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Gioachino Rossini occupied an unrivalled position in the Italian musical world of his time, winning considerable success relatively early in his career. He was the first of the great 19th century Italian opera composers and brought opera into the public consciousness and even today his music still rings true. Rossini had already written ten operas before he was 21, and eventually composed 39 major stage works, though in his last thirty years he wrote nothing new. He did try to become a composer of serious operas, but it will always be his comic operas, The Barber of Seville and Cinderella that his fame will rest.

Naxos has an amassed a comprehensive and growing catalogue of Rossini’s operas, as well as his instrumental compositions, including our complete edition of Péchés de vieillesse (“Sins of Old Age”) series by Alessandro Marangoni. The final volume will be released in November 2018, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of Rossini’s death.
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Image 3CD-BOX: Semiramide
Alex Penda, soprano (Semiramide)
Marianna Pizzolato, contralto (Arsace) • Lorenzo Regazzo, bass (Assur)
John Osborn, tenor (Idreno) • Andrea Mastroni, bass (Oroe)
Marija Jokovic, soprano (Azema) • Vassilis Kavayas, tenor (Mitrane)
Raffaele Facciolà, bass (Nino's ghost)
Camerata Bach Choir, Poznan • Virtuosi Brunensis • Antonino Fogliani

Following his triumphant visit to Vienna in 1822, when several of his operas were extremely well received, international success beckoned for Rossini. First performed at La Fenice, Venice in 1823, Semiramide was Rossini's last Italian opera, written at the height of his creative powers. Its subject is Greek tragedy for which librettist Gaetano Rossi drew on an adaptation by Voltaire. Instrumentally sophisticated and classically structured, the opera remains one of the most remarkable examples of Rossini's cultivation of bel canto.

18,87 € (26,95 €)
Image Otello (2 CD)
First staged in Naples in 1816, seventy years before Verdi's very different treatment of the same subject, Rossini's Otello, based on Berio di Salsa's play rather than that of Shakespeare, makes full use of no fewer than three lead tenors. In the 19th century the third act won particular praise for the Gondolier's Song (Nessun maggior dolore) and for the Willow Song (Assisa a' pie d'un salice), which features some of the composer's most passionate writing for soprano (Desdemona). The opera concludes with the dramatic and ironic revelation of Jago's villainy, the forgiveness offered to Otello and his final suicide. Verdi himself considered Rossini's Otello a masterpiece.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Le Siege de Corinthe
Lorenzo Regazzo, bass • Majella Cullagh, soprano • Marc Sala, tenor
Michael Spyres, tenor • Matthieu Lécroart, bass
Gustavo Quaresma Ramos, tenor • Marco Filippo Romano, baritone
Silvia Beltrami, mezzo-soprano • Camerata Bach Choir, Poznan
Virtuosi Brunensis • Jean-Luc Tingaud

Rossini adapted his own Italian opera of 1820, Maometto, for the Parisian stage under the title of Le Siège de Corinthe. As Rossini's original work had already absorbed distinctive French characteristics such as heroic arias, and characterisation through orchestral colour, the newly composed music for the reworking makes for a powerful and compelling operatic tour de force. With its historical subject matter and tragic ending, Le Siège de Corinthe anticipates the advent of grand opera.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image L'Italiana in Algeri (2 CD)
Using the critical edition by Azio Corghi, this recording of L'Italiana in Algeri was made at a jubilee performance of the XXth Rossini in Wildbad Festival in 2008. For his tenth opera, the already celebrated 21-year-old Rossini wanted 'a humorous libretto full of spectacle'. This spirited opera, completed in barely a month, scored an immediate hit and its manic atmosphere of 'organized, total lunacy', as Stendhal put it, has ensured its enduring popularity.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Cenerentola, La (The Cinderella)(2 CD)


...Den här liveupptagningen från 2004 är ett mycket prisvärt alternativ. Här finns inga kända namn, men det är en jämnare och delvis bättre besättning av rollerna än i till exempel Cecilia Bartolis storsäljande inspelning....


...När mungiporna slokar i höstrusket är det gott att veta att det finns medicin i närmsta skivbutik. Lyssna på Naxos nya "Askungen" och försök låta bli att le. Du kommer garanterat att misslyckas...

...Zedda är en dirigent med mycket espri...

...Amerikanskan Joyce DiDonato är sensationell i huvudrollen...bäva månde Bartoli...

...helheten är totalt avväpnande. Allt till lågpris...


Patrizia Cigna, sopran;
Martina Borst, mezzosopran;

Joyce di Donato, mezzosopran;

José Maria Zapata, tenor;

Paolo Bordogna, baryton;
Luca Pisaroni, basbaryton;

Bruno Praticò, basbaryton;

Marco Bellei, cembalo.

