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Image O Ravishing Delight

Alfred DELLER (Interprète Principal)
David MUNROW (Interprète Secondaire)
Richard LEE (Interprète Secondaire)
Desmond DUPRÉ (Interprète Principal)
Robert ELLIOT (Interprète Secondaire)
ANONYME (Compositeur)
John DOWLAND (Compositeur)
Thomas CAMPION (Compositeur)
John BARTLET (Compositeur)
Philip ROSSETER (Compositeur)
Francis PILKINGTON (Compositeur)
John BLOW (Compositeur)
Jeremiah CLARKE (Compositeur)
John ECCLES (Compositeur)
William CROFT (Compositeur)
Daniel PURCELL (Compositeur)
Pelham HUMFREY (Compositeur)
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Image Guitares gitanes
This title was released for the first time in 1971.

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Image Piano Sonatas K330, K331 & K333
The works Mozart composed during his stay in Paris in the summer of 1778 reflect the effervescent spirit that reigned in the capital of the Kingdom of France at the time. But the Viennese style is never absent for long, even in the world-famous ''Turkish March'', which has become a veritable "pop"!

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Image The countertenors
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Image Motets
Bach's motets, most of them composed during the 1730s, occupy a rather special position in his output. Never did the Cantor of St. Thomas's devote such meticulous attention to the musical expression of the word, never did he exploit so great a variety of tone-colours, texture and effects. It is as if the entire panoply of Baroque 'expressionism' were concentrated in the settings of the scriptural texts. And once again, in perpetuating a religious genre inherited from his own forefathers, Bach bears it to its highest degree of perfection.

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Image Partitas Nos. 2, 3 & 4
Composed between 1725 and 1730, the six Partitas for harpsichord were expressly designed to ‘delight the spirits of music-lovers'. For his first Bach recording, Cédric Tiberghien has selected three of these ‘exercises', which are in reality characterised by a quite unmistakable concern for cultural and technical elevation.

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Image Quintets with two cellos
In their general layout and their style, the three quintets recorded here illustrate Boccherini's formal variety and freedom: whether first violin and first cello are deliberately highlighted, or the roles are distributed in more balanced fashion, this composer had an unrivalled ability to use the group of instruments to create a limpid, shimmering soundscape, traversed by fleeting zones of shadow and sudden bursts of light.

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Image Piano Concertos Nos. 21 & 24
From the sombre colours of the Fantasia in D minor to the dazzling Concert Rondo in D major, from the pathos of the C minor Concerto, no.24, to the sheer joy of the famous Concerto no.21 in C major, Stefan Vladar invites you to share a Mozart experience moving between two contrasting tonal universes. Here is a chance to rediscover the composer's full expressive range in major-key optimism and minor-key drama, without one ever being entirely dissociated from the other – quite the contrary, in fact!

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Image Doubles Concertos
After a programme of German overtures, the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin transports us to the Venice of the ‘red-haired priest'. Vivaldi gives pride of place to virtuosity: the concerto grosso tends to be supplanted by solo instrumentalists – as is clearly demonstrated by all the works presented on this CD. A majority of ‘double concertos' (i.e. with two soloists) alternates with solo or ripieno concertos. A feast of sumptuous music-making!

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Image String Quartet No. 14 (Death and Maiden)
'Be comforted! I am not cruel; sleep in peace in my arms', murmurs Death to the Maiden in a song written in 1817, seven years before the quartet to which it gave its name and which has since become one of the pillars of the repertoire. Here is a new challenge for the members of the Jerusalem Quartet, whose most recent incursion into Romantic territory (with Dvorák's 'American' Quartet) received exceptional praise from Le Monde de la Musique for 'its virtuosity, its vitality, its energetic, buoyant phrasing'.

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Image Symphony No. 5
Rarely did the premiere of a Bruckner symphony arouse such enthusiasm; even if, in this case, the first performance took place nearly twenty years after its composition, the work captivated listeners with its ineffable mystery (one thinks of late Beethoven), combining ‘Baroque' logic with Romantic introspection. Parting company with Wagner, Bruckner had found his own path . . .

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Image Winterreise
Winterreise, composed in 1827, is the embodiment of Romanticism in music, the ultimate expression of ‘Sehnsucht', that existential longing which haunts the creations of this artistic movement in all its forms. This ‘winter journey' presented by Werner Güra and Christoph Berner is also a journey in time, using a Rönisch fortepiano.

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Image Ombra Cara - Arias
If Handel's arias enjoy such success today, perhaps it is because they lie at the intersection between past and present, light and shadow. They might very well illustrate on their own the entire range of possibilities offered by the voices of his time. In his first recital on harmonia mundi, Bejun Mehta has chosen most of the ‘hits' on this CD from the repertoire of the famous castrato Senesino. From shadow (‘Ombra cara') to light (‘Sento la gioia'), who better than René Jacobs to accompany him in his programme?

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Image Stabat Mater, Salve Regina & Litanies à la vierge
Poulenc’s Stabat Mater, which he described as a ‘requiem without despair’, was written in 1950 following the death of Christian Bérard, a leading figure of 1940s Paris who designed the sets for Cocteau’s films and plays. This masterly work, dedicated to the Virgin of Rocamadour, gives pride of place to the chorus and clearly shows its line of descent from the French grands motets of the age of Louis XIV. On completing it, Poulenc wrote to Pierre Bernac: ‘It’s good, because it’s completely authentic.’

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Image Rondo violincello
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Image Piano Sonatas Nos. 29 & 30
François-Frédéric Guy, piano

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Image Symphonies Nos. 91 & 92
Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano
Freiburger Barockorchester / René Jacobs

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Image Victor Hugo en musique
Konstantin Wolff, baritone
Trung Sam, piano

Composers who dared to set the poetic works of Victor Hugo knew they had a challenge on their hands! Yet they managed to extract from this monument of literature the texts that would most benefit from their music, and between them created a multiple portrait: here is every facet of the poet, from the ethereal or sensual lover to the committed political figure, contemplating the world in verse of biting irony or Romantic lyricism.The young Konstantin Wolff has audibly taken great pleasure in tackling these subtly nuanced evocations.

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Image Horn Trio / Violin Sonata
Isabelle Faust, violin
Alexander Melnikov, piano
Teunis van der Zwart, natural horn

Brahms was especially fond of the sound of the natural horn, which he saw as the embodiment of Romantic lyricism. Although the valve horn had begun to replace it in the early 19th century, it was for the older instrument, the Waldhorn, that he wrote his Trio Op.40, today still the summit of the repertoire for its unusual forces. Here three young musicians attempted to reconstruct the trio's original sound as precisely as possible, with conspicuous success!

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Image Overtures - Music for the Hamburg Opera
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin

'Not the least ornament and embellishment of this city': it was in such terms that the Hamburg town council described the status of music in the city's public life in the year 1615. 40 years after the opening of the first public opera house (in Venice), the date of 1678 marked the inauguration of its German equivalent: this was the stamping ground of such

masters as Keiser, Erlebach and Schürmann, but also of a certain (very!) young man named Georg Friedrich Handel. This CD contains a selection of the finest overtures and orchestral suites from the Hamburg Opera's first 40 years.

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Image J.S.Bach - Magnificat BWV 243a
9,99 €
Image Constanzo Festa - La Spagna
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Image J.S. Bach - Violin Concertos
9,99 €
Image Monteverdi - Scherzi Musicali
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Image Lecons De Tenebres
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Image Symphony No. 4 / Variations Op. 31
9,99 €
Image Chants de la Cathedrale de Benevento
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Image Membra Jesu Nostri
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Image Le Jeune - Missa Ad Placitum / Magnificat
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Image Histoire de la Nativite
René Jacobs invites you to rediscover this Christmas Story, probably the most popular work of Heinrich Schütz. In his twilight years, the greatest 17th-century German composer brilliantly combined Lutheran fervour with Italianate recitative. This title was released for the first time in 1990 and just look at the singers involved!

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Image Advent Cantatas
Surely one of the greatest gifts the Lutheran Church ever made to music was to have charged Bach with the duty of producing a cantata for every week of the year! He left us no fewer than three for the first Sunday in Advent alone, composed between 1714 (at Weimar) and 1724-31 (at Leipzig). They are inspired in very different ways by Luther's original chorale: it is as if all of baroque Germany is contained between the sobriety of BWV 61 and the ambitious frescoes of BWV 36 and 62... 'Forty years after its foundation it s all too easy to take the excellence and consistency of Collegium Vocale Ghent for granted: back in 1970 there wasn t any such ensemble in mainland Europe. Philippe Herreweghe, a psychiatry student, founded CVG to put his ideas into practice...CVG became part of the first complete Bach cantata project for Telefunken, Herreweghe, at hospital in the day, conducting his choir in the evening sessions... Presentation is exemplary: top quality at mid price, and a birthday gift that really will keep on giving.' Andrew McGregor, BBC Music Magazine, June 2010

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Image Christmas Organ
René Saorgin on the historic organs of Tende and Chambéry, discover the delightful noëls of Balbastre and a whole collection of pastoral pieces for organ, not to mention the carillons of Chambéry. This title was released for the first time in 2006.

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Image Lagrime di San Pietro
This cycle of 21 spiritual madrigals for seven voices is at once the swansong of the most famous composer of his time, who died in 1594 at the age of 62 just three weeks after dedicating the work to the Pope, and the highpoint of Counter-Reformation polyphony. More than four centuries later, the 'Tears of St Peter' still have the power to move every sensitive listener.

