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Erä Naïve -levymerkin tuotteia

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Image Opera Duets and Arias

"Sittande vid stereon svävar jag in i ett parallellt, hisnande vackert universum."

"Not to make it sound like a warm bath, but this really is one of those recital discs to immerse yourself in. There's a sense of luxury to the whole thing, in the splendour of Concerto Italiano's playing, in Rinaldo Alessandrini's long-view pacing, above all in two of the richest voices before the public today. Sandrine Piau and Sara Mingardo are a match made in Handelian heaven. The former's creamy soprano blends superbly with her dark yet receptive contralto colleague. At times they almost seem to mesh, as if into one instrument. And yet there is never any doubt that these are two highly individual and intelligent artists. Sample the alertness of the back-and-forth in the Orlando recitative, or the reflectiveness that follows in the duet. Or the way they complement each other temperamentally as well as vocally in the Ottone piece that closes the recital. In fact, jump in almost anywhere and you'll hear drama that pulses with life and just happens to be incredibly well sung to boot. This is the sort of project that could have, on the one hand, all too easily become a superficial showpiece for canary fanciers, or on the other, overwrought in its earnestness to make dramatic effects quickly. Alessandrini, no less than his soloists, will have none of either. All here sounds natural, truthful, genuine. Simply magnificent."

- The meeting of two voices

- A heavenly coloratura for the lightness and the spine, a velvet contralto for the unctuousness and the spice

- 2009 Haendel's year for the 250th anniversary of his death

- Rinaldo Alessandrini : one of the absolute specialists of this repertory

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19,95 €
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19,95 €
Image 6CD-BOX: Szell / Karajan / Amadeus Quartet
Carmen: Giulietta Simionato
Don José: Nicolai Gedda
Micaëla: Hilde Güden
Wiener Symphoniker
Herbert von Karajan

Nikita Magaloff, piano
Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden
George Szell

Cecil Aronomitz, viola
Amadeus Quartet

- This special project gathers 3 titles from the last series created by Andante

- 3 double digipacks - AN3100, AN2180, AN2160 - are gathered together in a slipcase

- It offers more than 7 hours of music per-formed by legends of the music history, such as Karajan, Wiener Philharmoniker, Szell, Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden, Amadeus Quartet, Nikita Magaloff, Giulietta Simionato, Nicolai Gedda etc.

- This is a one-shot project manufactured in limited quantity

24,95 €
19,95 €
Andre Caplet and his contemporaries

Sandrine Chatron (Harp)

16,95 €
Image Taïga Maya
'Taïga Maya' is a lavish project involving music, visuals and text and is inspired by the Mayan prophecies that predict the end of the world in 2012. Written and produced by Thierry Van Roy, keyboard player and former producer of Real World, it also features Melanie Gabriel on vocals.

The concept of the album is this - a meteorite hits the earth, knocks it off its axis, and the oceans dry up. This condemns half of the globe to live in perpetual darkness and the other half in perpetual light. Great migrations of populations begin, leading to surprising and unexpected human and musical encounters.

19,95 €
Image Clarinet Quintet
Wolfgang Meyer, Clarinet
Quatuor Mosaïques
Anita Mitterer, Viola
Patrick Cohen, Hammerflügel

The Mosaïques Quartet trained with Nikolaus Harnoncourt and his Concentus Musicus, cultivating a taste for authenticity, the path they subsequently trod, starting in Vienna in 1987 and illuminated by Haydn and Mozart, led them to develop a collective colour. Here, their mosaic stretches to the mellowness of the fortepiano and the basset clarinet, an instrument partly invented by Stadler and suggested by the wide tessitura of the Quintet, which is what makes this version so special.

Wolfgang Meyer expresses the light and dark facets of Mozart's close friend, both soloist and trusted ear, eschewing emphasis and torment, constantly radiant and bonded to the ensemble.

12,95 €
Image The Touch of your Lips - Tribute to Bill Evans
Manuel Rocheman PIANO
Mathias Allamane DOUBLE-BASS
Mathieu Chazarenc DRUMS

One of the best Jazz-pianist in France, Manuel Rocheman, former student of the famous Martial Solal, presents here a new project, dedidated to Bill Evans. If some Evans compositions may be here on this albums, its main purpose is the very specific musical universe of Bill Evans, with some tracks & covered & even some new compositions by Rocheman.

"Bill Evans, the most European of jazz pianists, combines Skryabin, Chopin, Ravel, Satie and jazz in a wonderful way that brings European and Afro-American music together. His music always sings; he doesn't just play notes on the piano, he constructs beautiful melodies. He personifies a kind of jazzy romanticism mixed with the spiky power of bebop. His phrasing is always subtle, elegant and singing, and he plays with the utmost expression, without ever using mere effects. Bill Evans has always been an inspiration to me, and I wanted this album to be an homage to him."

19,95 €
Image Medea’s Fury
Exciting musical baroque variations on a myth: Médée.

Opera remained an exclusively courtly and princely genre throughout the first third of the seventeenth century, when it found in mythological subject matter the source of the supernatural, one of the cornerstones of the Baroque aesthetic. The intention was to arouse in the spectator the astonishment that, proper to tragedy, which the Florentine theorists sought to revive in a wholly sung drama. Thus the myths of Orpheus, Arion, and Daphne nourished the first ‘favole per musica’, performed in Florence and Mantua to an audienc of aristocrats and academicians, before other characters with magical powers took over from them: Armida, Alcina, and Medea.

The last-named, granddaughter of the Sun, sorceress and sister to Circe, traverses the whole history of the opera –Cherubini, of course, but also such varied incarnations as those of Handel and Mercadante, right up to Pascal Dusapin.

From the XVIIth century to the mid-XVIIIth century, the Médée’s musical myth has been a great success on stage and this very-well structured program reveals after all a character very close to us.

19,95 €
Image Frank Braley Recital (Liszt / Debussy / Gershwin)
Dolby Surround Sound DTS 5.1
Frank Braley, piano.

Franz Liszt

Petrarch Sonnets nr 123 & 104

La Lugubre Gondole II




Rhapsody in Blue

Prelude No 3

23,50 €
Image Ordres pour clavecin
Incudes Les fastes de la Grande et Ancienne Ménestrandine, L'Olympique, Les papillons, La Diane, Les Idées Heureuses, La Voluptueuse, Le réveil-matin and more.

39,95 €
Image Europa

Born in 1973, David Grimal began playing the violin at the age of five. Following his studies with Régis Pasquier at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, he participated in several master-classes most notably those of Isaac Stern and Schlomo Mintz. His fortuitous meeting with Philippe Hirschorn, the man who was to become his mentor, was decisive both musically and in that it opened the doors to an international career.

19,95 €
Image Symphony No. 5
19,95 €
Image O solitude & Songs
O solitude: this exquisite and profound piece by Henry Purcell opens this selection of songs by the great English Baroque composer, recorded here by the alto Gérard Lesne, whose voice proves to be in its element expressing the subtlety of these pieces.

17,95 €
Image Flowers will always have the last word
Bertrand Renaudin, trummor

Emile Parisien, saxofon

Olivier Cahours, gitarr

Marc Buronfosses, bas

Bertrand Renaudin - Flowers will always
have the last word

1. A Rose

2. Equisetum

3. Physalis

4. Crocus

5. Hydrangea

6. Cactus

7. Ceanothus

8. Solanum

9. Tricyrtis

10. Aralia

11. Helleborus

12. Camellia

19,95 €
Image Naive 15 Years: Marie-Nicole Lemieux
Marie-Nicole Lemieux, contralto
Orchestre National de France
Il Complesso Barocco
Alan Curtis & Fabien Gabel, conductors

16,95 €
Image Either Way
With EITHER WAY and like a painter rendering his own reality, I give you a portrait in black and white and in my own way of these two american icons such as Ella and Marilyn The "Love letter" addressed to Ella Fitz-gerald, with my previous album "Ella, my Dear..."was a version for full orchestra, magnificently arranged by Ivan Jullien of Ella's repertoire, my first and essential source of inspiration.

Entirely re-orchestrated in jazz quartet idiom for EITHER WAY, the stand-ards of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer or Duke Ellington sound minimalist on this album in comparison to the previous one, with the exception of "But not for me" where I wanted a move, assisted by the mysterious, heartrending voice of Mamani, towards Africa.

In the other volume of this diptych, devoted to Marilyn, I make a com-pletely personal proposition of the emblematic repertoire of that fragile star, perhaps even more exposed in her singing, than in her acting. You know the place we are going, let me take you there my way...all roads lead to Ella & Marilyn.

Ella, Norma, Black or White... EITHER WAY. To these amazing and unusual women, with all my love and respect..."

19,95 €
Image Birth of a Master (The)
Alexandra Coku, soprano
Julien Chauvin, violin
Le Cercle de l'harmonie / Jérémie Rhorer

This recording of a live performance of music by the young Beethoven - his first operatic, symphonic and concert masterpieces - features one of the best of the newer ensembles on the international scene, Le Cercle de L'Harmonie under its conductor Jérémie Rhorer. The lively and innovative programme includes the early dramatic scene "Ah Perfido", the concert aria "No non turbati", "O wär' ich schon mit dir verein" (an aria from the first version of Fidelio, which was titled "Leonore"), as well as his First Symphony, and the first of the two Romances for violin and orchestra.

Formed in April 2005 in Deauville by Jeremy Rhorer and Julien Chauvin (first violin), le Cercle de l'Harmonie soon established itself as a significant force in the performance of great symphonic and operatic repertoires of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The ensemble is now invited to appear at major venues - including London's Barbican Hall in June - and with artists such as Diana Damrau and Philippe Jaroussky, with whom it has recorded two CDs for Virgin Classics. This, the first in a series of productions for Ambroisie, presents Jérémie Rhorer's first recording of works by Beethoven.

Today the music of Beethoven is regarded as a remarkable link in the chain of evolution of Western music, a judgement that is based mainly on the pieces he composed after 1800.

However there was in his artistic development a transitional period, around the turn of the century, when the works he composed appear to belong to the Classical tradition while presenting ideas that were to be developed later. This recording features the major works of that period, the Symphony No. 1 in C major, and the Romance for violin and orchestra in F major, op. 50. There are also three vocal works on the disc, the aria "O wär' ich schon mit dir verein" from "Leonore", the first version of Beethoven's only opera "Fidelio", the dramatic scene "Ah Perfido", and the concert aria "No non turbati".

