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Image Symphony No. 6 / Cello Concerto
Maximilian Hornung, cello
Royal Scottish National Orchestra / José Serebrier

Conducting legend José Serebrier, together with the RSNO, performs a programme of works by the hugely influential American composer Samuel Adler, including the world premiere of his Sixth Symphony.

For those unfamiliar with Adler’s catalogue, this album is a great entrance point; for those who are, it adds a valuable first hearing of his Symphony No. 6 which is dynamic and full of energy.

These works are benchmarks of contemporary American composition: monumental in scale and embracing a wide expressive spectrum with ease and visceral power, Adler merges twenty-first century ebullience with an almost classical economy and balance.

In his Concerto For Cello And Orchestra, Adler celebrates all aspects of the instrument, creating a wide emotional and expressive palette for young cellist Maximilian Hornung, who excels as the soloist.

Drifting On Wind And Currents, a memorial tone-poem inspired by the poetry of Louise Glück, rounds off this album of classical music which, while challenging, is rewarding at every turn.

19,95 €
Image Albéniz Iberia and Granados Goyescas
"Instrumental & Chamber Editor's Choice
Anyone performing these two gorgeous collections of Spanish piano music has to compete with the classic recordings by the great Alicia de Larrocha. That said, there are different ways of doing things - and Artur Pizarro's interpretations offer a richly rewarding alternative view of this music's array of crisp dance-rhythms, smouldering bursts of song and vibrant atmosphere. Pizarro has a marvellous ear for the darkly exotic side of Albéniz's soundworld in Iberia: 'Almeria', for instance, can never have sounded more haunting. And his immense technical strength (it needs to be!) rises in style to challenges such as the 'Fandango' in Goyescas.
Listening Notes
Spanish sounds: The seventh piece of Iberia is 'El Albaicín', Granada's old gipsy quarter. Albéniz's piano writing here switches between guitar-like sounds and surging keyboard virtuosity: Pizarro excels in both departments.
Romantic dreams: The close of 'The Maiden and the Nightingale' ('Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruisenor') is a duet between the yearning heroine of Goyescas and the bird whose singing she listens to alone on her balcony. It's a moment of magic, beautifully captured by Pizarro." (Classic FM Magazine, Malcolm Hayes, 2010)

"The six thematically connected Goyescas, published in two volumes (1910 and 1914), are subtitles "Los major enamorados" ("The Majos in Love"). The majos were the dandified lower classes of Spain (especially Madrid) at the turn of the 18th century, and a favourite subject of Goya. So these "Goya-like" works, inspired, as Granados wrote, by "the psychology of Goya and his palette", are love poems and Artur Pizarro captures their improvised, dreamlike quality to perfection with a golden tone and caressing touch.
In Iberia, Albéniz's formidable masterpiece (12 works published in four volumes, 1906-09), Pizarro has not only de Larrocha's legendary recording(s) to compete with but Marc-André Hamelin's very different take (Hyperion, 6/05). To generalise, if de Larrocha takes the more robust and theatrical view of the music and Hamelin is the more technically nonchalant and textually astute (the only one, by the way, fully to accommodate Albéniz's extreme dynamics, ranging from quintuple piano to quintuple forte), Pizarro is the more emotionally contained. He is at his best when the music demands charm and introspection ("Rondeña", "El polo")...it is difficult not to fall for Pizarro's lyrical grace, the even temperament of his approach and the unfailingly lovely sound he produces (he has been very well recorded), a distinct advantage over de Larrocha." (Gramophone, Jeremy Nicholas, 2010)

Produced by Philip Hobbs

Recorded at Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH, Leipzig, Germany from 2-6 September 2009
Post-production by Julia Thomas, Finesplice, UK
Design by John Haxby
Photography by Sven Arnstein
Piano Technician - Tsuyoshi Yamazaki

Artur Pizarro plays a Blüthner concert grand piano (serial number 151893, born on September 1 2009)

33,95 €
Image Cycles of Life
Amy Duncan is an Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter whose ambient, folk-inspired music is charming crowds across the country with its emotive, ethereal allure.

After a series of self-released records Amy's Linn debut, 'Cycles of Life', will be released in April 2013.

'Cycles of Life' is a deeply personal, honest and ultimately uplifting account of the difficult life experiences Amy has faced and encapsulates the sense of moving from dark to light. Her determination and strength of character is evident throughout as this album doesn't dwell on the darkness but rather the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Her experience proved a powerfully motivating and creative force in driving her music forward. On 'Crack in the World' Amy shares her insight into the keen sense of disassociation one can experience during darker times. Amy's positivity shines through in 'Navigating' which details the process of emerging from repeated negative cycles into a happier life.

Amy's career hasn't followed a conventional path. After beginning her career playing double bass, the lifechanging experience of becoming a mother in 2000 saw Amy channel her new perspective on life into song writing; a fortuitous turn of events that has seen Amy find her niche.

Amy projects her emotionally charged lyrics with fantastic range. With beautiful harmonies and haunting melodies she weaves stories deeply familiar to us all.

