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Image Banda Um
Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira better known as Gilberto Gil, is a Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter, known for both his musical innovation and his political commitment. From 2003 to 2008, he served as his country's Minister of Culture in the administration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Gil began playing music as a child and was still a teenager when he joined his first band. He started out as a bossa nova musician, eventually writing songs that reflected a new focus on political awareness and social activism. He was a key figure in the Música Popular Brasileira and Tropicalismo movements of the 1960s, alongside artists such as longtime collaborator Caetano Veloso. The Brazilian military regime that took power in 1964 saw both Gil and Veloso as a threat, and the two were held for nine months in 1969 before they were told to leave the country. Gil moved to London, but returned to the Brazilian state of Bahia in 1972 and continued his musical career, as well as working as a politician and environmental advocate. Gil's musical style incorporates an eclectic range of influences, including rock, Brazilian genres including samba and forró, African music, and reggae.

7,77 € (12,95 €)
Image Pere & fils (Father and son)
Touched by Django Reinhardt’s style when he was young, Romane wanted, during many years, to let the music play again to the way of a certain french jazzy tradition called sometimes manouche jazz or gypsy swing.

Among all jazz guitarists revealed these last ten years, Romane is resigned to use the experience of the Past to get the best of today’s music Romane uses to think his music and besides he’s always listening to the others.

It’s beyond his wish to make the tradition evolve. He also wants to open the wings of culture to whom it will interest. A lot of educational works can testify in it

A great discography (a few more 12 albums signed on his name). We also have seen him crossing strings with some brilliant artists like Bob Brotzmann, Babik Reinhardt, Chet Atkins, James Carter and, of course, Didier Lockwood with whom he shares international scenes since the last two years.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Silence....On tourne
"Quite...we're filming..."

This is the second time I have written a declaration of love for the accordion and for the music of Frédéric Daverio. I have described Daverio as an accordiononophore, whose instrument is like an extension of himself. Listening to his latest work, I can only stand by what I said. There is a pact of mutual respect between him and the accordion, alongside a sense of humour and a wealth of inventiveness. In his hands, this heavy and powerful instrument becomes something light, while he is seriously and soberly adventurous. No clichés come to spoil the lyricism of the instrument, which is known in France as “le piano à bretelles” (“the piano with braces”), and which strikingly but modestly expresses a universal sensibility. In “silence…on tourne” (“Quiet… we’re filming”), you will hear phrases reminiscent of bal-musette literature, accents of tango and a touch of the barrel organ, but here everything is recreated and reinvented, and becomes uncatagorisable, contemporary, intemporal. This is great art.
(Georges Moustaki)

“ …emotional music, full of finesse, depth, seriousness, and an irresistible touch of romantic genius. It’s sweet, it’s strong, it’s like riding over a hill, it jumps out at you as you go round a bend, it warms you up as you race downhill, it’s electrifying, it flows like a stream and beats like a hundred hearts…”
(François Rollin)

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Image Yo
Roberto Fonseca accompanies his music with his whole body, even standing up in order to hammer his piano as if it were a percussion instrument. It may happen that he grabs a snare drum and thus transforms his group into a « comparsa » - a percussion ensemble, which parades down the streets during the carnival, the Cuban equivalent of the Brasilian « batucada » - compelling the following public in euphoric dance...

YO, his new album, prolongs this feast and reveals it in a way you have never before experienced. Recognized as a major influence of modern Cuban jazz, and jazz in general, he proves that his horizon is not limited by the subtleties of the blue note, neither of the azure of the Caribbean. That he has chosen to name it after his own first name « yo », « I » or « me» in Spanish, and to pose shirtless on his album cover, his hands open to the sky, is not unimportant. His photo in the nude, without hat, nor jewellery, evokes a rebirth. This record unveils the beginning of a new phase more than the closure of an old one, Fonseca explains. It expresses my view of my roots in light of my experience and exposes the diversity of my musical universe, all these ideas, which I put aside in a part of my head without having the opportunity to use them. If the new compositions revisit themes such as love and spirituality, which already nourished his work, this time Fonseca draws from a rich musical palette full of contrasts. In place of his usual jazz quintet, with YO he develops a concept of a union between electro analogue and African instruments, Hammond organs and et n'goni lutes, congas and tamani drums, all together combined in a synthesis of Afro- Cuban groove and Griot tradition.