Prague Chamber Choir; South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra/Alberto Zedda.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Complete Piano Music Vol 2: Péchés de vieillesse
Rossini spent his final years in Paris where he wrote numerous short piano pieces arranged in 13 volumes, which he jokingly called Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of Old Age), that juxtapose irreverence and seriousness. Volume VI, Album for Smart Children , includes diverse movements whose titles, whether ironic or deeply sincere, reflect their stylistic range. The eleventh (Étude asthmatique ) will be included in a future album. Alessandro Marangoni's highly praised recording of Volumes VII & IX is available on Naxos 8.570590-91.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Overtures
Gioachino Rossini, one of the most successful and popular operatic composers of his time, was born in Pesaro in 1792, five months after his parents' marriage. His father, a brass-player, and later teacher of the horn at the Bologna Accademia, had a modest career, disturbed by the political changes of the period, as the French replaced the Austrians in Northern Italy. Rossini's mother was a singer and as a boy Gioachino made his appearance with his father in the pit orchestra and from time to time as a singer with his mother on stage, going on to work as a keyboard-player in the opera orchestra. Rossini's early studies in music were with his father and mother, and with other teachers through the generosity of rich patrons. In childhood he had already started to show ability as a composer and his experience in the opera-house bore natural fruit in a remarkable and meteoric career that began in 1810 with the production of La cambiale di matrimonio in Venice in 1810. There followed a series of operas, comic and tragic, until the relatively poor reception of Semiramide in Venice in 1823 turned his attention to Paris. Under the Bourbon King Charles X Rossini staged French versions of earlier works and, in 1829, Guillaume Tell. A contract for further operas came to nothing when the King was replaced in the revolution of 1830 by Louis-Philippe, although eventually Rossini was able to have his agreed annuity restored. In 1836 he returned to Italy and in spite of ill health concerned himself with the affairs of the Liceo Musicale in Bologna, but in 1853 took up residence once again in Paris, where he enjoyed until his death in 1868 a reputation as an arbiter of musical taste, a wit and a gourmet. During this last period of his life he wrote the series of pieces that he called the Sins of Old Age, a remarkable display of his gifts, now diverted from the world of opera into a less spectacular form.

4,89 € (6,99 €)
Image Best of Rossini, The
4,89 € (6,99 €)
Image Adelaida di Borgogna
Set in medieval Italy, Rossini’s rarely performed Adelaide di Borgogna is based on dramatic historical events that led to Otto the Great (Ottone) of Germany conquering the Kingdom of Italy. Despite its political and warlike subject, Adelaide di Borgogna is full of beautiful music and was held in high regard by its composer, who recycled much of it in his subsequent operas.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image The Barber of Sevilla (Complete)

...there are ways in which this brand-new super-budget recording of Il barbiere di Siviglia puts to shame just about every other version of the opera there has yet been...

...As operatic pole-vaulters, Naxos are now clearly in the Olympic class...


Ingrid Kertesi, sopran;

Sonia Ganassi, mezzosopran;

Ramon Vargas, tenor;
Ferencz Korpas, baryton;

Roberto Servile, baryton;

Franco de Grandis, bas;

Laszlo Orban, bas;

Angelo Romero, bas;

Kazmer Sarkany, bas.

Hungarian Radio Choir; Failoni Chamber Orchestra, Budapest / Will Humburg.

18,87 € (26,95 €)
Image Cambiale di matrimonio (La)
Priante, Vito, bass
Samsonova, Julija, soprano
Zanfardino, Daniele, tenor
Mastrototaro, Giulio, bass
Wija, Tomasz, bass
Ermolli, Francesca Russo, mezzo-soprano
Tanzini, Massimiliano, harpsichord

Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra
Franklin, Christopher, Conductor

The plot of La cambiale di matrimonio (The Bill of Marriage), which Rossini composed when he was just eighteen years old, revolves around the farcical attempts of Tobia Mill, a rich English merchant, to combine business with pleasure by forcing his daughter, the lovely Fanny ('merchandise') to marry Slook, his rich colonial correspondent from America, by means of a bill of exchange. Eventually, it is the gallant Slook himself who persuades Mill to allow Fanny to marry her true love, Edoardo Milfort.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Cambiale di matrimonio, La
Filmed at Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro, Italy, August 2006

Picture format: NTSC 16:9
Sound format: Dolby Digital 2.0 / Dolby Digital 5.0
Region code: 0 (worldwide)
Subtitles: English, Italian
Running time: 83 mins

20,27 € (28,95 €)
Image Ciro in Babilonia (2 CD)
• A story of love, marital fidelity, the defeat of a tyrant (the Babylonian King Belshazzar) and the triumph of the good, Rossini’s Ciro in Babilonia is a bold fusion of biblical and secular subjects set to brilliant, thrilling music.

• Although intended to be staged during Lent, Ciro includes all the time-honoured ingredients of serious opera such as the test of love, military scenes, the help of a turncoat, disguise, prison scenes, a funeral march and a sudden happy ending.

