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Image Late String Quartets
The Brentano Quartet delivers the third volume of Beethovens Late Quartets for æon, this disc featuring Opp. 130 and 133. The relation between form and language seems to haunt all the writing of his Quartet in B flat major. Indeed, the composer struggles with the enigmatic question of our intimate experience in relation to music and the sense of musical composition. On the other hand, in the Grosse Fuge, Op. 133, Beethoven the visionary proclaims his unshakeable faith in a world like a will facing menace and chaos.The pertinence of the struggle marks the structure and character of every page of the quartet, one of the composers most inspired. Impossible not to be impressed by the sharpness of the stroke, the clarity of the discourse and the intensity of the affects. Brilliant virtuosos, the superb mastery of the Brentanos has made them famous and displays its full power in the release of this final volume.

19,95 €
Image Andares
Débora Russ Ensemble

With this album, Aeon pursues the adventure initiated two years ago with singer Débora Russ, who interprets some of her own songs for the occasion, set to music and arranged by Mauricio Angarita, as well as songs by Piazzolla and Leonardo Sánchez. When she revisits the works of the famous Argentine composer with passion and emotion, Débora Russ convinces us of their importance and of the profound resonance they find with us more than ten years after his demise. Moments of passionate lyricism alternate with romantic episodes and rhythmic effects brimming with energy, without individual and collective expression ever betraying the spirit of tango nuevo. An artist with a quite unique style.

8,99 €
Image ...mais les images restent...
Michael Jarrell claims for himself the status of a craftsman. Well aware that mastery of his art is acquired in the long term, he has often felt the need to return to the same object, considered from a different angle, when he judges that he now possesses more ef cient tools and can express his musical ideas with greater precision. Although he says he is fascinated by artists who constantly work at the same idea, he does not seek a reduction of this kind for himself, but rather moves from one work to another through a process of reactions. That attitude is illustrated by this new album in which works and performers intersect; and the artists here are the composer’s most loyal supporters.
The arborescences and ruptures, the profundity of the multiple levels of interpretation we can perceive in the pieces on the programme of this disc, make us conscious of the multiplicity of the levels of meaning present in his music. Michael Jarrell’s training as a visual artist has probably honed his sensitivity to forms still further. The impact on him of Paul Klee’s ideas, notably concerning the relationships between forms and movements, is doubtless not foreign to the way he animates the materials with which he composes.

19,95 €
Image Cuerdas del Destino
19,95 €
Image Caprices
Over and above his legendary career as leader of the Arditti Quartet, Irvine Arditti has worked on many solo projects and is still today one of the foremost interpreters of the music of our time. Over the past decade he has given the world premieres of a whole host of large-scale works written especially for him. His approach to the contemporary violin is fascinating. The works by Salvatore Sciarrino, Elliott Carter, Emmanuel Nunes and Pierre Boulez assembled in this album are among the most widely known in the recent repertory for violin, both on account of the transcendental character of the pieces themselves and the impetus they have given the instrument’s technique, but also and above all because of the accomplishment manifest in the variety of their modes of expression. Irvine Arditti’s performance of them on this disc is masterly and already sets a benchmark.

19,95 €
Image Dulle Griet
Mdi Ensemble; RepertorioZero / Pierre-Andre Valade

19,95 €
Image Reflecting Black
The composer William Blank (born 1957) is one with Michael Jarrell and the elderly Heinz Holliger the most important representatives of contemporary music in Switzerland. His works are characterized less by extreme complexity or random dependent or improvised passages as by a pointillism with a human face. The CD presents orchestral works from 2000 by 2009.

19,95 €
Image Concerti, Capriccio & Aria
Olivier Cavé, piano

After the success of his two previous discs, devoted to Scarlatti and Clementi, pianist Olivier Cavé pursues his companionship with a Bach project. Throughout his extraordinary career, Bach never tired of copying by hand the music of others, and the sense of eclecticism that would drive him to reproduce and adapt works, namely Italian music, was his way of achieving a very personal synthesis and creation, where abstract speculation and poetry would find their place. These beautiful transcriptions were precisely at the origin of one of his master pieces, the Italian Concerto.