1. The Creatures of Prometheus, op. 43 (1801)
2. O wär' ich schon mit dir verein, aria from Leonore (1805)
3. No, non turbarti" WoO 92a (1801-1802)
4. Romance for violin and orchestra in F major, op. 50 (1802)
5. Ah, perfido, op. 65 (1796)
6-9. Symphony No.1 in C major, op. 21 (1800)

19,95 €
Image Piano Concertos
Nikolai Lugansky PIANO
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Kent Nagano

For his third recording on Naïve / Ambroisie, and following an extremely successful Rachmaninov sonatas recording, Nikolai Lugansky pairs with one of the most refined conductors, Kent Nagano (with whom he already recorded several successful discs) and excellent Deutsches Sinfonie-Orchester Berlin to perform brilliant and sometimes breathtaking performances of virtuoso Grieg and Prokofiev Piano Concertos.

19,95 €
Image Naive 15 Years: Nikolai Lugansky
Nikolai Lugansky, piano

16,95 €
Image Vénus & Adonis
Anders J. Dahlin, countertenor
Karine Deshayes, mezzo-soprano
Anna-Maria Panzarella, soprano
Ingrid Perruche, soprano
Sébastien Droy, tenor
Henk Neven, baritone
Jean Teitgen, bass
Les Talens Lyriques/Christophe Rousset

39,95 €
19,95 €
Image Philémon & Baucis
Aristeo & Una Pastorella: Ann Hallenberg, mezzosopran

Ati & Giove: Magnus Staveland, tenor

Cirene & Bauci: Ditte Andersen, sopran

Cidippe, Filemone & Silvia: Marie Lenormand, mezzosopran

Choeur de Chambre de Namur; Les Talens Lyriques/
Christophe Rousset

39,95 €
Image Violin Sonatas
Inspelningar från 1972.

Ingår gör även en DVD-video.
David Oistrakh, violin (Stradivarius, 1705);

Paul Badura-Skoda, piano (Bösendorfer).


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Violinsonat D-dur, K306

1. Allegro con spirito

2. Andante cantabile

3. Allegretto

Violinsonat B-dur, K454

4. Largo – Allegro

5. Andante

6. Allegretto

Violinsonat Ess-dur, K481

7. Molto allegro

8. Adagio

9. Allegretto con Variazioni

Sex variationer i g-moll över Hélas, j’ai perdu mon amant, K360

10. Andantino


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Violinsonat Ess-dur, K481

1. Molto allegro

2. Adagio

3. Allegretto con Variazioni

Sex variationer i g-moll över Hélas, j’ai perdu mon amant, K360

4. Andantino

Violinsonat B-dur, K454

5. Largo – Allegro

6. Andante

7. Allegretto

26,95 €
74,95 €
Image Leonid Chizhik Recital: Jazz
23,50 €
Image Le Nozze di Figaro (2 CD)
39,95 €
Image Cantatas BWV 85, 175, 183 & 199



Here we have four masterpieces from J.S. Bach's vast output of cantatas – four works in which the violoncello piccolo plays an important part. The violoncello piccolo is played by Christophe Coin; its vies with the beauty, clarity
and purity of the voices, including that of Andreas Scholl.
Andreas Scholl, Barbara Schlick,
Christoph Prégardien

Ensemble Baroque de Limoges/Christophe Coin

12,95 €
Image Concert dans le gout théatral
Capriccio Stravagante presents a reconstruction of the Concert dans le gout théatral, an "acte de ballet" revealing the fine musical skills of this great Baroque composer and his mastery of theatrical effects.

15,50 €
Image Naive 15 Years: Fazil Say
Fazil Say, piano
Patricia Koptchinskaja, violin

16,95 €
Image Pelléas et Mélisande
The opera, Pelléas et Mélisande, first performed in Paris in 1902, had never been staged in Russia. In June 2007, director Olivier Py and conductor Marc Minkowski produced Claude Debussy's opera in Moscow for the first time, with a Franco- Russian cast. To spectators unfamiliar with Pelléas et Mélisande, Debussy, or even opera, we wanted to create a sensory, imaginary space that they could make their own, without partiality or preconceived notions. "We never see but the reverse side of fate, even of our own," the old King Arkel sings. On screen, the shimmering world of the theatre becomes an allegorical cave of the world, peopled with Claude Debussy, Maurice Maeterlinck, Olivier Py, Marc Minkowski, as well as young Russian singers, technicians, extras, an entire brotherhood of beings who are "mysterious like everyone.

28,95 €
Image Tempo
Tania Maria PIANO, VOCAL
Eddie Gomez BASS

Tempo is the meeting of a renowned Brazilian pianist and singer Tania Maria and a legendary bass player. Renowned as one of the most famous Brazilian pia-nists and singers since the 70's, Tania Maria has based her art in playing Brazilian tunes with a very tasty blend of jazz. Her meeting with Eddie Gomez, one of the best jazz bass player ever - he spent a long time in the great Bill Evans trio and others - is an amazing mix be-tween Brazil & jazz.

Tania Maria is scatting with brio and playing her me-lodious piano part while Eddie Gomez is playing won-derful harmonic bass and is improvising when she's soloing on piano on such beautiful melodies as Estate or A Chuva Caiu. This new record is a new step in the Brazil / Jazz area and the successful meeting of two legends of American Modern Music.

19,95 €
Image Concerti per violino III (Il ballo)
Vivaldi Edition
The Vivaldi Edition, a recording venture conceived by the Italian musicologist Alberto Basso and the independent label Naïve, is one of the most ambitious recording projects of the twenty-first century. Its principal objective is to record the massive collection of Vivaldi autograph manuscripts preserved today in the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria in Turin, some 450 works in all. This treasure trove is none other than the private library of scores Vivaldi had at home at the time of his death in Vienna in 1741 and includes his extant operas, hundreds of concertos, sacred compositions and cantatas. After a chaotic itinerary which took them from Venice to Genoa, then to Casale Monferrato in Piedmont, these manuscripts ended up almost by accident at the library in Turin, which, realising their priceless value, managed to acquire them around 1930 thanks to two generous patrons. The collection includes fifteen operas and several hundred concertos, as well as sacred compositions and secular cantatas. Most of this music has not been heard since the eighteenth century. The release of more than one hundred recordings, which began in the year 2000, will continue until 2015. The Vivaldi Edition's goal is to make this extraordinary wealth of music available to the public and at the same time to reveal the full genius of Vivaldi, not only as a composer of instrumental music, for which he was already known, but as the creator of some of the eighteenth century's most important vocal music. Beyond the realm of recording, the Vivaldi Edition is active in promoting affiliated concerts in major festivals and concert series throughout Europe and in developing multimedia projects which bring together musicians, film-makers, authors, visual artists and others.

Duilio Galfetti
The release of Galfetti's recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons on Claves-TSI/Arte revealed Duilio M. Galfetti as one of the leading Baroque violinists on the international scene. He began studying music at the age of seven, first the mandolin, and later the violin. After obtaining his diploma in violin from the Dreilinden Conservatory of Lucerne in the class of Gunars Larsens (1989) he started a long collaboration with the Milanese Baroque ensemble il Giardino Armonico, which enabled him not only to deepen his knowledge of music played on period instruments and observing historically informed performance practice, but also to appear as a soloist on mandolin, violin and viola at the leading international festivals, including the Festival van Vlaanderen in Bruges, the Internationale Musikfestwochen in Lucerne, the Bach-Tage at the Philharmonie in Berlin, the Styriarte Festival in Graz, Musica e Poesia a San Maurizio in Milan, and the Schleswig- Holstein Musik Festival. During these years he made a number of major recordings for Teldec (Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, Vivaldi's complete mandolin and lute concertos, Musica da Camera a Napoli) which were enthusiastically received by the specialised critics and won numerous awards (Diapason d'Or, 10 de Répertoire, Choc du Monde de la Musique, Gramophone Award). In 1997, Duilio Galfetti became a member of the Swiss-Italian Radio Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana) and founded the ensemble I Barocchisti with Diego Fasolis. This group works in close collaboration with the Choir of Swiss- Italian Radio, and has already made many recordings acclaimed by press and public alike, among them Bach's St John Passion, orchestral suites, and complete motets, Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine, Handel's Messiah, Giovanni Paisiello's La Passione di Gesù Cristo, and Vivaldi's Juditha triumphans and recorder concertos (with Maurice Steger). Duilio Galfetti has also recorded for Naxos, Chandos, BBC Music, Auvidis, Ex Libris, Arts, and for the leading European radio stations. He was recently asked by Claudio Abbado to appear as mandolin soloist on tour with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.

19,95 €
Image O dolorosa gioia
In a program that confronts the madrigals of Gesualdo with those of his essential influences, Rinaldo Alessandrini reveals that the work of the mythical 'prince assassin' is the extreme exultation of an expressive language and research.

16,95 €
Image Piano Sonata No. 19 / 4 Impromptus
Nikolai Lugansky, piano

For his first Schubert recording, Nikolai Lugansky has chosen one sonata and four impromptus from the late output of the iconic Viennese composer.

Schubert composed his last three piano sonatas in Vienna during the summer of 1828, shortly before his death on 19 November at the age of 31. The first of the three, in C minor D958, is the most impassioned, and the power and dark energy emerging from its four movements are reminiscent of Beethoven. After the latter's death on 26 March 1827, Schubert felt liberated from the weight of idolatry and composed such masterpieces as these final sonatas, the Lieder cycle 'Winterreise', and the 'Impromptu's for piano, the last four of which are also featured on this recording. The elegance and technical prowess of Nikolai Lugansky's playing are perfectly suited to these masterpieces. He records exclusively for the Naïve-Ambroisie label.

19,95 €
Bach, J S: Motets, BWV225-230

Arsys Bourgogne & Les Basses Reunies, Pierre Cao

19,95 €
74,95 €
74,95 €
Image Paysage avec ruines
'Hersant’s music has a strong direct appeal and although it is in no way easy or simple that makes this a most desirable release'


Luisa Islam Ali Zade, mezzo-soprano

Hélène Collerette, violin

Jérôme Comte, clarinet

and others

19,95 €
Image Elisso Virsaladze Recital (Schumann / Prokofiev /
Dolby Surround Sound DTS 5.1
Elisso Virsaladze, piano.