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Image Franciscan manuscripts
In this pioneering disc first released in 1994, Marcel Pérès and his group of singers reveal the rich heritage of the authentic repertories of Corsican sacred chant, no longer sung in churches and saved only by oral tradition and musical detective work. The fascinating result provides an insight into the interpretation of the whole range of popular sacred polyphony in the Mediterranean region.This title was released for the first time in 1994.

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Image Harpsichord Suites
Though much less well known than his music for the theatre and the church, Purcell's harpsichord works (which fit comfortably onto a single CD) nevertheless provide bear witness once more to the genius of 'Orpheus Britannicus'. These pieces achieve a perfect synthesis of the styles of the French, Italian, and English masters.

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Image Etudes-Tableaux
In these pieces composed by a Rachmaninoff soon to leave his homeland for ever, there are two key elements: 'étude' - a pianistic virtuosity rarely equalled - and 'tableau', a remarkable evocative power. The composer left only a few clues to the subjects that inspired him - a fair, the sea, a funeral march. But every listener can marvel at the mysterious and varied atmospheres of these miraculous miniatures.

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Image French & English Suites
Céline Frisch plays a harpsichord by Anthony Sidey.
Johann Sebastian BACH (Compositeur)
Céline FRISCH (Interprète Principal)

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Image Sonata for cello and piano
Transcendental virtuosity.
The names of those two illustrious nineteenth-century pianists, Charles-Valentin Alkan and Franz Liszt, are generally associated with a style founded on transcendental virtuosity. Yet both the late works of Liszt, with their funereal and elegiac character, and the splendid Cello Sonata op.47 that Alkan wrote in the middle years of the century, reflect a shared ideal of purified expression and a poetic vision of instrumental music. Chamber music came to be the favoured vehicle for the manifestation of meditative, spiritual and experimental tendencies in the two artists, both of whom possessed a high degree of literary, musical and religious culture.

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Image Mass (Praeter rerum seriem)
Like Willaert, Cipriano de Rore was one of the great Flemish composers who spent their entire career in Italy. Although better known for his madrigals, he also wrote this Mass based on the Christmas motet by Josquin Desprez Praeter rerum seriem (Beyond all human understanding, the Virgin Mary conceived the Son of Man).

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Image Symphonie No. 3
Performances of at least three of Bruckner's symphonies always raise the same problem: which version is one to choose? In the case of the Third Symphony, at least three versions exist. The differences between them affect the musical material, the formal conception, the balance of the work's proportions and its sonorities. It is the first version of 1873 - neither published nor performed during Bruckner's lifetime - that Kent Nagano presents here.

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Image Sonata in B minor / Piano Works
This CD presents the two faces of Franz Liszt: the Sonata in B minor shows us a forty-year-old virtuoso, overflowing with enthusiasm - an exuberance much more evident in the work's form than in its character. Thirty years later, it is an entirely different man who opens his heart in La lugubre gondola, Unstern and Schlaflos: in the meantime, the old man has lost his lovers and friends, and confesses to an inextinguishable 'bitterness of heart'.

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Image Violin Concerto
The musicians of the Freiburger Barockorchester chose to highlight the craggiest 'Sturm und Drang' side of the composer in August 2008 when they recorded this symphony known as 'La Passione'. Composed in the deliberately chosen key of F minor, the work bathes in an intensely emotional atmosphere entirely characteristic of this pre-Romantic movement which came shortly before the arrival of the Classical style. It is coupled here with Violin Concerto no.1 and Symphony no.80, two calmer pieces which will enable listeners to return to terra firma

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Image Motets
9,99 €
Image The Play of the Pilgrimage to Emmaus
9,99 €
Image Le Chant de Virgile
9,99 €
Image Piano Sonatas
9,99 €
Image Madrigals
9,99 €
Image Le Violon Vagabond
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Image Divertimenti
9,99 €
Image Suites for cello
9,99 €
Image Invitation au Voyage
9,99 €
Image The Three Masses
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Image Mozarabic Chant
Ensemble Organum
Marcel Pérès

This title was released for the first time in 1995.

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Image Piano Trios
The two piano trios are both major works of Mendelssohn's creative maturity. Hailed as 'the master trio of our era' by the German press of the day, no.1 (1839) was written by a composer who had just turned 30; yet, a mere six years later, Trio no.2 (1845) was already destined to be his last chamber work with piano. After a Brahms CD unanimously acclaimed by the critics, here is the Wanderer Trio once again at the peak of its art.

This title was released for the first time in 2007.

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Image Concerti Grossi After Corelli
It was as a virtuoso oboist that the Italian Giovanni Benedetto Platti entered the service of the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, who had a pronounced taste for musical exoticism. But he soon revealed his gifts as a composer, notably in the works he wrote for his patron's brother Rudolf Franz Erwein, an enthusiastic amateur cellist. His concerti grossi derived from chamber works by Corelli show him to be a worthy heir to the great Roman master of the genre.

This title was released for the first time in 2008.

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Image Mass: O Crux lignum
The music of Antoine Busnois has inspired intense interest in recent times. With this survey of the different genres - sacred and secular - in which Busnois excelled, the Orlando Consort demonstrates the composer's supreme technical mastery, his melodic flair, and his rhythmic vitality. A comprehensive portrait of an early-Renaissance genius. "The Orlando Consort ranks with the finest vocal ensembles of the day." - Fanfare.

This title was released for the first time in 2005.

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Image Piano Sonatas Nos. 14, 23 & 31
"Since his victory in the Reine Elisabeth Competition in Belgium in 1992, at the age of 22, Braley has allowed himself plenty of time for reflection, and his career... has been, in his own image, refined and demanding." (Michel Le Naour, Le Monde de la Musique). "This young French pianist, who made his recording debut with a Schubert disc for harmonia mundi, is an exquisitely polished player." Performance ***** (BBC Music Magazine). "Schubertian elegance, a playful fluency, the desire to bring colour and timbre to his sound" are not the least qualities of this stylish pianist who offers us here, on a rare instrument, a personal and poetic reading of the most famous Beethoven sonatas.

This title was released for the first time in 2002.

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Image Lieder
Korngold left around forty songs, composed between 1911 and 1952. This recording contains many first recordings, including songs transcribed from the manuscripts and performed here for the very first time. Although it belongs to the great German Romantic song tradition, Korngold's style is nonetheless distinguished by its freedom of form and of poetic interpretation.

This title was released for the first time in 2002.

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Image Russian Songs
This title was released for the first time in 2006.

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Image Lamentazione per la Settimana Santa
Music-lovers are by now familiar with the Tenebrae Lessons, the settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah sung throughout Catholic Europe on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings of Holy Week. The Renaissance had delighted in them, and France under Louis XIV was to cultivate the genre to excess. In Italy, the fashion for Lamentazioni belongs to the first half of the 17th century, as witness the 23 cycles of manuscript Q43 of the Museo musicale in Bologna, all by composers active in Rome at the time. Maria Cristina Kiehr and Concerto Soave revive the pleasures of sheer contrition to be had from singing words such as afflictio, dolor, and lamentatio . . .

This title was released for the first time in 2007.

9,99 €
Image Mass for 24 Voices
Music for 24 parts! "Paul Van Nevel has no equal in the art of transforming the most intellectually complex music into fountains of youth and emotion, an emotion born of perfection of line, of skilled balance between voices and instruments, of rhythmic vigour." (Renaud Machart, "Le Monde"). After a much acclaimed exploration of the rarely frequented world of isorhythm (Dufay Motets), the Belgian musicologist and conductor now offers us the world premiere recording of this extraordinary mass for 24 voices by Padovano - a composer underestimated today but who was considered in 16th century Italy as "one of the founders of modern music" (Galilei)...

9,99 €
Image La Clarinette à l'Opéra
19th century Italian opera inspired any number of adaptations, arrangements and other kinds of 'paraphrase' (to use the contemporary term), whose raison d'être was the public's pressing desire to have available at home what it had so enjoyed on stage. At a time when the gramophone was not yet in existence, it was thanks to the piano and/or such instruments as violin, trumpet or clarinet that the ordinary music lover could relive the intensity of the great scenes of Cavalleria Rusticana, Tosca and Rigoletto. So Alessandro Carbonare has made a point of paying the most respectful of tributes to such forgotten craftsmen as Bassi, G. Salieri and Carlo della Giacoma: it is to them that the clarinet owes the finest works in this genre, as this CD of rarities will demonstrate.

This title was released for the first time in 2001.

9,99 €
Image Traditional Polyphony in Murcia (El canto de Auror
Alia Musica / Miguel Sanchez

"...another compelling release from the excellent ensemble, Alia Musica. They are genuinely dedicated musicians, who continue to bring early music enthusiasts a rich repertoire of the rare and unusual, and with beautifully sympathetic engineering, this release has to be a top recommendation."
Hi-Fi+, 10/10 recording/10/10 music

A collection derived from ancient musical traditions where groups of men sing a variety of religious texts, including polyphonic greetings to the "Virgen de la Aurora", from vespers until dawn, first released in 1998.

