scorching muted trumpet and speaking solo piano that abet -- and perhaps contradict -- her hopes of redemption. November, a lyrical, poetic vignette, likens the dark turn of the year to loneliness and heartbreak, while a plangent banjo and rueful fiddle mark Just Because You Can, in which a man is warned to straighten out or take the consequences. Whether demanding stamina from lover (Long, Strong and Consecutive), playfully bemoaning the evils of the demon alcohol (Quiet Whiskey), or celebrating New Orleans-style swagger (Struttin' With Some Barbeque), Catherine is never less than achingly feminine, impassioned, genuine, vulnerable -- and utterly indomitable.

19,95 €
Image Vital
Argentine composer and pianist Fernando Otero found his voice as writer, musician and bandleader when, at the urging of one of his music teachers, he began to incorporate the indigenous sounds of his native Buenos Aires into his work. He was just a teenager then, but an exceptionally gifted one, a serious student of classical music with an ability to master a variety of instruments from a very young age. Otero had already begun to experiment with rudimentary home recordings and was eager to start writing on his own, though he gravitated more to a jazz idiom than a classical one. Otero liked popular music too -- often learning as much from the rock and jazz albums his older sister brought home as from his formal lessons - but he had given little thought to the gorgeous clamor around him. As he recalls, a guitar and composition instructor, Marcelo Braga Saralegui "showed me the possibility of developing something with the roots of tango, the sound of tango. Not necessarily tango itself, but the music I heard as a child, the sound in the streets. I started working with a bandoneon player and tried my first project, which I called "X Tango." Among those who taught him as an adolescent was Domingo Marafiotti resident conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Teatro Colon, with whom Otero took master classes in orchestration and conducting. The South American influences he cites were all virtuosos as well as iconoclasts: Argentinian legend Piazzola, the Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti and Uruguayan multi-instrumentalist Hugo Fattoruso. Otero has clearly focused his ambitions on his compositions, not the machinations of his career, which he has allowed to develop somewhat serendipitously. He relocated to New York City a decade ago, after brief stops in London and Madrid; Otero admits, however, that he was drawn here by a romance, not according to some master plan. He lives in a multi-ethnic Brooklyn neighborhood that has not yet experienced the gentrification happening merely blocks away. This bohemian refuge, teetering on the brink of change, more than suits him; it seems to reflect exactly where he stands as an artist. While he remained unknown to the world at large, Otero had, for some years now, been a well-kept secret among jazz and classical insiders. Otero has composed and performed with several symphonies and chamber groups in the U.S. and Mexico, and has also written for ballet and theatre companies.

19,95 €
Image PORTUGAL: Leva-me aos fados
Portuguese fadista Ana Moura reaches new heights of vocal mastery while, as is typical of this gracefully mournful, all-acoustic tradition, plunging to the depths of romantic disillusionment and unfulfilled sexual longing.

Moura's rich, exquisitely bittersweet alto is breathtaking in its womanly, aching vulnerability. She negotiates sinuous, Moorish-inflected wails and breathes poignancy into every melody, wringing every possible tear-drop from lyrics where even the occasional faint silver lining can cut to the bone. Whether facing down a triumphant rival ( Caso Arrumado A Settled Affair), dodging doom-inflected omens ( Como uma nuvem no céu Like A Cloud In The Sky), or weeping in solitude at day s end ( A Penumbra Dusk), Moura communicates world-weary, indomitable courage spiced with a risqué tang of dark passion that hurts so good.

19,95 €
Image Strictly Romancin'
Catherine Russell's fourth album for World Village, Strictly Romancin' is a paean to natural attractions: to a lover, an art form, to one's family heritage. Our faithful heroine explores love's foibles, failures, and bliss, from amorous to humorous. This acclaimed vocalist embodies the lost art of song savvy, inhabiting the lyric, and allowing each melody to shine.

Catherine Russell is that rarest of entities - a genuine jazz and blues singer - who can sing virtually anything. Her voice is full blown feminity incarnate; a dusky, stalwart and soulful instrument that radiates interpretive power yet remains touchingly vulnerable. She launches fearlessly into each tune, getting inside the melody and capturing every emotion.

19,95 €
Image Samaagam
Amjad Ali Khan, sarod,
Scottish Chamber Orchestra
David Murphy, conductor

Following the success of live performances given in March 2010, India's sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan joined the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and conductor David Murphy in the studio to record Samaagam. Scored for solo sarod and orchestra, the work is a wonderful fusion of Eastern and Western musical traditions.

19,95 €
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