To those people who are still wondering who is Roberto Fonseca and to all those who thought they knew him, the Cuban musician replies: YO. The Cuban pianist's new album is at the crossroads of jazz, traditional music and electronica, exploring new sounds and dimensions, while paying tribute to Cuba's African roots.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Empire of Love, The
An inveterate thrillseeker, with his latest album The Empire of Love, the innovative klezmer clarinetist Yom launches himself into a new space-time continuum where French house, cyber-klezmer, and sci-fi jazz converge... Surging forwards with supercharged rhythms, threaded with shimmering strings and futuristic vocals, captivating melodies erupt from the acoustic purity of the clarinet to create music that is indefinable. Balkan Turbo Folk? Middle Eastern Dance Music? New wave Lyrical Electro? All that and more no doubt, contribute to an avant-garde musical manifesto that is held together by an impressively rich soundscape, a sublime hymn to love as much as a fantastical psychedelic trip; we stand on the cusp of a brave new world.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Christmas Dreaming
True to her inimitable style, and still accompanied by Jordan Officer on guitar, Susie invents a very personal way of celebrating the Holidays with a Christmas album of bewitching charm. With over 200 000 copies sold worldwide between her five previous albums, Susie Arioli demonstrates once again her exceptional flair for selecting songs. The singer offers a choice of some great classics and some superb lesser known titles that she unveils with obvious pleasure. These infinitely alluring performances give off an irresistible warmth, heightened by the jazz and bluesy colours so characteristic of the Arioli sound.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image In-Pulse
Percussionist and drummer Xavier Desandre Navarre is a kind of magician, who brings out the unexpected instruments which we thought we knew every detail. His youthful appearance does not hint at, for nearly three decades, he has rubbed many heroes of this music, starting with Gil Evans during the tour organized in 1986 by Laurent Cugny. For this new project quartet, he was surrounded by three high-flying musicians, who have thrilled evenings Montpellier: Stéphane Guillaume, multi recidivist festival and Stephane Kerecki, whose beautiful duet in 2008 with guitarist Philippe Petit, remained in the memories.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image So Far So Good
'Young talents can never be discouraged enough,' claimed one Claude Debussy. Fortunately, the members of the ReZZo FOCAL Jazz in Vienna juries are aware that the strength of fledging artists is that they are not, in fact, discourageable . This applies in any case to the musicians who form UPTAKE, the lucky 2014 winners of this high profile jazz talent contest, one of the most important in Europe. Overflowing with groove and energy, this quartet which stems from the music scene in Lyons, France, has already mastered the art of interplay a synergetic way of spreading and shaping music together in total freedom.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Spleen
Smadj, the shaman of oud, uses acoustics, electricity and machines with his acolytes to shape a blues album evolving with a hint of the eternal. A superb musical jigsaw whose charm arises from an affectionate marriage between tradition(s) and modernity.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Upriver
Having already carved out a niche for himself on the French jazz scene (working with Sandra Nkaké, Henri Texier and others), pianist Armel Dupas has flung open the doors to his universe. His début album reads like a personal diary in which, swathed in subtle electro sounds, the pages are made up of pastel melodies, minimalist motifs and snatches of the soundtrack to imaginary films. Not just an inspired performer, Dupas is also a composer of rare talent, possessed with strong improvisational skills and a deep sense of emotion.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Homes
Gilad Hekselman (born 1983) is an Israeli-born jazz guitarist. Hekselman has performed with many renowned artists including Mark Turner, Dayna Stephens, Aaron Parks, Jeff Ballard, John Scofield, Ari Hoenig, and Chris Potter. Hekselman was also featured on Esperanza Spalding's Radio Music Society.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Mechanics
French saxophonist and composer Sylvain Rifflet has his finger firmly set on the pulse of modern times. Working with his group Alphabet, he has masterminded an innovative and spell-binding brand of music in which the modernity of his jazz sound combines with the world of New York minimalism. Poets and writers of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century often described the then-nascent "industrial world" and its machines as "enemies of art." However some did not see progress as dehumanizing. Science fiction imagined a futuristic world, which inspired artists and writers such as Jules Verne and HG Wells. Rifflet's album Mechanics, with a cover illustration by Belgian comic book artist François Schuiten, journeys through forward looking and fantastical worlds.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Slag Tanz
Finally, music to set the cat among the pigeons... Magma are the dynamite that will explode the conventions of a music scene that is becoming rather too self-satisfied with its own beauty... Magma are unlike anything that has gone before... So people were saying in 1970. In 2015, nearly half a century later, this is truer than ever and the new mini-album Slag Tanz (pronounced schlag tanz ), this veritable symphony of jazz metal that has erupted from nowhere, radiates with all Magma s singular intensity! Powerful, hypnotic, unclassifiable, musically there has been absolutely nothing to compare to them in the last fifty years... Magma are equal only to themselves.