• Other Rossini operas on Naxos have been very well received: “Even if Naxos were an expensive label this Cenerentola would be a worthwhile investment…. Naxos brings us and excellent balance between drama and giocoso.”
(American Record Guide on Le Cenerentola 8.660191-92)

Riccardo Botta, tenor
Anna Rita Gemmabella, alto
Luisa Islam-Ali-Zade, mezzo-soprano
Maria Soulis, mezzo-soprano
Wojtek Gierlach, bass
Giorgio Trucco, tenor
Giovanni Bellavia, bass
ARS Brunensis Chamber Choir; Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra/Antonino Fogliani

CD 1
Gioachino Rossini
Ciro in Babilonia (Cyrus in Babylon)
1. Sinfonia
2. Act I: Introduzione: Di Babilonia i popoli (Chorus, Zambri, Baldassare)
3. Act I: Duet: T'arrendi: alfin dipende (Baldassare, Amira)
4. Act I: Recitative: Stanco di tue ripulse (Baldassare, Amira, Argene, Arbace)
5. Act I: Chorus and Cavatina: Veh come pallido (Chorus, Ciro)
6. Act I: Recitativo: Non piu miei fidi (Ciro, Arbace)
7. Act I: Aria: Avrai tu pur vendetta (Arbace)
8. Act I: Recitative: Signor, a te dal campo (Zambri, Baldassare, Ciro, Amira)
9. Act I: Aria: Vorrei veder lo sposo (Amira, Chorus
10. Act I: Recitative: L'aspetto mio… la mia presenza (Baldassare, Amira, Ciro)
11. Act I: Finale: Guardie. Ola (Baldassare, Zambri, Ciro, Amira, Chorus)

CD 2
1. Act II: Introduzione: Si bell'alma soccorrete (Chorus)
2. Act II: Dunque fia ver che il vincitor di Creso (Ciro)
3. Act II: Duet: Nello stringerti al mio petto (Ciro, Amira)
4. Act II: Terzetto: Ma qual voce… (Amira, Ciro, Baldassare)
5. Act II: Recitative: Udisti Argene? E pronto il gran convito (Zambri, Argene)
6. Act II: Chorus - Recitative - Chorus: Intorno fumino (Chorus, Baldassare)
7. Act II: Recitative, Temporale and Scene: Son questi, o Zambri (Baldassare, Zambri, Daniele)
8. Act II: Aria: Daniello io son (Daniele)
9. Act II: Aria: Misero me, che intesi! (Baldassare, Magi)
10. Act II: Recitative: Oh quanta pieta mi desti in sen! (Argene, Amira)
11. Act II: Aria: Deh! per me non v'affliggete (Amira)
12. Act II: Recitative: Deh! tu m'aita, o Zambri (Argene, Zambri)
13. Act II: Aria: Chi disprezza gl'infelici (Argene)
14. Act II: Chorus, Scene and Aria: Dunque in oggi i nume irati (Chorus, Ciro)
15. Act II: T'abbraccio, ti stringo (Ciro)
16. Act II: Che si tarda? (Baldassare, Chorus, Ciro)
17. Act II: E lieto e contento (Ciro, Baldassare, Chorus)
18. Act II: Recitative: Abbia fin l'atra strage (Zambri, Ciro, Argene, Amira)
19. Act II: Finale: Al vincitor clemente (Chorus, Ciro, Amira, Zambri)

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Comte Ory, Le (2 CD)
- Rossini occupied an unrivalled position in the Italian musical world of his time, winning considerable success relatively early in his career.

- Set in rural France at the time of the Crusades, Le Comte Ory, Rossini's last comic opera, is based on the story of a real-life villainous Count who attempts the seduction of a Countess as she awaits the return of her brother.

- The opera is one of Rossini's funniest, notable for its sequence of madcap situations set to music which is fast-paced, colourful and dramatic. Berlioz considered it to be Rossini's "absolute masterpiece".

Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno; Czech Chamber Soloists Brno/
Brad Cohen
CD 1