Robert Schumann

Kreisleriana Op 16

Sergej Prokofjev

Pianosonat d-moll Op 14:2

Sarcasms Op17:3

Peter Tjajkovskij

Natha-Valse A-dur Op 51

23,50 €
Image 22 Sonates for Harpsichord
Domenico Scarlatti - Harpsichord Sonatas

Pierre Hantaï (harpsichord)

16,95 €
Image Voce di Orfeo, La
La Chimera was formed in 2001 as a viol ensemble by Sabina Colonna Preti. Since she met Eduardo Egüez and Quito Gato it has turned into a complete baroque ensemble. After the «Buenos Aires Madrigal» project, they are now recording a new project for Naïve, a tribute to the Italian singer Francesco Rasi (1574-1621), who created the title role in Claudio Monteverdi's Orfeo. For this tribute, La Chimera is joined by Furio Zanasi, who sang the role of Orpheus on both the Alessandrini and Savall recordings of Monteverdi's work.

19,95 €
Image Vesperae beatae virginis
Pietro Paolo Bencini was one of the most important figures on the music scene in Rom in the eighteen century. He is a perfect example of what the Rroman School and tradition could produce. His music is festive, full of contrast and tricking in its melodic wealth and fluidity.

15,50 €
Image Odisea negra
Odisea negra, el mar de las memorias is the second recording on naïve of La Chimera, an ensemble whose activities focus on the creation of original projects at the intersection of various art forms, with a special interest in the links between past and present.

Odisea negra is a tribute to the Caribbean world that, over the last centuries, and like the Mediterranean Sea several centuries before, has set an amazing identity while being a unique mix of cultures in which slavery, war and pain have been the main actors. Hence this is an exploration of various links between America, Africa and Europe. This is an album that can be launched and positioned as a world music project.

Argentinian musician and conductor Eduardo Egüez created this project with Venezuelian singer Iván García. The contribution of the renowed Senegalian singer Ablaye Cissoko is probably the main achievement of this project that, as Eduardo Egüez wrote in the inside notes "explores the 'imaginative world' of black Central America from its origins to the present, traversing many musical styles characteristic of that imaginative world, from the polyphonic negrillas of the sixteenth century to the Cuban habanera, son, and bolero; from the Baroque jácara to the Venezuelan merengue and joropo."

1. Jácaras | Santiago de Murcia 1673-1759
arr. Eduardo Egüez b.1959
2. La Josa | Joropo, Carmito Gamboa ?-1974
arr. Eduardo Egüez
3. Ali (introduction) | Ablaye Cissoko b.1970
4. Ali | Ablaye Cissoko
5. Eso rigor e repente | Negrilla,
Gaspar Fernandes 1565-1629
arr. Eduardo Egüez
6. Fatouyo | folksong from Senegal
arr. Eduardo Egüez
7. Ogguere | Habanera, Gilberto Valdés 1905-1971
arr. Eduardo Egüez
8. Wouloukamala | folksong from Senegal
arr. Eduardo Egüez
9. Dame albriçia mano Anton | Negrilla,
Gaspar Fernandes
arr. Eduardo Egüez
10. Ellos | poem by Manuel del Cabral 1907-1999
(República Dominicana)
11. Douna (introduction) | Eduardo Egüez
12. Douna | Ablaye Cissoko
arr. Eduardo Egüez
13. El Mezclao | Merengue, Eduardo Egüez
14. Mariposita de primavera | Habanera,
Miguel Matamoros 1894-1971
arr. Leonardo Teruggi
15. Lágrimas negras | Son, Miguel Matamoros
arr. Leonardo Terruggi
16. Una paloma cantando pasa | poem by
Nicolás Guillen 1902-1989 (Cuba)
17. El Congo | anonymous negrilla collected by
Martínez Compañón (Peru, 18th century)
arr. Eduardo Egüez
18. Quimeras | Eduardo Egüez
19. El Congo | version in Mandinka of an anonymous negrilla collected by Martínez Compañón

19,95 €
Image Cantatas Nos. 49, 115 & 180
Barbara Schlick SOPRANO
Christoph Pregardien TENOR
Gotthold Schwarz BASS

Concerto Vocale de Leipzig
Ensemble Baroque de Limoges

Unusually these three church cantatas are accompanied by a cello, which was uncommon, especially in church: in this case the five-string piccolo, fashionable at the start of the 18th century. The key to the originality and coherence of this recording by the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges, with Concerto Vocale Leipzig, is to have approached these works from the instrumental angle.

12,95 €
Image Naive 15 Years: Sonia Wieder-Atherton
Sonia Wieder-Atherton, cello
Daria Hovora, piano
Sara Iancu & Matthieu Lejeune, cellos

16,95 €
Image Red Eyes
Mina Agossi - vocals
Eric Jacot - bass guitar
Ichiro Onoe - drums
Stéphane Guéry - custom 77 guitar
Phil Reptil - guitars
Sue Richardson - trumpet

Special guest:
Archie Shepp - vocals, tenor sax, piano

Two years after Just Like A Lady, her first album for naïve, Mina Agossi once again proves that she's a different singer - Red Eyes, her new album featuring Archie Shepp and two guitarists, expresses her love for Blues, Soul and Jazz, off the beaten tracks.

Once again, she mixes all her influences and all kinds music, bringing new songs of her own and covers of Jimi Hendrix ("Red House" with Archie Shepp - one of the Jazz Legends - on tenor), Billy Idol... On "The stars are in your eyes", a composition by Archie Shepp written for Sarah Vaughan, she duets with Archie on an almost irresistible and very soft mood.

19,95 €
Image Canto
Tania Maria was born into a family of amateur musicians in Sao Luis, north-western Brazil, she began studying the piano and the age of seven and was just 13 when she was the hands-down first-prize winner in a regional competition as the leader of a group started by her father. At the time, bossa nova was all the rage from Rio to New York, adding a peppery touch to jazz like an exotic local spice.

Just three years later, however, this talented young woman with a bright future tried to distance herself from music by studying law. Her figners continued to yearn for the piano, however, and she finally gave in to its insistent call, committing herself to music with more fervour than ever. After shuttling between gigs in Rio and Sao Paulo, she recorded her first album at the age of 20, for Warner.

As early as 1969, her first musical performances clearly showed her potential and her predilections: an astounding mix of Brazilian rhythms and jazz harmonies, underpinning a remarkable natural gift for spinning sophisticated melodies. After 36 years and 25 albums, and by way of such runaway hits as Piquant, Come with me and Made in New York, Tania Maria stands out as one of the truly great talents on the Brazilian music scene, where she is known for her unmistakable voice, whose sultry low tones can lay down a serious groove, and for her percussive touch at the piano, where things can suddenly take a more classical turn. She has also done a lot of travelling in her time, from the Paris nightlife of the 70s, where she met Claude Nougaro, to the New York fusion years in the 80s; she has lived in both cities, and both continue to live in her.

She has also taken part in virtually every major jazz festival in the world, from Montreux to New Orleans, Tokyo and Nice. Tania Maria is an accomplished musician who, though always attracted to swing and jazz, has never forgotten the fundamental beats of her native choro and samba.

19,95 €
19,95 €
Kavita Shah - Visions

19,95 €
Image Here comes a new challenger
Gianluca Petrella is an Italian jazz trombonist. He is internationally considered one of the best young jazz trombonists. In 2001 he won Italy's Django d'Or Award as well as Musica Jazz's annual critics poll as Best Young Talent. In 2006 and 2007 he was featured in Down Beat magazine, winning their award for "Best Emerging Artist" in the category for Best Trombonist.

19,95 €
Image From Italy to Brazil
Prize-winning Argentinean soprano Veronica Cangemi has worked with such ensembles as Les arts florissants, Il giardino armonico as well as the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra under Rene Jacobs, and beyond this with the conductors William Christie, Sir Neville Marriner and Marek Janowski. Philippe Spinosi, a member of the brilliant Duo Spinosi, boldly explores guitar music both old and new. With Una Stella they present a stirring recital of music from Baroque to beyond that traverses half the world.

19,95 €
Image Concerti per oboe
Vivaldi's oboe concertos represent the largest single collection of oboe concertos by an 18th-century composer which have come down to us today. The first Venitian reference to an oboe is in 1692. It was thus a new instrument in Venice and it is amazing that Vivaldi was already writing highly advanced concertos which thoroughly exploit the technical possibilities of the instrument. Musically the principal ingrediant in these concertos is the wonderful contrast between allegro movements which are brillant and highly virtuostic and slow movements which are extremely touching and expressive. The occasional allegro non molto movements introduce more moderate colours and emotions creating an overall, multi-coloured panorama.

19,95 €
Image Wedding March and other Wedding Music, The
Wedding ceremonies in the West are traditionally accompanied by classical music. On this recording, the wedding marches by Mendelssohn (from A Midsummer Night's Dream) and Wagner (from Lohengrin) are found alongside pieces such as Handel's Alleluia Chorus, Schubert's Ave Maria, and several well-known gospel songs, including Oh, happy day!

12,95 €
Image Hungarian Dances
In the nineteenth century, Gypsy music and Hungarian music joyfully combined forces. For the Viennese, Hungary was represented above all by its dances with their lively rhythms. Brahms took those themes, which are still as popular today as they were then, and produced this striking work, full of colour and variety, but also subtlety.

12,95 €
Image Great Saraband and other Classical Masterpieces, T
Handel's Great Sarabande, Pachelbel's Canon, Rossini's overture to The Barber of Seville are among the most popular
orchestral works ever written, so much so that they have even found their way into films and TV commercials. These are as
popular works in the noble sense of the word.

12,95 €
Image Clair de lune and other Romantic Piano Masterpiece
The Romantic age corresponds to the time when composers turned their backs on the sophisticated forms patiently perfected by their eighteenth-century predecessors and music began to speak of love, childhood, dreams, memories, and the natural world, in short, it became more introspective and personal.

12,95 €
Image Tristesse and other Masterpieces for Piano
Chopin grew up in Poland, before living as an exile in France. In his piano music he expressed an infinite palette of feelings and emotions, and used his legendary virtuosity to create musical poetry. In his works, which include Nocturnes and Mazurkas, we find gentleness and melancholy, expressiveness and passion. Music that goes straight to the heart.