19,95 €
Image Accident and Insurgency
19,95 €
Image Wohltemperierte Klavier
Prize-winning Bach specialist John Butt performs J.S.Bach's famous Das wohltemperierte Klavier for his debut solo recording on Linn.Perhaps best known as director of Dunedin Consort,John Butt has won two Gramophone Awards: the 2007 Baroque Vocal Award for Handel: Messiah and the 2014 Choral Award for Mozart: Requiem.Dunedin's first instrumental release, Six Brandenburg Concertos, saw Butt's harpsichord solos singled out for their virtuosity and technical skill.John Butt's performance of Das wohltemperierte Klavier benefits from the highly insightful historical knowledge that has shaped his hugely successful work with Dunedin Consort.The recording explores two aspects of Bach's collection: firstly Butt bases his performance on recent editions so he can present the latest possible stage of Bach's thoughts for each book; secondly Butt takes a unique approach to tempo and tempo relationships, which he explains fully in his comprehensive booklet note.The Well-Tempered Clavier is a seminal work whose influence on composition and performance, as well as keyboard technique, is far-reaching.

39,95 €
Image Bach On The Lute Volume 4
"Unreservedly recommended." (Gramophone)

The final album in the triumphant and critically acclaimed Bach series from leading lutenist North.

Produced by Nigel North & Lindsay Pell

19,95 €
Image Bach Orchestral Suites & Harpsichord Concerto
"Full of alert characterisation ... this disc gets better and better." (Gramophone)

A crisp performance of a selection of Bach's orchestral music by the inimitable NBO.

Produced by Philip Hobbs

The Norwegian Baroque Orchestra is gathered from the best players on period instruments all over Norway and the Nordic area -with international supplements. The orchestra has collaborated widely with a number of conductors -most notably the Norwegian harpsichordist Ketil Haugsand and the British conductor Andrew Parrott.

19,95 €
Image The Leipzig Collection: Trio Sonatas
23,50 €
Image Alto Arias
Catherine King, mezzo-soprano
Norwegian Baroque Orchestra / Ketil Haugsand & Julian Podger

Catherine King and the Norwegian Baroque Orchestra perform a fascinating collection of arias by J.S. Bach, framed within the movements of his B minor Orchestral Suite, to create an unusual and attractive Baroque song cycle. Comprising some of Bach’s most beautiful works for alto, this is essentially a posthumous overview – and exhibition – of certain aspects of Bach’s creative life. Two arias (‘Buss und Reu’ and ‘Erbarme dich’) are drawn from the St Matthew Passion, two (‘Wo zwei und drei versammlet sind’ and ‘Zum reinen Wasser’) from Eastertide cantatas, and the Agnus Dei is from his most spectacular choral work: the B minor Mass.

Bach reserved some of the most life-changing music he wrote for the alto voice, possibly inspired to greater heights by his wife Anna Magdalena, who was herself an accomplished alto. With the majority of Bach alto arias performed and recorded by men it is refreshing to hear Catherine King’s rich alto bring new colours to these works. The NBO is directed alternately by Julian Podger and harpsichordist Ketil Haugsand, the distinguished pupil of Gustav Leonhardt.

Originally released in 2001, J.S. Bach: Alto Arias has been re-issued as part of Linn’s ECHO series which offers a second chance to enjoy the best of the label’s award-winning catalogue.

Catherine King is acknowledged as one of the most versatile mezzo-sopranos of her generation with an impressive breadth of repertoire. From Bach to Elgar, Vivaldi to Verdi, from demanding new works to ageless soaring Hildegard, Catherine has earned respect in each of the many different fields in which she works. Gramophone recently described her as ‘bell-voiced... with firm clear tone, elegant phrasing and agile, precise coloratura’. Catherine’s career takes her to venues across Europe and beyond; she captivates her audience whether on the operatic stage, singing a great oratorio in an English cathedral or giving a solo recital.

19,95 €
Image Magnificat & Christmas Cantata
Dunedin Consort / John Butt

This is the premiere recording of J.S. Bach's Magnificat heard for the first time within its original liturgical context, alongside the beautiful Christmas Cantata. The first 1000 customers will also receive a free bonus disc of highlights from the Consort's Gramophone Award-winning seasonal favourite 'Handel: Messiah'.

Dunedin Consort recreates Bach's first Christmas at Leipzig (Vespers in the Nikolaikirche, 25 December 1723); the recording opens with a Gabrieli motet and includes organ preludes and a seasonal congregational chorale.

Director John Butt has given listeners an interpretation that will provide a refreshing outlook on this masterpiece and will show the Magnificat in a completely new light.

This recording marks the return of Dunedin Consort's star-studded cast including, Nicholas Mulroy, Matthew Brook, Joanne Lunn and Clare Wilkinson plus newcomer Julia Doyle.

19,95 €
Image Solo Works for Marimba
The Japanese percussionist turns to the cello suites and violin sonatas of J.S. Bach for her fourth studio recording with Linn. Arranged for solo marimba, Kuniko gives a unique perspective of these hugely famous and intellectually challenging works. Kuniko’s trademark is her highly sensitive touch, particularly with wooden instruments such as marimba, which gives these interpretations an extremely stripped-down yet natural, organic feel. Kuniko won praise for her performance of Bach’s G minor violin sonata at Leigh Howard Steven’s International Marimba Competition in 1995, particularly for her lack of marimba rolls in the adagio. Throughout her 2016 series of concerts (‘Reich at 80’ and ‘Bach To Contemporary Music’) Kuniko has performed works from the new album giving fans worldwide a chance to hear these works live. This is an exciting new take on these perpetually popular works. Kuniko is a soloist who is recognised around the world for her astonishing virtuosity, exquisite musical insight and expressive yet elegant performance style. She is renowned for her flawless technique when playing both keyboard and percussion instruments, which blends seamlessly with her profound musical intelligence. Kuniko’s debut kuniko plays reich was acclaimed by the media becoming Linn’s bestselling album of 2011, whilst cantus entered the Top 10 of the Official UK Specialist Classical Chart and Xenakis: IX was nominated in the Contemporary Music and Recording categories at Japan’s Record Academy Awards. Kuniko has performed in America, France, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, UK, Belgium, Canada, Portugal and Australia. Kuniko endorses Adams Musical Instruments and Pearl Musical Instruments worldwide.