9,99 €
Image Carnaval
Stefan Vladar, piano

"In Carnaval, as throughout this lithe and thoroughly musical performance, Vladar transcends the technical demands, summoning up the fantasy of Schumann's invention and fixing it with perceptive colouring and telling subtleties."
Geoffrey Norris, The Daily Telegraph, 17 July 2006

"Vladar's performances are energetic and vivid, flying along with plenty of élan."
Jessica Duchen, Classic FM Magazine, August 2006

Julian Haylock, International Piano, November/December 2006

9,99 €
Image Mörike-Lieder
Werner Güra, tenor
Jan Schultsz, piano

"none has surpassed Güra in his understanding of the idiom, and none has had a partner so aware of every nuance in the piano parts as Schultsz....I cannot recommend this disc too strongly."
Alan Blyth, Gramophone, October 2005

"A most beguiling disc; essential both for connoisseurs and for anyone keen to explore a composer regarded by many as the greatest lieder writer since Schubert."
Geoff Brown, The Times, 21 October 2005

"exquisite performances"
Andrew Stewart, Classic FM Magazine, December 2005, *****

"Güra's singing of the lines in 'Im Frühling' is spellbinding. This is only one example of the loveliness of tone, tender phrasing and astute interpretation of the text that characterise Güra's singing throughout this recital...It seems to me to be Lieder-singing of the highest quality, and Schultsz plays an indispensable role in achieving this."
Michael Kennedy, The Sunday Telegraph, 23 October 2005

"It is heartening to hear Werner Güra tackling this demanding repertoire with a command comparable to that of Peter Schreier...Güra offers fine musicianship, blessedly secure technique and altogether exceptional colouristic ability...One of the most outstanding vocal discs of 2005."
Roger Pines, IRR, December 2005

"The notes, the whole presentation, and the translations are exemplary."
Michael Tanner, BBC Music Magazine, December 2005

"Other particular delights include a fresh, springy performance of the popular Fussreise, free from any lederhosen heartiness, a wonderfully tender, delicate Auf ein altes Bild, and a truly virtuoso performance, from both singer and pianist, of the spooky ballad Der Feuerreiter."
Richard Wigmore, The Daily Telegraph, 25 February 2006

9,99 €
Image Autant en emporte le vent
Ensemble Clément Janequin / Dominique Visse

"Dominique Visse and his superb ensemble offer a programme of his wonderful songs, veering from the sacred to the sublime to the downright bawdy"
Andrew Clarke, The Independent, 6-12 August 2005

"A joy from the first track to the last."
Geoff Brown, The Times, 12 August 2005

"The singers switch effortlessly between the styles, and this versatility, on the part of composer and performers alike, is the keynote of a most entertaining programme."
Elizabeth Roche, The Daily Telegraph, 10 September 2005

"Ensemble Clément Janequin recordings have long been blessed with superb sound quality and this disc is no exception...wholly delightful."
Andrew O'Connor, IRR, September 2005

9,99 €
Image Una Lagrima
Chamber music with cello: Duo, Sonata, Serenata a quattro

Ensemble Explorations / Roel Dieltiens

"Under the expert directorship of Roel Dieltiens, the players achieve a warmth and serenity which is never over-indulgent, but allows the rich, sometimes melancholy heart of these wonderful pieces - relatively rarely heard in the concert hall - to sing out...

'Une larme' for cello and piano - proves to be a tour de force, Dieltiens charting its almost operatic sway of emotions and tempestuous cadenzas with a delicate and sensitive touch, with powerful support from pianist Jan Vermeulen." Catherine Nelson, The Strad, December 2004

9,99 €
Image Cello Sonatas
Emmanuelle Bertrand, cello
Pascal Amoyel, piano

"Reger's day may yet come, if the rewards of the clear and lucid playing of the French duo of Emmanuelle Bertrand and Pascal Amoyel is anything to go by."
Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, 18 February 2005

"From the first carefully turned phrase of the Strauss Romance it is clear that this is going to be an exceptional recording."
Janet Banks, The Strad, April 2005

"radiant from beginning to end."
Robin Stowell, International Piano, May/June 2005

9,99 €
Image Violin Sonata
Isabelle Faust [violin]
Ewa Kupiec [piano]

This programme comprises three major 20th-century chamber works, all of them deeply rooted in the musical world of Central Europe.

The pieces by Janacek and Szymanowski are exactly contemporary. Composed respectively at the beginning and the end of the 20th century, Szymanowski's 'Mythes' and Lutoslawski's 'Partita' constitute two landmarks of Polish music.

"A strong, supple performance of Janacek's Violin Sonata heads this impressive recital. The playing is pungent, shot through with shafts of colour and with that citrus tang so typical of Janacek's mature voice."

Geoffrey Norris, The Daily Telegraph, 6 September 2003

"There is a spontaneous sense of fantasy in these performances, which brings out the quirky side of the Janácek, and similarly in some passages of the Partita, whilst the pianist Ewa Kupiec matches Isabelle Faust in drawing out the atmospheric beauties of Szymanowski's Mythes...Isabelle Faust plays with rapt concentration, as compelling and imaginative in her way as Anne-Sophie Mutter in the orchestral version. An unusual disc which impressively displays the mastery of both players." Edward Greenfield, Gramophone, Awards Issue, 2003

9,99 €
Image Requiem
Huelgas-Ensemble / Paul Van Nevel

We possess many works by Jean Richafort, but very little biographical information on the composer. In the 16th century he was the object of veneration and admiration. The great Ronsard himself spoke of him in the most enthusiastic terms, and most of his contemporaries - Mouton, Morales, Gombert, Palestrina - based Masses on his music.

"an astonishing work...Nobody with open ears and a reasonably functioning heart could possibly find such music solid and unexciting."

Stephen Pettitt, The Sunday Times, 14 April 2002 (***, Outstanding)

"Van Nevel's ensemble is on cracking form, and his programming deftly combines moods and registers." Fabrice Fitch, Gramophone, October 2002

9,99 €
Image Symphony No. 9
Melanie Diener [soprano]
Petra Lang [mezzo]
Endrik Wottrich [tenor]
Dietrich Henschel [bass]

La Chapelle Royale, Collegium Vocale Gent

Orchestre des Champs-Élysées / Philippe Herreweghe [conductor]

This title was released for the first time in 1999 and was one of the first to use Jonathan del Mar's edition in which textual errors and ambiguities are corrected.

"The result is a revelation in terms of clarity and in its extraordinary feat of propelling the listener back to 1824 to hear this revolutionary symphony with something like the ears of its first audience....Best of all is the dramatic finale in which Philippe Herreweghe obtains an ideal balance between chorus and orchestra and has a really outstanding quartet of soloists in Melanie Diener, Petra Lang, Endrik Wottrich and the splendid Dietrich Henschel." Michael Kennedy, Sunday Telegraph June 6, 1999

9,99 €
Image Suites for Solo Cello
Jean-Guihen Queyras [cello]

This recording of the most famous solo cello suites of the 20th century - in which the spirit of Bach is never very far away - marked the start of the collaboration of a very young Jean-Guihen Queyras with harmonia mundi, back in 1998. Right from this first disc, the French cellist demonstrated his supremely high artistic standards. An unqualified success!

"a high-class field, led, as far as complete cycles are concerned, by the outstanding Jean-Guihen Queyras."
(Anthony Burton, BBC Music Magazine, June 2004, Benchmark) recording

9,99 €
Image Trio Sonatas
London Baroque
Charles Medlam
Richard Egarr

9,99 €
Image Missa In illo tempore
Ensemble Vocal Europeen / Philippe Herreweghe

9,99 €
Image Vespers for Whitsun
Huelgas Ensemble / Paul Van Nevel

An exact contemporary of Monteverdi (they were born and died in the same years), the Bohemian Christophorus Demantius was a prodigiously inventive composer. Like Gesualdo, he explored new musical avenues with extraordinary ingenuity while remaining attached to the polyphonic style of the Renaissance. In this respect these highly festive 'Whitsun Vespers' are something of a sumptuous transition from the 'old' counterpoint of Lassus and Praetorius to the imminent innovations of Schein and Schütz.

"Sung with such exquisite fluency, the Huelgas Ensemble under Van Nevel conveys the excitement of an epoch that yielded some of the most beautiful combinations of poetry and music."
Tarik O'Regan, The Observer

9,99 €
Image Canciones & Ensaladas

Ensemble Clement Janequin / Dominique Visse

This recording presents us with the finest chansons and instrumental pieces of the Spanish Renaissance - the Golden Age which, between the accession of Charles V (1516) to the end of the reign of Philip II (1598), saw the blossoming of an incredibly rich polyphonic output. Of the 'Ensalada' Cervantes tells us that it was 'a kind of song in different metres': it was thus called because it was like a culinary mixture: these 'salads' are an Iberian form of the quodlibet and the Parisian fricassées.

9,99 €
Image Mass for Double Choir
RIAS Kammerchor / Daniel Reuss

Frank Martin and Olivier Messiaen have few musical features in common, but their faith overrides the fundamental differences between them and makes them two of the most important Christian composers of the 20th century. Martin's Mass for unaccompanied double choir is the profoundly ecumenical profession of faith of a fervent Christian. As to the 'Cinq Rechants' Messiaen's last a cappella work, its composer rightly thought it 'one of [his] best works'.

"near-definitive readings of important twentieth-century vocal works, showing the performers on top form in both choral and soloistic mode...The outstanding item here is the Cinq Rechants, whose daunting challenges have perhaps never been more triumphantly dispatched...This belongs in every Messiaen collection."
International Record Review, July/August 2004

"This incredibly beautiful mass was written in the 1920s but not heard until 1963, since when it has become one of the Swiss composer's most performed scores. Its simple, diatonic, modal style strikes to the heart of spirituality in art. Daniel Reuss's exquisite Berlin performance is coupled with Martin's austerely Shakesperian Songs of Ariel, plus Messiaen's only a capella works - the short motet O sacrum convivium and Cinq rechants, an ecstatic song of love. Five-star recommendation."
Andrew Clark, The Financial Times, 7 August 2004

"choral singing at its finest."
Alan Blyth, Gramophone, August 2004

9,99 €
Image German Cantatas
Cantus Cölln / Konrad Junghänel

'His like had never before been heard in this city for musical composition and the practice of the most diverse instruments...' Nikolaus Bruhns, to whom we owe the finest cantatas written before Bach, sadly had little opportunity to practise his art. He died prematurely at the age of 32.