12,95 €
Image Desperate Heroines
Desperate heroines - the French soprano sings Mozart arias. After her first Mozart album with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra from 2002 sang the Soprano Sandrine Piau albums with French repertoire and Handel arias (such as the album Between Heaven and Eart) and participated in Vivaldi's operas (Atenaide, La Fida Ninfa) and sacral recordings with, including the Fauré Requiem and Brahms German Requiem. Sandrine Piau feels Mozart as the linchpin of their entire musical life and as essential for their inner balance - the greater was their joy that they could win the venerable Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra under the baton of Ivor Bolton for Desperate Heroines. Topic are the arias desperate heroines (Barbarina in Le Nozze di Figaro Giunia from Lucio Silla Sandrina from La Finta Giardiniera, Donna Anna in Don Giovanni, Aspasia of Mithridates, Ilia from Idomeneo, Aminta in Il Re Pastore and Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro) recorded in the Mozarteum Foundation.

19,95 €
Image Concierto de Aranjuez (for harp)
Few twentieth-century works have enjoyed such popularity as Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez. Originally written for guitar, it is played here, in this rare version, on the harp - an ideal way to rediscover this fine piece, of which the composer said: 'it is meant to sound like the hidden breeze that stirs the treetops [...]; it should be as gentle as a butterfly.'

12,95 €
Image Christmas Songs Around The World
Arsys Bourgogne
Pierre Cao, conductor

Ever since its creation in 1999, Arsys Bourgogne has developed a unique project highlighting six centuries of vocal repertoire. Conducted by the Luxembourg native Pierre Cao, the choir is now considered to be among the best in Europe. Using a flexible formation, ranging up to 32 singers, Arsys explores all choral repertoire, both a cappella and accompanied, from early music - Renaissance, Baroque, Classical - through Romantic and 20th century music to that of the present day.

17,95 €
Image Carmen (Highlights)
Carmen is the most popular opera of all time, the one that is performed most often in the world today, with tunes and arias that everyone knows and is capable of humming, the story of passionate and fiercely independent Gypsy-girl, in love with love and freedom - yes, Carmen!

12,95 €
Image Piano Concertos Nos. 9 & 21
Mozart was undoubtedly one of the geniuses of music. And no one has surpassed him in the art of the piano concerto. Transparency, clarity, rich themes, sparkling joy, optimism and serenity are features of these works. The piano, conversing with the orchestra, expresses every human emotion. Operatic art and instrumental style are magically combined.

12,95 €
Image Family
Being able to create and share music together, as 3 siblings, is a unique situation. Or so people tell us. We know no other way - it is as natural to us as breathing. But with the years we have become more and more grateful, realizing the wonderful gift we have received. The idea of recording with the great Jon Hendricks came to us after we met him in Brazil in 2010, where Jon sat in with our band. The connection felt magical and we all agreed that we must record together. We didn't know it would be so soon. Thank you, Jon, for your amazing spirit, joy, stories and swing!! We want to thank the hard swinging Aaron, Matt and Greg: it was a thrill to have you on board with us for this one!

This album is dedicated to our parents, Bilha & David Cohen - without their love and support none of this would have been possible. Thanks to you music is our passion and our life - the greatest gift one (or three) could ever ask for!

In loving memory of our friend Amit Golan.

19,95 €
Image 3CD-BOX: Catone in Utica
Naïve-levymerkin Antonio Vivaldin (1678-1741) kokonaislevytyssarjassa julkaistaan jo 50. osa. Juhlajulkaisulla kuullaan Vivaldin oopperaharvinaisuus, jossa Topi Lehtipuu tulkitsee oopperan nimikkoroolissa. Kyseessä on jo 15. Naïven julkaisema Vivaldin ooppera.

Vivaldi sävelsi Catone in Utica -oopperan vain neljä vuotta ennen kuolemaansa. Teos löydettiin uudelleen vasta vuonna 1926. Tähän mennessä teoksen alkuosaa ei ole löydetty, joten äänite sisältää oopperan 2. ja 3.näytöksen, jotka ovat olemassa alkuperäiskäsikirjoituksina.

Topi Lehtipuu on noussut nopeasti arvostetuimpien tenorien joukkoon. Hän julkaisi sooloalbuminsa Arie per Tenore, joka sisälsi Vivaldin ooppera-aarioita, Naïve-merkille vuonna 2010. Lisäksi Lehtipuuta kuullaan sivulauluroolissa Naïven vuosina 2009 ja 2010 julkaistuissa kahden Vivaldi-oopperan levytyksessä: La Fida Ninfa sekä Ottone in Villa.

39,95 €
Image 4CD-BOX: My Favorite
Discovery Set for the best price - Favorite recordings of Frédéric Chopin. Naiva hatt attractive limited edition 4-laced boxsets at a special price for three newcomers: The Chopin set contains Chopin's famous Piano Concerto No. 2 and the ballads No.1 - 4, interpreted by Lise de la Salle and the Dresden Staatskapelle under Fabio Luisi. Further improvisations on Chopin's works of the famous Polish jazz pianist Leszdek Mozdzer and the Chopin-double-CD of Grigory Sokolov with the 24 Preludes, the 12 Etudes, Op. 25 and the Sonata no. 2nd

19,95 €
Image Goldberg variations
Dan Tepfer, piano

Fond of Classical music as of Jazz, this very young and talented French-American pianist has already won lots of first piano prices: 1st Prize in 1986 in Montreux, 1st American Pia-nist Association prize ... After a very rewarded first album in duet with Jazz Legend Lee Konitz and a second one in trio which also marked an important step in his career. He is now back with a new album dedicated to Bach's masterpiece for keyboard. Tepfer offers a brilliant version of the piece but also completes it by improvisations of his own to extend the piece between classical & jazz moods: each variation is followed by a short impro. Beyond classifications & ...well inspired!

19,95 €
Image Stones World
Tim Ries - tenor saxophone
Keith Richards - guitar
Kazumi Watanabe - guitar
Minako Yoshida - vocals
Herman Olivera - vocals
Eddie Palmieri - piano
Mick Jagger - harmonica
Ronnie Wood - guitar
Charlie Watts - drums
Bernard Fowler - vocals
Ana Moura - vocals
Michael Davies - trombone
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Bill Frisell - guitar
Chuck Leavell - piano
John Patitucci - acoustic bass
Badal Roy - tabla
Lisa Fisher - xun
Sara Baras - dancer
Larry Goldings - organ
Teramusa Hino - trumpet
Milton Nascimento - vocals
Magos Herrera - vocals
Tidawt - vocals

The Rolling Stones have proven to be one of the world's most influential bands. Saxophonist and Stones' sideman Tim Ries goes to the heart of the matter on his new release, StonesWorld - The Rolling Stones Project II. The CD features Ries's arrangements of 12 classic Rolling Stones songs with some of the best musicians in the world, including the namesake rock and roll legends themselves.

19,95 €
Image Toccata & Fugue and other Masterpieces for Organ
12,95 €
Image Ron Carter's Great Big Band
The legendary bassist Ron Carter had accomplished nearly everything a jazz musician could. He had appeared on thousands of recordings, performed with legends, and had led revered ensembles. One thing he hadn't done was led a big band. On the new CD Ron Carter's Great Big Band (Sunnyside, 2011), Carter finally got to be at the helm of 17 piece large ensemble. Assisted by arranger Bob Freedman and producer Wendy MacDonald, the ensemble took on an eclectic program of compositions by a handful of jazz masters, including Carter himself.

With a rhythmic section of exception (Mulgrew Miller, Lewis Nash) & talented soloist, this 17-musicians Orchestra is one of the Jazz events of the end of the year.

19,95 €
Image Parallel Tones
The third release in the Kristjan Järvi Sound Project, 'Parallel Tones' takes two iconic works both united by New York. Strauss's 'Sinfonia Domestica' - debuted at Carnegie Hall and featuring four saxophones in what was the composer's idea of the 'American' sound - and Ellington's 'Harlem', a big band piece very much inspired by Strauss's tone poems.

These two 'parallel tones' - one going from Europe to America and one from America back in time to Europe - morph 19th century European musical language with that of the American 20th century, crossing paths in New York. Launched in 2014, the KJSP series features projects across all of Järvi's ensembles and is characterised by the conductor's unmistakable approach in taking a fresh look at the old, with concepts and presentation that transcend the borders of classical music.

19,95 €
Image Dixit Dominus / Magnificat
Concerto Italiano / Rinaldo Alessandrini

Alessandro Scarlatti
Dixit Dominus: Dixit Dominus / Donec Ponam / Dominus A Dextris Tuis / De Torrente / Gloria Patri / Sicut Erat In Principio

Madrigals: Sdegno La Fiamma Estinse / Mori, Mi Dici / O Selce, O Tigre, O Ninfa / O Morte / Arsi Un Tempo

Magnificat: Et Exultavit / Quia / Respexit / Fecit Potentiam / Deposuit Potentes / Esurientes Implevit Bonis / Sicut Locutus Est / Gloria Patri / Sicut Erat In Principio / Amen

Alessandro Scarlatti revived the model launched by Marenzio, father of the modern technique of madrigal composition. His brilliant setting of these five texts brings out all their dramatic qualities with great refinement.

15,50 €
Image Violin Concertos
Patricia Kopatchinskaja, VIOLIN
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Vladimir Jurowski, CONDUCTOR

Patricia Kopatchinskaja's fifth recording on naïve is dedicated to the violin concertos of two Russian great composers of the 20th century: Stravinsky and Prokofiev. Recorded with leading orchestra and conductor London Philharmonic Orchestra, the disc offers intense, exhilarating, ardent performances, as usually with Patricia Kopatchinskaja.

She is recognized as "bringing a particularly personal intensity to everything she touches" (BBC). Her previous recording, featuring Bartok, Eötvös and Ligeti concertos and conducted by Peter Eötvös himself, will be one of the winners of the Gramophone Awards (UK) on September 17th and the Echo Klassik Awards(Germany) on October 6th. Moreover, the release of the Prokofiev- Stravinsky recording is supported by a large number of live performances in Europe - see next page.

The two violin concertos coupled on this recording display as many affinities as they do divergences. Both stem from creators in conflict with their native Russia - one choosing to return there, the other settling permanently in exile; both belong to the aesthetic of the 'return to order' observed from 1920 onwards and characterised by the reappropriation of models from the past. If Prokofiev preserves the traditional bases of the concerto, he combines them with a search for a new lyricism. As for Stravinsky, he reworks tried and trusted models while offering a deliberately neutral, distanced expressivity.