33,95 €
Image Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin
Pavlo Beznosiuk, violin

Celebrated Baroque violinist Pavlo Beznosiuk gives a seemingly effortless performance of one of the most technically and intellectually challenging works in the solo violin repertory.

Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and virtuosic prowess Beznosiuk gives an intimate and thoughtful reading full of passion and vitality that is highly attuned to Bach's intentions.

The sonatas and partitas show off every aspect of violin technique; Beznosiuk delivers a masterclass in making the impossible sound, not only possible, but also musically compelling.

Beznosiuk's performance of the famous Chaconne in D minor, widely regarded as one of Bach's greatest contributions, is a highlight.

Performing on a period violin with authentic gut stringing, Beznosiuk has succeeded in creating a modern benchmark recording of this compositional masterpiece.

Originally released in 2011, J.S. Bach: Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin has been re-issued as part of Linn's ECHO series; a second chance to enjoy the best of the label's award-winning catalogue.

29,95 €
Image Sonatas and Partitas, BWV1001-1006
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, baroque cello

With two Gramophone Awards to his name and a reputation synonymous with excellence, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola is a musician who is at the top of his profession.

With an established fan base built over his two decades with viol consort Phantasm, Luolajan-Mikkola makes his solo Linn debut in style, tackling what is considered the pinnacle of Bach's output for violinists: the Sonatas and Partitas.

Transcribing these hugely popular works for cello, especially one in Baroque set-up, was not without its risks, although performing on Baroque cello also offers compelling advantages.

Luolajan-Mikkola takes his interpretative cue from the set-up of the Baroque instrument, which informs such issues as tuning, vibrato, fingering and articulation.

Performing the Sonatas and Partitas on the cello is so challenging that it is almost impossible to imagine a cellist of Bach's day playing them, but Luolajan-Mikkola rises to the challenge with aplomb.

Luolajan-Mikkola's main aim in this recording has been to capture emotion and convey expression according to the respective key and character of each movement, which he achieves in spades.

33,95 €
Image Violin Concertos
Cecilia Bernardini, violin
Huw Daniel, violin
Alfredo Bernardini, oboe

Dunedin Consort / John Butt

Dunedin Consort's formidable reputation for performing Bach is set to scale new heights with this highly anticipated recording.

Dutch-Italian violinist Cecilia Bernardini takes a break from leader duties as she steps into the spotlight to deliver a virtuoso performance under the direction of Bach specialist John Butt OBE.

Opening the program is the colourful and joyful concerto for violin and oboe (Alfredo Bernardini oboe) with its supremely lyrical central movement.

Two of Bach's solo violin concertos, each overflowing with inventive detail, and the Sinfonia with solo oboe that opens Cantata 21, follow.

The program culminates in one of Bach's greatest masterpieces - the Double Concerto for two violins (Huw Daniel violin), with its famous and sublime slow movement.

Although Bach was most famous as an organist and keyboard player, he was also a fine violinist; his idiomatic writing and characteristic flair is evident in the many dazzling moments he creates.

19,95 €
Image Every Grain of Sand: Fifteenth Anniversary Edition
Barb Jungr’s Every Grain Of Sand has deservedly become known as a modern cult classic and has won the singer a dedicated fan base around the world. Originally released in 2002 this insightful album established Jungr as one of the leading interpreters of the Bob Dylan songbook and entered the Top 10 ‘Jazz Album of the Year’ lists in The Sunday Times and The Telegraph whilst the Wall Street Journal described it as ‘…the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far.’ Jungr’s revelatory interpretations get right to the heart of Dylan’s lyrics, finding new depths and emotion in his work. The album’s many fans include actor Jeremy Irons who named it one of his must-have albums on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. Jungr’s passion for the material and her clever musicality ensure that everyone will find something to enjoy on this limited edition LP. This album prompted more than a decade of Dylan performances with a Barbican tribute alongside Billy Bragg and Odetta, a highlight. Jungr is supporting the release with a ten date UK tour in 2017. Barb Jungr is renowned for her unique vocal style, interpretation of song and radical approach to arrangements. One of the country’s finest interpreters of contemporary song Jungr is always original and inventive with a voice that has drawn comparisons with Nina Simone and Peggy Lee. Jungr has won rave international reviews and two prestigious New York awards (2008 Nightlife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist and Best International Artist 2003 Backstage Award). Jungr was recently shortlisted for a Manhattan Cabaret Award for Best Celebrity Artist and Best Vocalist by the London Cabaret Awards. Jungr’s acclaimed releases and unforgettable live performances have brought her to audiences all around the world.