"Junghanel's vocal soloists sing expressively and blend impeccably, while the ensemble playing is first class."
Edward Bhesania, The Observer, 24 March 2002

9,99 €
Image Symphonies Nos. 35 & 36
The Prague Philharmonia / Jiri Belohlavek

In 1782 and 1783, Mozart's life was an absolute whirlwind of activity. The two symphonies he composed then bear witness to creative powers more astonishing than ever, and initiate with brio his series of mature symphonic masterpieces.

9,99 €
Image Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 2
Trio Wanderer

'I am working quietly away at a Trio which I hope will drive to despair all those unlucky enough to hear it. I shall need the whole summer to perpetrate this atrocity; one must have a little fun somehow.' Should we take literally this declaration of intention by Camille Saint-Saëns. Twenty-five years after a Trio no.1 that was already an indisputable success - with its marvellous scherzo, regulated like clockwork - Saint-Saëns showed everything he was capable of in the second : premiered on 7 December 1892, it did not fail to surprise listeners: after all, one must have a little fun somehow!

9,99 €
Image Symphony No. 6
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin / Kent Nagano

Premiered in Vienna on 26 February 1899 under the direction of Gustav Mahler, Bruckner's Sixth Symphony was never altered or revised by its composer, which shows his exceptional confidence in it. He was, indeed, especially proud of its compositional audacities, and nicknamed it Die Keckste ('the cheekiest'). Right from its first performance it attracted attention for its visionary beauty.

9,99 €
Image Reflections
Frederic Chiu, piano

Maurice Ravel: Miroirs
1 I. Noctuelles
2 II. Oiseaux tristes
3 III. Une barque sur l'océan
4 IV. Albadora del gracioso
5 V. La vallée des cloches

Abel Decaux: Clairs de lune
6 I. Clair de lune No.1 (Minuit passe)
7 II Clair de lune No.2 (La ruelle)
8 III. Clair de lune No.3 (Le cimetière)
9 IV. Clair de lune No.4 (La mer)

Arnold Schoenberg: Drei Klavierstücke, Op. 11
10 I. Mässig
11 II. Mässig
12 III. Bewegt

9,99 €
Image Piano Sonata
Claude Helffer, piano

9,99 €
Image École de Notre Dame (Mass for Christmas Day)
Ensemble Organum
Marcel Pérès

9,99 €
Image Stabat mater
La Chapelle Royale
Philippe Herreweghe, conductor

9,99 €
Image Cantiques de l'Orient
Hymns from Lebanon.

Marie Keyrouz, vocals

9,99 €
Image French Music for Clarinet & Piano
Ronald Van Spaendonck, clarinet
Alexandre Tharaud, piano

9,99 €
Image Dances of the Renaissance
Clemencic Consort
René Clemencic

9,99 €
Image Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom
The most common form in which the liturgy is celebrated in the Eastern Church is that laid out by St John Chrysostom. While its contents are essentially the same, its form and spiritual climate are very different from those of the Roman liturgy. The believer taking part in these mystical events feels himself transported into another world. It is almost impossible for the listener to avoid being gripped by the stirring exhortation to prayer and meditation that is emitted by the almost supernatural power of this ancient liturgy.

9,99 €
Image Péchés de Vieillesse
Frederic Chiu, piano

9,99 €
Image Symphony No. 1
Florida Philharmonic Orchestra
James Judd, conductor

9,99 €
Image Piano Sonata No. 3
Jon Nakamatsu, piano

9,99 €
Image French Suite No. 5
French Suite No. 5 in G major, BWV816
French Overture in B minor, BWV831

9,99 €
Image Sonatas
This CD offers you the chance to discover an aspect of the greatest German composer of the late seventeenth century that has remained little known up to now. Yet one cannot but be constantly astonished by these "Suonate a doi violino e violadagamba con cembalo" (sic). Well before Bach, Buxtehude achieved in these sonatas a sumptuous synthesis between the styles of the French and the Italian Baroque - with an inspiration, a sense of fantasy that are his alone: the musical material is perpetually renewed, and the pleasure of discovery increases from one page to the next.

9,99 €
Image Suites for 2 Cellos
This golden oldie goes back to pre-digital days and uses Harmonia Mundi's new all-"green" packaging which includes - go figure - an all-black disc. Of course, you all know that Offenbach was a fine cellist from his rarely recorded concertos but these duets are extremely rare. Roland Pidoux, Étienne Péclard (cellos). Original 1980 Harmonia Mundi release. Original 1980 Harmonia Mundi release.

9,99 €
Image Cello Concertos
Chiara Banchini, Roel Dieltiens, E. Gatti
Ensemble 415

Long regarded as a mere 'transitional figure' between Corelli and Boccherini, Giuseppe Tartini had to await the very end of the 20th century (and recordings like this one) to be judged at his true worth: as a composer of the very first rank and a violinist of genius. He was also a pedagogue much envied by Leopold Mozart, who plagiarised him copiously. With 130 concertos and 200 sonatas for solo violin, his musical achievement speaks for itself.

9,99 €
Image Corsica: Chants polyphoniques
The study of traditional song is of capital importance for a proper understanding of the musical universe of the past; yet this recording, made in 1986 and today regarded as a benchmark, is not 'ethnological'. On the contrary, Marcel Pérès chose Corsican singers capable of drawing on their island's musical heritage as rich, living material open to all kinds of experiments, not as a rigid, museum-bound object. The resulting sound is all the more captivating.

9,99 €
Image Clarinet Quintet
J E Lluna, clarinet
Tokyo String Quartet

Composed in 1891 under the influence of the famous clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld, the trio and quintet for clarinet mark Brahms' last creative period, as he had previously resolved to stop composing. These works are considered part of his best instrumental pieces.

9,99 €
Image Pianto della Madonna
Most of Monteverdi's motets for one voice were among his late publications, like the celebrated Selva morale e spirituale (Venice, 1640). An aboluste master of what he called the seconda prattica, he demonstrated in these pieces all of the skill he had acquired over the years in writing for the solo voice. Just as he had taken the madrigal to its peak of perfection, Monteverdi here realises the achievements of the Baroque period in this form of religious music inherited from the early centuries of polyphonic writing. The performers have striven to revive the typically Venetian context of the time, placing these sublime works in a framework of instrumental toccatas and sinfonias by his contemporaries Marini, Merulo and Antegnati.

9,99 €
Image Trauer-Actus
Cantus Cölln, Konrad Junghänel

No composer achieved greater renown in Baroque Germany than Telemann; even Johann Sebastian Bach suffered from his position of supremacy. Telemann composed some 1,500 sacred cantatas, taking the genre into new territories with an exegetic commentary and above all an expressiveness often reminiscent of the language of opera.

9,99 €
Image Al Andalus
Atrium Musicae Madrid, Gregorio Paniagua

'In recreating this music [which dominated Granada from the eighth century until the fall of the Caliphate in January 1492], we steeped ourselves in the atmosphere that still reigns in the Alcazar, the Alhambra, and the mosque of Córdoba. For us it evokes the love of life, the taste for beauty that pervaded Arab-Andalusian everyday life' (Beatriz Amo). This recording from October 1976, which has never left the catalogue, transports us into the world of the nawbas, the highly elaborate musical sequences typical of Al-Andalus.

9,99 €
Image Lamento della Ninfa
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

At the turn of the 17th century, Italian music as a whole embarked on a new path, that of the 'seconda prattica'. The madrigals of Monteverdi were the driving force of this development, especially those of the seventh and eighth books from which the works on this CD are taken. Here is a chance to discover or rediscover the famous Lamento della Ninfa and other masterpieces under the direction of William Christie.

9,99 €
Image Actéon

Dominique Visse (counter-tenor)
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

"Charpentier's little vignette opera is an astonishingly rich score containing most, if not all, the ingredients of a tragédie-lyrique. There's a profusion of fine choruses and dances but an overture which departs somewhat from the standard Lullian pattern.
Actéon is made up of six well-contrasted short scenes. The first of them is musically the most colourful with appealing evocations of La chasse and a riotous dance as the hunters go in search of their quarry. The second scene is much gentler with a tender air for Diana, pastoral reflections from her followers and a recurring chorus of nymphs which recalls passages in Blow's Venusand Adonis. Jill Feldman as Arthebuze, one of Diana's attendants, is admirably languid in her air disdaining love's ardour. Scene 3 discloses a pensive Actéon who, while reflecting on matters of the heart, stumbles upon Diana and her retinue in a state of déshabillé. Actéon's defence is touching and is delicately portrayed by Domin- ique Visse. The fourth tableau begins with Acteon's discovery that he has been turned into a stag: 'A horrible fur enwraps me', he cries and, at this point Visse cleverly alters the character of his voice: 'Ma parole n'est plus qu'une confuse voix.' A poignant symphonie follows. In the fifth tableau Actéon is torn to pieces by his own hounds and, in the sixth and final scene, Junon imperious as ever explains to the hunters what they have just done. A chorus of grief mingled with anger sung by Acteon's followers brings this little opera de chasse to an end.
Christie directs the work from beginning to end with conviction and assurance. The action is well paced and there's an intensity of expression, a fervour, which gives a touching emphasis to the drama."

9,99 €
Image Cantatas
'I have attempted as well as I could to mix the delicacy of French music with the vivacity of Italian music,' André Campra wrote in the Preface to his first book of cantatas. The clear-sightedness of the composer from Aix-en-Provence is amply borne out in this admirable synthesis of styles, freed from the constraint of the Lullian yoke.

9,99 €
Image Motets
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

These 'petites' compositions of sacred music for several soloists and a small instrumental ensemble are in a certain sense the pendants to the grands motets of Versailles: Lully's successor excelled in both forms. At the close of the Grand Siècle, Delalande asserted himself as one of the truly great figures in French Baroque music.

