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Image Invisible Man
Jukka Perko / alto and soprano sax
Jarmo Saari / electric guitar
Teemu Viinikainen / acoustic guitar

Out of the ordinary: An unusual set-up leads to jaw-dropping inventiveness. "Invisible Man" is like a single film, a road-movie full of atmosphere, in which strong characterful melodies determine the plot. Whether being entertaining and exciting, or profound and contemplative, Avara definitely stirs the big emotions.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image The Jubilee Concerts
When Berlin audiences like what they hear, they have a spontaneous way of showing it – loud and strong. There was a wonderful moment, caught perfectly on this CD, at the end of “Missing A Page” by Emile Parisien and Joachim Kühn in the ACT 25th Anniversary concert, when the audience completely let go. To hear those whoops and cheers, the listener would never guess that these sounds emanate from people seated in neat rows of elegant ‘fauteuils’ in a classically-inspired 1820s theatre building. It is a roar from an eager crowd who clearly feel the compulsion to rise to the same level of devil-may-care raw energy as the saxophonist and the pianist. That moment, the bristling excitement in the hall seems to sum up the mood and spirit of a very special evening at the Konzerthaus on April 2nd 2017. The “ACT Family Band’s” Gala Concert was the last of three concerts on a day of celebration. And the date marked exactly twenty-five years – and one day – since the ACT label put out its very first release in 1992.

“We fly like birds of a feather,” runs the Sister Sledge lyric. And so the musicians did – they flocked to Berlin, thirty-four of them, from several countries of Europe, all artists who have found a nurturing home for their projects and talents on the ACT label. Several generations descended on the German capital. For example, Parisien and Kühn were born nearly forty years apart, but their mutual understanding, their common way of making music and generating excitement makes a detail like that an irrelevance. They all brought their combined energies to the event: a day of very fine concerts, a celebration of the passing of an important milestone, and a happy gathering for the label-as-family.

Parisien and Kühn are one of three trans-national duos on the album. While the French saxophonist and the German pianist brought high-voltage excitement, the two double basses of Lars Danielsson and Dieter Ilg channelled very different emotions. Two bassists playing together tends to be a recipe for pure joy, good humour, bonhomie and mischief, and that was exactly what these two master musicians offered. The third duo of Nils Landgren and Michael Wollny brought warmth, affection, and wistful poetry and beauty to Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns,” which opens the album. These three intimate conversations were just part of the story of an unforgettable day.

A quartet feature was led by violinist Adam Baldych, whose ski-ing accident just a few days before had not deterred him from attending this joyous gathering - he was supported by crutches to get on and off the stage. Then there was a special one-off formation of Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit in “Walk Tall”, the band propelled by Wolfgang Haffner’s crisp, in-the-pocket drumming.

One of the features of the ACT label is that founder Siggi Loch is a natural connector and helps the formation of new bands. A quintet around Nguyên Lê and the quartet led by Adam Baldych were created especially for the evening. Lars Danielsson’s “Suffering” has as its first soloists two ACT cornerstone artists who have helped to define the many-sided identity of the label: Nguyên Lê and Nils Landgren. Another more established quartet which ACT has helped into existence is the supergroup of Andreas Schaerer, Emile Parisien, Vincent Peirani, and Michael Wollny. “B&H” shows these four stars of European jazz, all similar age, keeping each other and the audience on their toes.

A celebration like this could run the risk of drifting into memory and nostalgia – this one didn’t. ACT has issued over 500 albums, so there is much to look back on with pride…but one moment found an inspired way to look to the future as well. The listener might wonder who the drummer and guitarist are, playing with such ease, flow and total assurance on “Dodge The Dodo.” They are Noa and Ruben Svensson, sons of the much-missed Esbjörn.