23,50 €
Image Every Grain of Sand: Fifteenth Anniversary Edition
Barb Jungr’s Every Grain of Sand has deservedly become known as a modern cult classic and has won the singer a dedicated fan base around the world. Originally released in 2002 this insightful album established Jungr as one of the leading interpreters of the Bob Dylan songbook and entered the Top 10 ‘Jazz Album of the Year’ lists in The Sunday Times and The Telegraph whilst the Wall Street Journal described it as ‘…the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far.’ Jungr’s revelatory interpretations get right to the heart of Dylan’s lyrics, finding new depths and emotion in his work. The album’s many fans include actor Jeremy Irons who named it one of his must-have albums on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. Jungr’s passion for the material and her clever musicality ensure that everyone will find something to enjoy on this limited edition album. This album prompted more than a decade of Dylan performances with a Barbican tribute alongside Billy Bragg and Odetta, a highlight. Jungr is supporting the release with a ten date UK tour in 2017. Barb Jungr is renowned for her unique vocal style, interpretation of song and radical approach to arrangements. One of the country’s finest interpreters of contemporary song Jungr is always original and inventive with a voice that has drawn comparisons with Nina Simone and Peggy Lee. Jungr has won rave international reviews and two prestigious New York awards (2008 Nightlife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist and Best International Artist 2003 Backstage Award). Jungr was recently shortlisted for a Manhattan Cabaret Award for Best Celebrity Artist and Best Vocalist by the London Cabaret Awards. Jungr’s acclaimed releases and unforgettable live performances have brought her to audiences all around the world.

19,95 €
Image Chanson: The Space In Between
19,95 €
Image Edinburgh 1742: Barsanti & Handel
The popular Ensemble Marsyas returns with a diverse programme of concerti, wind music and Scottish songs by composers Francesco Barsanti and George Frideric Handel, centred around the music composed for The Edinburgh Musical Society. Horn soloists Alec Frank-Gemmill and Joseph Walters take centre stage in Handel’s Concerto for French horns, exemplifying the extraordinary vogue for horn music at this time. Timpanist Alan Emslie joins them for Barsanti’s Concerti grossi Op. 3, an unusual concertino comprising timpani and natural horns. Barsanti’s four ‘Old Scots Tunes’, notable as one of the first examples of Scottish Traditional music to be faithfully transcribed, introduces fiddle player Colin Scobie. Completing the programme is Handel’s aria ‘Sta nell’Ircana’ from Alcina, featuring mezzo-soprano Emilie Renard, and the March for wind band, HWV 346. The recording, which will be launched at the 2017 Edinburgh International Festival, is a fine addition to the group’s discography. The Edinburgh based chamber group comprises the best of a new generation of musicians specialising in early music across Europe. Ensemble Marsyas has appeared at Wigmore Hall, the Gottingen Handel Festival, the East Neuk and Lammermuir Festivals, the Great Music in Irish Houses Festival and the Zelenka Festival in Prague. Ensemble Marsyas’ previous recordings of Zelenka, Fasch and Handel each received several five star reviews. Peter Whelan is the founder and Artistic Director of Ensemble Marsyas and is in constant demand as both a performer and director. Principal bassoon in both the Scottish Chamber and Mahler Chamber Orchestras, Whelan is equally at home on modern and historical instruments with a diverse repertoire spanning over 400 years.

19,95 €
Image Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste
Scottish Chamber Orchestra / Charles Mackerras

Sir Charles Mackerras and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra offer fresh, authentic and perceptive interpretations of works by Bartók and Kodály.

Originally released in 2004, 'Bartok & Kodaly' has been re-issued as part of Linn's ECHO series which offers a second chance to enjoy the best of the label's award-winning catalogue.

Both Bartók works represented here would figure in any round-up of 20th century masterpieces. Intensely expressive and colourful they feature the folk-dance rhythms the composer favoured.

'Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste' is Bartók's tour de force. This is Sir Charles Mackerras' first recording of this colourful and spectacular work. The 'Divertimento' is a work of contrasts: its two bright, joyful outer structures enclose a sombre 'Adagio'.

Kodály shared Bartók's fascination with folk music and his 'Dances of Galánta' is a symphonic poem

distinguished by brilliant orchestration and cast in rondo form, taking its material from 18th-century verbunkos (Hungarian dance) music.

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is a world-renowned orchestra whose recordings with conductors such as Robin Ticciati and Sir Charles Mackerras have resulted in multiple accolades and awards.

In 2011 BBC Music Magazine named Sir Charles Mackerras as one of 'The 20 Greatest Conductors of All Time' stating: 'Known for his eye for detail, exuberance and phenomenal musical memory, Mackerras was also at the forefront of the authentic performance movement.'

Sir Charles Mackerras was the SCO's Conductor Laureate until his passing in 2010, made numerous award winning recordings including BBC Music Magazine's 2010 'Disc of the Year' recording, Mozart Symphonies 38-41.

