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Image Sacre du printemps, Le
The Ballets Russes was established in 1909 by the Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev. The Ballets Russes created a sensation in Western Europe because of the great vitality and creativity of Russian ballet compared to what was current in France at the time. It became the most influential ballet company in the 20th century, and that influence, has lasted to this day. Featuring sets and costumes designed by such artists as Braque, Picasso, Dali, and Utrillo and music by composers that included Debussy, Milhaud, Poulenc, Prokofiev, Ravel, Satie, Respighi, Richard Strauss, and, most notably, Igor Stravinsky, whom Diaghilev spotted when he was virtually unknown and whose career he launched - the Ballets Russes became the most influential ballet company in the 20th century, and that influence, has lasted to this day.

Hänssler Classic is proud to present the first in a series of recordings dedicated to the music composed for the Ballets Russe in performances under the expert musical direction of Sylvain Cambreling.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image V 3: Les Ballets Russes
This 3rd release in the Ballets russes series includes two of the most popular scores ever commissioned for the dance in the 20th century - Debussy's "Prelude a l'après-midi d'un faune" and Stravinsky's "Petruschka. " Also included is Florent Schmitt's sadly neglected "Tragedie de Salome" with its fusion of Rimsky-Korsakov's exoticism and the "impressionism" of Debussy and Ravel.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Debussy: La Boîte à Joujoux (Die Spielzeugschachtel, Ballet

Poulenc: L'histoire de Babar le petit elephant (Historien om Barbar)

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image Images / Le Martyre de St. Sébastien / Marche écos
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works
The "Afternoon of a Faun" together with the orchestral "Images" are among Claude Debussy's best known and most popular compositions. Both works show different sides of the composer: "Afternoon of a Faun" is a textbook example of musical impressionism, while about the "Images", the composer himself said that his goal was to "try to achieve something different - an effect of reality". The scores contrast well with the two Rhapsodies: the one for clarinet, called the "first" Rhapsody, was sketched out within a few weeks at the end of 1909, while the "second" Rhapsody for saxophone was only completed and orchestrated after the death of its author.
The Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra (SWR) and conductor Heinz Holliger manage to bring out the evocative, dynamic colors and peculiarities to be found in all of these works with precision.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image Orchestral Works, Vol. 1

"Skivans mest intressanta inslag är en symfonisk bearbetning av operan Pelléas och Mélisande. den bygger främst på operans orkestrala mellanspel, sammanbundna med musik ur själva handlingen, till en 25 minuter lång enhet. Mycket välspelat men av naturliga skäl, med tanke på originalverket, är kontrasterna få. Samtidigt blir det tydligt att debussy fann inspiration till den oerhört vackra musiken hos Wagners Parsifal. Flera stycken på skivan är andra kompositörers orkestreringar av debussys pianoverk."

Debussy was one of the most important and influential composers of the early twentieth century. This recording features two of Debussy's most harmonically innovative and imaginatively orchestrated works. Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun) evokes a pagan world, as the faun of the title takes his ease in the afternoon shade on a summer day. The three symphonic sketches that constitute La mer (The Sea), inspired partly by Katsushika Hokusai's famous colour woodcut The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, offer subtly nuanced evocations of the sea from dawn to midday, of the waves and of the dialogue of wind and sea.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works, Vol. 2

"Skivans mest intressanta inslag är en symfonisk bearbetning av operan Pelléas och Mélisande. Den bygger främst på operans orkestrala mellanspel, sammanbundna med musik ur själva handlingen, till en 25 minuter lång enhet. Mycket välspelat men av naturliga skäl, med tanke på originalverket, är kontrasterna få. Samtidigt blir det tydligt att Debussy fann inspiration till den oerhört vackra musiken hos Wagners Parsifal. Flera stycken på skivan är andra kompositörers orkestreringar av Debussys pianoverk."