19,95 €
Image Fantaisie fantasme
- New naïve artist

- A dreamlike recording around the theme of the fantasy, the dream...

- A musical trip from Bach to John Cage, from Bach to Ligeti...

- A amazing performance of the Mozart fantasy

- A very personal and unique approach

- Visit www.davidgreilsammer.com

David Greilsammer, piano
David Greilsammer - Fantaisie fantasme

Johann Sebastian Bach
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor BWV 903, Fantasy

Jonathan Keren
Fantaisie, mais 2 Fantastrophes, First Fantastrophe 2007 (world premiere recording)

Johannes Brahms
Fantasies op.116, no.2, Intermezzo, Andante in A minor

Arnold Schoenberg
Six Little Pieces op.19, nos. 1, 2 & 3

György Ligeti
Musica Ricercata, two excerpts

Leos Janácek
Sonata ‘1.X. 1905’ in E flat minor: I. The Presentiment, Con moto

John Cage
Sonatas and Interludes, Sonata no.5 for prepared piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Fantasy in C minor K475

John Cage
Sonatas and Interludes, Sonata no.12 for prepared piano

Leos Janácek
Sonata ‘1.X. 1905’ in E flat minor: II. The Death Adagio

György Ligeti
Musica Ricercata, two excerpts

Arnold Schoenberg
Six Little Pieces op.19, nos. 4, 5 & 6

Johannes Brahms
Fantasies op.116, no.3, Capriccio, Allegro passionato in G minor

Jonathan Keren
Fantaisie, mais 2 Fantastrophes, Fantaisie

Jonathan Keren
Fantaisie, mais 2 Fantastrophes, Second Fantastrophe

Johann Sebastian Bach
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor BWV 903, Fugue

19,95 €
Image Magic Of The Day
Ustad Fateh Ali Khan is the greatest exponent of the Patiala gharana school of khyal. The master is able to transport the spririt of his listeners through a magical interlacing of rag (melody) and tal (rhythm) to form the entrancing lei. He is the only great le kar who is able to free our spirit and entrance us this way.
Ustad Fateh Ali Khan: voice
Khalifa Akhtar Hussain: tabla
Ustad Alla Rakha Khan: sarangi
Muhammed Aslam: harmonium
Muhammad Sabir: tanpura

19,95 €
Image Classics at the Sun (Les classiques au soleil)
Music by Bach, Bizet, Rodrigo etc.

Rolf Lislevand, Plácido Domingo, Anne Gastinel Fabio Biondi and others.

12,95 €
Image For Your Safety
Zach Miskin is a most gifted cellist born and raised in New York City. For Your Safety is a concept album he conceived to give a different voice to his instrument, collaborating with several big names of the current musical world, such as members of THE NATIONAL and THE BOOKS.

19,95 €
Image Piano Pieces
"...högklassig skiva..."

19,95 €
Image Black Earth
After a series of remarkable classical recordings devoted to Mozart, Bach, Gershwin and Stravinsky, Fazil Say, who loves jazz and improvisation, presents another facet of his art: his own compositions.

Includes a DVD with a Fazil Say live recording. Recorded in October 2006 at the Kioi Hall Tokyo

26,95 €
Image Esprit Ebérique

Featuri ng: Plácido Domingo, María Bayo, Rafael Orozco, Isabelle Moretti and others

12,95 €
Image Auf dich vartrau ich

Auf Dich Vertraue Ich

16,95 €
Image Ersten Menschen, Die
Opera in two acts after the erotic mystery by Otto Borngräber , completed in 1914.

Live recording on January 24th 2004, Salle Olivier Messiaen, Paris.

39,95 €
Image Rapsodia
Emilia Kopatchinskaja VIOLIN & VIOLA
Viktor Kopatchinsky CIMBALOM
Martin Gjakonovski DOUBLE BASS
Mihaela Ursuleasa PIANO

- Patricia Kopatchinskaja (born in Moldova) was raised in a family of musicians and this new project is the best piece of evidence!
- "Rapsodia" was the name of the former band of Victor Kopatchinsky who is definitely one of the stars of the cimbalom! Patricia wrote in the long and very personal text of the inside notes: "He grew up to become the most famous cimbalom virtuoso in the former Soviet Union, and he called his ensemble 'Rapsodia'. [...] My parents were constantly travelling with their ensemble, playing 300 concerts every year: in the Kremlin for the government and the generals, in factories and prisons, in Siberia, North Africa, and Latin America."

- With her father (cymbalum), mother (violin) and friends such as Mihaela Ursuleasa she performs works rooted in Eastern Europe: traditional Moldovan music but also pieces such as Ravel's Tzigane, that have a Gypsic inspiration.

- This is a very lively, dynamic, but also deeply moving project. All the works performed here are played in a way you never heard before.

19,95 €
Image Symphony No. 5
Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse / Tugan Sokhiev

Following three highly praised recordings of Russian orchestral music (V5068,V5073, and V5256), this is the latest recording made for Naïve from the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse and its exciting young conductor Tugan Sokhiev. It pairs two more great Russian masterpieces, Shostakovich's effervescent Festive Overture, and one of Tchaikovsky's best-loved symphonies, No. 5 in E minor.

After spending three years as its principal guest conductor and artistic adviser, Tugan Sokhiev became music director of the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse in 2008. Since then their first three discs for Naïve have received exceptional reviews, and they have performed many critically acclaimed concerts across Europe and Asia. Tugan Sokhiev has just been named music director designate of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin and will take up his new role at the start of the 2012-13 season.

"Crucial to the overall effectiveness of the performance is Tugan Sokhiev's sharp-eared conducting of the Toulouse Capitole Orchestra, in which colour is deftly and discerningly applied, impetus strong and the shifts in the music's temperament seamlessly executed". - Gramophone's review of Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No 2 (V5256)

19,95 €
Image Folk Songs
Nora Gubisch, Mezzo-soprano
Alain Altinoglu, Piano

After opening up frontiers with Ravel's Greek and Hebrew songs in their last disc together, Nora Gubisch and Alain Altinoglu now give us a chance to hear an even more cosmopolitan world, guided by their mixed origins, their roots: "Our personal geography is pretty varied: I am of Armenian descent, while Nora possesses both Spanish and German ancestry."

This warm recording includes a new recording of Berio's Folk Songs, for which Nora Gubisch's research on diction and the traditional sources (especially in Azerbaidjan) has been crucial.

19,95 €
Image Say Plays Say
Add a personal greeting to all his fans sends Fazil Say with a piano album, on which he has perpetuated amongst others some of his energetic concert encores: about the third jazz version of Paganini's famous Caprice No. 24, the incredibly swinging, to ragtime and stride piano. style reminiscent of the 20s interpretation of Mozart's Turkish march (Alla Turca Jazz) and the now world-famous and emotional piece of Black Earth (Kara Topra). Moreover Say Yeni Bir ??Gülnihal plays (A new Gülnihal), Four Dances Of Nasreddin Hodja, the song dedicated to his daughter Kumru (turtledove), the piano version of a sentence from the oratorio Nazim and premiered in summer 2013 at the Bayreuth Festival Nietzsche and Wagner. The liner notes to the recording Fazil Say himself, in them he talks about the time of origin of the works and clearly explained his inspirations and thoughts about the recorded pieces. Fazil Say's been probably most personal intake.

19,95 €
Image Le Desert
Conducted by Laurence Equilbey and featuring the renowned Accentus choir and Orchestre de Chambre de Paris, this new recording of one of the French masterpieces of the mid-19th century is a real discovery.French composer Felicien David spent 4 years in Egypt and Algeria before returning to Paris, where he composed this romantic 'ode symphonie' which pandered to the popular orientalist trend and was a huge success throughout Europe.Born in 1810, Felicien David's voyage took him to Egypt and Algeria between 1831 and 1835. He returned to his homeland with the intention of 'singing of the East' to French ears and making a name for himself as a composer in Paris - at that time, the musical crossroads of Europe. In December 1844, David reached the heights of fame when his ode-symphonie 'Le Desert' was given at the Theatre-Italien. Berlioz extended an enthusiastic welcome to the work, in which he saw the reflection of his own aesthetic experiments and in February 1845 he conducted 'Le Desert' himself in a concert at the Cirque des Champs-elysees.Berlioz had tried his hand at a mixed genre with 'Romeo et Juliette' in 1839, namely the 'symphonie dramatique', midway between the oratorio and the symphony, but in 1844 David ushered in a new manner of conceiving the narrative: he does not project his listeners into the heart of a frenetic action, but rather asks them to observe a landscape, as if they were standing in front of three successive tableaux: a caravan advancing a nocturnal halt a sunrise. This phenomenal success, however, such as Berlioz was never to enjoy in his lifetime, had a detrimental effect on David's future career.The reception of the oratorio 'Moise au Sinai' (March 1846) already suffered from this factor, and the composer of 'Le Saphir' (premiered at the Opera Comique in 1865) was even reproached for having 'got off his camel'. In Le Monde, July 1868, a caricature by the cartoonist Achille Lemont depicted an ageing Felicien David holding a lyre with broken strings, seated on the skeleton of a camel and chained to a post bearing the inscription 'Desert a perpetuite' . .

19,95 €
Image Arias & Duets
Sandrine Piau, soprano
Sara Mingardo, contralto
Concerto Italiano / Rinaldo Alessandrini

Radamisto: Duo "Se teco vive il cor" (Radamisto, Zenobia)
lavio, Re dei Longobardi: Aria "Ma chi punir desio" (Emilia)
Poro, Re delle Indie: Ouverture, Duo "Caro! Dolce! Amico amplesso" (Cleofide, Poro)
Tamerlano: Arias "Più di una tigrealtero" (Andronico), "Del crudel che m'ha tradita" (Irène), Duo "Vivo in te" (Asteria, Andronico)
Rinaldo: Duo "Scherzano sul tuo volto" (Almirena, Rinaldo)
Orlando: Duo "Finchè prendi ancora il sangue" (Angelica, Orlando)
Alessandro: Ouverture, Arias "No, più soffrir non voglio" (Lisaura), "Da un breve riposo" (Alessandro)
Deidamia: Duo "Ama nell'armi, e nell'amar" (Deidamia, Ulisse)/
Amadigi di Gaula: Aria "Pena tiranna" (Dardano)
Ottone, Re di Germania: Duo "A' teneri affetti" (Teofane, Ottone)

Two of today's most accomplished and critically acclaimed interpreters of early and baroque music, the singers Sara Mingardo and Sandrine Piau, combined for this best-selling 2009 recording of arias and duos from Handel's operas Radamisto, Flavio, Poro, Tamerlano, Rinaldo, Orlando, Alessandro, Deidamia, Amadigi, and Ottone. They are accompanied by the world-renowned Concerto Italiano and its conductor Rinaldo Alessandrini.