And then there is the finale. Having flown to Berlin “like birds of a feather,” the combined ensemble, led by Ida Sand, launched into “We Are Family”. As an expression of togetherness, of a shared joyful ethos it would be hard to beat. Mike Flynn, Editor of Jazzwise wrote in his review of the concert that the ACT label has “a smile on its face and a swagger in its step”. And where might the best evidence for that statement be found? It’s all there on this album.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Dynamo
Matthias Bartolomey / cello
Klemens Bittmann / violin & mandola

"It is very rare to hear string players relishing the groove quite so joyously. BartolomeyBittmann embody the musical virtues of unbridled playfulness and rhythmic radicalism, and they deploy them with an ease that is not normally associated with classical instruments." (Wolfgang Muthspiel)

An album that throws wide the gates to a listening experience as wonderfully atmospheric as it is deep: with their third album, "Dynamo", BartolomeyBittmann have conceived a daring new musical work that - once again - entices the listener to join them in a fascinating world of sound.

One thing must be said about this duo: narrowmindedness and undue attachment to tradition have no place whatsoever in its musical ethos. Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin & mandola) have their own ideas and are blazing their own musical trail, a path leading well away from the familiar and the commonplace. It’s been several years since they joined forces to compose and develop a contemporary repertoire for their characteristically classical instruments. Now, with "Dynamo", the duo has arrived at the heart of their very own individual sound.

Matthias Bartolomey and Klemens Bittmann allow their melodies to flow through wildly divergent moods and musical landscapes, rendering futile all attempts to stylistically pinpoint their musical language. They can change their intensity at a moment’s notice with sensitivity and precision, molding their pieces into absorbing stories told with overarching suspense and ever-changing moods. They combine the energy of rock - including that of the harder variety - with the elegance of chamber music, the inventive joy of jazz, and the emotional depth of singer-songwriters, dipping briefly into folk music now and then while managing to pay homage to their classical roots… all this is testament to the duo’s special grasp of how music can be made into a truly enthralling, deeply moving experience.

The duo’s pieces unfold in tones that are both unusually varied and lyrical, even magical - something in the music plants multicolored images in the mind, leaving lasting impressions behind. At one moment the listener is captivated by the beauty and gentleness of the sound; in the next the power of the music takes one’s breath away. The immense playfulness of still other passages is simply astounding. Bartolomey and Bittmann’s pieces dance, they celebrate; they give themselves up to sweet melancholy; they groove, they strive to penetrate the mysterious… and they dream.

"Dynamo" decisively answers the question of how BartolomeyBittmann has come to stand in its current position. The two musicians leave no doubt as to their right to a place with the cream of Austria’s music scene, as well as to the excellent international reputation that they enjoy. It’s a real pleasure to take an aural stroll through the duo’s imagination; their music manages to strike just the tone that opens directly the floodgates of the soul, inviting the listener to be completely bewitched by their presentation and their warm, enveloping timbres from the first moment on.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Fahrt ins Blaue, Relaxin' in the spirit of jazz
Nguyên Lê & Paolo Fresu , Lars Danielsson feat. Jan Bang , Wolfgang Haffner , Bugge Wesseltoft , Jacob Karlzon 3, e.s.t. Esbjörn Svensson Trio , Cæcilie Norby , Oddjob , Frank Woeste , Viktoria Tolstoy feat. Nils Landgren , Ida Sand feat. Jan Lundgren , Nils Landgren Funk Unit , McJazz, Roberto Di Gioia 's Marsmobil feat. Johannes Enders , Tonbruket , Michael Wollny Trio

A trip into the blue: "Fahrt ins Blaue" is a relaxing audio adventure. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the end of the day. It’s Sundowner music. For cool summer nights. Music to free your spirit. 16 tunes compiled like a DJ set provide a relaxed, groove-laden, cool atmosphere.