Gioachino Rossini

Le Comte Ory

Act I

1. Introduction

2. Jouvencelles, venez vite (Raimbaud, Alice, Chorus of Peasants, Ragonde)

3. Que les destins prosperes accueillent vos prieres (Count, Ragonde, Chorus, Alice, Raimbaud)

4. Recitative: C'est le chateau de la belle Comtesse (Count, Ragonde, Chorus, Tutor, Isolier)

5. Air: Veiller sans cesse, craindre toujours (Tutor)

6. Vous notre appui et notre ami (Chorus, Tutor)

7. Recitative: Cet Ermite, ma belle enfant, ou pourrai - je le voir? (Tutor, Alice, Isolier, Count)

8. Une dame de haut parage (Isolier, Count)
9. March - Recitative: Isolier dans ces lieux! (Countess, Isolier, Count)

10. Air: En proie a la tristesse (Countess, Chorus, Count, Isolier)

11. Recitative: C'est bien … je suis content (Isolier, Count, Countess, Tutor, Chorus, Raimbaud)

12. Finale: Ciel! O terreur! O peine extreme! (Countess, Isolier, Alice, Ragonde, Count, Raimbaud, Tutor, Chorus)

CD 2

Act II

1. Introduction: Dans ce séjour calme et tranquille (Chorus, Countess, Ragonde)

2. Recitative: Voyez qui ce peut etre (Countess, Chorus, Ragonde, Chorus of Ory's Knights)

3. Duo: Ah! Quel respect, Madame, pour vos vertus (Count, Countess)

4. Ce temeraire qui croit nous plaire (Countess, Count)

5. Recitative: Voici vos compagnes fideles (Countess, Count)

6. Ah! La bonne folie! (Chorus, Count, Tutor, Raimbaud)

7. Air: Dans ce lieu solitaire (Raimbaud, Chorus)

8. Recitative: Du fruit de sa victoire (Count)

9. Buvons, buvons soudain! (Chorus, Count, Raimbaud, Tutor)

10. Recitative: On vient. Silence! (Count, Raimbaud, Tutor, Chorus, Countess, Ragonde, Isolier)

11. Trio: A la faveur de cette nuit obscure (Count, Countess, Isolier)

12. Finale: Ecoutez ces chants de victoire (Countess, Count, Chorus, Ragonde, Isolier)

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Donna del lago, La (2 CD)
First staged in Naples in 1819, Rossini’s opera La donna del lago is based on Walter Scott’s romantic poem The Lady of the Lake, setting a precedent for later composers, who also drew on Scott for their plots. Set in exotic 16th-century Scotland, the opera deals with the conflict between the Highland clansmen under Douglas and King James V, who generously forgives his enemy and allows the betrothal of his beloved Ellen, Douglas’s daughter, to his former enemy, Malcolm.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image L'Equivoco stravagante (2 CD)
13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image 3CD-BOX: La gazza ladra
La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) marked a culmination of the convergence of serious and comic elements in Rossini's work. The result is an ideal hybrid: a tragic opera with a happy ending that rises to the status of true opera seria. With its outstanding dramatic and musical qualities it remains one of Rossini's greatest and most successful operas, a constant presence in the repertoire since its triumphant 1817 première in Milan. This performance is conducted by Alberto Zedda, who made his conducting début in 1956, produced the first critical edition of La gazza ladra, and is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost authorities on the operas of Rossini. Though La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) is famous for its overture, the whole opera is rather surprisingly not currently represented on many recordings. The unique selling point of our release is the vastly experienced conductor Alberto Zedda, who made his debut in 1956, and who has worked extensively in Berlin, New York and London. Vitally he produced the first critical editions of many Rossini operas, including this one.

18,87 € (26,95 €)
Image Gazzetta, La (2 CD)
Marco Cristarella Orestano, bass
Judith Gauthier, soprano
Giulio Mastrototaro, baritone
and others

Naples San Pietro a Majella Conservatory Chorus
Czech Chamber Soloists, Brno
Franklin, Christopher, conductor

Composed between The Barber of Seville (8.660027-29) and Cinderella (8.660191-92), Rossini's only Neapolitan comic opera La gazzetta (The Newspaper) was based on a highly popular romantic comedy by Carlo Goldoni, yet has languished until the publication of the new critical edition on which this recording is based. Now revealed as a delicious entertainment satirising the rôle of the media, it involves two young women, their lovers and fathers, who are beset by the arrival of disguised Quakers and a Turkish masquerade all the result of an advertisement!

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image 4CD-BOX: Guillaume Tell
Performed for the first time in its original uncut version, this production of Guillaume Tell was the jewel in the crown of the 25-year history of the 'Rossini in Wildbad' opera festival. Rossini's final, great, operatic masterpiece is a story of liberation, the oppressed Swiss attaining their ideal of emancipation by hounding the tyrannical Habsburgs out of their country. Although it was composed for the complex demands of the Paris Opéra, numerous dances, choruses and arias were dropped for reasons of practicality. These are restored in the present recording which also includes the stunning finale of the shorter 1831 version of the opera

17,47 € (24,95 €)
Image L'inganno felice (2 CD)
Rossini's 'rescue opera' L'inganno felice (The Happy Deception) won immediate contemporary popularity after its first performance in 1812. One of the composer's most inventive and sparkling scores, with soprano, tenor and bass arias of great beauty, it is today by far the least well-known and least often performed of his five farse written for Venice. The drama concerns the attempt of Isabella, wrongly rejected by her husband the Duke, and her protector, the miner Tarabotto, who had rescued her, half dead, from the sea, to bring to justice the Duke's villainous confidant Ormondo and his henchman Batone, and to reconcile Isabella with her husband, an end happily achieved, the guilty punished and the innocent triumphant.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Maometto II (Complete)(3 CD)
Rossinis opera "Maometto II" är mer känd i sin franska version - "Le siège de Corinthe".
Maometto II är en tragisk opera om kärlek och svek. I denna version från 1822 som uppfördes i Wien blev Rossini tvungen att ändra till ett lyckligt slut så att det passade publiken i Wien bättre.