Debussy's orchestral works are much loved for their exquisite orchestrations, poetically nuanced harmonies and almost magical evocations of time and place. He achieved his first significant success in 1900 with Nocturnes, which portrays in three movements clouds reflected in the sea, holiday festivals in the Bois de Boulogne and the fatally seductive song of the Sirens. The Pelléas et Mélisande Symphony was derived by Marius Constant from the orchestral episodes of Debussy's famous opera, while the Trois Études are heard in a revealing orchestration of the piano originals by the contemporary Swiss composer, Michael Jarrell.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works Vol 3: Images: Gigues / Ibéria /
The music of three nations-Britain, Spain and France-inspired Debussy's Images for orchestra, which occupied him from 1905 to 1912. Originally conceived for two pianos (Images I and II for solo piano are on 8.550253), this third set draws on several folk songs in its outer movements, the tripartite middle movement evoking in musical terms Spanish sights, sounds and fragrances. Vivid orchestrations by the composer or admired colleagues of short piano pieces likewise embrace contrasting moods and national characters. Volumes 1 (8.570759) and 2 (8.570993) in this series have been highly praised.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works Vol 4: Le Martyre de Saint Sébast
Lyon National Orchestra
Jun Märkl, conductor

The fourth volume in Naxos's highly praised series of Debussy's Orchestral Works presents music drawn from three of his theatrical ventures and from one of his Prix de Rome entries. The prelude, fanfares and four symphonic fragments from Le Martyre de Saint Sébastien were taken for concert performance from Debussy's incidental music for Gabriele D'Annunzio's scandalous mystery play. While rarely heard today, the 'danced legend' Khamma, set in ancient Egypt, and incidental music for Shakespeare's King Lear, provide suitably atmospheric music, as do the Cortège et air de danse from The Prodigal Son, the cantata which gained Debussy the Prix de Rome in 1884.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral works Vol 5: La boîte à jojoux
Jun Märkl johtaa Lyonin kansallista orkesteria 5. osassa Debussyn orkesteriteoksien äänityssarjaa. 5. osa sisältää teoksia, jotka Debussy jätti keskeneräiseksi tai, joita hänen ystäväpiirinsä jäsenet itse orkestroivat - etenkin André Caplet.

Caplet'n orkestroima, lapsiaiheinen baletti "La boîte à joujoux" esitettiin vasta säveltäjän kuoleman jälkeen. Sittemmin säveltäjän tyttärelleen omistamaa teosta on kuultu harvemman.

Kapellimestarin urastaan tunnettu Ernest Ansermet teki 1939 orkesterisovituksen Debussyn pianosarjasta "Six épigraphes antiques", joka henkii antiikin maailmaa, Kreikkaa ja Egyptiä.

Mukana myös mm. pianoteoksen "L'Isle joyeusen" orkesterisovitus. Ravel mainitsikin pianoteoksen olevan 'orkesteriteos pianolla'.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works, Vol. 6
Lyon National Orchestra
Jun Märkl, conductor

Jun Märkl's exemplary interpretations of Debussy's orchestral music have been praised for their 'subtle and sensitive readings' (Gramophone). 'This is bewitching music-making that should on no account be missed...One of the finest discs Naxos has ever released', declared Classic FM of Volume 1 (8.570759). Volume 6 in Naxos's popular series presents five highly diverse works in gorgeous orchestrations by Debussy's colleagues or later admirers. Indeed, pieces such as Clair de lune and Printemps may even be better known in these seductive guises than in their original forms. Of particular interest is Debussy's sole attempt at composing a symphony, a youthful work imbued with the spirit of French Romanticism, only the first movement of which he completed.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works, Vol. 7
Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano
Lyon National Orchestra
Jun Märkl, conductor

An important marker in Debussy's compositional development, the Fantaisie reflects something of the influence of César Franck's Symphonic Variations yet embodies his own new aesthetic. Unpublished in Debussy's lifetime, it is heard here in its 1968 revision. The delicately evocative Rapsodie for saxophone is an exotic work with an 'oriental' atmosphere and Spanish or Moorish associations. Although composed as a Conservatoire test piece, the Première Rapsodie for Clarinet has long since entered the repertoire as an important addition for the instrument. The glittering Danses for harp and strings recall Satie's Gymnopédies, with the Danse profane in particular calling for a degree of virtuosity. Volume 6 of this much-admired series (8.572583) was praised for its 'subtle and sensitive readings'. (Gramophone)