19,95 €
Image Guitar Concerto
Conducting legend José Serebrier, together with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, performs the premiere recording of four works by contemporary American composer, Robert Beaser. Two of the works, Notes on a Southern Sky and the Guitar Concerto, were written for guitar virtuoso Eliot Fisk, a noted pupil of Andrés Segovia, who performed the concerto alongside José Serebrier in 2015 and returns for this recording. Fisk describes them as ‘epic works of historical importance in the history of the guitar.’ Premiered by Fisk in New York in 2009, the Guitar Concerto is truly symphonic in scale with virtuoso passages that only a master could write; the variety of styles perfectly exploits Fisk's dazzling agility. Evening Prayer is an orchestral tone poem demonstrating the melodic and harmonic beauty which characterises Beaser’s style. Ground O is Beaser’s own orchestration of an earlier work written within a month of the events of September 11; its power to reflect the enormous sadness of this tragedy is unspeakably moving. José Serebrier is one of the most recorded classical artists in history; he has received eight GRAMMY® wins and forty-five GRAMMY® Award nominations including a Latin GRAMMY® nomination for his recording of Adler’s Sixth Symphony with the RSNO. The RSNO has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its recordings, receiving two Diapason d’Or de l’année awards for Symphonic Music and eight GRAMMY® Award nominations to date. Guitarist Eliot Fisk is known worldwide as a charismatic performer famed for his adventurous and virtuosic repertoire; he has performed with the LA Philharmonic, Houston Symphony, Rochester Symphony, Orchestra of St. Lukes, Pro Arte Orchestra, BMOP, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and numerous others.

19,95 €
Image Last Three Piano Sonatas
19,95 €
Image L'Enfance du Christ
Robin Ticciati, conductor
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Yann Beuron: Narrator
Véronique Gens: Virgin Mary
Stephan Loges: Joseph
Alastair Miles: Father of the Family

Ticciati cements his reputation as an outstanding Berliozian with his latest recording, L'enfance du Christ, featuring the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Robin Ticciati and the SRSO are joined by a sterling cast of soloists including: Stephan Loges, winner of the Wigmore Hall International Song Competition, Veronique Gens, whose recording of Berlioz' Les nuits d'été was named Gramophone 'Editor's Choice', Yann Beuron, who was unanimously awarded first prize in 1996 from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and Alistair Miles, who has been called 'the finest British bass of his generation' (The Guardian).

Berlioz's mighty oratorio was an immediate success and was praised by all but two critics in the Paris newspapers; over 150 years later it is still as popular.

Named one of the top ten young 'conductors on the verge of greatness' by Gramophone, Robin delivers fresh insights and vivid colours into this luminous work. Since his recording debut Robin's profile has continued to build; in 2011 Gramophone voted him one of 'Tomorrow's Icons' and he was announced as the next music director of Glyndebourne, taking over from Vladimir Jurowski in 2014.

33,95 €
Image John Bevan Baker Songs of Courtship
19,95 €
Image Take One
The Big Screen trio joyfully explores the worlds of stage and screen, swinging through a selection of timeless melodies which enjoy universal appeal.A heavyweight of British jazz, pianist David Newton is joined for this project by Tom Farmer (from Empirical), who has a contemporary approach to bass playing, and Matt Skelton, whose virtuoso drum skills keeps everything moving nicely.David Newton has always thrived on playing material that brings new challenges to his improvisation and he has gone out of his way to do so for this new trio.There is an emotional and visceral joy when hearing these tunes rendered with the care, intellect, passion and excellence that Big Screen bring to the music.

19,95 €
Image Other Love Songs
Britain's most exciting young sextet returns with an album that's bursting with passion, rapture and the sheer magic and madness of falling in love. Featuring new works by Stephen Hough and the eternally classic Liebeslieder Waltzer by Brahms, this leading chamber ensemble is sure to woo you with this exciting collection of love songs.

19,95 €
Image Lieder
Brahms & Schumann: Lieder sees Dame Ann Murray, one of the great vocal artists of the past decades, return to the recording studio to perform a personal selection of Lieder.Brahms & Schumann: Lieder, Anns first solo album in over a decade, will be her final Lieder recording and a fitting way to draw her long and distinguished recording career to a close. Still a regular fixture on the opera circuit, Anns voice remains impressive. Following a Brahms recital at Wigmore Hall earlier this year, The Times stated: Her still-penetrating mezzo was the highlight of the evening. Murray really sings through Brahmss cantabile lines while losing nothing in theatrical awareness. It is difficult to imagine a singer who inspires greater affection and admiration than Ann Murray DBE. With Malcolm Martineau at the piano, this beautifully balanced programme sees Ann perform some of her favourite works by Schumann and Brahms. The recording features Malcolm Martineau (piano) Benjamin Appl (baritone), John Mark Ainsley (tenor), Johnny Langridge (tenor & Anns son) and Hester Dickson (piano & Malcolms mother). Ann Murray performs regularly with the Glyndebourne Festival, English National Opera, the Royal Opera and the Metropolitan Opera, New York and has been a regular guest at the BBC Proms.A founding member of Graham Johnsons organization, The Songmakers Almanac and a Jury member for the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2009 and Song Prize, Ann Murray is a lover of song and has been acclaimed worldwide for her own performances. In the 2002 Golden Jubilee Queen's Birthday Honours Murray was appointed an honorary Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. She is an Honorary Doctor of Music at the National University of Ireland and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music.

19,95 €
Image My Beloved Is Mine
James Gilchrist (tenor)
Anna Tilbrook (piano)

The greatly sought-after tenor, James Gilchrist, continues his highly acclaimed exploration of British song with his new recording of Benjamin Britten works.

His 2010 recording of Leighton Earth, Sweet Earth...(laudes terrae) and Britten Winter Words was called 'outstandingly accomplished' by Gramophone

'On This Island' is strikingly fresh and Gilchrist sings these beautiful poems with a graceful insight.

Contrasting this opening set, Gilchrist gives a moving and heartfelt performance of Britten's dark and profound song cycle 'The Holy Sonnets of John Donne'.