9,99 €
Image Harold in Italy
Bruno Pasquier, Jean-François Heisser

Fascinated by this orchestral work by Berlioz, the young Liszt decided to make a transcription for viola and piano that would bring out the finest qualities of the original. Schumann's , on the other hand, were written directly for these two instruments.This title was released for the first time in 1986.

9,99 €
Image Clarinet Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2
Michel Portal, clarinet
Georges Pludermacher, piano

Two of the summits of romantic chamber music, and Brahms's last. Inspired by the extraordinary talent of the clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld, these works were conceived "for themselves, like the pages of a private diary" (Claude Rostand).

9,99 €
Image Piano Trios Nos. 25-27
BETYG: *****


Patrick Cohen (fortepiano), Erich Höbarth (violin) & Christophe Coin (cello)

9,99 €
Image Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae
9,99 €
Image Chamber Music
"London Baroque are now established in th every top flight of the world's baroque chamber ensembles, and rightly so."
(The Times)

With the exception of the 4-part Fantasias, this recording contains the other instrumental pieces to be found in Purcell's autograph manuscript. The young composer here systematically explores the various instrumental styles that were known to him: the "French" ouverture, the chaconne, the ground, the Italian style of the trio sonatas, etc.

9,99 €
Image Medieval English Music
Fourteenth-century Europe saw the birth of a new musical art, the Ars Nova. At this time English composers developed their own specific characteristics, summed up in the expression 'la contenance angloise': the famous carols of the fifteenth century were to prove worthy heirs to this style.

9,99 €
Image Plainchant
In the 18th century the diocese of Auxerre possessed a totally different repertory from that of Rome, both in its text and in music. It represents one of the most perfect examples of the Gallican tradition - the spiritual, liturgical and artistic movement which strove to affirm the specific nature of the traditions of the Church of France 'against' the Roman rites and traditions.

9,99 €
Image Cancionera de Pedrell
The output of the Catalan Roberto Gerhard reflects his attachment to Spanish culture; hence his Cancionero de Pedrell, based on Spanish folksongs collected by Felipe Pedrell, pays tribute to the work of his teacher. But his itinerary did not stop at national borders: after a period in Vienna and Berlin studying with Schoenberg, it was in wartime Cambridge that he composed the music for the ballet Pandora, choreographed by the German Kurt Jooss, a caustic critic of the absurd violence of the nationalist dictatorships.

9,99 €
Image Works for Violin & Piano
In amusing himself by confronting two instruments he judged incompatible, Ravel remains faithful to his legendary penchant for anything resembling a gamble - whether of sonorities or of technique. Both serious and playful works, side by side, without any apparent contradiction - an ambiguity quite typical of the composer of L'Enfant et les Sortilèges!

9,99 €
Image Violin Sonatas
Isabelle Faust (violin) & Florent Boffard (piano)

More than forty years elapsed between the composition of Gabriel Fauré's first Violin Sonata and that of the Second. 'Over all of this hovers a charm that bathes the whole work, and makes the mass of ordinary listeners accept the most extreme strokes of daring as if they were perfectly natural.' (Camille Saint-Saëns)

9,99 €
Image Piano Sonata
The 3 Opus numbers on this recording are all the works of a very young Richard Strauss (17-18 years of age), and represent his only works for the piano, because he never returned to the instrument. It is surprising to learn how resolutely Strauss, for whom the composition of his large-scale operatic frescoes and symphonies could take place only at the piano, repudiated "all ostentation or empty virtuosity, all exhibitionism" (G. Gould) in the Klavierstücke and the Stimmungsbilder: Severely criticized by some of his contemporaries, these works deserve to be seen in a new light, because they reveal an intimate facet of Strauss, deeply rooted in the romantic idiom to which he was soon to bid farewell for ever.

9,99 €
Image Piano Sonatas Nos. 14 & 19
Paul Lewis (piano)

"Even now, when the greatness of Schubert's mature piano sonatas is unchallenged, the C minor is, for some reason, neglected, at least when compared with the other two sonatas composed in the final year of his life. Yet it is fully their equal, as Paul Lewis's passionate performance movingly reminds us. He might have found a leaner texture for the first movement's spectral coda, though I am loath to cavil at playing so fine and so responsive to the wealth of invention - playing at once spacious and implacably rhythmic. His account of the enigmatic A minor is no less masterly."
(The Sunday Times)

9,99 €
Image Works for Solo Flute
Works by Boulez, Messiaen, Jolivet, Dutilleux and Varése.

9,99 €
Image Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell
Blow's position in relation to Purcell, the great genius of English music, is rather like that of Haydn in relation to Mozart: Blow outlived Purcell by thirteen years, though he was the older by a decade; and the two composers wre linked by reciprocal ties of admiration and friendship, and shared between them virtually every musical position at the English court. The Ode on the Death of Purcell is a setting of a fine poem by John Dryden, a writer with whom Purcell had frequently collaborated. This is indeed one of the finest 'monuments' ever erected to the memory of a great artist.

9,99 €
Image Carmina Burana (from the original manuscript)
Besides songs criticising their epoch with violent emotion, we find in Carmina Burana graceful love songs, songs of Spring, some based on inner emotions, besides others which are definitely immoral.

9,99 €
Image Traditional Maronite Chants
This CD, largely devoted to traditional Maronite chant, also presents chants from the Syrian Catholic and Syrian Orthodox traditions. Most of the pieces recorded here date back to the early centuries of Christianity, and have an obvious kinship with other ancient chants of the Near East and Middle East.

9,99 €
Image Harp Recital
This programme covers over two centuries of music originally written for the harp: from the sonatas of C.P.E. Bach and Dussek (the classical style), to more recent works in which the instrument is freed from the constricting traditions of a stereotype repertory.

9,99 €
Image L'Arlésienne
Written by a 17-year old composer, the totally classical Symphony in C major 'sounds... as if there had not been hundreds written before it. That is the miracle of youth!', Jean Roy wrote about this delicious, perfectly balanced work whose themes are as reminiscent of Mozart as they are of Rossini. Twenty years later, Bizet came to grips with Alphonse Daudet's famous play, L'Arlésienne. The orchestral incidental music he wrote for it suggests with extraordinarily subtle dramatic pertinence the exotic, sun-drenched light of Provence, while, at the same time, depicting the characters of the tragedy who, thanks to his music, have since become familiar throughout the world.

Orquesta Ciudad de Granada/Josep Pons

Georges Bizet
L'Arlésienne - Suite No. 1
1 Ouverture
2 Minuetto
3 Adagietto
4 Carillon

L'Arlésienne - Suite No. 2
5 Pastorale
6 Intermezzo
7 Menuetto
8 Farandole

Symphony in C major
9 Allegro vivo
10 Adagio
11 Allegro vivace - Trio
12 Allegro vivace

9,99 €
Image Symphonies for the King's Supper
October 1990: Hugo Reyne, known until then as the 'recorder-player of Les Arts Florissants', presented the first-ever completed recording of the Symphonies pour les soupers du Roy with his ensemble La Simphonie du Marais, founded three years previously. Here are the highlights of this recording which rehabilitated Delalande's music with full historical accuracy. It is just as relevant and up-to-date today!

La Simphonie du Marais/Hugo Reyne

Michel-Richard Delalande
Concert de Trompettes
1 Prélude avec les trompettes, Rondeau
2 2e Air pour les mesmes, Air des Echos
3 Chaconne avec les trompettes
4 Menuet avec les trompettes - 2e Menuet pour les hautbois (alternativement)
5 Fanfare de trompettes, 2e Air des Echos

12e Suite, dont les Airs forment le 3e Caprice
6 Gracieusement
7 2e Air mineur
8 Air vif, presto
9 Gigue, Gracieusement
10 Quatuor, Doucement
11 Prélude
12 Air vif

7e Suite, Airs du Ballet de Flore ou de Trianon
13 Caprice de Villers-Cotterêts, 1er Caprice - Légèrement, Fièrement et détaché - Lentement, Gracieusement - Viste, Un peu plus gay - Augmentation, 1er Air neuf, Gracieusement - Viste, Suite de l'ancien, Vif
14 Lentement, Trio, Doucement - Augmentation, 2e Air neuf - Viste, Suitte de l'ancien, Vivement

5e Suite
15 Ouverture
16 1er Air
17 2e Air, Légèrement
18 Chaconne
19 1er Air
20 2e Air
21 3e Air, vif
22 Sarabande - 2e Sarabande (alternativement)
23 Grande Pièce en G-ré-sol, La grande pièce royale, 2e Fantaisie ou Caprice que le Roy demandoit souvent. Un peu lent - (viste) - Doucement - Gracieusement - Gayement - Vivement
24 Grand Air
25 Loure
26 Trio de hautbois, Rondeau
27 Dernier Air, vif et détaché

9,99 €
Image Schöne Müllerin, Die
'The tenor Werner Güra is also outstanding for hypersensitive response to verbal inflexion dissolved into so liquid a line.'


'Güra is admirably elegant.'
(Classic CD)

Werner Güra, tenor
Jan Schultsz, piano

Franz Schubert
Die schöne Müllerin op.25 D.795
1 Das Wandern
2 Wohin?
3 Halt!
4 Danksagung an den Bach
5 Am Feierabend
6 Der Neugierige
7 Ungeduld
8 Morgengruß
9 Des Müllers Blumen
10 Tränenregen
11 Mein!
12 Pause
13 Mit dem grünen Lautenbande
14 Der Jäger
15 Eifersucht und Stolz
16 Die liebe Farbe
17 Die böse Farbe
18 Trockne Blumen
19 Der Müller und der Bach
20 Des Baches Wiegenlied

9,99 €
Image Requiem
In 1461 at the dawn of the Renaissance, Ockeghem composed the first polyphonic Requiem to have come down to us. In restoring the plainchant which would have accompanied it, Marcel Pérès adds further glory to a monument of purity and piety.