"Simply magnificent...the singing is of a miraculous standard throughout, and the performances are consummately insightful and naturalistic."
Gramophone (Editor's Choice)

15,50 €
Image Concerti per violino
Il Pomo d'Oro / Dmitry Sinkovsky

This is the 49th title in the Vivaldi Edition and the 5th volume, out of approximately 12, of the series dedicated to the violin concertos whose manuscripts are held in the National Library of Turin.

All the concertos selected here are linked to German violinist Johann Georg Pisendel, member of the Dresden orchestra, who spent time in Venice in 1716-17, with the Electoral Prince of Saxony Friedrich August. Vivaldi and Pisendel became very close friends and the Red Priest composed several works for Pisendel. Moreover, Pisendel copied and performed afterwards in Germany several concertos by Vivaldi This series of 7 concertos is an overview of the complete art of Vivaldi as a composer and violinist: large in scale of music, invention, expression, energy, power of evocation, considerable virtuosity.

Dmitry Sinkowsky is a fast-rising baroque violinist and conductor. He is currently the conductor of leading Italian baroque orchestra Il Complesso Barocco on Joyce di Donato's worldwide 'Drama Queen' tour which hits London on 6th February 2013. He performs Vivaldi's violin concerto RV 242, also featured on this new recording.

19,95 €
Image Vespri di San Marco + DVD
19,95 €
Image Bach in Black
Following a breathtaking Vivaldi album, Russian violinist and countertenor Dmitry Sinkovsky is turning to Bach music. Once again, he combines his unrivalled virtuosity in both arts to create an outstanding recording in which 3 famous violin concertos are paired with vocal hits by Bach: "Erbarme Dich", "Es ist vollbracht" and "Agnus Dei" from B minor mass.

19,95 €
Image Kiev Monastery Vigil

The Russian Patriarchate Choir/Anatoly Grindenko

19,95 €
Image Vanguard Date, The
Steve Kuhn - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Al Foster - drums

Originally released by OWL Records, Steve Kuhn's The Vanguard Date is the second album documenting that 1986 week at the Village Vanguard with his amazing trio, featuring bassist Ron Carter and drummer Al Foster. The other, Life Is Magic, was originally released on Black Hawk Records and was reissued by Sunnyside in October 2012.

19,95 €
Image Vienne 1900
Samlings-CD med musik skriven kring 1900. Samtliga tonsättare som finns representerade på skivan har anknytning till staden Wien.
Dawn Upshaw, sopran; Anne Gastinel, cello m fl.

Arditti Quartet; Accentus Chamber Choir;
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France/Armin Jordan;

Orchestre National de France/Bernard Haitink.

1. Introduktion ur Also sprach Zarathustra (R Strauss)

2. Langsamer Satz (Webern)

3. Intermezzo Op 117:1 (Brahms)

4. Ballad Op 118:3 (Brahms)

5. Sehr Ruhig ur Verklärte Nacht (Schönberg)

6. Adagietto ur Symfoni nr 5 (Mahler)

7. Scherzo ur Symfoni nr 6 (Mahler)

8. Rosen aus dem Süden (J Strauss d y)

9. Uvertyr ur Tragédie florentine (Zemlinsky)

10. Langsam ur Kvartett Op 3 (Berg)

11. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (Mahler)


1. Allegro molto ur Kvartett D-dur (Schönberg)

2. Till Eulenspiegel (R Strauss)

3. Fem satser för stråkkvartett Op 5 (Webern)

4. Die Dunkelheit sinkt schwer wie Blei, Sie Sind so schön ur Gesänge für tiefe Stimme (Schreker)

5. Litanei ur Stråkkvartett nr 2 Op 10 (Schönberg)

6. Andante ma non troppo ur Cellosonat (R Strauss)

7. Adagio ur Kvintett Op 111 (Brahms)

8. Die zwei blauen Augen ur Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler)

9. Variationer över ett tema av Schumann (Berg)

19,95 €
Image Boléro
- A huge event: the best musicians from orchestras from 80 countries

- An exceptional concert in Paris on June 21st

- Most popular pieces from French repertoire

World Philharmonic Orchestra/Yutaka Sado


Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14 - Marche au supplice

Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14 - Un Bal


Carmen Suite


The Sorcerer's Apprentice




Danse macabre, Op. 40

23,50 €
Image Four Seasons, The
Vivaldi's Four Seasons are so well known, yet each time we here them the pleasure is intact. Their descriptive nature - from flowers and birds in springtime to the bitter cold of winter - is perfectly suited to the virtuosity and warm tones of the violin. With constant inventiveness Vivaldi paints pictures in this work that has left its mark on musical history.

12,95 €
Image Early Piano Concertos
Rerelease of the much acclaimed first recording by David Greilsammer.

19,95 €
Image Esprit Sacré

Featuri ng : Sandrine Piau, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Gérard Lesne, Jean-Claude, Malgoire, Emmanuel Krivine and others

12,95 €
Image Esprit Melancolique

Featuri ng: Laurent Korcia, Anne Gastinel, Grigory Sokolov, Sandrine Piau, Accentus, Laurence Equilbey and others

12,95 €
Image Symphony No. 9
Sinead Mulhern SOPRANO
Dominik Wortig TENOR
Konstantin Wolff BASS BARITONE

Choeur de chambre les Eléments
Joel Suhubiette CHORUS MASTER

La Chambre Philharmonique
Emmanuel Krivine CONDUCTOR

This is the first volume of the com- complete Beethoven Symphonies recording plete by La Chambre Philharmonique and Em- Emmanuel Krivine; their fourth recording manuel on Naïve. La Chambre Philharmonique was cre- created in 2005. Emmanuel Krivine in- ated intended to gather musicians from the tended greatest European ensembles all moti- motivated by the same desire to make mu- vated music. The size of the ensemble is flexible, sic. bringing together players, intruments and historical techniques as appropri- appropriate for each programme ate programme.

19,95 €
Image Works for Piano and Orchestra

Following Mendelssohn (2008), French pianist Bertrand Chamayou turns to what he calls 'an important milestone' in the repertoire, which is rarely re- recorded nowadays. corded Indeed, although some of César Franck's works are frequently heard in recital, others, including the 'mysterious and bewitching' Prelude, aria and fugue, have fallen into oblivion. This recording, comprising both solo pieces and orchestral works - the latter including the 'scintillating' composition Les Djinns - reveals a composer who is by turns 'a painter and a narrator'.

19,95 €
Image Mélodies
Stéphane Degout, baritone
Hélène Lucas, piano

This is the first solo recording of baritone Stéphane Degout.
Stéphane had already featured on major projects of Accentus Chamber Choir on Naïve, such as Brahm's German Requiem and Fauré's Requiem.

For his first recording, Mélodies, he has selected a series of French melodies by Debussy, Duparc, Hahn, Chabrier, Saint-Saëns and Ravel. As for him, this sort of recital is the essence of singing.

19,95 €
9,99 €
19,95 €
Image L'Olimpiade
The opera L'Olimpiade is performed by Venice Baroque Orchestra and a range of high-level soloists such as Karina Gauvin, Romina Basso, Franziska Gottwald or Nicholas Phan.

In the 18th century, 1,300 years after the last Olympic Games in ancient times, the Olympic theme was highly fashionable.
Many composers based operas of the libretto L'Olimpiade by Metastasio.

This recording has been structured to contain all of Metastasio's original arias; it is a pasticcio in the sense that the music is by 16 different composers amongst the many that set the libretto between 1733 and the end of the century, such as Leo, Hasse, Galuppi, Sarti, Myslivecek, Paisiello, Pérez, Vivaldi, Gassmann, Caldara, Traetta, Jommelli, Cherubini, Pergolesi, Piccinni and Cimarosa.

39,95 €
Image Contraltos (The)
The contraltos Sara Mingardo, Maire-Nicole Lemieux, Nathalie Stutzmann, Sonia Prina, Delphine Galou interpret repertoire from Vivaldi to Schumann.

12,95 €
Image Violin Concertos
For those just discovering this nineteen-year-old American violinist, the term "revelation" aptly applies. For his début in the recording studio he has chosen two seemingly opposed concertos: Mendelssohn's famous violin concerto and the magic concerto composed by his compatriot, John Adams. "Implacably melodic", says Adams of his work - a point the two pieces prove to have in common in this magnificent performance by Kristjan Järvi and his Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra.

19,95 €
Image Sixth Book of Madrigals
Concerto Italiano / Rinaldo Alessandrini

Sixth Book of Madrigals
Lasciatemi Morire-Prima Parte
O Teseo, O Teseo Mio-Seconda Parte
Dove, Dov'e La Fede-Terza Parte
Ahi, Che Pur Non Risponde-Quarta E Ultima Parte
Zefiro Torna
Una Donna Fra L'Altre
A Dio, Florida Bella
Incenerite Spoglie
Dara La Notte Il Sol
Ma Te Raccoglie
O Chiome D'Or
Dunque, Amate Reliquie
Ohime Il Bel Viso
Qui Rise, O Tirsi
Misero Alceo
Batto, Qui Pianse Ergasto
Presso Un Fiume Tranquillo

The miracle of the beauty of these Monteverdi Madrigals lies in the perfect combination of music and text. The musical line is flexible and expressive. Each voice conveys exquisitely the moans, sighs and charm, beseeching, whisperingand passion contained in the words. Here an aesthetic is elevated into an absolute art.