Luisa Islam-Ali-Zade, sopran;

Anna Rita Gemmabella, alt;

Massimiliano Barbolini, tenor;

Cesare Ruta, tenor;

Antonio de Gobbi, bas;
Denis Sedov, bas.

Czech Philharmonic Choir, Brno / Jan Ocetek;

Czech Chamber Soloists, Brno / Brad Cohen.

18,87 € (26,95 €)
Image Mose in Egitto (2 CD)
Rossini’s Mosè in Egitto, described as an azione tragico-sacra, combines the biblical narrative of the release of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt, and a more characteristically operatic element in the love of Pharaoh’s son Osiride for the Hebrew girl Elcìa, making this also a typical conflict between love and duty. The piece was reworked in 1822 for Paris with new arias, but is given here in the slightly revised Italian version of 1819, which includes the famous Act 3 Preghiera of Moses.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image L'occasione fa il ladro
Martirosyan, Elizaveta, soprano
Antonelou, Fanie, mezzo-soprano
Utzeri, Mauro, baritone
Cortes, Gardar Thor, tenor
Ruggeri, Gianpiero, baritone
Ribalta, Joan, tenor
Wurttemberg Philharmonic Orchestra
Manasi, Matthias, harpsichord
Fogliani, Antonino, Conductor

Composed by the young Gioachino Rossini in eleven days to comply with a contractual commitment, L'occasione fa il ladro (Opportunity Makes A Thief) is a comedy of multiple confusions. Count Alberto, travelling to be wed to a fiancée he has yet to meet, leaves an inn with the wrong suitcase. Don Parmenione audaciously adopts the Count's identity, determined to take the bride for himself. This single-act burletta is a swift and deftly plotted moral drama, Rossini's exuberant inspiration poured into interactions both tender and hilariously bewildering.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Overtures, Vol. 1
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra • Christian Benda
Prague Philharmonic Choir

Rossini wrote some of music's most masterful and lovable operas. His gift for comic and tragic forms was matched by a relish for characterisation, qualities that are always evident in his overtures. La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) is perhaps the most famous, one of the world's most popular concert openers. Guillaume Tell, with its overture in four movements, includes a scene for five solo cellos. La scala di seta (The Silken Ladder) opens with an overture of charm and élan, and Le siège de Corinthe is dramatic and colourful. All of Rossini's overtures display sparkling themes, rich lyricism and theatrical excitement.

12,95 € (18,50 €)
Image Complete Overtures, Vol. 1
Prague Sinfonia
Christian Benda, conductor

Rossini wrote some of music's most masterful and lovable operas. His gift for comic and tragic forms was matched by a relish for characterisation, qualities that are always evident in his overtures. La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) is perhaps the most famous, one of the world's most popular concert openers. But in Otello he reveals his more complex turns of phrase and in Le siège de Corinthe the writing is dramatic and colourful. The overture for Elisabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra was used again a year later by Rossini for Il barbiere di Siviglia. This is the first of four discs of the complete Rossini Overtures.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Overtures, Vol. 2
Prague Sinfonia
Christian Benda, conductor

12,95 € (18,50 €)
Image Overtures, Vol. 2
6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Complete Overtures, Vol. 3
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra • Christian Benda

Volume 3 of the complete Rossini symphonic overtures continues the pattern of placing rarities such as the lively student work, Grand'overtura 'obbligata a contrabasso', and Matilde of Shabran, set in medieval Spain, alongside perennial hits such as The Italian Girl in Algiers and La Cenerentola (Cinderella), said to have been written in just three weeks. ClassicsToday.com described Volume 2 (8.570934) of this series as "delightful ... amazing ... strongly recommended".