5,18 € (12,95 €)
Image Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic VI: Celtic Roots
Knut Reiersrud / guitars, Weissenborn lap steel & harmonica
Ale Möller / mandola, trumpet, shawm (“skalmeja”), overtone flutes, hammered dulcimer & harmonium
Fraser Fifield / soprano sax, low whistle & Scottish border pipes
Tuva Syvertsen / vocals, Hardanger fiddle & harmonium
Aly Bain / fiddle
Eric Bibb / vocals & guitar
Olle Linder / percussion & double bass

The concert series “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” has set itself the ambition to reflect current developments and shifts in jazz, and in European jazz in particular, ever since it started. This concert re-traced the paths taken by Celtic music as it traversed European culture, and also charted its influence on jazz. Track by track, this illustrious group of quite exceptional performers finds myriad ways for tradition and innovation to coalesce.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Plays Sidney Bechet: Petite Fleur
„It is the authenticity, music constantly on the move, full of energy, lightness, and melancholia, that I find so fascinating about Sidney Bechet. His spirit, which transforms music into wonderful images, seduced me to delve into his cosmos. Given a contemporary arrangement by Rainer Tempel and played by a large band, a unique dynamic emerged that makes Bechet's music seem timeless." (Christof Lauer)

Only very few of today's jazz musicians and fans still know who Sidney Bechet is: one of the founding fathers of jazz. He played the soprano saxophone like no other, and with his French-Creole-inspired compositions, he was a forerunner of jazz's openness to all musical styles. More than ten years ago, ACT owner Siggi Loch, whose passion for jazz was aroused by a Bechet concert that he attended at the age of 15, asked Christof Lauer whether he could imagine doing a project that focused on this jazz pioneer. What Loch was hoping for was an entirely new way of looking at the genius of this New Orleans native, born in 1897, interpreted by someone from a free-jazz background who had developed his unmistakable sound playing with Albert Ayler and Stan Getz, collaborating with the Frankfurt School of Albert Mangelsdorff an...

line up
Christof Lauer / soprano & tenor saxophone
Hubert Nuss / piano
Patrice Héral / drums
NDR Bigband conducted by Rainer Tempel

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Circle of Chimes
On the new release Circle of Chimes, he again takes a spectacular leap forward in redefining the role of composition in the contemporary jazz and improvising world. “This album is more personal to me than any other album I have made,” he says. “A lot of things were changing in my life and that was inspiration for the ideas on the album. It’s the darkest, most melancholic album I have made so far, even if it has lots of brighter moments on it as well.”

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image [ em ] II
"The pianist and his Berlin-based band nodded to hip hop and drum'n'bass while fizzing with the energy of experimental rock:
this is the future sound of jazz."

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Awards 2007: "Most Promising International Newcomer of The Year"

Line Up:
Michael Wollny - piano
Eva Kruse - bass
Eric Schaefer - drums

Recorded and mixed in September 2005 and February 2006 at Bohus Sound Recording Studios, Göteborg, Sweden, by Ake Linton.
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann.
Produced by [em].

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Call It [ em ]
Line Up:
Michael Wollny - piano
Eva Kruse - bass
Eric Schaefer - drums

Recorded and Mixed by Ake Linton at Bohus Sound Recording, February 9 - 10, 2004
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann
Produced by [ em ]

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Piano Works VII: Hexentanz
A highly fascinating trip out into an entirely new world of wild angularity, enchantingly tender moments and oppressively spooky moods.

"Wollny is on his way to become a major talent in European jazz." (STUART NICHOLSON)

"Disque d'emoi" (CD of the month) (JAZZMAGAZINE, F)

Line Up:
Michael Wollny - piano

Recorded and mixed by Walter Quintus at Studio Zerkall in August and November 2006, except (2),(3),(4),(5),(14) recorded and mixed by Adrian von Ripka at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg in May 2005
Produced by Siegried Loch and Michael Wollny

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Open Heart
Céline Bonacina / baritone saxophone
Kevin Reveyrand / electric bass (on 6,8)
Hary Ratsimbazafy / drums

Himiko Paganotti / vocals
Pascal Schumacher / vibraphone & glockenspiel
Mino Cinelu / percussion

Special Guests on "Lonely Dancer":
Michael Wollny / piano
Lars Danielsson / bass

Music composed by Céline Bonacina unless otherwise noted
Produced & mixed by Nguyên Lê

Recorded by Jean-Maurice Hayano at Studio 7ème ciel, Issy-les-Moulineaux,
and Nguyên Lê at Studio Louxor, Paris, March 2012

Mixed by Nguyên Lê. Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

On her new album Céline Bonacina once again shows her open heart for the diversity of jazz. The result is a power of expression that is unique for baritone saxophone.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Ahlam
Three languages, three instruments, three artists. One unified musical identity.