15,50 €
Image L'Olimpiade (3 CD)
39,95 €
Image Bendecid al senor
16,95 €
Image Cause toujours (Sountrack)
19,95 €
Image Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5

“Emmanuel Krivine is one of today's greatest conductors and is never, under any circumstances, to be missed”

(The Guardian)
La Chambre Philharmonique/Emmanuel Krivine
Felix Mendelssohn

Symphony No. 4 in A major, Op. 90 'Italian'

Symphony No. 5 in D major, Op. 107 'Reformation'

19,95 €
Image Esprit Romantique

Featuri ng: Anne Gastinel, Francois-Frédéric Guy, Grigory Sokolov, Fabio Biondi, Christophe Eschenbach and others

12,95 €
Image Chants d'Est
Works by Rachmaninov, Janacek, Prokofiev, Martinu, Kodaly, Dohnanyi, Mahler and others

Sonia Wieder-Atherton occupies a unique position in today's musical world. A performer with a very broad repertoire reflecting her imagination, a conceiver of projects, a musician sought after by numerous contemporary composers, the thrust of her career can sometimes be surprising but her choices merely substantiate her approach to music. Following studies at the Paris Conservatory in the class of Maurice Gendron and lessons with Rostropovich, she left for Moscow to study for two years with Natalia Chakhovskaya at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. In 1986, shortly after her return, she won the Rostropovich Competition. She plays as a soloist with the Orchestre de Paris, the Orchestre National de France, the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Liège Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic, the Gulbenkian Orchestra of Lisbon, the Luxembourg Philharmonic, the Orchestra of the NDR in Hanover, and so on.

19,95 €
Image Piano Concertos Nos. 22 & 24
David Greilsammer's new album of Mozart piano concertos follows close on the heels of his first highly acclaimed recording of early concertos by the same composer ("David Greilsammer is a formidable pianist", the New York Times). David Greilsammer conducts from the keyboard, offering a highly personal all-around vision of Mozart's works.

19,95 €
The four previous releases that have been combined to form this new 7 CD box set were each released by Naïve to mark major exhibitions of the work of the four featured painters, Monet, Chagall, Courbet, and Picasso. Each of these releases was collections of music that was either an inspiration to that particular artist or representative of where and when they produced their greatest work.

48,95 €
Image Goldberg Variations
Blandine Verlet, harpsichord

12,95 €
Image Symphony No. 1 (Istanbul)

Burcu Karadag, ney-flute
Orchestra of Nationaltheater Mannheim / Dan Ettinger
Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra / Gürer Aykal

DVD: Istanbul Symphony, Hezarfen Concerto, Live concerts & documentary

Fazil Say's first symphony, 'Istanbul', is a tribute to the legendary main Turkish city, a bridge between Europe and Asia, an absolutely exciting universe. Each movement is representative of something unique and specific about the city. Mixing Occidental music with turkish folkmusic, much of this inspiration appears to have come from places within and around the city that Say has lived for almost ten years.

This is the third recording of works composed by Fazil Say, following the successful 'Black Earth' [V4954] released in 2003 and '1001 Nights in the Harem' [V5147] released in 2009.

Fazil Say: Naturally, the Istanbul that I have been trying to describe was always a nostalgic, dreamy, vintage Istanbul. The composer, the work, the ney player, everyone is in search of that Istanbul. And what they want to find, what they want to come back to, is the hijaz theme of "Nostalgia" which comes before the F sharp formation at the beginning of our symphony. And just as the symphony rose through the rustling of the waves of the Sea of Marmara at the very beginning, and so at the end it will be buried in the waves again with hijaz makam theme.

26,95 €
Image The Firebird / The Rite of Spring
Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse
Tugan Sokhiev

The fifth recording of Tugan Sokhiev and his Toulouse orchestra, now considered one of the best French ensembles, was issued earlier this year as a cd book with extra dvd content. It was given many critical plaudits and is now reissued in digipack just in time to celebrate the end of the 'Rite's' centenary year. Besides his activity as Music Director at Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse, Tugan Sokhiev is now Music Director at Deutsches Symphonie Orchestra in Berlin and guest conductor of several prestigious orchestras, including the Philharmonia to which he returns each season. He also enjoys a close association with the Mariinsky Theatre and is in demand from orchestras and opera houses worldwide. The relationship between Sokhiev and his musicians in Toulouse is increasingly celebrated: Le Figaro described the partnership as "at the centre of French musical life", while Le Monde wrote of "Sokhievmania" after a recent performance in Paris.

19,95 €
15,50 €
Image Piano Works
The pianist Igor Kamenz plays sonatas of Italian composers. Domenico Scarlatti was born in 1685 as son of Alessandro Scarlatti Baroque composers, and went in 1719 to the royal court to Lisbon to teach the then nine-year-old Portuguese princess Maria Bárbara. Ten years later, Barbara was Queen of Spain. Scarlatti accompanied his music-loving and very gifted student until his death in 1757 as Hofcembalist, composer and teacher. He created 555 harpsichord sonatas, which were in their diversity, harmonic boldness, impulsiveness and Mediterranean joy of life ahead of her time. He also reached into them indirectly to elements of the then unknown at court Iberian folklore. Igor Kamenz, student of Vitaly Margulis and Sergiu Celibidache, put 18 of these sonatas by harmonic, thematic and dramaturgical criteria to a suite together, which he presented at a grand piano. So he created a tribute to Domenico Scarlatti, which is the daring, the virtuosity and emotional range of this baroque creative genius full justice.

19,95 €
Image Primo libro dei madrigali
These madrigals for five voices have been forgotten for all too long. Cconcerto Iitaliano and its director Rrinaldo Alessandrini reveal the expressive qualities, the uniqueness of these pieces.

15,50 €
Image Humanità e lucifero
An utterly ravishing music of great simplicity; the magic of the vocal writing is characterised by the choice on the one hand of a soprano for the role of Humanity (a part full of lightness and gentleness) and on the other, a tenor for the role of Lucifer, whose intense and clearly articulated vocal line does full justice to the character.

15,50 €
15,50 €
Image Verschworenen (Die), D787
19,95 €
19,95 €
Image Hortus deliciarum
16,95 €
Image La Casa del Diavolo
19,95 €
Image Cantatas & Concertos
Vivaldi composed for the violin, Vivaldi composed for the
contralto voice... always with a wealth of inspiration, as well
as impressive virtuosity, and constant joy and vitality.
Sara Mingardo
Concerto Italiano/Rinaldo Alessandrini

17,95 €
Image Life's Magic
Back in 1986, when this music was recorded live at the Village Vanguard in New York City, I felt like a kid in a candy store....I was so happy to be playing with Ron and Al. They play with such ease and conviction...it was truly inspiring to be on the same band stand with them. Listening back to the music now after almost 30 years, I think the freshness and vitality still exist. I am so happy Sunnyside is re-releasing this. I hope you enjoy it.

19,95 €
Image Alleluia
16,95 €
Image Taizé: Mane Nobiscum
Forty young people from ten countries took part in this recording, made in the 12th century village church at Taizé, which presents the new songs of the Taizé repertoire from the last few years. In addition to the new compositions, a few others have been included which had either never been recorded or do not figure in recent recordings. Together they reflect the prayer of the Taizé Community and the thousands of young people who come to Taizé or who take part in the "Pilgrimage of trust" in Europe and on other continents.

16,95 €
Image Cello Concertos Nos. 1 & 2
19,95 €
Image Pictures at an Exhibition


"Tugan Sokhiev is still 29, so it seems ludicrously early to talk of a "comeback". Nevertheless, after his early departure from Welsh National Opera, this triumphant disc feels very much like one. At a stroke, in his vivid, supple and stylistically on-the-button readings, he announces himself as a man to watch. Bravo, good for him."
Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse/Tugan Sokhiev

Modest Moussorgsky

Pictures at an exhibition (Maurice Ravel’s orchestration)

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Symphony no. 4

19,95 €
Image Piano Sonatas
"In my view, Haydn's music touches us with its great love, above all love of humanity, for in his compositions he has much to tell us about people and their stories. About children, for example: from time to time I have an impression of two little girls playing in a garden. And Haydn has set their conversations, their voices, their cries, their reactions to music. Yes, I really believe that's what inspired him. Just as he was inspired by the happiness and ripeness of old people, but also by dreams, animals, nature, day or night - I sense all of that.

I'm not surprised that Beethoven, in his great sonata masterpieces, clearly learnt such a great deal from Haydn's sonatas.

The essence of Haydn's music is life. His own life, or ours today, the life of performers and listeners, or whatever - in his music we meet so much that rings true. Behind each sonata, and even each movement, on this recording, I sense that there is a little story. And we as performers sometimes have to discover that story in our imagination, to tease out the concealed humour, the hidden sarcastic comments...

Sometimes it seems as if, with the craziest elements in the composer's armoury, he's getting angry with the 'boredom' he sees around him, the people, the circumstances . . .

Music becomes here a secret, intimate story that dispenses with words, but always has something to tell us... "
(Fazil Say)

Fazil Say, piano
Joseph Haydn
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 37
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 43
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 35
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 31
Sonata Hob.XVI, No. 10

19,95 €
Image Peter and the Wolf
Valérie Lemercier has adapted the Russian fairy tales that inspired these musical pieces. She narrates them as an introduction of each of theme.

19,95 €
Image Stabat Mater

- World premiere recording of this original version of one of Dvorak's masterpieces.

- Recently published by Bärenreitter and given to Accentus in exclusivity for recording.

- A very tender and nostalgic work, composed by Dvorák after the death of 3 of his children.

- An outstanding range of soloists.

19,95 €
Image Gloria (RV589) / Magnificat
Two great Baroque works, brimming with joy and passion. The Gloria begins with the brilliant sound of trumpets, and straight away the listener is swept away on great wave of exuberance, excitement and energy. Vivaldi's settings of these liturgical texts are so lively that it is easy to imagine ourselves at the opera.

12,95 €
Image Esprit Baroque

Philippe Jaroussky, Gérard Lesne, Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Christophe Rousset, Fabio Biondi

12,95 €
Image Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 3
This is the third and final volume in the complete recording by François-Frédéric Guy and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France under Philipe Jordan, of Beethoven's Piano Concertos. The first two volumes were highly acclaimed by the press («Choc du Monde de la Musique 2008», etc.). François-Frédéric Guy is one of the most remarkable current performers of Beethoven, whose works he plays all over the world. In the weeks and months to come he will be touring the USA, the UK, Sweden, Taiwan. Philippe Jordan's conducting suits François-Frédéric Guy's playing perfectly. Philippe Jordan is the new Music Director of the Paris Opéra.

19,95 €
Image Music of Louis XIV, The (Opera)
Includes works by Charpentier, Couperin, Lully and others.