19,95 €
19,95 €
Image Works for Organ
Combines two properties Bernard Foccroulle (born in 1953) is not only one of the outstanding organists on historical instruments of international renown, but also one of the most important contemporary composers in Belgium. In this production he combines these two properties in an ideal manner, making use of the special timbre of historical instruments for his own works. As of organist, I have oft been quite struck by the exceptional beauty of historic organs End of month the very pronounced personality oft Sharply contrasts with the Standardized instruments built in the 20th century. HOWEVER, some of thesis old instruments impose constraints examined (reduced compass of the manual [s], limited or non-existent pedal organ, unequal temperament, fairly limited composition of stops, etc.) thatthey allow of only a highly specific repertoire. Most of the works composed in the 20th century are simply unplayable on synthesis instruments. This is why Certain organists and composers began, in the 1980s, to generate a contemporary literature takes into account the constraints did specificities and offering splendid evidence of the past. Capriccio sopra re-mi-fa-sol what the first piece in this cycle. Subsequently, I wrote other pieces for historic instruments, almost always choosing to early composer as a point of reference. As a whole, thesis Compositions offer a contemporary look at organ music and organ building in Europe since the Renaissance.

19,95 €
Image Music For Cello And Electronics
Arne Deforce, cello
Yutaka Oya, electronics

The works presented here belong among the most inventive repertoire for cello and electronics of our time. They invite us to become wondering listeners, to discover new realms of exceptional musical originality, connecting and intertwining the triangle of mind, body and soul; heart, intellect and pleasure; respiration, sensuality and thought.

33,95 €
Image Piano Sonata No. 32
Ferenc Vizi, piano

8,99 €
Image Röd / Blå
11,95 €
Image Encuentro
Quatuor Caliente
Gilberto Pereyra: bandoneón
Michel Berrier: violin
Cédric Lorel: piano
Nicolas Marty: double-bass
Laurent Colombani: guitar
Vincent Maillard: vibraphone

The title and contents of this new disc are full of meaning for the Caliente Quartet.

They attest to their encounter and great history with the music of Astor Piazzolla and Tango Nuevo, their (more recent) encounter with the Argentine composer Gustavo Beytelmann, from whom they commissioned two new works specifically for this recording, and finally their encounters with guitarist Laurent Colombani and vibraphonist Vincent Maillard.

19,95 €
Image No Time in Eternity
Céladon Ensemble underlines the obvious artistic connections between the music of English Renaissance and contemporary music.

This release is a clever mix of genres that points out to surprising similarities between these works: we could easily believe that Tye’s Sit Fast was composed very recently.

This parentage, harmonic, rhythmic and poetic logic, opens a whole field of exploration into sound identity and tradition.

Both composers, belonging to remote eras, dealt with timbre fusion in a similar way to create a full-bodied sound, both powerful and soothing.

The intensity of a violas consort that carries a certain magic, the paradoxical expression of a voice which is solitary but also becomes a sixth instrument, one of the violas.

19,95 €
Image Chiaro e scuro
An original programme with which the Swiss pianist Olivier Cavé succeeds in summarizing two universes that might, however, a priori appear remote: Domenico Scarlatti vs. Joseph Haydn. In the same album, Olivier Cavé confronts two complementary visions of the keyboard. 'With this project, I wanted to connect these two composers,' he tells us, 'for, when playing Haydn, I always had the feeling that he was familiar with Scarlatti's music.' For these two composers, the keyboard is the alphabet of a distinctive language; in a style both playful and mischievous, they composed with a bantering humour, unlimited amusement, unfailing virtuosity and a perfect sense of description.Paradoxically, the two composers meet in their slow movements, of unparalleled simplicity and amazing naturalness that give this music, generations apart, very great lyrical depth. This recording shows to what degree the impact of Scarlatti's music on Haydn's keyboard compositions is undeniable. For this project, Olivier Cavé has relied on the learned advice of the American musicologist Elaine Sisman.

19,95 €
Image Music for a King
Music for a King
The Winchester Troper, 11th century
Pierre Chépélov & Joel Rust, 21st century
Discantus . Brigitte Lesne

On Easter Day in the year 1043, King Edward the Confessor was crowned in Winchester Cathedral. Nearly 10 centuries later, the six women's voices of Discantus bring back to life the nascent polyphonies that were being written at the time in England: between Gregorian chant and organized two-part pieces, here we are at the beginnings of counterpoint and the practice of discantus (descant). These compositions are drawn from the Winchester Tropary, one of the most fabulous musical testimonies of the era, with most of the pieces selected centred on the Paschal period.