7,77 € (12,95 €)
Image Ode to Heroes
Thana Alexa, born in New York and raised in her family's homeland of Croatia, is undoubtedly a rising star. Her high level of musicianship, beautiful voice and powerful stage presence are quickly earning her a reputation in New York City as an extremely competent, creative and reliable addition to any band. Her unique compositions and arrangements, in which she regularly uses the voice as an instrument, bring together elements of jazz, pop and rock, making her popular both among listeners and players. Thana s first solo album Ode to Heroes includes original compositions and arrangements marking a huge step in her career as a bandleader. The album features an incredible band of musicians including: Antonio Sanchez, Jorge Roeder, Sergio Salvatore, and Lenart Krecic. Special guests on the album also include Donny McCaslin, Scott Colley and Christos Rafalides.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image The Day After
The story continues... the fictitious character Quincy Brown is back courtesy of the crazy soul rock French coalition Push Up. The vocals of jazz singer Sandra Nkaké and Karl the Voice join with Allonymous the slam poet, Jean-Phi Dary s hypnotic keyboard rhythms and Jî Drû s bewitching flute. Following 'The Grand Day of Quincy Brown' (Discograph, 2010) the album continues the story of Quincy, whose doubts, hopes, anger are emerging... Push Up travel through soul, rock and spoken word with effervescent energy and aplomb - a musical crucible somewhere between Gorillaz and Gnarls Barkley, Fishbone and Funkadelic.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Libres
This album records a totally improvised recital in a little church in the Cantal and is the result of a meeting between two freedom-loving musicians. Karol Beffa is a composer whose work is played worldwide, a senior lecturer at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and a prizewinner in the classical section of the Victoires de la Musique awards 2013. Raphaël Imbert is a « free electron » and a key figure in modern music. His reputation as a talented improviser and researcher into music, jazz and the oral tradition extends well beyond the sphere of jazz. They form a spontaneous duo where improvisation is a way of life, curiosity a philosophy and interaction an absolute necessity.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Remember Petrucciani
This very special album is a tribute to Michel Petrucciani - a loving portrait performed by his brother Philippe Petrucciani and the singer Nathalie Blanc. Philippe often accompanied Michel on guitar and knew Michel saw his compositions as songs and dreamed of putting words to them. This album highlights Blanc's gifts as a vocalist and Philippe's expertise on six strings.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Encore
On Encore, French jazz singer Virginie Teychené stands on the edges of collective memory and draws us into an unexpected encounter with our own emotions. Partnered with a quintet, she takes us by the hand and urges us to dance, over and over again, on this loving tribute to chanson singers Claude Nougaro, Barbara and Alain Bashung.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image The Queen Of Turquoise
Basel Rajoub - soprano & tenor saxophones
Kenan Adnawi - oud
Andrea Piccioni - percussion
Feras Charestan - qanun
Lynn Adib - vocals

Soriana - Contemporary Music from the Orient is a body of musical works by Syrian composer and instrumentalist Basel Rajoub. The project features collaborations with like-minded artists celebrating their heritage and paying homage to the gift of musical knowledge.

