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Image Original and Transcribed Works for Viola Da Gamba
L'Armonia Sonora

Ensemble "L'Armonia Sonora" have attempted in the programme presented on this CD, a reconstruction of the original versions of these compositions of which only copies or arrangements have survived. The result is a beautifully crafted recording fulfilling all the expectations we have come to expect from this ensemble and Ramee.

8,99 €
Image O vos amici mei carissimi
Motets, Canzonas And Sonatas By Venetian Masters such as Filago, Riccio, Merulo, Marini, Bassano, Picchi

Instrumenta Musica
Ercole Nisini - trombone & direction

A beautiful CD of Motets, Canzonas and Sonatas by Venetian Masters from the time of Monteverdi. These composers have for the most part been overshadowed by their more famous and illustrious colleague but this release allows us to hear why, during this period in history, Venice was regarded as the centre of musical and artistic excellence.

8,99 €
Image De Profundis Clamavi: German Sacred Cantatas
19,95 €
Image Complete Keyboard Toccatas
33,95 €
Image Deux coeurs aimants - Chansons, Odes, Psalms & Mot
Ludus Modalis

Born in Noyon, Picardie c.1537, we know very little about Paschal de l'Estocrat, though we do know that he had sympathy for the ideas of the reformation, which contributed to his settling in the Calvinist territory of Switzerland. The musical language of L'Estocart is influenced, as with all the French composers of his generation, by that of Lassus. A whole range of compositional techniques are employed to serve the goal of expression, rhythmic variety, the sense of movement and the wide use of rhetoric figures. The greatest originality lies in the boldness of the harmonic language, which produces clashes that cannot be missed by the attentive listener. These are world premiere recordings.

8,99 €
Image Clavier-Übung 3
Clavier-Übung III is considered Johann Sebastian Bach's most important and most complete organ work, containing some of his pieces for the instrument that are the most complex musically and the most demanding technically. Formally, it takes its inspiration from the religious music of the masters of the stile antico. But, at the same time, Bach was an innovator and here incorporated modern Baroque musical forms, such as the chorale à la française and the gallant style. The aim of the collection was manifold: an ideal organ programme; a practical translation of Lutheran doctrine in musical terms for devotional use at church or in the home; a collection of organ music in all possible styles and idioms, old and modern; and a didactic work presenting examples of all possible forms of contrapuntal composition, going well beyond earlier treatises of musical theory. Léon Berben gives us his interpretation, a new and fresh view of this milestone in organ music, using the exceptional sound colours of an organ contemporary with Bach and largely preserved in its original state: the Christoph Treutmann organ in Grauhof (Germany).

33,95 €
Image Division-Musick
The Art Of Diminution In England In The 17th Century

Musicke & Mirth

"Division-Musick" is a term used by Christopher Simpson during the 17th century to describe a typically English improvisatory style of diminution. Musicians generally used short bass melodies called grounds as the basis for intricate and virtuoso diminutions, beginning with simple and slow melodies over a bass melody, and ending with very fast and virtuosic diminutions after a varying number of repetitions of the melody.

Both singers and instrumentalists practiced this art of diminution, but the preferred instrument for divisions was the so-called "division viol".

This CD aims to give some audible insight into English virtuosity in the Baroque era.

19,95 €
Image Nonets
Osmosis / Kate Clark (flute, direction)

In this recording Ramée present two pieces of early romantic music for wind ensemble. Spohr's nonet of 1813 is the first written for this particular combination of instruments and makes conscious use of the distinctive qualities and idiosyncrasies of each.

Onslow's nonet (recorded for the first time on historical instruments) is startling from the very first bar! The force and volume of his opening declamation, the virtuosity of the violin's first flourishes, and the enormous range in each of the parts give the piece a distinctly 'modern' feel. By comparison with Spohr's nonet this piece is the child of a different Zeitgeist.

8,99 €
Image Sonatas for violin and bass
Spanish Violin Music from the time of Ferdinand VI

Blai Justo - violin
Elisa Joglar - cello
Bernard Zonderman - guitar

Spanish composers wrote much for the violin in the eighteenth century and many leading families owned valuable instruments. Ledesma played the violin and viola and played in the Spanish Chapel Royal.

These sonatas were rediscovered in 1986.