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Orchestral Works, Vol. 8
Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Jun Märkl, conductor

Debussy completed his two books of Préludes in 1910 and 1913 respectively, and they contain some of his most visionary and poetic writing for piano. There are evocations of calm seascapes, delicate wind tracery, and snow-covered landscapes. Some moments are steeped in antiquity, such as La cathédrale engloutie, others in expressive portraiture, as in La fille aux cheveux de lin. There is even a cake-walk. The Préludes are performed here in the subtle and colouristic orchestrations of much-admired Slovak-born composer Peter Breiner.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image French Piano Concertos
14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image La Mer / Nocturnes / Prélude à l'après-midi d'un f
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Romantic French Music for Guitar and Orchestra (De
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Pelléas et Mélisande (3 CD)
18,71 € (24,95 €)
Image Pelléas et Mélisande
Nicolai Gedda, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Peter Meven, Walter Gampert, Raimund Grumbach, Helen Donath, Marga Schiml

Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks / Rafael Kubelik

20,37 € (33,95 €)
Image A Musical Journey: France
The Places
The region of southern France known as Provence has enjoyed a varied history, occupied by Ligurian and Celtic tribes, followed by Greek settlers, and finally by absorption into the Roman Empire. The succeeding centuries brought invasions, then rule by the Counts of Toulouse, before the region became, by inheritance, part of France. The local language, the langue d'oc, reflects something of this history, as do surviving popular customs. The Roman period is represented by surviving buildings, the Middle Ages by the Romanesque and Gothic.

The Music
Music for the tour consists of string quartets by Claude Debussy and by Maurice Ravel, thirteen years his junior. Debussy's String Quartet, Op. 10, dates from 1893, while Ravel's single string quartet was written in 1902. Both works are highly characteristic of their relative composers.

Picture format: NTSC 4:3
Sound format: PCM Stereo 2.0 / Dolby Digital 5.1 / DTS 5.1
Region code: 0 (worldwide)
Running time: 53 mins

9,71 € (12,95 €)
Image French Piano Trios (Debussy / Ravel / Schmitt)
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Soundescapes
It is a plea for the direct experience of a music that had become fed up with the constraints of traditional forms. Debussy's music especially reveals characteristics that justifiably move it into the proximity of Impressionist painting, as it produces moving paintings, landscapes of sound, soundscapes in the narrowest sense of the word that can draw the listener into the middle of the picture.Maurice Ravel's String Quartet, completed in 1903, had to be and was compared with Debussy's quartet. At the same time, it can be seen here how Ravel's musical diction - based on Debussy's - prepared the way for French Modernism. Like only few of his colleagues, the Briton Thomas Ades, born in 1971, is capable of fusing traditional elements from music history, including obvious references to existing compositions, with modern sound production into an individual style appealing directly to the listener.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image String Quartets / Introduction et Allegro
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image French Violin Sonatas (Debussy / Saint-Saëns / Rav
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Cello Recital (Stravinsky / Britten / Dutilleux /
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Music for Two Guitars
This album is the first to present an entire program of works by Debussy and ravel, the greatest exponents of Impressionism in music, transcribed for two guitars. The arrangements bring new life to the rich canvas of sonorities and complex harmonies in these popular works. The reflective atmosphere in Debussy's famous Clair de lune and special upper-harmonic effects in La plus que lente contrast with the "merry romp" of the Golliwog's Cakewalk and Ravel's nod to Schubert in the Valses nobles et sentimentales.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Permit Me Voyage: Transcriptions for trumpet
Craig Morris, trumpet
Valentina Lisitsa, piano

Craig Morris has transcribed four major works for trumpet and piano in this voyage of sonic discovery, reclothing them in new textures and colours. An original arrangement of Debussy's beautiful Suite Bergamasque is followed by transcriptions of Schumann's Fantasiestücke and Brahms's Sonata for Clarinet (or Viola) and Piano, Op. 120, No. 2. The Schumann and Brahms were originally conceived for multiple instruments, and Morris has created these versions from the same mould. The recording closes with the richly romantic Four Songs by Samuel Barber. Ex-principal of the Chicago Symphony, international soloist and chamber musician, Craig Morris can also be heard on the première recording of Thom Sleeper's Concerto on Naxos 8.570465.