My Beloved is Mine ends with what Peter Pears called 'Britten's finest piece of vocal music to date'; a psalm-like poem with energetically evolving rhythms and beautiful harmonies.

James Gilchrist has appeared with many of the world's prestigious ensembles and under several leading conductors; he recently performed with Retrospect Ensemble for their recording with Linn Records, J. S. Bach Easter & Ascension Oratorios.

James is sought after for operatic roles, ensemble performances and as a respected recitalist.

Anna Tilbrook is one of Britain's most exciting pianists, with a considerable reputation in song recitals and chamber music. She made her debut at Wigmore Hall in 1999 and has since become a regular performer at Europe's major concert halls and festivals.

James Gilchrist press:

'His enunciation is superb, his melodic phrasing is always wonderfully musical...'
(BBC Music Magazine)

'As an interpreter of English song, Gilchrist is often in a class by himself'.
(The Times)

'James Gilchrist's singing and Anna Tilbrook's piano accompaniments are all that can be wished for'.
(MusicWeb International)

19,95 €
Image French Connections
John Mark Ainsley, tenor
Malcolm Martineau, piano

John Mark Ainsley's cleverly constructed recital highlights the personal and musical connections of four of the twentieth century's best song writers: Britten, Poulenc, Heggie and Berkeley.

The breadth of repertoire showcases Ainsley's range, expansive vocal colour, expressive voice and exceptional understanding of text. Accompanying Ainsley is Malcolm Martineau, to whom Heggie's Friendly Persuasions is dedicated. The American composer pays homage to Poulenc with four imaginative songs, each of which recreates in miniature a transformative friendship in Poulenc's life.

In 2008 Ainsley and Martineau gave the world premiere performance of Friendly Persuasions at Wigmore Hall, London.

The recital also includes three works by Poulenc: Fancy, Bleuet and Tel jour telle nuit, a beautifully conceived and shaped cycle; considered Poulenc's greatest vocal work it is reminiscent of the great cycles of a century earlier such as Winterreise or Dichterliebe.

Despite French heritage and fluency in the language Berkeley's friendship with Britten led him to set verse by the English poet, W.H. Auden instead. His Five Poems are some of the best of their kind; a cohesive and satisfying collection, Berkeley perfectly captures both the fanciful and reflective elements of Auden's poetry.

Auden in turn re-introduced Britten to the works of John Donne, which Britten went on to set in his Holy Sonnets; darkly moving and highly demanding, they are among his finest work.

19,95 €
Image Jigs, Jives and Jacobites
19,95 €
Image Symphonie No. 2 (arr. Anthony Payne)
Historical performance pioneer, Trevor Pinnock, conducts the Royal Academy of Music Soloists Ensemble in the premiere recording of Anthony Payne's new arrangement of Bruckner's second symphony.

This is the second in the series which sees Trevor and the Academy perform and record works which are retrospectively reigniting Schoenberg's vision of performing chamber reductions of symphonic repertoire.

This brand new edition was commissioned by Royal Academy of Music Principal Jonathan Freeman-Attwood who asked composer Anthony Payne (of Elgar's Third Symphony fame) if he would adopt the principles of Schoenberg's Society in a new version of this symphony.

Whilst employing a slightly larger ensemble than the core group used by Schoenberg, this scoring serves to reveal the luminescent appeal of a little-known nineteenth-century masterpiece - whilst also extending Schoenberg's and his pupils' practice of refined intimacy.

Upon hearing the recording Anthony Payne remarked 'the arrangement exceeded my most extravagant expectation... performed magnificently under Trevor Pinnock's direction by one of the finest chamber groups I've heard.'

Rounding off this recording is Strauss' Wein, Weib und Gesang arranged by Alban Berg, whose own pieces were regularly performed by the Society.

Trevor Pinnock is known worldwide as a harpsichordist and conductor who pioneered performance on historical instruments.

2014 sees him return to the English Concert, which he founded, to celebrate its 40th anniversary at Wigmore Hall, where he will also give a solo harpsichord recital.

In 'Pinnock's Passions', Trevor will curate four themed concerts with guest musicians and speakers at the new candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at The Globe.

During 2014 The Royal Academy of Music Soloists will join Trevor for the third in a series of recordings of music arranged for Schoenberg's private concerts.

19,95 €
Image The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns Volume 8
19,95 €
Image The Complete Songs Volume 7
19,95 €
Image The Complete Songs Volume 3
19,95 €
Image The Complete Songs Volume 9
19,95 €
Image The Complete Songs Volume 5
19,95 €
Image Scattered Ashes
Magnificat / Philip Cave

Magnificat's 25th anniversary recording, Scattered Ashes, features contrasting and parallel works of great passion inspired by the meditations of the infamous Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola.

These Latin settings by eight great vocal composers of the 16th century display a variety of scoring, textures and harmonic language that is mirrored in their intensity and attention to detail.

Josquin's Miserere, referred to as 'epic', 'massive', 'courageous' and 'bold' with similarities in stature and significance frequently drawn between the music of Josquin and Beethoven, opens the programme.

Josquin's musical architecture, and his sensitivity to the text, combine to produce a work of astonishing delicacy, with kaleidoscopic twists and turns, rich and subtle use of texture and variety exploiting and illustrating the text with a heartfelt empathy.

Both challenging and thrilling to sing, Josquin's Miserere perfectly demonstrates why Magnificat's world-class reputation for clarity, flawless intonation and purity of tone is second to none.