Ensemble Organum/Marcel Pérès

Johannes Ockeghem
1 Introït. Requiem eternam dona eis Domine
2 Kyrie
3 Epistola
4 Graduale. Si ambulem in medio umbre mortis
5 Tractus. Sicut servus desiderat ad fontes aquarum
6 Evangelium
7 Offertorium
8 Praefatio
9 Sanctus (Antonius Divitis)
10 Agnus Dei (plain-chant)
11 Communio. Lux eterna luceat eis (Antonius Divitis)
12 Repons. Libera me, Domine, de morte eterna (plain-chant)

9,99 €
Image Berliner Requiem
'Kooy brings an impressive intelligence to Weill as well as a deep, resonant voice. The choir and orchestra offer solid playing and singing.'
(American Record Guide)

'The performances of these moving laments over man's inhumanity are excellent, and the recording captures all the brilliant, sharp, sonorities of Weill's wind-and-percussion orchestra.'
(Classic CD)

Alexandre Laiter
Peter Kooy
Elisabeth Glab
La Chapelle Royale; Ensemble Musique Oblique/Philippe Herreweghe

Kurt Weill (Text : Bertolt Brecht)
1 Vom Tod im Wald, op.23

Konzert für Violine und Blasorchester, op.12
2 I. Andante con moto
3 II. Notturno
4 Cadenza
5 Serenata
6 III. Allegro molto, un poco agitato

Das Berliner Requiem (Text : Bertolt Brecht)
7 Großer Dankchoral. Sostenuto
8 Ballade vom ertrunkenen Mädchen. Lento
9 Marterl. Andante moderato
10 Erster Bericht über den Unbekannten Soldaten unter dem Triumphbogen. Moderato assai
11 Zweiter Bericht über den Unbekannten Soldaten unter dem Triumphbogen. Rezitativ
12 Großer Dankchor [Da capo]

9,99 €
Image Psalms and Chansons of the Reformation
The Catholic Church had confined the execution of liturgical singing to a single ecclesiastical body: the 'schola'. The Reformation, however, aimed at returning it to the congregation of the faithful. This musical practice did not end at the doors of the church or the schools, but the singing of the Psalms could be heard in the streets, the shops and in the homes of those who practised domestic polyphonic music. It was here that the Psalms and religious chansons were soon to dethrone - sometimes by simply changing the words - the popular Renaissance secular chansons, now considered 'foolish, vain and unseemly' - in a word, immoral. On listening to this Huguenot literary and spiritual treasury, one can only dream of what the Reformation musical tradition could have become had it not been nipped in the bud by the tragic events of the Religious Wars.
Ensemble Clément Janequin/Dominique Visse

Psalms and Chansons of the Reformation

1 Réveillez vous chacun fidèle (Paschal de L'Estocart)
2 Du fond de ma pensée (Benedictus Appenzeller)
3 Onse Vader ins Hemelryck (Nicolas Vallet)
4 Apres avoir constamment attendu (Claude Goudimel)
5 Estans assis aux rives aquatiques (Claude Goudimel)
6 Dont vien cela (Clément Janequin)
7 Mon Dieu me paist (Clément Janequin)
8 Jusques à quand (Clément Janequin)
9 Veu que du tout (Clément Janequin)
10 O bienheureux celuy (Pierre Certon)
11 Las, en ta fureur aigue (Loys Bourgeois)
12 Estans assis aux rives aquatiques (Paschal de L'Estocart)
13 Quand mon mari s'en va dehors (Roland de Lassus)
14 J'ayme mon Dieu (Roland de Lassus)
15 Fuyons des vices le jeu (Roland de Lassus)
16 Tant que vivray en aege florissant (Claudin de Sermisy)
17 Dix-huitième fantaisie sur "Que n'ay-je des ailes mon Dieu" (Eustache du Caurroy)
18 Du fons de ma pensée (Claude Le Jeune)
19 O Dieu, je n'ay Dieu fors que toy (Claude Le Jeune)
20 Hélas mon Dieu (Claude Le Jeune)
21 Vingtième fantaisie sur le Ps. 26 (Eustache du Caurroy)
22 A ton bras droit (Nicolas Vallet)
23 Dix-septième fantaisie (Eustache du Caurroy)
24 Ambition, volupté - Orfevre taille moy une boule - Ce Mond'est un pèlerinage (Claude Le Jeune)
25 Je vis un jour (Paschal de L'Estocart)
26 Celuy qui pense pouvoir (Paschal de L'Estocart)
27 Où est la mort? (Paschal de L'Estocart)

9,99 €
Image Lamento d'Arianna
Ariadne on Naxos according to Monteverdi
The Lamento d'Arianna was incontestably Monteverdi's most famous composition during his own lifetime, and he himself considered it to be the only one worthy of leaving to posterity. So it is not by accident that no more than this memorable scene from the opera Arianna of 1608 should have survived. Monteverdi deployed the full range of the experience he acquired from the burgeoning form of the opera in his later madrigals. Examples of some of the most perfect of these marvellous works may be heard on this record.

Helga Müller-Molinari, René Jacobs
Concerto Vocale

Claudio Monteverdi
1 Zefiro torna a 2 voci
2 Ohimè, dov'è il mio ben
3 Non è di gentil core a 2 voci

Benedetto Ferrari
4 Queste pungenti spine cantata spirituale a voce sola

Claudio Monteverdi
5 Lamento d'Arianna
6 Bel pastor a 2 voci
7 O come sei gentile a 2 voci

Benedetto Ferrari
8 Pur ti miro, pur ti godo a 2 voci (duo final pour L'Incoronazione di Poppea de Monteverdi)

9,99 €
Image Grands Motets
The large motet 'à la française' is a quite distinctive affair that has nothing in common with the more traditional notion that a composer like Bach, for instance, had of the genre. If a comparison must be made, we will find that the French motet is more like an extended cantata consisting of a succession of choruses and arias accompanied by the orchestra, with the absence of recitative constituting an important difference.

La Chapelle Royale/Philippe Herreweghe

Jean-Baptiste Lully
1 Dies Irae
2 Miserere

Henry Dumont
3 Memorare

9,99 €
Image Pianotrios
Rarely recorded, the Chausson Trio is a marvel of finesse, variety and invention, equal in beauty to Ravel's.

Trio Wanderer
Maurice Ravel
Piano Trio
1 Modéré
2 Pantoum (assez vif)
3 Passacaille (très large)
4 Final (animé)

Ernest Chausson
Piano Trio in G minor
5 Pas trop lent - Animé
6 Vite - Très vite
7 Assez lent
8 Animé

9,99 €
Image Triple Concerto
In 1729, Johann Sebastian Bach took over the direction of the Leipzig Collegium Musicum, founded by Telemann: now at last he was in charge of a highly efficient ensemble, totally dedicated to his musical intentions. The concertos he wrote for this group are far more than simple adaptations of earlier works: the solo part in the Concerto BWV 1052 (originally for violin) undergoes a radical transformation which turns it into a totally idiomatic keyboard piece, and the famous Triple Concerto BWV 1044 follows a different and quite splendid path from the Brandenburg Concertos to which it has often been compared. And finally, this CD demonstrates that Johann Gottfried Müthel, who made Bach’s acquaintance shortly before his death, deserves much better than the rank of “minor composer” that he is traditionally allotted.
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
Johann Sebastian Bach
Harpsichord Concerto D minor BWV 1052
1 Allegro
2 Adagio
3 Allegro

Triple Concerto A minor BWV 1044
4 Allegro
5 Adagio ma non tanto e dolce
6 Tempo di Allabreve

Johann Gottfried Müthel
Keyboard Concerto in B flat major
7 Allegro
8 Poco adagio
9 Allegro

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Image Paris Quartets Nos. 1-6
Works for three solo instruments and basso continuo were extremely unusual in the early eighteenth century, and Telemann here shows himself to be a past master of this texture. Whether or not these 'Quadri' were in fact written for a journey to Paris, it is clear that they quickly became especially popular in France. Telemann wrote that 'they made the ears of the court and the city exceptionally attentive, and won me, in a very short time, almost universal honour, which was accompanied by a high degree of politeness.' Here is an ideal opportunity for the soloists of the Freiburger Barockorchester to give free rein to their shared peasure in music-making.