6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Clair de lune
CD med alla de kända styckena av Debussy för solopiano - "Clair de lune", "Flickan med linhåret", "Den sjunkna katedralen" m m.
François-Joël Thiollier, piano.
Clair de lune och andra pianofavoriter

Claude Debussy

1. Clair de lune ur Suite bergamasque

2. La plus que lente

3. Arabeque nr 1

4. Le petit negre

Children's Corner Suite

5. The snow is dancing

6. The little shepherd

7. Golliwog's cakewalk


8. La soiree dans Grenade

9. Jardins sous la pluie

10. Arabesque nr 2

11. Valse romantique

12. Danse (Tarantelle styrienne)

13. Toccata ur Pour le piano


14. Reflets dans l'eau

15. Poissons d'or

16. Mazurka

17. Reverie

3 Preludier

18. La fille aux cheveux de lin

19. Minstrels

20. La cathedrale engloutie

5,24 € (6,99 €)
Image Early Works for Piano Duet
Adrienne Soos, piano
Ivo Haag, piano

An innovative genius, Claude Debussy is famous for his mature 'Impressionist' music, though he rather disliked the term. He frequently performed four-hand piano pieces in concert, most of the works on this disc either being composed or adapted by him for this line-up. The imaginative figuration, kaleidoscopic sonorities and moments of dazzling virtuosity found in these rarely-heard works from the 1880s are a testament to Debussy's skills both as a performer and a composer. Pianists Adrienne Soós and Ivo Haag have been a firmly-established piano duo for more than fifteen years, becoming one of the leading ensembles in Switzerland.

6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Visions de l'Amen
Håkon Austbø, piano
Ralph van Raat, piano

Both the works on this recording were written during wartime. Debussy's 1915 En blanc et noir, composed during a late creative burst, is his musical response to the horrors of World War I. Messiaen's revolutionary Visions de l'Amen from 1943, written to be performed by the composer and his teenage pupil, Yvonne Loriod, is a profound religious meditation whose emotional intensity is overwhelming. The rôle of the two pianos is clearly divided. Melodic and expressive elements are confined to the second piano, Messiaen's part, whereas all that is percussion, brilliance and rhythmic development is heard in the first piano, Loriod's part.

6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Works for Piano Four Hands
The recent discovery (2008) of the Première Suite d'orchestre for piano, four hands, is a large-scale, sonorous work which reveals Debussy's interest in constantly evolving form. Derived in part from his incidental music for the Chansons de Bilitis, an evocation of poetic scenes from an ancient pagan world, Six Épigraphes antiques is a colourful work of considerable creative freedom. The Petite Suite includes such wellloved movements as En bateau and Cortège, while the Marche écossaise is heard on this recording in its rare first version.

6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Four-Hand Piano Music, Vol. 2
In 1891 the Symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé asked Debussy to compose incidental music for a theatrical version of his poem L’Après-midi d’un faune (The afternoon of the faun) and the resulting work, with its innovative melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic writing, is both impassioned and expressive. The four-hand arrangement was made by Ravel in 1910. Inspired by the natural phenomena of water, light and wind and, according to Mme Debussy, unplayable in its piano four-hand version, La Mer is a masterpiece of some structural complexity. Of the technically inventive Images, which evoke Spanish sights, sounds and fragrances, Debussy wrote that the work marked a departure for him, dealing with “realities” not impressionism.

6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Music, Vol. 1
Michael Korstick, piano

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image Piano Works Vol 1: Suite bergamasque / Pour le pia
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Works Vol 2: Children's Corner Suite / Six E
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Works, Vol. 2
The first volume of the complete recording of Debussy's piano works by Michael Korstick has been compared favorably with those of the legendary Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.