NES can't be tied down to a specific location. Their music is between traditional Arabic and world music, jazz and pop. These three superb musicians originally met in Valencia in Spain. Percussionist David Gadea is from the region, and was already touring with Flamenco greats such as Ximo Tébar and Josemi Carmona; Matthieu Saglio is a French cellist “with a thousand tone colours” who has performed in more than 30 countries; the singer/cellist Nesrine Belmokh had worked with legendary conductors such as Lorin Maazel and Daniel Barenboim, and performed with Cirque du Soleil on international tours. Placido Domingo has called Nesrine “an exceptional artist, a wonderful voice.”

Russafa, the area around the station in Valencia, Spain, is famous for its market, which offers every imaginable Mediterranean delicacy. This was once a working-class district, but is now full of eccentric cafés and hip restaurants. "Russafa is a place full of light and colours," explains Nesrine Belmokh. "It's the perfect meeting place for everything Mediterranean!" It also proved to be a meeting place that would shape the singer/cellist's future as a musician, because it was there that she met the percussionist David Gadea in 2015. "David and I went to a solo concert by a cellist, Matthieu Saglio. When we talked afterwards, we found out that for seven years we had both lived in Russafa without knowing each other - only 200 metres apart!"

The three became friends, created a trio, built a repertoire and chose a name: NES, Nesrine's nickname. The acoustic music on her debut album "Ahlam", mainly recorded live, draws strong inspiration from pop and flamenco, as well as from the sounds Nesrine heard in her parents' house, which was frequented by Arabic musicians from the Mediterranean region.

“Arab-Andalusian music is more or less the classical music of North Africa, and it left its mark on me," explains Nesrine. "It was also the starting point for my artistic career – that all got going when I sang and played mandolin in an Arab-Andalusian band. Later on I embarked on classical cello studies, but I always knew I wanted to be a singer."

"Ahlam" means "dream" in Arabic. The long-held wish of the three NES musicians was to make an internationally released album - a dream which has now quite literally come true. The title song also expresses a personal dream of love fulfilled, and of the desire for peace in the world: "There is no beauty without a concept of goodness." (That sentence is a free translation of the title song's refrain.) All the Arabic lyrics on the album "Ahlam" were written by Nesrine's mother, a poet whose main occupation is as a doctor. "We’re in touch all the time," explains the singer. "An intergenerational connection like this needs constant feeding and watering!"

Nesrine sings in English, French and Arabic. She can be soft and hypnotic – as in "Bye Bye", chanson-esque – in "Le Temps" or sing pop songs such as "The World is Blue" in a duet with herself. "Music is my exorcism" is the motto of "Bye Bye" – music to drive out the demons. And the lyric: “Spending days and years looking for my identity/ I guess I have to find it within a community" – suggests that this trio itself might well represent the community she is referring to. The astonishingly varied sounds of the classically trained cellist Matthieu Saglio – who also works with loop pedals, and the sometimes fiery, sometimes very delicate percussion by David Gadea constitute the virtuoso flamenco/jazz basis of this band.