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Overtures, Vol. 4
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra • Christian Benda

The enduring popularity of Rossini's operas is a testament to their wit and inventiveness, every overture a superb portrait of each ensuing drama. There is none more popular than the farcical comedy of Il barbiere di Siviglia, but themes of flirtation and disguise can also be found in Il Turco in Italia, contrasting with the heroism and revenge of Armida and the cunning exploits of Le Comte Ory. This edition, of which this is the final instalment, has gained wide critical acclaim, with Volume 2 (8.570934) described as "an unalloyed winner" by ClassicsToday.com.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Music Vol 1: Péchés de vielliesse (2 CD)
When Rossini drew a line under his own hugely successful operatic career at the age of 37, he spent his final years in Paris where he wrote numerous short piano pieces arranged in 14 volumes, which he jokingly called Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of Old Age): experimental trifles which blur the boundaries between the irreverent and the serious. Volume VII, ‘Album de chaumière’ (The Cottage Album) includes gems such as the delightful Petite polka chinoise, the intimate and touching Petite valse de boudoir and the decidedly reassuring Prélude inoffensif. The recording is rounded off with four solo piano pieces from Volume IX of the Péchés, whose titles, like those of the other works on this disc, are playfully deceptive. The Mélodie candide may be ostentatiously demure, but deep-down it is shameless.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Piano Music Vol 3: Péchés de vieillesse
Italian pianist Alessandro Marangoni, praised by the media for his 'beautiful legato touch and a keen sense of phrasing', here presents the third in his series of Rossini's Sins of Old Age with the Album for Adolescent Children. From the pious First Communion and the lilting barcarolle of The Lagoon of Venice to the exotic Moorish Prelude and Rossini's Mendelssohnian tribute to his favourite food, Ah! The Peas!, this is indeed delectable piano music. Volumes 1 (8.570590-91) and 2 (8.570766) are also available.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Péchés de vieillesse, Vol. 5
Alessangro Marangoni, piano

Rossini's Péchés de vieillesse or 'Sins of Old Age' is a series of thirteen volumes of piano works which were the main musical occupation of his last decade. The 24 pieces of volume twelve are of breathtaking variety, including flavours from Bach and Chopin, opera and the music-hall. Some revel in witty dances and bravura pianistic display, and one was written overnight to help a friend out of financial debt. Alessandro Marangoni's playing 'sparkles and seduces over and over again' (Toronto Star on Volume 2, 8.570766).

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Complete Piano Music Vol. 7
Alessandro Marangoni (piano and organ)
Ars Cantica Choir and Consort
Marco Berrini

Volume 7 of Rossini's complete piano music, Péchés de vieillesse (Sins of Old Age), ranges across six of the fourteen albums to include works for both solo piano and for piano and voices. Two of the pieces - Andantino mosso (track 3), recently discovered in manuscript, and La notte di Santo Natale (track 5) receive their first recording. 'Alessandro Marangoni sounds completely at home... and he presents the music with style, good humour and no mean virtuosity' (MusicWeb International on 8573107 / Volume 6).

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image La pietra del paragone (Complete)(3 CD)
Om du gillar Rossinis "Barberaren i Sevilla" så kommer du med största sannolikhet även att tycka om denna opera buffa - "La pietra del paragone" (Prövostenen). Här finns, som vanligt när det gäller Rossini, genialiska melodier och sprakande orkestreringar.

Anna Rita Gemmabella, sopran;
Anke Herrmann, sopran;
Agata Bienkowska, mezzosopran;
Alessandro Codeluppi, tenor;
Teru Yoshihara, baryton;
Gioacchino Zarrelli, baryton;
Raffaele Constantini, bas;
Dariusz Machej, bas.
Czech Chamber Chorus; Czech Chamber Soloists, Brno /
Alessandro de Marchi.

18,87 € (26,95 €)
Image Sigismondo
This live recording of Rossini's rarely heard opera Sigismondo comes from the 2016 Rossini in Wildbad Festival. The opera is not filled with Rossini's distinctive musical landmarks and wonderful duets, for which blame is usually laid at the feet of librettist Giuseppe Foppa. Today, however, we can appreciate how this tale of an abused wife who retains her love for her deranged husband pushes the boundaries of the grand narrative tradition into a more searching psychological drama. An emphasis on madness and guilt and coloratura expressions of inner feeling results in a fascinating meeting of convention with experiment, Rossini’s subsequent re-use of his music for Sigismondo in later hit operas being ample evidence of its intrinsic quality.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Il Signor Bruschino
Enaktsoperan "Il Signor Bruschino", som är en s k farsa giocosa, skrev Rossinis när han var endast nitton år gammal. Denna lättviktiga opera uruppfördes på Teatro San Moisè i Venedig.
Elena Rossi, sopran; Clara Giangaspero, mezzosopran;

Massimiliano Barbolini, tenor;
Alessandro Codeluppi, tenor;

Vito Martino, tenor;
Maurizio Leoni, baryton;

Antonio Marani, baryton;
Dario Giorgelè, bas.

I Virtuosi Italiani / Claudio Desderi.

6,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Recorder Suite / Recorder Concertos
6,29 € (8,99 €)
Image Stabat Mater
Rossinis Stabat Mater är ett verk med ett ofta dramatiskt tonspråk, influerat av operans ideal, ungefär som Verdis Requiem.
Patrizia Pace, sopran;

Gloria Scalchi, alt;

Antonino Siragusa, tenor;

Carlo Colombara, bas.