Freiburger Barock-Consort
Georg Philipp Telemann
Concerto Primo G major for flute, violin, viola da gamba & basso continuo
1 Grave. Allegro. Grave. Allegro
2 Largo
3 Presto
4 Largo
5 Allegro

Concerto Secondo for flute, violin, viola da gamba & basso continuo
6 Allegro
7 Affetuoso
8 Vivace

Sonata Prima en A major for flute, violin, violoncello & basso continuo
9 Soave
10 Allegro
11 Andante
12 Vivace

Sonata Seconda G minor for flute, violin, viola da gamba & basso continuo
13 Andante
14 Allegro
15 Largo
16 Allegro

Première Suite E minor for flute, violin, violoncello & basso continuo
17 Prélude. Vitement
18 Rigaudon
19 Air
20 Réplique
21 Menuet I
22 Menuet II
23 Gigue

Deuxième Suite B minor for flute, violin, viola da gamba & basso continuo
24 Prélude. Gaiement
25 Air. Modérément
26 Réjouissance
27 Courante
28 Passepied

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Image Orgues de Provence
Between the beginning of the 15th century and the death of Henry IV (1610) the polyphonists of the Dukes of Burgundy took the works of the Franco-Flemish School as far afield as Italy and Spain. In the wake of the musicians followed the organ-builders which is why organs bearing the stamp of the Renaissance were to be found throughout Southeastern France, the Languedoc and, above all, in Provence.
Organ: Francis Chapelet, Michel Chapuis,
Lucienne Antonini, René Saorgin

Anonymous 17th Century
1 Suite de danses
2 Quatre versets du Kyrie cunctipotens
Louis Couperin
3 Branle de basque

Saint-Maximin la Sainte Baume
François Couperin
4 Gloria de la Messe des Paroisses

Avignon / Notre-Dame des Doms
Girolamo Frescobaldi
5 Toccata per l'Elevazione
6 Toccata settima
7 Canzone dopo l'Elevazione

François Roberday
8 Fugue deuxième et caprice sur le mesme sujet
9 Fugue douzième

François Roberday
10 Fugue cinquième
11 Fugue dixième

Georg Muffat
12 Toccata n°10 en Ré majeur
13 Toccata n°2 en sol mineur
14 Toccata n°9 en mi mineur

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Image Sonate e Canzoni
In quest of lost organs
All attemps to 'reconstruct' the famous sonatas and canzones of Gabrieli as they were played at San Marco in Venice have come up against a major obstacle: the disappearance of the two organs of the basilica after his death. One of the principal virtues of this recording is that it has tried to restore the original stereophonic effect of the works as accurately and naturally as possible by performing them in San Petronio in Bologna where two organs very similar to those in Venice have survived.

Concerto Palatino/Bruce Dickey, Charles Toet

Giovanni Gabrieli
Sonate e Canzoni "per concertar con l'organo"
1 Canzon septimi toni a 8 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
2 Canzon V a 7 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
3 Canzon primi toni a 10 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
4 Canzon noni toni a 8 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
5 Canzon VIII a 8 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
6 Canzon X a 8 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
7 Ricercar del primo tono
8 Canzon duodecimi toni a 10 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
9 Canzon seconda (Canzoni per sonare, 1608)
10 Canzon in echo duodecimi toni a 10 accomodata per concertar con l'organo (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
11 Canzon septimi toni a 8 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
12 Canzon VI a 7 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
13 Canzon duodecimi toni a 8 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
14 Canzon XI a 8 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
15 Canzon octavi toni a 12 (Sacrae Symphoniae, 1597)
16 Canzon XII a 8 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
17 Canzon XIV a 10 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)
18 Canzon XVI a 12 (Canzoni e sonate, 1615)

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Image Petits Motets
...This record is a treasure trove of sacred chamber music...


...The performances are as much a joy to the ear as the music...

(American Record Guide)

...All demonstrate the proficiency that has made this ensemble one of the most illustrious early-music group in France, for the scholarly reconstructions as well as the excellence of their performances...


Les Arts Florissants/William Christie


Petits Motets

1. Omnes gentes

2. Regina coeli

3. O sapientia

4. Laudate pueri

5. Salve Regina

6. Exaudi Deus

7. Anima Christi

8. Ave coeli

9. Dixit Dominus

10. O dulcissime

11. Domine salvum regem

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Image Codex Chantilly

9,99 €
Image Lied von der Erde, Das
Version för kammarorkester av Arnold Schönberg.

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Image Messe de Tournai
9,99 €
Image Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps
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Image Kanon & Gigue
Pachelbel was not only a famous organist, but also a prolific composer. This recording offers the chance to hear his six suites entitled 'Musical Delight'. These pieces are true gems of seventeenth-century instrumental music, just like his now famous 'Canon and Gigue', in which Pachelbel skilfully combines his knowledge of counterpoint and his creativity in the field of variations.

London Baroque/Charles Medlam


1. Partie a 5 G-dur

Sonatina - Ballet - Sarabande - Aria - Gigue - Finale

2. Partie I F-dur

Sonata allegro - Allemand - Courant - Ballet - Saraband - Gigg

3. Partie II c-moll

Sonata - Gavotte - Treza - Aria - Saraband - Gigg

4. Partie a 4 G-dur

Sonatina - Allemande - Gavott - Courant - Aria - Saraband - Gigue - Finale

5. Partie III B-dur

Sonata allegro - Allemand - Courant - Gavotte - Saraband - Gigg

6. Partie IV e-moll

Adagio - Aria - Courant - Aria - Ciacona

7. Partie a 4 fiss-moll

Sonata - Allemande - Trezza - Aria presto - Courante - Sarabande - Gigue

8. Partie V C-dur

Sonata - Aria - Trezza - Ciacona

9. Partie VI B-dur

Sonata adagio - Aria - Courant - Gavotte - Saraband - Gigg

10. Kanon & Gigue

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Image Kleine Geistliche Konzerte
"I enjoyed these performances and can recommend them without having serious misgivings."

"Over the years there have been many fine recordings of these sacred miniatures by Schütz... but this is by far one of the most satisfying, as well as perhaps the most authentic we have yet had."
(American Record Guide)

"I am prepared to stand up and cheer the impressive musicality, vocal production and technique that [Jacobs] has achieved."

Concerto Vocale/René Jacobs

Kleine geistliche Konzerte & Symphoniae Sacrae
1. Habe deine Lust an dem Herren, SWV311
2. O Jesu nomen dulce, SWV283
3. Wohl dem, der nicht wandelt, SWV290
4. Eile, mich, Gott, zu erretten, SWV282
5. Was betrübst du dich, meine Seele, SWV353
6. Herr unser Herrscher, SWV343
7. Wie ein Rubin, SWV357
8. O süsser, o freundlicher, SWV285
9. Was hast du verwirket, SWV307
10. Bone Jesu, SWV313
11. Bringt her dem Herrn, SWV283
12. Ihr Heiligen lobsinget, SWV288
13. Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr, SWV384

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Image Te Deum / Motets
...If you have never discovered this amazing composer before, start with the Christie recording...

(American Record Guide)

...Those who have not yet met the composer yet might well start with this disc...


...This four-voice gem will find a soft spot in the heart of every choral music lover...

(CD Review)

9,99 €
Image Sieben Todsünden (Die)
...Fassbaender is one of the most intelligent vocalists around. She makes no attempt to do anything but sing the text with a maximum of interpretive nuance, and the result is a triumph...

...A captivating performance...

(CD Review)

...(Brigitte Fassbaender’s) performance is stupendous – one of the best things she has ever done on disc...


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Image Viola da gamba Sonatas

9,99 €
Image La Folia
...This is essentially an original composition, a series of variations on an ancient Spanish dance melody that has intrigued dozens of composers from Corelli and Vivaldi down to Liszt and Carl Nielsen. Paniagua's reactions to this ancient motif range wildly from Renaissance and Baroque-style treatments to ultramodern variations using jazz rhythms, electronic sounds and even the sound of an automobile zooming away. It is wildly imaginative and may even appeal to some devotees of the fringe varieties of rock...

(The Washington Post)

...Gregorio Paniagua and his original-instrument ensemble present a bizarre program based on the ancient tune known as the 'Spanish Follies' and intended to illustrate the 'folly' or madness that has been said to tinge Spanish culture. Mad it is, with a vengeance. Among the original instruments sounding off here are automobiles, pistols, and birds...

(The Absolute Sound)

...A folia is apparently some sort of mad dance, a perfect description of this recording. On the surface, it's a sprightly work for a small period-instrument group. Initially, all very refined and courtly - but punctuated throughout in a fashion that honors the tradition of P.D.Q. Bach and Spike Jones. I won't say more; it would spoil the fun. The performance is excellent - but then there's nothing with which to compare it...


Atrium Musicæ/Gregorio Paniagua.

La Folia de la Spagna


1. Fons vitae/Dementia praecox angelorum/Supra solfamirevt

2. Extravagans/Laurea minima/In vitro

3. Oratio pro-folia/Fama volat/Citrus - Hesperides

4. Principalis. Fermescens/Indica exacta/Adverso flumine

5. Parsimonia aristocraciae

6. Subtilis/De profundis - Extra muros

7. Vulgaris - Sine populi notione/Vagula et blandula

8. Nordica et desolata/Aurea mediocritas

9. Nobilissima/Degradans et corruptae

10. De pastoribus/Mathematica dies irae/Crepuscularis/Sine nomine/Tristis est anima mea/Equites fortis armaturae/Audaces fortuna juvat/Sine praeputium/Ecclesiastica

11. Theatralis et hipocritae/Ruralis/Alter indica perfecta

12. De tolerentia aetherea/Fuga ficta et carrus triumphalis

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Image Gamba Suites
9,99 €
9,99 €
Image Corregidor y la molinera, El
9,99 €
Image Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda
...Full-blooded, dramatic and committed performances of great music...[Nicolas Rivenq] sings with passion and understanding, ranging from tremendous excitement to great tenderness...

(Early Music Review)

...Les Arts Florissants's account of the famous battle between Tancredi and Clorinda is rather more refined...Monteverdi's drama remains unmistakable in the hands of William Christie and his fine ensemble. Christie has chosen an excellent program and matched soloists to madrigals with a deft hand...

...a joy to hear...

(American Record Guide)

...William Christie leads off his fourth Monteverdi collection with Tasso's celebrated tragedy...This one features unknown principals and a master director, who imparts his view of the music to his pupils. The result is impressive...The reason this is such a successful disc is Christie's grasp of the dramatic possibilities of these works and his ability to elicit his conception from his singers. The instrumentalists provide an effective support to the singers throughout, since Christie's harpsichord is at the center of the ensemble...

...The sound is spectacular. Nicely done...