People with a liking for the genre-busting music of artists such as Anouar Brahem, Dhafer Youssef or Ibrahim Maalouf are going to love NES. NES are not hemmed in by categories or language barriers. Their songs are full of grace and emotion, born and nurtured by the sun in the cultural melting pot of Valencia.

line up

Nesrine Belmokh / voice & cello (on 3 & 7)
Mathieu Saglio / cello & vocals
David Gadea / percussion

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image For You
Lou Tavano / vocals
Alexey Asantcheeff / piano, spoken word in Russian
Arno de Casanove / trumpet, flugelhorn
Maxime Berton / soprano & tenor saxophones, bass clarinet, alto flute
Alexandre Perrot / acoustic bass
Ariel Tessier / drums
Background vocals and percussions performed by Lou Tavano & her musicians

She is the new vocal-jazz sensation in a Parisian scene already jam-packed with impressive names. Now in her early 30s, Lou Tavano is bringing out her first album, an oeuvre that will attract the same attention as her trade-mark shock of fiery-red hair. Every song on "For You" is its own little cosmos that reveals Tavano's extraordinary talent for creating a musical universe in which words carry just as much weight as the notes.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Seaven Tears - Tribute to John Dowland
Line Up:
Christian Muthspiel / trombone, piano, e-piano, recorder
Matthieu Michel / trumpet, flugelhorn
Franck Tortiller / vibraphone
Steve Swallow / electric bass

Recorded August 26/27, 2012 by Roland Baumann at TSB, A-Steinakirchen
Mixed by Roland Baumann and Christian Muthspiel at TSB
Mastered by Roland Baumann at TSB,

Music composed and produced by Christian Muthspiel

Intelligent, contemporary and unique: John Downland's Renaissance compositions in an improvised context between chamber music and jazz.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Duo Art: The New Tradition
After his acclaimed ACT debut, for which he was awarded as "best international instrumentalist" with the german Jazz Echo, Adam Baldych returns with Yaron Herman on the piano as a duo. Together they lose themselves in melodious virtuosity, which always explodes in pure freedom in the end. An unbelievable energy will directly run through your body.

"Without doubt the greatest jazz violinist alive today. We can expect everything from him," is what the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper wrote about Adam Baldych's ACT debut "Imaginary Room". The young Pole is causing quite a stir on the European jazz scene with his music. In Germany he won the ECHO Jazz in 2013. In his homeland he is treading in the massive footsteps of Leszek Mozdzer, and the top echelons of European jazz, the likes of Iiro Rantala, appreciate his skills, currently in his string trio. Musikmarkt calls Baldych a "diabolically divine violinist" and the Süddeutsche Zeitung considers him "one of the biggest discoveries of contemporary European jazz".The Paris-based Israeli pianist Yaron Herman has long been at the spearhead of European jazz, and he is "one of the most...

line up
Adam Baldych / violin
Yaron Herman / piano

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Don't Explain - Live in Concert
Line Up:
Heinz Sauer / tenor saxophone
Michael Wollny / piano

The partnership between Heinz Sauer and Michael Wollny is a hightlight of the past jazz decade. (The Independent On Sunday / One of the great cross-generational jazz partnerships. (The Guardian) / Perhaps the greatest summer/winter musical duo of our time. (Metro)

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Snowmelt
Marius Neset / tenor and soprano saxophones
Ivo Neame / piano
Petter Eldh / bass
Anton Eger / drums

London Sinfonietta conducted by Geoffrey Paterson

The album „snowmelt“ is Neset's most ambitious, cherished and personal project to date. In these concentrated works, Neset has sought out chaos and dissonance, he has also been drawn to lyricism and tenderness, and then worked at finding a balance between the extremes, using compositional methods which subliminally bring out the continuities between them. Neset says of this work that he aspires to is to “find the point when everything makes sense.” For the listener, the search for that point will bring its own rewards.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image The Last Set - Live at the A-Trane
Uudella ACT-albumilla palkittu puolalainen jazzpianisti Leszek Mozdzer (s. 1971) kohtaa yhdysvaltalaisen jazzpianisti Walter Norrisin (1931-2011). Albumi sisältää duon yhteisen konsertin, joka on äänitetty Berliinissä marraskuussa 2008