Hungarian State Opera Chorus; Hungarian State Opera Orchestra /
Pier Giorgio Morandi.

Gioachino Rossini

Stabat Mater

1. Stabat Mater

2. Cujus animam gementem

3. Quis est homo

4. Pro peccatis

5. Eja, Mater, fons amoris

6. Sancta Mater

7. Fac ut portem

8. Inflammatus et accensus

9. Quando corpus morietur

10. In sempiterna saecula

4,89 € (6,99 €)
Image String Sonatas Nos. 1-3
6,29 € (8,99 €)
Image String Sonatas Nos. 4-6
6,29 € (8,99 €)
Image Tancredi (Opera)

...the singing is splendid throughout...

...the recording itself is beautifully scaled...
...All in all, then, this is a fine set; the first ever studio recording of Tancredi, and a palpable hit...


Sumi Jo, sopran;

Lucretia Lendi, sopran;

Anna Maria di Micco, alt;
Ewa Podles, alt;

Stanford Olsen, tenor;

Pietro Spagnoli, bas.

Capella Brugensis; Collegium Instrumentale Brugense /
Alberto Zedda.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Torvaldo e Dorliska (2 CD)
Liveinspelning från Rossini In Wildbad-festivalen 2003.

Torvaldo: Huw Rhys-Evans

Dorliska, his wife: Paola Cigna

Giorgio, castle custodian: Mauro Utzeri

Duca d’Ordow: Michele Bianchini

Ormondo: Giovanni Bellavia

Carlotta: Anna-Rita Gemmabella

ARS Brunensis Chamber Choir; Czech Chamber Soloists, Brno/Alessandro de Marchi


Torvaldo e Dorliska

CD 1


1. Sinfonia

2. Introduktion: E un bel dir che tutto al mondo (Giorgio, kör)

3. Cavatina: Dunque invano i perigli e la morte (Duca, Giorgio, Ormondo, kör)

4. Recitativ: Ormondo... La mia gente (Duca, Ormondo, Giorgio)

5. Scen & Cavatina: Dove son? chi m'aita?... Tutto e vano (Dorliska)

6. Recitativ: Ah son pure infelice! (Dorliska, Carlotta, Giorgio)

7. Scen: Ola! Ella... oh ciel! (Duca, Dorliska)

8. Recitativ: Ella piu non mi fugge (Duca, Ormondo, Giorgio)

9. Scen & Cavatina: Tutto e silenzio (Torvaldo)

10. Recitativ: Ah ch'io non reggo ai moti (Torvaldo, Giorgio, Duca)

11. Trio: Ah qual raggio di speranza (Duca, Torvaldo, Giorgio)

12. Recitativ & Aria: Io non ne posso piu (Ormondo)

CD 2

AKT I (forts)

1. Första finalen, Duett: Oh via, signora mia (Carlotta, Dorliska)

2. Trio: Immota e stupida (Torvaldo, Giorgio, Duca)

3. Kvartett: Mia signora... a me badate (Giorgio, Torvaldo, Duca, Dorliska)

4. Segue & Stretta: Su, Dorliska... fate cuore (Torvaldo, Dorliska, Duca, Giorgio, kör)


5. Introduktion: Bravi, bravi: qua venite (Giorgio, kör)

6. Recitativ: Or ben: gia qualche cosa (Giorgio, Torvaldo)

7. Recitativ & Aria: Odimi, ah tu di me, mio buon amico (Torvaldo, Giorgio)

8. Recitativ: No, pentirsi non giova (Duca, Giorgio, Dorliska)

9. Aria: Ferma, costante, immobile (Dorliska, Duca)

10. Recitativ: Insensata!... e non vede (Duca, Giorgio, Dorliska, Carlotta)

11. Aria: Una voce lusinghiera (Carlotta)

12. Recitativ & Duett: Non so se ho fatto bene (Giorgio, Duca)

13. Recitativ & Duett: Dunque tu vuoi ch'io parta? (Dorliska, Torvaldo)

14. Recitativ & sextett: Ma via, signori miei (Carlotta, Dorliska, Torvaldo, Duca, Giorgio, Ormondo, kör)

15. Recitativ: Ah di noi che sara? (Dorliska, Torvaldo, Giorgio, Ormondo, Carlotta)

16. Scen & Aria: Cedi, cedi! Dagli... (kör, Duca, Torvaldo, Giorgio); Recitativ: Per bacco, seguitatelo (Giorgio)

17. Andra finalen: Grazie al destin pietoso (Dorliska, Torvaldo, Carlotta, Giorgio, kör)

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Turken i Italien
Inspelningsår: 1954.

Förutom Rossinis "Turken i Italien" ingår här även arior, med Maria Callas som solist, av bl a Meyerbeer och Verdi.
Maria Callas, sopran;
Jolanda Gardino, mezzosopran;

Nicolai Gedda, tenor;
Piero de Palma, tenor;

Mariano Stabile, baryton;
Franco Calabrese, bas;

Nicola Rossi-Lemeni, bas.