9,99 €
Image BARO
9,99 €
9,99 €
Image Chasse, La

9,99 €
Image Les Cris de Paris
9,99 €
Image CATALOGUE CD: Grande liturgie orthodoxe slave
KATALOG-CD! Innehåller en CD samt en musique d'abord-katalog.

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Image CATALOGUE CD: Sabbato Sancto
KATALOG-CD! Innehåller en CD samt en musique d'abord-katalog.

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Image Lamenti di Mendicanti
Gatusånger från den italienska provinsen Puglia är en folklig tradition som har rötterna i 1200-talet. Denna sångtradition hade mycket väl kunnat vara förlorad om inte Matteo Salvatore fört den vidare. Han lärde sig sångerna vid sju års ålder av en blind fiolspelare. Matteo Salvatore vandrade från stad till stad, från trattoria till trattoria och han blev med tiden allt populärare.

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Image Lecons de Ténèbres
Concerto Vocale, René Jacobs

'There is perhaps nothing in all of 17th century French music that has the power to move the listener as deeply as the Leçons de Ténèbres by François Couperin.' RENE JACOBS

9,99 €
Image Alto Cantatas
9,99 €
Image Byzantine Chant from the Church of Rome
Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès

9,99 €
Image Atys, highlights
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

A glorification of Louis XIV, Atys was such a success in 1676 that it became "the opera of the Sun King". Three centuries later its unforgettable revival directed by Jean-Marie Villégier toured the world in a record 80 performances.

9,99 €
Image Pierrot lunaire
Marianne Pousseur (soprano)
Ensemble Musique Oblique, Philippe Herreweghe

9,99 €
Image Castor & Pollux, excerpts
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

If Hippolyte et Aricie signed the death warrant of the Lullian tragédie lyrique, on 24 October 1737 Castor et Pollux inaugurated a new era in the French opera. A veritable manifesto of the Ramellian aesthetic, this production naturally caused a scandal, but was to have an enduring, indeed a legendary, future.

William Christie's performance with Les Arts Florissants reveals its orchestral and structural daring and restores Castor et Pollux to the place it deserves in the discography of Baroque opera.

9,99 €
Image Selva morale
...These are full-blooded accounts, lively, energetic, beautifully paced, dramatic, lyrical remarkable. Essential listening...


...This is gorgeous music, flawlessly served, and this disc is an important part of any serious collector’s library...

(American Record Guide)

9,99 €
Image Chansons
Ensemble Clément Janequin, Dominique Visse

"A substantial survey of Josquin's songs."

9,99 €
Image Pièces de clavecin en concerts
9,99 €
Image Chants of the Milanese School
Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès

9,99 €
Image Två oratorier
Les Arts Florissants/William Christie.


1. Caecilia, virgo et martyr, H397

2. Filius prodigus, H399

3. Magnificat, H73

9,99 €
Image Pianotrio Op 100, D929
9,99 €
Image Missa Viri Galilaei
Ensemble Organum, Ensemble Vocal Européen, Marcel Pérès, Philippe Herreweghe

9,99 €
Image Sumer is icumen in
The Hilliard Ensemble, Paul Hillier

9,99 €
Image Miserere / Motets

9,99 €
Image Piano Works
Alain Planès, piano

"We have just heard something extraordinary: music that connects our time with that of Couperin and Rameau." (César Franck, after the first performance of the Dix Pièces Pittoresques at the Société Nationale de Musique)

Chabrier actively participated in the musical revival at the end of the century without, however, frequenting either the "bande de Franck" or even the Conservatoire. And his marvellous piano music bears striking evidence of his independence.

9,99 €
Image Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis

Barbara Schlick (soprano). Gérard Lesne (counter-tenor), Howard Crook (tenor), Peter Harvey (bass), Peter Kooy (bass)
La Chapelle Royale
Philippe Herreweghe, conductor

Johann Sebastian Bach

Kantat nr 21 "Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis BWV21"

1. Sinfonia

2. Kör: Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis

3. Aria (sopran): Seufzer, Tränen

4. Recitativ (tenor): Wie hast du dich, mein Gott

5. Aria (tenor): Bäche von gesalznen Zähren

6. Kör: Was betrübst du dich, meine Seele

7. Recitativ (sopran, bas): Ach Jesu, meine Ruh

8. Aria, Duett (Sopran, bas) Komm, mein Jesu

9. Kör: Sei nun wieder zufrieden, meine Seele

10. Aria (tenor): Erfreue dich, Seele

11. Kör: Das Lamm, das erwürget ist

Kantat nr 42 "Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats BWV42"

12. Sinfonia

13. Recitativ (tenor): Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats

14. Aria (alt): Wo zwei und drei versammlet sind

15. Kör, Duett (sopran, tenor): Verzage nicht, o Häuflein klein

16. Recitativ (bas): Mann kann hiervon ein schön Exempel sehen

17. Aria (bas): Jesus ist ein Schild der Seinen

18. Kör: Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich

9,99 €
Image Giulio Cesare, excerpts
Lovprisad inpelning av Händels opera "Julius Caesar".

9,99 €
Image Songs on Poems by Ronsard
Dominique Vissé (counter-tenor)
Ensemble Clément Janequin

The poetry of Pierre de Ronsard enjoyed unprecedented popularity with musicians in the mid-16th century, and by the 1570's almost every major French or Flemish composer had written entire books setting his works. The Janequin Ensemble present here a selection of the finest pieces inspired by this prince of poets.

9,99 €
Image Te Deum
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

9,99 €
Image Piano Concerto / Cello Concerto
Christophe Coin (cello), Andreas Staier (piano)
Orchestre des Champs-Élysées, Philippe Herreweghe

9,99 €
Image Lecons de Tenebres
Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Philip Todd (tenor), Raphaël Perulli (viola da gamba), Michel Chapuis (organ)

The three Leçons de Ténèbres pour le mercredy (Tenebrae for Wednesday) are the only ones by François Couperin to have survived: 'recitations' destined to accompany the Office of the Tenebrae during one of the nights of Holy Week. Couperin is one of the uncontested masters in this exercise fusing vocal virtuosity and deep religious feeling.

9,99 €
Image Eastern Sacred Chants
"Sister Marie Keyrouz is one of the more astonishing vocalists performing today . . . Her performances throughout are exceptional in their artistry and engagement sharing an ecstasy that makes this one of the finest records of the year."
(Chicago Tribune)

9,99 €
Image Un Concert Spirituel
9,99 €
Image Violin Sonatas
Chiara Banchini (violin), Jesper Christensen (harpschord), Luciano Contini (lute), Käthi Gohl (cello)

In 1725 Roger North wrote that when the first sonata by Corelli was heard in London it swept away all other musical forms, whatever they were. And it was precisely with these Sonatas, Opus 5 that the greatest Italian composer of the late 18th century imposed entirely new standards of Baroque music on all of Europe.

9,99 €
Image Flamenco
El Malagueño (guitar), Marino Cano (guitar), Nena Cano (voice), Conchita Cano (voice)

A difficult, dazzling art, of a painfully restrained violence. It is not, however, an elitist art: born of the people, Flamenco chooses certain exceptional voices, like Nena and Chonchita Cano. With them, the guitars of El Malagueño and Marino Cano fuse in the most intense expression of the fire of passion and tragedy.

9,99 €
Image Für Elise
9,99 €
Image Flute a bec
René Clemencic (recorder), András Kecskés (lute)

During the first half of the 17th century the recorder and the lute enjoyed the most widespread favour, especially in England. From Dowland's Lachrimae to the ubiquitous Greensleeves, this recording presents some of the most famous 'hits' of the Renaissance the Baroque as they were played in the streets and at court.

9,99 €
Image Grands Motets, Les
La Chapelle Royale, Philippe Herreweghe

9,99 €
Image La Gamme
Musik av den franske barockkompositören Marin Marais vars musik blev känd för en bredare publik genom filmen "All världens morgnar".
London Baroque/Charles Medlam


1. La Gamme

2. Sonate à la Marésienne

9,99 €
Image Clarinet Concerto
Michel Portal (clarinet)
Wiener Kammerorchester, Philippe Entremont

Mozart's last year. When fame and fortune seemed within his grasp he found that even so the most celebrated of classical concertos did not quite manage to dispel the shadows and the pain.

9,99 €
Image King Arthur, highlights
Deller Consort, The King's Musick, Alfred Deller

It was with Henry Purcell, the greatest of 17th century English composers that the semi-opera, that specifically English genre, reached its apogee. With it a work like _King Arthur _and its famous 'Song of the cold' became one of the most famous compositions of the Baroque stage. This recording, conducted in 1978 by Alfred Deller, has become an enduring milestone in the history of the gramophone record.

9,99 €
Image Shakespeare Songs
Desmond Dupré (lute)
Deller Consort, Alfred Deller

There can be no doubt that music played a considerable role in Shakespeare's plays, although very little of it has survived. Intended to highlight the qualities of a character, to intensify a dramatic situation or to create a certain mood, these songs were written by composers as varied a Byrd, Weelkes and Morley and are part of the very quintessence of Elizabethan music.

9,99 €
Image Bolero / La Valse / Piano Concerto
9,99 €
Image Musique de la Grèce Antique
Denna spännande och intressanta CD innehåller musik såsom man tror att den lät i det antika Grekland.

Whereas proofs of the greatness of Ancient Greek architecture and literature still exist in abundance, no more than a few scraps of their music have miraculously survived. They have been gathered together here for the first time in a partly 'archaeological', partly imaginary panorama of this music that was, after all, an integral part of daily life in Ancient Greek.

9,99 €
Image CATALOGUE CD: Stabat Mater

Innehåller en CD samt en musique d'abord-katalog

9,99 €
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