The second volume presents Book Two of the Preludes played with impeccable musicality as well as the rarely performed and recorded "La boite a Joujoux", better known in Debussy's orchestral version of this work. Added to this are some smaller works, including Debussy's two last piano scores discovered just in the past ten years: "Elégie" and "Page d'Album" originally composed for the Vêtement du Blessé charity. Exemplary booklet notes by the distinguished English Debussy scholar Robert Orledge round out the release.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image Piano Works Vol 3: Images / Estampes / Images oubl
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Music, Vol. 3
For his third volume of Debussy-explorations, pianist Michael Korstick shows once again his excitement at encountering this music as well as his ability to translate that excitement into compelling musical interpretations. The focus of this third release is the three volumes of the Piano "Images" from the years 1894, 1905 and 1907. They contain some of Debussy's most famous and popular piano works. In addition to these well-known collections Korstick has programmed the "Images oubliées" the "Six Epigraphes antiques" and a series of occasional pieces - which despite their "lesser status" in the composer's catalogue, are among the most beautiful pieces Debussy wrote. Michael Korstick proves once again that he is a master of tonal shading and delicate nuance; it is, in other words, as if you were listening to Debussy for the first time.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image Piano Music, Vol. 4
Michael Korstick, piano

For his fourth CD recording on SWR, pianist Michael Korstick turns his focus and attention toward Claude Debussy and his journey toward artistic maturity, from the French composer's earliest piano pieces, the Deux Arabesques, the Mazurka, ca. 1890/91, and perhaps most conspicuously the Suite Bergamasque (1890, rev. 1905), its third movement being the famous "Clair de Lune", to the birth of what become known as musical "impressionism", most notably foreshadowed with the Estampes of 1903. Numerous award winning CDs have won Michael Korstick a reputation as one of Germany's leading pianists.

14,96 € (19,95 €)
Image Piano Works Vol 4: Preludes I & II
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Works Vol 5: 12 Études / D'un cahier d'esqui
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Laureate
Akihiro Sakiya, piano

The young Japanese soloist Akihiro Sakiya, winner of the 56th Jaén International Piano competition in three categories-Solo, Audience and Spanish Music-has constructed a programme that includes Brahms's Piano Sonata No. 3, one of the great sonatas of its time, Debussy's evocative Estampes and a Spanish classic by Granados. Written as test pieces for the Jaén competition, the two contemporary Spanish works draw on rich folkloric traditions.

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Piano Laureate (Brahms / Debussy / Prokofiev)
6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Piano Music
" idiomatic interpreter of Debussy"
(Penguin Guide)

"She imparts a sense of drama, even urgency, that adds a good deal of excitement to her program"
(American Record Guide)

6,74 € (8,99 €)
Image Best of Debussy, The
5,24 € (6,99 €)
Image Chill with Debussy
Lugn och avslappnande musik av Claude Debussy.
Innehåller bl a "Clair de lune" och "Children's Corner".

Claude Debussy - Chill with Debussy

Claude Debussy

1. Clair de lune ur Suite Bergamasque

2. Arabesque nr 1

Childrens Corner (orkestrering: Andre Caplet)

3. Serenade for the Doll

4. The Snow is Dancing

5. The Little Shepherd

6. Andantino doucement expressif ur Stråkkvartett

7. Danse profane

8. La plus que lente


9. Des pas sur la neige

10. La fille aux cheveux de lin

11. Sarabande ur Pour le piano

12. Poissons d'or ur Images II

13. Pagodes ur Estampes (orkestrering Andre Caplet)

14. Clair de lune ur Suite Bergamasque (orkestrering Andre Caplet)

5,24 € (6,99 €)
Image Very Best of Debussy, The (2 CD)
12,71 € (16,95 €)
CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918) jätti pysyvän vaikutuksen taidemusiikkiin joka on edelleenkin kuultavissa. 3 levyä kokoaa yhteen säveltäjän unohtumattomimmat teokset. 3 CD:tä

7,49 € (9,99 €)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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