Milan La Scala Chorus & Orchestra/Giandrea Gavazzeni.
CD 1


Il Turco in Italia, komplett


1. Uvertyr

2. Nostra patria

3. Ho da fare un dramma buffo

4. Ah! Se di questi zingari l’arrivo

5. Vado in tracci di una zingara

6. Chi vuol farsi astrologar?

7. Ah, mia moglie, san chi sono

8. Non si da follia maggiore

9. Voga, voga, a terra, a terra

10. Bella Italia, alfin ti miro

11. Serva...Servo...

12. Amici...soccorretemi

13. Un marito scimunito

14. Ola tosto il caffe

15. Siete Turchi, non vi credo

16. Io stupisco, mi sorprende

17. Come! Si grave scorno soffrir potete in pace?

18. Un vecchio far non può maggior follia

19. Per piacere alla signora

20. No, mia vita, mio tesoro

21. Gran meraviglie

22. Per la fuga e tutto lesto

23. Perche mai se son tradito

24. Evviva d’amore il foco vitale

25. Chi servir non brama Amor s’allontani

26. Qui mia moglie ha da venire

27. Ah! Che il cor non m’ingannava

28. Vada via, si guardi bene di cercar l’amante mio

CD 2


1. A proposito, amico

2. D’un bell’uso di Turchia

3. Se Fiorilla di vender bramate

4. Non v’e piacer perfetto se nol procura amor

5. Che Turca impertinente!

6. Credete alle femmine che dicon d’amarvi!

7. In Italia certamente non si fa l’amor cosi

8. Fermate...Cosa c’e

9. E Selim non si vede!

10. Oh! Guardate che accidente!

11. Dunque seguitemi

12. Questo vecchio maledetto

13. Si mi e forza partir

14. Son la vite sul campo appassita

15. Rida a voi sereno il cielo

16. Restate contenti


17. Una voce poco fa ur Barberaren i Sevilla


18. Ombre legere ur Dinorah


19. Ou va la jeune Hindoue?...La-bas, dans la foret ur Lakme


20. Bolero ur I vespri siciliani

11,87 € (16,95 €)
Image Turco in Italia, Il (2 CD)
Rossinis satiriska opera "Turken i Italien" innehåller flera populära arior och minnesvärda melodier. Librettot handlar om den turkiske adelsmannen Selim, som på en resa till Neapel förälskar sig i den vackra Zaida.

Myrto Papatanasiu, sopran;

Damiana Pinti, mezzosopran;

Amedeo Moretti, tenor;

Daniele Zanfardino, tenor;

Massimiliano Gagliardo, baryton;

Piero Guarnera, baryton;

Natale de Carolis, bas;
Gianni Fabbrini, fortepiano.

Chieti Marrucino Opera Chorus; Chieti Marrucino Opera Orchestra/Marzio Conti.

13,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Turco in Italia, Il
Selim - Marco Vinco
Fiorilla - Alessandra Marianelli
Geronio - Andrea Concetti
Narciso - Filippo Adami
Prosdocimo - Bruno Taddia
Zaida - Elena Belfiore
Albazar - Daniele Zanfardino

Prague Chamber Chior
Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento
Antonello Allemandi, conductor

Guido De Monticelli, stage director

Filmed at the Teatro Rossini, Pesaro, Italy, 18 August 2007.

Picture format: NTSC 16:9
Sound format: Dolby Digital 2.0 / Dolby Surround 5.0 / DTS 5.0
Region code: 0 (worldwide)
Running time: 165 mins

20,27 € (28,95 €)
Image Il Viaggio A Reims (3 CD)
Laura Giordano, Sofia Mchedlishvili, Alessandra Marianelli, sopranos
Marianna Pizzolato, contralto
Bogdan Mihai, Maxim Mironov, tenors
Mirco Palazzi, Bruno De Simone, Bruno Praticò, Gezim Myshketa, basses

Camerata Bach Choir, Poznan / Ania Michalak, chorus-master
Virtuosi Brunensis / Karel Mitás, artistic director
Michele D’Elia, musical assistant and fortepiano
Antonino Fogliani, conductor

"... the performance has a vividness and a theatrical 'carry' that confirm that Il viaggio is indeed 'a feast'."
Gramophone (August 2016)

The great writer Stendhal wrote of Il viaggio a Reims that “this opera is a feast”. The plot is a contemporary farce tailor-made for a particular occasion – the coronation festivities of Charles X – though Rossini valued the music so highly that he reused at great part of the score three years later in the opera Le Comte Ory. With a cast of ten principal and eight smaller rôles, this sparkling work is heard complete for the first time and in accordance with the critical edition prepared by the Fondazione Rossini and Casa Ricordi.

18,87 € (26,95 €)
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