Leszek Mozdzer edustaa puolalaisen nykyjazzin huippua, ja artisti herätti Suomessa huomiota Pori Jazz -vierailullaan 2012. Monipuolista pianistia arvostetaan yhä enemmän oman maansa ulkopuolella. Eräs nuoren Mozdzerin varhaisempia vaikutteita urallaan oli Walter Norris, johon Mozdzer tutustui ensi kerran jo teini-ikäisenä 1980-luvulla. Walter Norris soitti jo 1950-luvulla mm. Stan Getzin tapaisten jazzsuuruksien kanssa sekä esiintyi myös Ornette Colemanin debyyttialbumilla. Myöhemmin Norrisin ystäväpiiri laajeni mm. Oscar Petersoniin, Monty Alexanderiin ja Herbie Hancockiin. Norris jätti kuitenkin Yhdysvaltojen jazzpiirit 1970-luvulla ja siirtyi Berliiniin pedagogitehtäviin, joiden kautta hän myös tapasi Leszek Mozdzerin. Norris jättäytyi jazzin valtavirrasta syrjään, mutta teki vielä 1990-luvulla myöhäisen paluun jazzlevytysten pariin.

Mozdzer muistelee: "Walter [Norris] ei luonut suurta uraa, hän vain soitti musiikkia. Hän oli todellinen artisti, vaikka jäikin usein säihkymään taustalle. Nyt on vihdoinkin aika, että joku tunnustaa hänen merkityksensä."

Vuoden 2008 konsertti jäi Mozdzerin ja Norrisin ensimmäiseksi ja ainoaksi yhteiseksi projektiksi. Nyt levyllä kuultavaa konserttia Mozdzer pitää yhtenä uransa ehdottomista kohokohdistaan. Samalla se on Mozdzerin henkilökohtainen tribuutti eräälle jazzin lähes unohdetuista suuruuksista joka kuoli lokakuussa 2011.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Lampedusa Lullaby
Jelena Kuljic / vocals
Kalle Kalima / guitar
Frank Möbus / guitar
Christian Lillinger / drums

KUU!’s songs are so well honed, they have a way of emotionally hitting the spot, and also staying lodged in the mind. The lyrics are thematically diverse, tending to be based on powerful commentaries on the times we live in. The surreal, the utopian and on occasion the comic characterize the poetry, but Jelena Kuljic does not just colour or sketch things in.

She communicates the inescapable truths of a song like “We Watch Them Fall” with an unbelievable alertness and expressiveness. Sometimes she does this with a punk attitude, sometimes in psychedelic indulgence, sometimes she's pseudo-naive. She knows how to provoke and spread mischief. She can feign and evade, but finally she makes her point with telling precision.

In the title track “Lampedusa Lullaby” KUU! present a dark dystopian vision of human cargo on the move: “Endless journey through the night over the black-eyed sea.” Kuljic can dwell on the feeling of being in unfamiliar places, of uncertain dawn, of strangers and of past events – the songs can become slide shows from other people’s lives. Lampedusa is no longer just a Mediterranean island between Tunisia and Sicily. As a real place with its traffickers and migrants, where cross-border death, unscrupulousness and illegality are all too commonplace, it has become a metaphor for a large scale criminal business where the fates of individuals count for far too little, and where there is evidence everywhere of the failure of traditional politics to meet new challenges. These are the things KUU! tell us about.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Cinema Scenes
Line up:
Klaus Paier / accordion, bandoneon
Asja Valcic / cello
Stefan Gfrerrer / bass
Roman Werni / drums & percussion

Paier and Valcic’s music is always sensual and rich in images, and this opulence of colours and pictures is also at the heart of what “Cinema Scenes” is about: they let their impressions of films flow freely as music, but above all the two musicians give expression to their own visual ideas.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Gimme the Boots
Line Up:
Felix F. Falk / saxes, didgeridoo, perc
Matti Klein / rhodes
Tobias Fleischer / bass
André Seidel / drums

Produced by Nils Landgren

Recorded by Arne Schumann at Hansa Studios Berlin, edited by Jonas Zadow.
Mixed and mastered by Arne Schumann at Schumann & Bach, Berlin.