Aleppo-born and now Swiss-based, Basel Rajoub is a consummate performer, skilled improviser, and highly original composer creating new music that is rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition. Basel is known for developing oriental music for the saxophone and is dedicated to helping his audience discover contemporary expression of myriad melodic modes of Arabic music. An innovator both on stage and in the studio, Basel performs as a solo artist and a leader of the Basel Rajoub Ensemble.

"Soriana is ‘our Syria’. Our country that we left behind, forced out either by a search or by circumstances. We head out thinking that we carry no baggage, completely unaware of the biggest gift our country has bestowed upon us. That gift is the gift of musical knowledge. It remains with me throughout many journeys, it soothes wounds and inspires creation, provides warmth and a platform of stability, images, aromas, tastes that water the mouth and inspire new creations still. This music is my gift to our Syria – Soriana."
(Basel Rajoub)

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image MM3
Since their inception in 2008 at the heart of the innovative São Paulo scene, Metá Metá have defied definition. The group's caustic tracks weave between punk and post-rock jazz with African and avant-garde hints. This third album takes things even further and is an alert against corruption in Brazilian society and the world. It is a breath of fresh air from a fundamental power trio.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Let's Bash!
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Marseille
The last of the great pianists performing a style of music he prefers to call American classical rather than jazz, Ahmad Jamal recently made a comeback with Blue Moon and Saturday Morning, two albums on which he took his art for flawless groove to great heights. The adventure continues here on this strongly francophile record: with a consistently magnetic beat, the pianist pays tribute to the capital city of Provence, its multi-coloured sea and its port, looking out towards Africa. A symbol of openness which goes hand in hand with one of the most accomplished forms of music around today.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image In Transit
Bassist Kyle Eastwood has an unbridled passion for jazz and the innate talent to share it. He is an artist that strives to reinvent the genre by not only respecting its masters, but also pushing the boundaries in search of a new tradition that looks ever forward. Following on the success of his first two Jazz Village releases, Eastwood's In Transit features songs by some of his favorite composers as well as original tunes by Eastwood and his band. Guest artists include saxophonist Stefano Di Battista. The mood of the album's ten tracks ranges from hard bop and rhythm 'n' blues to a decidedly contemporary sound. With its powerful rhythms and catchy melodies, Eastwood's In Transit is guaranteed to please.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image In Transit (2 LP)
Bassist Kyle Eastwood has an unbridled passion for jazz and the innate talent to share it. He is an artist that strives to reinvent the genre by not only respecting its masters, but also pushing the boundaries in search of a new tradition that looks ever forward. Following on the success of his first two Jazz Village releases, Eastwood's In Transit features songs by some of his favorite composers as well as original tunes by Eastwood and his band. Guest artists include saxophonist Stefano Di Battista. The mood of the album's ten tracks ranges from hard bop and rhythm 'n' blues to a decidedly contemporary sound. With its powerful rhythms and catchy melodies, Eastwood's In Transit is guaranteed to please.

14,97 € (24,95 €)
Image Music is My Hope
11,97 € (19,95 €)
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Recife
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Something Sentimental
John Abercrombie, guitar
Jay Anderson, bass
Dave Liebman, soprano saxophone, wooden flute
Adam Nussbaum, drums

The follow up to "The Nuttree Quartet/Standards - KOB 10023" which received 4-star reviews in all the major jazz magazines and has since become a modern classic. This "(Another) Nuttree Quartet" which has Adam Nussbaum and John Abercrombie at its core, sees Dave Liebman on saxophone (in place of Jerry Bergonzi) and Jay Anderson on bass (in place of Gary Versace on B3 Hammond). This is a again a set of standards played with exquisite beauty.