19,95 €
Image English Ayres by Thomas Campion
"Michael Chance does [Campion] a big favour by recording a selection for Linn Records, persuading us that these songs are not just artful, but pregnant with emotional fibre." (Financial Times)

North teams up with Michael Chance to record Campion's songs with traditional lute accomaniment.

Produced by Ben Turner

Michael Chance - counter-tenor
Nigel North - lute

The English Ayre:
Rachel Elliot - soprano
Mark Padmore - Tenor
Peter Harvey - baritone

Mark Levy - viol
Alison McGilivray - viol
Joanna Levine - viol

19,95 €
Image Nice Work
19,95 €
Image Seaside
'...this is not only Carroll's best disc, but one of the finest non-classical releases in the Linn catalogue.'
(The Herald)

'The title number, written by the irrepressible Joe Stilgoe, has to be one of the finest new songs of the year, the bittersweet lyrics burnished by Evan Jolly's brass-band arrangement.'
(The Sunday Times)

'Seaside consolidates Carroll's position as one of the UK's most expressive jazz/soul vocalists and pianists in an accessible recording which combines unalloyed high spirits with beauteous, heart aching emotion.'
(AP Reviews)

'She has the remarkable ability to sing every song totally from the heart as if she has just written it herself.'
(BBC Radio 3)

19,95 €
Image Liszt Transfigured - Operatic Fantasies for Piano
The hugely talented pianist makes his recording debut with the phenomenally difficult Liszt transcriptions of well-known opera melodies. A broad and thoughtful musician, Chiyan Wong’s special interest in the music of Franz Liszt, has led to him perfecting his own editions of these popular operatic fantasies. Following Liszt’s own advice regarding transcriptions, Wong concentrates on communicating the spirit and intention of the music whilst applying his own personal touches. A decade of performing Réminiscences de ‘Don Juan’ de Mozart has created a most effective version, whilst Wong adds a new coda to Fantasie über Themen aus Mozarts Figaro und Don Giovanni in a fitting tribute to Liszt’s pupil Carl Tausig. Wong has performed Liszt around the world: in Hong Kong as part of the composer’s bicentenary celebrations, in London at his Wigmore Hall debut, and in concert for the Liszt Society in Europe. Chiyan Wong has been astonishing audiences with not just the sincerity and sheer authority of his playing, but is also fêted by critics and colleagues as a rising star of the piano world. Wong was the sole recipient of the Bernard van Zuiden Music Fund of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2007 and won First Prize at the Jaques Samuel Pianos Intercollegiate Piano Competition in 2011. In addition, he has been awarded prizes by the Hattori Foundation in London, the International Piano Competition in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz in Ukraine and the Premio Liszt in Parma. He is a recipient of the Postgraduate Performance Award by the Musicians Benevolent Fund and the ABRSM Macklin Bursary. Wong has performed in Singapore, Italy, France, Germany and the UK and will return to the Singapore International Piano Festival in 2017.

19,95 €
Image Perfect Alibi
19,95 €
Image Take My Heart
With tracks by Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Nick Drake and David Sylvian, Claire Martin takes a rare, and brilliant, side-step from her traditional jazz roots. Originally released in 1999, Take My Heart has been re-issued as part of Linn's ECHO series which offers a second chance to enjoy the best of the label's award-winning catalogue. Claire Martin's eclectic taste, originality and flair ensures this foray into pop-crossover territory, a trend she championed long before Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux made this style an accepted genre, was highly successful. Claire invited Noel Gallagher to play acoustic guitar on Help! whilst other notable contributors include Paul Stacey, Gareth Williams, Arnie Somogyi,Jeremy Stacey, Jason Rebello and Mornington Lockett. Claire Martin co-wrote a few of the songs on Take My Heart, including Pleading Guilty which is Joni Mitchell-esque in style and Inner City Girl.

19,95 €
Image Say It Isn't So
Say It Isn't So' is a joyful celebration; both of the impeccably crafted songs of Irving Berlin and of the unique partnership between two seasoned performers at the top of their game: Claire Martin and the late Richard Rodney Bennett.

Lifelong friends on and off stage, Martin and Bennett recorded three studio albums and enjoyed acclaimed concert performances in a collaboration that flourished over two decades. Recorded in New York, 'Say It Isn't So' is their last recording together and one of which Claire is immensely proud. Bennett's skilful arrangements highlight why Berlin was widely considered one of the greatest songwriters of all time and brilliantly showcase Claire's assured and expressive voice.

Claire and Richard's previous duo albums, 'When Lights are Low' and 'Witchcraft', received wide critical acclaim: 'their albums set the standard for classic interpretations of popular songs' (The Observer).