In mirror are inserted, like two shimmering stained-glass windows framed in the Romanesque stone, two compositions from today, commissioned by the ensemble on texts excerpted from Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy (c.524). These works, by two young composers - a Frenchman (Pierre Chépélov, born 1979) and a Briton (Joel Rust, born 1989) -, extend the musical exchanges that existed between the great island and the continent throughout the Middle Ages.

19,95 €
Image Late String Quartets
19,95 €
Image Die Kunst der Fuge
33,95 €
Image American Clarinet Concertos
Eddy Vanoosthuyse, clarinet
Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra / Paul Meyer

A tribute to American music! An opportunity to sample some of the most up-to-date American music, with two masterpieces in the concertante genre: the clarinet concertos of Elliott Carter and John Corigliano.

Presented here by leading interpreters of this music, these two pieces are emblematic of the rich stylistic diversity of the American continent.

John Corigliano's Clarinet Concerto of 1977 showcases the soloist's virtuosity. It is a highly sensitive work in which the clarinettist plays the role of a valiant hero weathering the storm, the tumultuous, tempestuous material of the orchestra, glinting like a flash of lightning among the discordant detonations of the horns and the thunderclaps of the percussion. But the tumult soon makes way for dreams, the purely melancholy power of the music of this American master, sometimes recalling the most moving moments of his Violin Concerto, which served as material for François Girard's film The Red Violin (Oscar for Best Film Score 1999).

A different style and a different way of introducing the narrative is found in Elliott Carter's Clarinet Concerto, composed twenty years later, in 1997. This piece gives the impression of a veritable musical

dramaturgy, in which each instrument is treated individually. The composer also treats the concerto itself in a new way, since he sets up an alternating dialogue between the soloist and each of the instrumental groups, which are independent of each other and laid out in a semicircle. The style of the work is characterised by both virtuosity and precision in the articulations and the accents. Elliott Carter, whose 104th birthday is celebrated this year, is unquestionably one of the most inventive composers of his time.

Two worlds, two visions, given a magnificent performance by the clarinet of Eddy Vanoosthuyse under the baton of Paul Meyer.

19,95 €
Image Naturale
Christoph Desjardins (viola)
Collegium Novum Zurich; Basler Madrigalisten/ Jonathan Nott

A unique collection to end all viola jokes, performed by Christoph Desjardins, of the Ensemble Intercontemporain. His discography includes many premières including Berio's Sequenza VI, recorded for Deutsche Grammophon, and from which Chemins II derives.

8,99 €
Image String Quartets Nos. 6 & 7
With this album coupling his Sixth and Seventh string quartets, the æon label completes its recording of all the quartets of Pascal Dusapin with the Arditti Quartet. This second disc follows the earlier recording of his first five works in the genre, released in 2009. Complicity, transmission, comprehension: Pascal Dusapin’s output has been so familiar to and closely associated with these musicians since the 1980s (six of the works were composed for them) that it has become inseparable from them. The present edition reveals a trajectory that has lasted more than thirty years now and has established a coherent corpus over time. It helps the listener to grasp some of the composer’s deep-seated aspirations and the evolution of his style.

19,95 €
Image Michelin Star
Award winning trumpeter Verneri Pohjola and drummer Joonas Riippa are serving a full-bodied musical menu with unexpected flavours. Michelin Star is a electroacoustic clash of soundscapes and freely improvised structures delivered with borders devastating intense.

8,99 €
Image String Quartet / String Quintet
Brentano String Quartet; Hsin-Yun Huang (viola)

Pairing Mozart's String Quartets K.464 & K.593 amounts almost to a militant gesture: defending two relatively little know works by Mozart. The Brentano Quartet was founded in

1992. It is the first quartet-in-residence at Princeton University, where the members regularly teach. The quartet takes its name from Antonie Brentano, believed by some to be Beethoven's 'Immortal Beloved.'

8,99 €
Image Image Image
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