Something Sentimental
Note by Adam Nussbaum

This special project came about in 2007. In May, we all played together for a party to honor my mother Muriel, who had passed away in April at the age of 83. My Mom had always said that she wanted a celebration, not a funeral. Family and friends gathered together to reminisce and we played songs that my Mom had enjoyed throughout her life.

It was an emotional time; and it was so nice to make music with these wonderful musicians, as we have been treasured friends for over 30 years. Because it felt so good, we decided we should record.

This is dedicated to the memory our dear parents.
John & Elizabeth Abercrombie, Kenneth Anderson,
Leo & Frances Liebman, Erv & Muriel Nussbaum
and those incredible people who have touched our lives.
The list is long... they live on in our hearts.

I not going to talk about the music. It simply is what it is.
I hope you enjoy "Something Sentimental".

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image My Man
La Voix des Géants (The Voice of Giants) Collection is a new 20 Volume budget priced series from Le Chant du Monde, dedicated to the finest repertoire from 10 international stars and 10 of the greatest names in French chanson. Each album features 40 tracks and is attractively packaged in a digipack with French/English liner notes and original artwork.

5,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Love for sale
La Voix des Géants (The Voice of Giants) Collection is a new 20 Volume budget priced series from Le Chant du Monde, dedicated to the finest repertoire from 10 international stars and 10 of the greatest names in French chanson. Each album features 40 tracks and is attractively packaged in a digipack with French/English liner notes and original artwork.

5,99 € (9,99 €)
Image Illusions
After his remarkably successful acoustic album Wind, Maalouf comes back with a more electric sound on Illusions. It is an album born out of, and designed for, performance on stage. It not only features the members of his regular band, Frank Woeste on the keyboard, François Delporte on the guitar, Xavier Roge on the drums et Laurent David on the bass, but also adds three more quarter-tone trumpeters (Youenn Le Cam, Yann Martin and Martin Saccardy) to bring a even higher level of dynamism to the sound. Maalouf says, ''I wanted this album to be festive and full of positive energy... it starts with the most tragic view of the world: cynicism. It then gradually evolves towards light and hope.''

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Au Pays D'alice
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Celebrating Elvin Jones
On his second album for Motéma Music, Will Calhoun, the hard-driving,
groove-oriented drummer for the pioneering rock group
Living Colour, pays tribute to his earliest and most profound
influence with a stellar band of musicians, all of whom were
impacted by Elvin Jones through their personal growth as
a musician or their past working with him directly: bassist
Christian McBride, saxophonist Antoine Roney, pianist/
keyboardist Carlos McKinney, and trumpeter Keyon Harrold.
The great keyboardist Jan Hammer, a member of Jones‘ trio
for On the Mountain (1975), joins the band for a reprise of that
album‘s Gene Perla-penned track „Destiny;“ and Senegalese
percussionist Doudou N‘Diaye Rose joins with a group of
drummers for the traditional Japanese folk song „Doll of the
The songs that Calhoun selected for Celebrating Elvin Jones
span the late drummer‘s career, though they also reflect a
distinctly individual approach to that catalogue. Calhoun
devised the repertoire based on purely musical instincts,
not just skimming the drummer‘s most recognizable tunes.
There‘s nothing on the album from the Coltrane Quartet, and
„Three Card Molly,“ perhaps Jones‘ best-known composition,
is missing from the track listing – in part because Calhoun
recorded a memorable version for his 2006 release Native
Lands in the immediate aftermath of Jones‘ death. The
rousing opener „EJ Blues“ was a staple of the Elvin Jones Jazz
Machine‘s live performances in the 1980s, while Wilbur Little‘s
stabbing modal tune „Whew“ dates back to the drummer‘s
1969 album Poly-Currents. John Coltrane‘s „Harmonique“
predates Jones‘ tenure in the saxophonist‘s band, but the
drummer recorded it on his 1984 tribute, Brother John. Jones
recorded Wayne Shorter‘s „Mahjong“ on the composer‘s 1964
release JuJu, while his wife Keiko contributed „Shinjitsu,“
which was recorded on 1985‘s Live at Pit Inn. The meditative
„Sarmastah“ is Calhoun‘s sole original composition on the
album, featuring the drummer playing blissful 12-string
acoustic guitar to conjure a transcendent mood in conjunction
with Roney‘s soprano and McKinney‘s electric piano. „I love
Elvin and all of his contributions. He‘s inspired me in so many
ways, even playing with Living Colour. It‘s a thank you and a
respectful homage to this wonderful musician.“