19,95 €
Image Lyn's Une
Runner up : 'Best Drummer', Scottish Jazz Awards 2009

"...Cosker is one of the best drummers on the contemporary jazz scene." (O's Place Jazz, D. Oscar Groomes, 2009)

"Young Scottish drummer Cokser has both wit and passion in his playing and, in Scottish music writer Rob Adams' formulation, technically he's already an acknowledged "prince of paradiddles...rim-shot royalty". On this impressive debut as leader, he displays a wide range of influences. The music is largely built around his regular touring trio of drums-guitar-bass, which shows obvious affinities with the sound world of John Scofield: sharp-edged blues-funk is one of the key modes here. But the presence of Smith really opens the music out, and there is some wonderfully expansive soloing over Cosker's soon-to-be-trademark (I suspect) penchant for tricky time signatures. 'Bheki' is a gorgeously cool and soulfully assured tribute to the recently deceased South African pianist Bheki Mseleku, while closing ballad 'When Autumn Comes' - written with and sung by McMullan - strikes a fine balance between folksy open-heartedness and jazz cunning." (Jazzwise, Robert Shore, 2009)

Funky, roaringly passionate jazz. Debut solo album from hot Scottish drummer Alyn Cosker, who is the drummer with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

Produced by Alyn Cosker

Alyn Cosker drums
Ross Hamilton bass
Jason Rebello piano
David Dunsmuir guitar
Paul Towndrow soprano & alto saxophones
Tommy Smith tenor saxophone
Ryan Quigley trumpet
Maureen McMullan vocals

Recorded at Castle Sound Studios on 14th & 15th of August 2008
Engineer Stuart Hamilton
Assistant engineer Ross Hamilton
Mixed by Calum Malcolm
Surround mixing & mastering by Philip Hobbs
Photography by Bob Black
Design by The Art Surgery

19,95 €
Image The Sun King's Paradise
19,95 €
Image The Versailles Collection: The Sun King's Paradise
23,50 €
Image Cello works by Haydn, Couperin and Monn
Corinne Morris’s debut concerto recording is a landmark in a career shaped by extraordinary talent and remarkable determination. This evocatively titled recording reflects Corinne’s inspirational journey through a career-halting injury and back out the other side. An invitation to perform with the renowned Scottish Chamber Orchestra in summer 2016 revealed an instant rapport; Corinne’s recording partner was secured. Chrysalis marks Corinne’s return to form, as she takes centre stage in concertos by Monn and Haydn plus Couperin’s Pieces en Concert. Corinne returns to Monn’s original notes for her performance of the concerto made famous by Jacqueline Du Pre. In staying true to the composer’s intentions Corinne creates a purposeful and stylistic journey towards the Haydn Concerto. Overcoming the technical challenges presented by the Haydn concerto is of particular significance for the indomitable cellist. The personalized cadenzas are a fitting representation of her inspirational return to her virtuosic best.

19,95 €
Image Les Douze Noels
19,95 €
Image French Reflections
Sivan Magen, harp

For his second recital harpist Sivan Magen performs some of the greatest French masterpieces written for harp at the turn of the last two centuries.

Since the 1900s French composers have advanced the harp to new levels of virtuosity and expression, with growing technical demands.

Caplet's Divertissements features some of the most unique and perfectly executed writing in the harp's entire literature; great technical poise is required to deliver the bold pedal glissandi.

Tournier and Debussy established the harp as a crucial exponent of the dreamy impressionist style; its colours and sonority are key.

A century later Mantovani utilises a breath-taking spectrum of attacks and techniques: furious scalic motives, nail sounds, bisbigliandi, and sudden, shrill fortes which makes Tocar a testament to the harp's more virile characteristics.

Schoeller's Esstal is in sharp contrast; its delicate figurations create a more peaceful mood and demonstrate another side to this versatile instrument.

The programme closes with Fauré's Impromptu which makes use of harmonics, glissandi, cross fingerings and rich arpeggios.

Praised by the press as 'a magician' (New York's WQXR), whose 'virtuoso playing conjures an astonishing range of colour and dynamic' (The Daily Telegraph), Sivan Magen is the only Israeli to have ever won the prestigious International Harp Contest in Israel.

Magen also won the Pro Musicis International Award in New York and the Borletti-Buitoni Trust's 2012 Award for exceptional young musicians.

Magen has given solo recitals in New York, London and Amsterdam; his chamber music commitments have taken him to Paris and New York, as well as several International Chamber Music festivals.

Sivan Magen's Britten recital was listed in the New York Times' 'Best Recordings of 2012', whilst his Linn debut Fantasian was awarded five stars by BBC Music Magazine.

'...Magen uses every means at his disposal to create a compelling emotional narrative that draws the ear irresistibly on.' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Magen seems destined to be the Zabaleta de nos jours, with a paintbox of colours allied to fabulous dexterity and nuanced phrasing.'

'Sivan Magen is a dazzlingly virtuosic musician and in this recital disc has set out to show the flexibility of his instrument.'

19,95 €
Image Debussy & Takemitsu For Strings
Scottish Ensemble / Jonathan Morton

Fusing French and Japanese influences, SE’s new recording features works by Takemitsu and Debussy, two composers who share an instinctive feeling for instrumental colour and sensuous textures.

SE’s reputation for excellent string arrangements (established with important commissions from the late Rudolph Barshai) continues with Jonathan Morton’s arrangement of Debussy’s String Quartet.

The variety of string techniques and the wide palette of instrumental colours Debussy employed are all enhanced by the larger string ensemble, particularly in the sumptuously beautiful slow movement.

In addition, the attractively lyrical Girl with the Flaxen Hair has been orchestrated for string ensemble and two harps by Colin Matthews.

Takemitsu’s contribution to the string orchestra repertoire includes two contrasting film scores inspired by the French Impressionists.

Finishing the album is Takemitsu’s hauntingly melancholic Nostalghia, with a heartfelt solo violin melody by Jonathan Morton.

SE combines the intimacy and unity of a string quartet with the force and power of an ensemble in this unique and beautiful recording.

19,95 €
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