"Party, not with run-of-the-mill grooves, but with quality" (Süddeutsche Zeitung, DE)

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Tango Argentino Today
Among the many amazing bands from Buenos Aires, this one really stands out: the
ten-strong El Afronte Orquesta Típica transfers the spirit of the dance from tango into the
present day, bringing all of the shades and nuances of the tango – from ecstasy and
melancholy – into its performances.

The group was founded in 2004, and rapidly went on
to make a name for itself in the milonga scene of Buenos Aires. These musicians aren’t
content to revel in nostalgia for the past; they are just as keen to bring new developments
to the fore.

There is one thing, however that remains constant and non-negotiable in what they do:
their sound remains acoustic, representing a clear contrast to today's electro-tango.
‘Dramatic’, ‘compact’, ‘powerful’ and ‘frenetic’ are just a few of the words that critics have
used to describe the live experience of El Afronte. This orchestra is causing a sensation
all the way from Colombia to Sweden.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Despertando
Line up:
Diego Pinera / drums, percussion & steel drum
Tino Derado / piano & accordion
Omar Rodriguez Calvo / bass
Daniel Manrique-Smith / flutes
Julian Wasserfuhr / trumpet & flugelhorn

It was the awakening (Despertando) of a tinge of longing which inspired Diego Pinera to record this album. More than seventeen years after having left his native Uruguay, he re-visits his roots, the influences which first left their mark on him, and the legacy which made him the musician he is today. His choice of compositions is highly personal: tunes by Gato Barbieri and Ernesto Lecuona are clear cultural references to Argentina and Cuba (Pinera studied in Havana). His own composition "Osvaldo por nueve" is a homage to his first teacher and mentor Osvaldo Fattoruso. It is also Pinera’s modern take on the 'candombe' folklore tradition, popular in Uruguay. The track "Yakarito Terere" is personal too: a composition by his father, inspired by a memory from childhood, of regular excursions into the hinterland of Montevideo.

Pinera's encounters with Latin American music, and with jazz in all its breadth, have led him to develop an unmistakable style which serves as the artistic filter for "Despertando": through the combination of his advanced conception of rhythm, a jazz sound with a Latin touch, and the freedom of improvisation, this album becomes a portrait of the artist in full, and one in which his strong character comes across vividly.

Pinera's fellow musicians also inhabit this field of creative tension. Each of them has a very different musical background, and together they combine to make a concept of jazz which is stylistically open, deeply marked by their origins, and coloured by Latin American music. This unusual chemistry between the musicians — and also their extraordinary talent — keep the music fresh and airy; there is musical complexity and virtuosity in abundance, but it is imbued with great subtlety.

“Despertando” avoids all temptation to wallow in nostalgia. What Pinera has achieved is to re-invent the place he dreams about, to awaken Latin jazz in a way which is deep-rootedly his own, and is able to stand on its own terms. Far removed from folklore, cliché and superficiality, this is not a reversion to the past, but to the present.

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Sleep of Reason (The)
Line Up:
Arne Jansen / electric & acoustic guitars, upright piano on 10
Andreas Edelmann / bass
Eric Schaefer / drums
Friedrich Paravicini / Hammond organ, keys, cello, vibraphone

Further Musicians:
Stephan Braun / cello on 01 & 03
Nils Wu¨lker / flugelhorn on 07

Music composed by Arne Jansen unless otherwise noted
Produced by Arne Jansen & Axel Reinemer
Executive Producer: Siggi Loch

Recorded and mixed by Axel Reinemer at Jazzanova Recording Studio
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

"The thing that fascinates me about Goya is that throughout the course of his life he continually closes in on what he considers to be the essence of being human," Berlins most interesting guitarist Arne Jansen says about the spanish painter Francisco Goya, whose pictures inspired him to his ACT-debut ""The Sleep of Reason - Ode to Goya".

7,98 € (19,95 €)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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