8,99 €
Image Fil d'Argent, Fil d'Or
Marie-Celine Labbe, transverse flute
Marion Treupel-Franck, transverse flute

For this second recording devoted to French Baroque music for two solo transverse flutes, Marie-Céline Labbé and Marion Treupel-Franck perform the six suites by Pierre Danican Philidor (1681-1731), pieces taken from the three collections published by the composer in Paris in 1717 and 1718. Written in a highly original style in which one senses the spirit of freedom blowing over Versailles and France during the regency of the Duke d'Orléans, these short suites, in addition to the principal dances in vogue at the court of Versailles in the early 18th century, each comprise a fugue.

A few brunettes by Michel Pignolet de Montéclair (1667-1737) round out the programme. The brunette, a little rustic song with an evocative title, was a musical genre quite popular in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The selection proposed here will enable the listener to discover another facet of the work of Montéclair, the composer who was the object of the two flautists' first recording.

19,95 €
Image Suites De Pieces Pour Le Clavecin
19,95 €
Image Goldberg Variations
Pascal Dubreuil, harpsichord

The Goldberg Variations followed the first three parts of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Clavier-Übung. The title page presents the work as a ‘Keyboard exercise consisting of an Aria with diverse variations for harpsichord with two manuals...’ Forkel, in his biography of the composer, relates that these variations were composed at the request of the Count von Keyserlingk so that his harpsichordist, Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, might play a few of them during the insomnias that often disturbed the Count’s nights. But no concrete element has come down to us to verify Forkel’s remarks. The exceptional virtuosity required by this work also leads one to think that it was perhaps a sort of response to Domenico Scarlatti’s publication of 30 of his Essercizi in 1738, which also exploit, but to a lesser degree, aspects of keyboard technique not yet in common use at the time. These technical aspects as well as the sublime eloquence, the genius of the counterpoint and the inexhaustible variety of the variations combine to make this one of the summits of the genre.

With his captivating interpretation, Pascal Dubreuil completes the release of the four parts of the Clavier-Übung for Ramée (CÜ1: RAM0804, CÜ2: RAM1002, CÜ3: RAM1305).

19,95 €
Image Brockes-Passion
Zsuzsi Tóth (soprano), Jan Van Elsacker (tenor) & Peter Kooij (bass)
Les Muffatti & Vox Luminis, Peter Van Heyghen

The Brockes-Passion can be considered the archetype of the German Passion oratorio. As such, it served as a model and source of inspiration for famous later masterpieces, enjoying uninterrupted popularity throughout the 18th century when no less than 11 composers, including Handel and Telemann, set it to music.

The superb version by Reinhard Keiser (1674-1739) is not only the first but also adheres most closely to the great rhetorical power and rich changes of affects of the poet's text. In German literary history, Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747) is known above all for his innovative role during the second quarter of the 18th century. In 1712, the year of the Brockes-Passion's first performance, Keiser, fellow citizen of Brockes in Hamburg, was already recognized as the most important opera composer in Germany - and, in some opinions, even in Europe. When the genius of these two great artists combined in a single work, the result could only be spectacular.

The tricentennial of its first performance justified a belated but nonetheless dithyrambic tribute, here presented by the singers of the Vox Luminis ensemble and the instrumentalists of Les Muffatti. Vox Luminis won the Gramophone 2012 Recording of the Year Award for their album of the Schütz Musicalische Exequien (Ricercar RIC311).

33,95 €
Image Mistress Elizabeth Davenant, Her Songes: Lute son
19,95 €
Image Cantate, Sonate ed Arie
19,95 €
Image Clavier-Übung II
19,95 €
Image Partitas Nos. 1-6, BWV825-830
33,95 €
Image Cello Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV1007-1012
33,95 €
Image Flute Sonatas
8,99 €
Image Recorder Sonatas
Ensemble Mediolanum

This is the first recording of a recently rediscovered manuscript of twelve sonatas for recorder and basso continuo by the English composer Robert Valentine. Born in Leicester between 1671 and 1674, he lived in Rome from 1701, until his death in 1747. In Italy Valentine was known by the name of "Roberto Valentini". Alongside his instrumental performing, Valentine taught the recorder, and possibly also the transverse flute, but he dedicated himself chiefly to instrumental composition, leaving behind a large body of work. Corelli clearly served as the model for Valentine's first collections and his success in amateur circles is due principally to his capacity for combining writing that, while melodic, pleasing and brilliant, remains comfortably playable.

8,99 €
Image Pièces de Clavecin (London, 1714) - extracts
19,95 €
Image Overtures and Concertos
19,95 €
Image Amour, viens animer ma voix!: French Bass Cantata
19,95 €
Image Exercitium - Transcriptions Of Bach Works
19,95 €
Image Image Image
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