14,10 € (23,50 €)
Image Chroma
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Anti-hero
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Tributary Tales
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Joey.Monk.Live!
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Familia: Tribute To Bebo & Chico
20,97 € (34,95 €)
Image Jersey
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Eclipse
This sophisticated yet explorational recording features bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland with guest appearances on three tracks by saxophonist Joshua Redman. Recorded in Woodstock on August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, the track “Eclipse” became the centerpiece of the album. The musicians’ spontaneous expression of their experience viewing this rare astronomical event signifies Alexander’s movement into a freer expression.

stream the title: https://joeyalexander.lnk.to/eclipseID

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Run Deep (LP)
20,37 € (33,95 €)
Image Blues for Memo
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Listen to the Music
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Run Deep
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Live at Smalls
Spike Wilner, piano

Manhattan born pianist Spike Wilner was inspired to play ragtime at a young age after seeing a docudrama on the life of Scott Joplin. This led to a life-long passion for piano playing, ragtime and jazz music in general. Spike made his performance debut at the age of fourteen playing Joplin at the St. Louis Ragtime Festival. Wilner has since performed with and has led many bands in New York City at many famous jazz clubs including The Village Gate, The Angry Squire, Visiones, Augies, The West End Gate and The Village Corner. He also toured with The Artie Shaw Big Band, The Glen Miller Orchestra and Maynard Ferguson. His new SmallsLIVE album shows the depth and keen intellect present in all his performances.

11,10 € (18,50 €)
Image Renayate
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Kobane

Ce nouvel album Kobane est un voyage musical à la recherche des mélodies et des rythmes de la culture kurde. Le destin contemporain du peuple kurde est au coeur de cet album, qui s’ouvre par une pièce instrumentale et vocale qui lui donne son titre.
Cet hymne à la ville victorieuse de la frontière syro-turque, dont le texte dit que la rivière Sirvan protège le feu sacré du zoroastrisme, emboite mélodies et instruments traditionnels à des percussions dévoilant des échanges et une ouverture au monde qui confirment que plus jamais aucune culture ne sera étanche.
En 2013, le premier album de Nishtiman a été un choc. Soudain, l’on entendait une musique fédérant la culture kurde, transcendant les frontières étatiques, historiques et même religieuses. Soudain, le Kurdistan s’exprimait tout ensemble – et, d’ailleurs, le mot nishtiman signifie patrie.
Kobane confirme que son Kurdistan n’est pas enkysté dans les mythes d’un passé qu’il faudrait faire revivre tel qu’enluminé dans quelque grimoire vénérable. Au contraire, le projet est de faire resplendir un futur aussi ouvert qu’enraciné, avec une musique traditionnelle et contemporaine à la fois.
Comme pour l’album précédent de Nishtiman, l’essentiel des compositions sont de Sohrab Pournazeri, chanteur, joueur de tanbur et de kamanché, et la direction artistique de Hussein Zahawy, joueur de daf, dohol et bendir.
Autour d’eux, on retrouve le joueur de zorna, balaban et duduk Ertan Tekin, la chanteuse Donya Kamali, le spécialiste des percussions africaines Robin Vassy et le joueur de santur Mayar Toreihi. Ensemble, ils font entendre une musique qui n’est évidemment plus celle des villages, mais a conservé cette âme radieuse et combative ayant traversé tant de siècles. Cette musique qui dessine un futur ouvert au monde ressemble à un rebond, à un relai, à un réveil. Et ce son-là traverse le fracas des armes.

11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Canzoni della cupa
14,10 € (23,50 €)
Image Visions of Selam
11,97 € (19,95 €)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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