16,95 €
Image 3CD-BOX: Haydn / Mozart / Beethoven
The Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say was born in Ankara and studied piano and composition at the State Conservatory
of his home city. At seventeen he was awarded a scholarship enabling him to work for five years with David Levine at the Robert Schumann Institute in Düsseldorf. From 1992 until 1995 he pursued his studies at the Berlin Conservatory. Fazil Say is frequently invited by the New York Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic, the Concertgebouw, the BBC Philharmonic, the Orchestre national de France, and other leading orchestras throughout the world. he has played at the Ruhr Piano Festival, the Festivals of Lucerne, Verbier, Montpellier and Salzburg, and has also performed in many of the world's prestigious concert halls, such as the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Berlin Philharmonie, the Vienna Musikverein, Suntory Hall (Tokyo), and Carnegie Hall. In 2004 Fazil Say undertook a concert tour of Europe and USA with the russian violinist Maxim Vengerov, and in 2006 he formed a duo with the outstanding violinist Patricia
Kopatchinskaja. He is also an experienced jazz musician, playing regularly at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Fazil Say is equally at home as a composer. In 1991 he composed his concerto for piano and violin, followed five years later by his second piano concerto Silk Road. His oratorio Nazim was first performed in Ankara in 2001 and was closely followed by many other compositions, including his third piano concerto in 2002, an oratorio requiem for Metin Altiokin 2003, and a fourth piano concerto in 2005. The same year, Fazil Say also wrote his first film score, followed by further incidental music for turkish and japanese films. His ballet score Patara, commissioned by the city of Vienna, was premiered in 2006. In february 2008 the first performance of his violin concerto 1001 Nights in the Harem was given in Lucerne by Patricia Kopatchinskaja. Fazil Say's discography includes Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the New York Philharmonic and Kurt Masur, a Bach recital, and Stravinsky's four-hand arrangement of the Rite of Spring, in which say plays both parts himself. this recording brought him several international awards, including the 2001 echo preis klassik and the German music critics' best recording of the year. his first recording with Naïve was entire-ly devoted to his own music, while the second is of three Mozart concertos with the Zürich Chamber Orchestra conducted by Howard grGffiths. A cd
of Beethoven piano sonatas was released in 2005, and a selection of Haydn sonatas in 2007. In 2008 Fazil Say
was appointed ambassador for intercultural exchange by the European Union.

23,50 €
Image SOUNDTRACK: Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky
This is the soundtrack to Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, a much-awaited film dedicated to the love story between French fashion designer Coco Chanel and composer Igor Stravinsky. Their first meeting followed the premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in Paris, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, in 1913. The director Jan Kounen dedicated the first 15 minutes of the film to this legendary event in music history! The CD includes the complete performance of Rite of Spring, by Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle!

19,95 €
Image Gypsic
At the age of twenty-eight, Sarah Nemtanu, who has played with many of the most renowned orchestras, has just recorded her first album, with the mischievous title of Gypsic. This young French violinist, born in Romania, was given carte blanche for this recording by Armand Amar, her producer, and Naïve, and without turning her back on her passion for art music, she decided to use her talent to perform pieces from the classical repertoire, in arrangements bringing out their Balkan fibre. Her aim is by no means to disconcert the listener, but, as she points out, to "refresh" these works by enabling us to hear them differently. First violin solo with the Orchestre National de France, and also the violinist in Radu Mihaileanu's film Le Concert (2009), Sarah Nemtanu is a Bohemian, cosmopolitan musician, who on this first recording confuses the issue further by teaming up for four of the titles with Chilly Gonzales, who is well known for his piano improvisations and his familiarity with electronic music. Both attentive and brilliant, he brings an implicit folie douce and extravagance to these performances, which are nevertheless perfectly faithful: Blues, Ravel's La Berceuse, or Tzigane, simply accompanied on a luthéal (a kind of prepared piano), following the composer's wishes, the latter played by Romain Descharmes. The result is a surprising mixture, impressive in its respect and precision, and delightful in its insubordination to form and genre: the well-named Gypsic is an "outlaw" who recognises no academic boundaries and pushes back the limits!

19,95 €
Image 3CD-BOX: Années de Pèlerinage
Bertrand Chamayou, piano

With this recording of the complete Années de Pèlerinage by Franz Liszt, the celebrated French pianist Bertrand Chamayou makes his own personal musical statement to celebrate the composer's 200th anniversary. During the anniversary year Bertrand Chamayou has undertaken the monumental feat of playing the whole of this set of pieces in a single three-hour performance at many leading venues throughout the world.

Pianist Bertrand Chamayou was born in Toulouse in 1981, and is among the most sought after personalities on the music scene today. After he became a prize-winner at the international Long-Thibaud competition at in 2001 Bertrand's talent was spotted by pianist Jean-François Heisser who was later to become his professor at Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique. He went on to complete his training with Maria Curcio in London and was given precious advice by such great masters as Leon Fleisher, Dimitri Bashkirov and Murray Perahia. Recent solo engagements include the Théâtre des Champs Elysées, London's Wigmore Hall, the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Lucerne Festival, and performances with amongst others the Orchestre de Paris, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the WDR Sinfonie Orchestra, the Orchestre National de France, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

After producing a very successful Liszt live CD (Transcendental Etudes) for Sony Classical in 2006, in 2008 he recorded a Mendelssohn recital (V5131) for Naïve that won several awards. This was followed in the spring of 2010 by a programme of music by César Franck featuring solo pieces, concertante works accompanied by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Stéphane Denève, and a duo with the organist Olivier Latry. In February 2011, Bertrand Chamayou won a Victoire de la Musique as 'Soloist of the Year'.

39,95 €
Image Christus
Sandrine Piau (soprano), Robert Getchell (tenor), Markus Butter (baritone)
Accentus, Ensemble Orchestral de Paris / Laurence Equilbey

Award winning choral group Accentus and its musical director Laurence Equilbey are joined on this new recording of some of Felix Mendelssohn's sacred choral works by one of the most acclaimed sopranos of recent years, Sandrine Piau. The disc also features tenor Robert Getchell, baritone Markus Butter, and the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris. The main works are the unfinished oratorio Christus, and the cantatas O Haupt Voll Blut und Wunden and Vom Himmel Hoch.

Founded by its current director Laurence Equilbey, Accentus is a professional chamber choir which regularly appears in leading concert halls and festivals around the world. The group collaborates regularly with prestigious conductors and orchestras, notably Pierre Boulez, Christoph Eschenbach, the Orchestre de Paris, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Concerto Köln, and Akademie für Alte Musik. The group's recordings which include the best seller 'Transcriptions', Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross, Fauré's Requiem, and 'Strauss a cappella' have received many awards from the international press. Accentus records exclusively for Naïve, and the group's most recent recording for the label features Rachmaninov's two great sacred works, the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, and Vespers.

Christus is the title given by the Mendelssohn's brother Paul to fragments of an unfinished oratorio by Felix that was first published posthumously as his Op. 97. The completed portions include a tenor recitative relating Christ's birth, two choruses, 'Where is the newborn', and 'There Shall a Star from Jacob Shine Forth', and a passion section ending with another chorale, 'O Welt, sieh' hier dein Leben'.

19,95 €
Image Preludes
Guillaume Vincent, piano

New naïve signing, and rising star of the piano, Guillaume Vincent's first recording is dedicated to the demanding Rachmaninov Complete Preludes.

Born in Annecy in 1991, Guillaume Vincent took up the piano at the age of 7 and gave his first recital three years later. At only 16 he was unanimously awarded his premier prix for piano, and he also received his diploma of higher education.

He continued his studies in Paris with Jean-François Heisser and Marie-Josèphe Jude (piano) and Yves Henry (harmony). Supported by his teachers, he obtained in 2011 his artist's diploma (Diplôme d'Artiste Interprète).

He has already won many awards including Prix de l'Orchestre National de France at the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud competition (2009); and First Prize in the International Adelia Alieva Piano Competition (2010). He was recently nominated for the 'Révélation Classique 2010' award by the ADAMI.

He is regularly invited to appear, in recital or with orchestra, at festivals in France and around the world. Guillaume Vincent appears frequently as a chamber musician, with renowned artists such as Renaud Capuçon and Augustin Dumay.

19,95 €
Image Three Centuries Of Organ Music At Notre Dame De Pa
Olivier Latry [organ]

One of the most visited places on Earth, Notre Dame cathedral is celebrating 850 years in 2013. It obviously has had a long tradition of music, especially with its renowned great organs.

One of the most notable organists of our time, current owner of the extremely prestigious post of organist of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Olivier Latry pays tribute to some of his predecessors over the last three centuries, since the organs got their modern structure: Daquin, Balbastre, Beauvarlet-Charpentier, Vierne, Cochereau...

The pieces performed in this unique recording were all composed by those extraordinary musicians and reflect more than 300 years of music history.

19,95 €
Image 10CD-BOX: String Quartets
Quatuor Mosaïques

Quatuor Mosaiques is still recognised as the strongest ensemble on period instruments. Their recording of Haydn quartets is a magic moment in music history. For the first time, all these works are united in one set.

45,50 €
Image Soldiers Tale
Recorded in 1997, this jewel of Naïve Classique catalogue has been unavailable for several years. As the work is performed at Paris Opéra Comique in April 2014, Naïve is happy to reissue that title featuring prestigious actors and musicians.

'Histoire du Soldat' (The Soldier's Tale) came about in a difficult economic context: Diaghilev's Ballets were no longer touring, due to the war, and the Russian revolution had deprived Stravinsky of his remaining savings. As for Ramuz, some of whose works had been published in France, he was no longer receiving any royalties. Thus, the two friends wondered "Why not write something together which would entail only a limited number of instruments and two or three characters?"

And so Histoire du soldat come into being. Its musical forces were limited: an ensemble of seven instruments representing all the sections of the orchestra plus a highly developed percussion part. The first performance brought together friends and well-known artists, Ernest Ansermet conducted. Initially, their grand project included touring with a portable stage, like the itinerant players of the Middle Ages, but the devastating Spanish influenza epidemic and the armistice of November 1918 put an end to that idea.

Nonetheless, 'Histoire du soldat' would later be performed regularly, featuring famous names eg Jean Cocteau in the role of the reader (Geneva, 1934), celebrity couple Carole Bouquet and Gérard Depardieu in 1997...

12,95 €
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